In today’s article for things you don’t care about, social media! What a time to be alive! It’s official! All sports have been suspended, schools are closed and there is only a tentative timeline with limited toilet paper.

Last night while wasting time on Twitter I stumbled upon an article from Ohio. The Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton alongside Gov. Mike DeWine mentioned 100,000+ suspected cases of Corona virus in the state. Given their population of 11.7 million people that means at the very least, 1 percent of the Ohio population has the virus.

To be clear I am a Michigander. Born and raised! I am also a University of Michigan supporter. Just wanted to share that little tid-bit before the following sequence of statements. I was taught to despise Ohio at a very young age. As a small boy it was strictly sports based and due to the intense U of M vs. OSU rivalry. As I grew older and formed my own opinions it branched into how flat and boring the entire state was.

By now you may be scratching your head and saying, “what does this have to do with DFS and fantasy sports?” Give me a moment and I’ll tell you! As it stands now there are no sports! There is no DFS! As this pandemic grows and the longer we go without sports the more crazy I become! I’ve always been honest with you! So why would it change now?

During my social media binge last night I noticed one thing. Everybody is jockeying for attention. Who can come up with the wittiest statement? We’re all trying to out-do each other. Which is fine, I get it. Like a small child would say, “there’s nothing to dooooo!” Or, “I’m so bored!” I find both statements to be relevant. As a man with a career I’m writing a fluff peace about how much I dislike Ohio. Ha! Welcome to the 2020 Corona virus pandemic.

I’m getting ahead of myself and off topic. The reason I mentioned my utter distain for Ohio is quite simple. I don’t like Ohio. I avoid Ohio. Given the most recent news I think Ohio should be removed from the United States. As a man from Michigan there have been times where avoiding Ohio wasn’t possible. Like going to Cedar Pointe.

If you are still following I thank you. We all have our outlets and sports is mine. Now I’ve turned my attention to hot button topics like hating Ohio. If I’m out of line just say so! I want no harm to come to any human being, living in Ohio or not. I wish them the best.

2020 is off to a horrible start. I’m not saying anything new. It’s up to us to change the dynamic of it all. The witty Twitter conversations and light hearted FaceBook messages are defiantly a step in the right direction. This is America and we’re all allowed to have different ideas and opinions. That’s the beauty of it all.

If I see this meme again I’m going to freak out!

There are times where my too positive and easy going ways have gotten me in trouble. I’m not a big planner. Rarely do I plan ahead. I’ve always been of the belief things will happen as they should. Which I find brings me the most joy and happiness. Rarely do I worry or have anxiety. This current health crisis is tailor made for such an attitude but that’s me. That’s my opinion. As I said yesterday we all have our own ways of unwinding and handling stress.

2020 Perfect March Madness bracket

If I could wrap this up in a nice big bow I’d tell you this, keep doing what you’re doing. Keep tweeting that perfect blank March Madness bracket. Share the funny, if you’re out of toilet paper use Houston Astro’s t-shirts meme on FaceBook. Photoshop Arnold Schwarzenegger holding toilet paper instead of a bazooka on Instagram. Do what makes you happy! Nothing is off limits! A cheap laugh is still a laugh! Lets not lose touch of our personalities!

Arnold with his TP bazooka

Stay safe! Wash your hands! Cover your mouth! Continue to be yourself! Laughter is always the best medicine! Talk soon!

Chris Robin

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