Tuesday 8/11 Crush Spot
Chris Robin https://twitter.com/DetroitBeastie

I’ve always been open and honest with all of you! I’m extremely excited for BOTH baseball AND playoff hockey today!

With the news college football is likely canceled for the year where do we go? Everyday there is an awful circumstance. It’s becoming too much. It’s becoming a tough pill to swallow.

What do we do? Lets lean on each other and create positive vibes and a good overall atmosphere! Lets turn our attention to baseball for the time being!

ATL (4.7) @ NYY (5.1)                        MIN (4.5) @ MIL (4.6)
BAL (3.9) @ PHI (4.7)                         ARZ (5.6) @ COL (5.5)
CHC (4.6) @ CLE (4.6)                      SEA (4.2) @ TEX (4.5)
CWS (4.6) @ DET (4.6)                     SFG (4.2) @ HOU (5.0)
WSH (4.7) @ NYM (4.1)                    OAK (4.3) @ LAA (4.8)
TB (5.2) @ BOS (5.1)                         SD (3.9) @ LAD (4.5)

FANDUEL                                           DRAFTKINGS

All Day (14) 6:37p EST                       Main (12) 7:05p EST
Early Only (2) 6:37p                           Night (4) 9:05p
Main (12) 7:05p
Express (2) 7:30p
Express II (2) 8:10p
Late Night (4) 9:05p
After Hours (2) 9:40p

Lets look into the positional players I’m rolling with tonight!

C/1B – Mike Ford (FD-$2,300)(DK-$

2B – Ketel Marte (FD-$4,000)(DK-$

3B – Eugenio Suarez (FD-$2,900)(DK-$

SS – Trevor Story (FD-$4,200)(DK-$

OF – Adam Duval (FD-$2,300)(DK-$

OF – Sam Hilliard (FD-$2,500)(DK-$

OF – Starling Marte (FD-$3,800)(DK-$

UTIL – Stephen Vogt (FD-$2,500)(DK-$

Other receiving votes today! A mix-n-match special!

C/1B – Matt Davidson (FD-$2,300)(DK-$

2B – Jonathan Schoop (FD-$3,000)(DK-$

3B – Gio Urshela (FD-$3,100)(DK-$

SS – Tim Anderson (FD-$2,700)(DK-$

OF – Josh Reddick (FD-$2,300)(DK-$

OF – David Peralta (FD-$3,600)(DK-$

OF – Joey Gallo (FD-$3,900)(DK-$

UTIL – Aaron Hicks (FD-$2,600)(DK-$

BONUS UTIL – Nick Castellanos (FD-$4,000)(DK-$

BONUS 2B – Gleybor Torres (FD-$2,700)(DK-$4,400)

Some these players may or may not play! Please double check before lock!

FD 8/11 Main

Don’t forget to check back later and closer to lock! Or follow me on Twitter for updated lines before each contest locks!

Here are a few sample lines I’m going to use tonight! Keep in mind these lines are for entertainment purposes! Please play responsible!

DK 8/11 Main

Any questions or comments?

Did I miss something? Let’s talk about it!

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