Tuesday 8/4 Crush Spot
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When I’m writing at a constant pace I tend to get ahead of myself. I feel as if each article should have a positive message. Throughout the day I’m taking notes and constantly writing ideas down. I have to stop and ask myself, “why?” What’s so important? Then it hits me!

Only thing people care about is the content! Only thing people want is good sound advice! At the heart of my thoughts and ideas is good advice! Maybe I talk too much. Maybe I type too much nonsense. Maybe you all skip ahead just to see the sample lines? Maybe you skip ahead to see the players at each position? Whatever your method is, thank you for reading!

Personally I feel as if the MLB is hanging on by a thread. Everyday there are guys being put on the COVID IL. While the health and well being of all involved is number one, it’s up to us to pay attention and be ready!

Reminder! Two PPD games already 8/4

Fanduel and Draftkings are not in sync once again, shocker I know.

FANDUEL                                       DRAFTKINGS

Main (10) 7:05p EST                      Main (10) 7:05p EST
Express (3) 8:10p                           Night (4) 9:10
Express II (4) 8:40p
After Hours (4) 9:10p

C/1B – Freddie Freeman ATL v TOR (FD-$3,700)(DK-$5,100)

2B – Ozzie Albies ATL v TOR (FD-$3,100)(DK-$5,000)

3B – Nolan Arenado COL v SFG (FD-$3,800)(DK-$5,300)

SS – Trevor Story COL v SFG (FD-$4,200)(DK-$5,700)

OF – David Dahl COL v SFG (FD-$3,800)(DK-$5,100)

OF – Charlie Blackmon COL v SFG (FD-$4,200)(DK-$5,800) FADE on DK

OF – Mike Yastrezemski SFG @ COL (FD-$3,800)(DK-$5,900) FADE on DK

UTIL – Anthony Rendon LAA @ SEA (FD-$3,900)(DK-$5,400)

By now you’ve noticed the players mentioned above in no way can fit onto one roster. Their prices are all but well worth it! I said during my On Deck video yesterday as a DFS player I feel this constant need to always find the cheapest high upside guys. At times I even feel guilty about building a roster with three or four batters over $4,000! Like I’m not holding true to my DFS writing roots. Then I realize how silly I sound! It’s DFS! May the best man win! Just an odd glimpse into my head.

C/1B – Yuli Gurriel HOU @ ARZ (FD-$2,800)(DK-$3,700)

2B – Starlin Castro WSH v NYM (FD-$2,400)(DK-$3,300)

3B – Wilmer Flores SFG @ COL (FD-$3,000)(DK-$4,800) FADE on DK

SS – David Fletcher LAA @ SEA (FD-$2,900)(DK-$3,800)

OF – Michael Brantley HOU @ ARZ (FD-$3,400)(DK-$3,900)

OF – Adam Eaton WSH v NYM (FD-$2,700)(DK-$3,600)

OF – Ronald Acuna Jr. ATL v TOR (FD-$3,700)(DK-$5,600)

UTIL – Daniel Murphy COL v SFG (FD-$3,400)(DK-$4,500)

BONUS UTIL – Evan Longoria SFG @ COL (FD-$3,400)(DK-$4,600) FADE on DK

As you can see the second set of players in my Crush Spot are a lot more affordable! Each guy was chosen for a specific reason, which I will discuss this afternoon in the live On Deck broadcast! Mix-n-match! Love it!

FD MLB 8/4 Main

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FD MLB 8/4 After Hours

Here are a few sample lines I’m going to use tonight! Keep in mind these lines are for entertainment purposes! Please play responsible!

Any questions or comments?

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