2020 MLB Mock Draft (Round 1)

This is Round 1 of a twenty round draft series I’ll be bringing to you. Every day a new round! At the end of it all you and I should have a better understanding of the MLB fantasy draft process! I hope you’ll be vocal and a part of all 20 rounds!

What I’m going to bring you this time around is a 14 team mixed league mock draft. 5×5 rotisserie scoring format. Which means, batting average, home runs, RBI’s, stolen bases and runs for hitters. Wins, saves, ERA, strikeouts and WHIP for pitchers.

Baseball is upon us! In terms of drafting and content it is a little early. The big names have already built projections and published books and magazines. I went to Barnes & Noble the other night to buy the 2020 Prospect Handbook. I was shocked when the staff told me it wouldn’t be in stock until the end of February. Being early is not a bad thing. If you’re like me too much content isn’t a thing.

Every season there has never really been a debate at who would go #1 overall right? Until this season! It’s been Mike Trout how many seasons now? Think this is the season he’s finally met his match! Fantasy baseball has long been my favorite fantasy sport to play. Every body plays it different. Every body has a different plan.

What sets fantasy baseball aside for me is all the strategy that goes in. Some owners like crafty veterans while other want young prospects. There is no right way! It’s your team! You’re able to build it how you want!

I’m asking you all now to please get involved in a dynasty start up. I’m not trying to push my ideals on anyone but I promise you’ll thank me later! The excitement that builds inside of me this time of year can only be explained as Christmas 1989 and getting my first Nintendo. Only this time you get to relive that excitement over and over.

We all find our own way in terms of fantasy sports. There is no wrong way! Build how you want and build to maximize your enjoyment.


1. Ronald Acuna Jr. OF-Atlanta Braves

His age and speed mixed with stolen bases is as good as gold. Kid flirted with a 40-40 season. That’s nothing to sneeze at. I do believe he achieves that this season. I would draft him #1 overall in any and all leagues and not think twice.

2. Christian Yelich OF-Milwaukee Brewers

I may be hunted down for saying this but he is better on the base paths then Trout at this point. He’s a legit five-tool talent and could’ve reached the 50-40 club if not for his busted kneecap late last season. He’s one of the toughest outs in all of baseball and in heavy consideration for the #1 overall pick.

3. Mike Trout OF-Anaheim Angles

Best player in the game when he’s healthy right? He didn’t run much last season and who knows if there was any lingering lower body issues. Hate to be that guy but Trout hasn’t played a full season now in 3 years. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer or a Negative Nancy. He’s still very much in the convo for the #1 overall pick!

4. Cody Bellinger OF-Los Angels Dodgers

This kid has come into his own and its fantastic. Cody contributes in all 5 categories! Oh! Did I mention his multi-positional eligibility? His power is phenomenal and all other aspects of his game took a step forward. I know, get a room right?

5. Mookie Betts OF-Boston Red Sox or Los Angles Dodgers

What’s the hold up right? The health of a prospect pitcher involved has slowed this blockbuster down. Doesn’t matter where Mookie plays this season. His plate discipline and pitch recognition is unbelievable. He drew 255 walks last season! 255! He doesn’t strike out much and his power is equally as good. Betts added into the LAD lineup just isn’t fair!

6. Jacob deGrom SP-New York Mets

Listen, I’m personally not big on drafting pitchers early but deGrom isn’t human. Run support was his biggest issue last season. This season the Mets will give him that and he dominates once again. 22 wins? 23 wins?

7. Francisco Lindor SS-Cleveland Indians

Another 5 category stud! Had a late start to the season so expect an up tick in stats. Top 10 pick? Absolutely!

8. Juan Soto OF-Washington Nationals

21 year old phenom and he’s just starting to show his full potential. Top 5 talent this season. His plate discipline is ridiculous for his age. It’s just shocking. Year 3 will be his year.

9. Alex Bregman 3B-Houston Astros

I’ll just ask it. Is he a cheater? The whole thing is nuts. Regardless, his plate discipline keeps getting better and he’s also one of the best pure hitters in baseball. He needs more steals to be a true blue no doubt first round pick. He’s also eligible at short-stop!

10. Nolan Arenado 3B-Colorado Rockies

Realistically, Nolan could lead the league in 4 of 5 batting categories. He’s the definition of consistency. 37-42 homeruns and .287-315 batting average. He’s a can’t miss draft pick. Set it and forget it. My favorite!

11. Gerrit Cole SP-New York Yankees

Oh boy! Only 30 years old and I have to ask, have we not seen the best of Cole yet? Now headed to New York its scary to think what he can do over there. He had a K/9 of 13.82 last season! That was full strikeout higher then any other pitcher in baseball. It’s mild blowing! He’s backed by a very strong Yankee lineup and watch out!

12. Trea Turner SS-Washington Nationals

I’m going to say 30-40 stolen bases and some power. He’s a safe pick. Trea is your prototypical lead off man. He’s the kind of kid fantasy players covet in a 5X5 cats league.

13. Trevor Story SS-Colorado Rockies

Has an awesome combo of HR/SB. Story batted leadoff in September and if the Rockies keep him there that would be massive for us owners and his overall numbers. Like top 5 massive! Please please Colorado let Trevor lead off!

14. Anthony Rendon 3B-Los Angeles Angels

I’ll be honest with you here. There were three other players I thought of here at the end of the first round. What stuck out to me is the lineup Rendon will be stepping into. Any batting line with Trout at #2 is going to win out for me. Not to mention Anthony’s elite contact skills mixed with his power. That made my choice here a tad easier!

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

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