Fun With Tight End ADP

Fun With TE ADP Rankings
Chris Robin

Is any one sick of the 2020 Draft content? How about the 2020 fantasy football season? Are we running it into the ground? By the looks of it, I’m going to say no! My Twitter feed and other social media outlets are absolutely loaded with fantasy football and NFL Draft questions.

It’s pretty easy to figure out why. Most of us are stuck at home with nothing but our phones and streaming services. It’s never a bad thing to be prepared. It’s never a bad thing to go over every option possible for the actual NFL Draft.

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Within reason! There is still a lot of time left before the start of the 2020 NFL season. Burning out is a real thing! For most of us, fantasy football will never get old. I’m not talking about you. I’m talking to the first time fantasy football player. Or a young kid looking to take on his first ever dynasty team. Have you ever heard, “Rome wasn’t built in one day?”

All the experience we’ve accumulated over the years has taken time. A lot of blood, sweat and tears. Plus, the entire point of this is fun! Enjoying yourself and relaxing! Fantasy football! Your own little oasis, build your own fantasy!

I had a fun idea about comparing all my mock draft notes and making a list of each positional player and their ADP. Below is a chart I made after I ran 100 mocks through a simulator. I logged all the top 20 players at each offensive position. This is the chart for tight ends!

George KittleTESan Francisco18.9
Travis KelceTEKansas City21.9
Zach ErtzTEPhiladelphia47.5
Mark AndrewsTEBaltimore54
Austin HooperTECleveland61.6
Darren WallerTELas Vegas66.1
Hunter HenryTELos Angeles67.3
Evan EngramTENew York68.5
Noah FantTEDenver87.8
Rob GronkowskiTETampa Bay96.1
David NjokuTECleveland104.2
O.J. HowardTETampa Bay105.8
Dallas GoedertTEPhiladelphia115.5
Jared CookTENew Orleans117.5
Mike GesickiTEMiami130
T.J. HockensonTEDetroit135.7
Tyler HigbeeTELos Angeles139.1
Jack DoyleTEIndianapolis154.8
Irv Smith Jr.TEMinnesota156.3
Will DisslyTESeattle156.4

As you can see I left of the highest and lowest portion of the TE ADP. It’s changing every minute. It’s clear to see where each is being drafted.

San Francisco 49ers TE George Kittle

Aside from the top 2, Kittle and Kelce, it’s best to wait. Kittle and Kelce are in a tier of their own. There is also a massive drop off after the top 5. Personally I would put Waller at #5 and let Hooper slide.

Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce

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2020 Fantasy Football Rankings (TE)

2020 Fantasy Football Rankings (TE)
Chris Robin

It’s always fun to talk fantasy football! Ranking players is even better! Every new season is clean slate filled with hope. Do you get that warm and fuzzy feeling this time of year?

Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce

Me and the boys sat down and wanted to personally rank the top 10 players at each position! We all get along pretty well so it was a piece of cake! All these thoughts and rankings are coming from a group of regular men who just enjoy fantasy football!

San Francisco 49ers TE George Kittle

Our positional rankings are based on a 1 point per reception (PPR) scoring format. Sit back, relax and dig into our rankings!

PlayerTeamPositionKJ Baker
George KittleSan FranciscoTE1
Travis KelceKansas CityTE2
Mark AndrewsBaltimoreTE3
Zach ErtzPhiladelphiaTE4
Darren WallerLas VegasTE5
Evan EngramNew YorkTE6
Noah FantDenverTE7
Hunter HenryLos AngelesTE8
Austin HooperClevelandTE9
T.J. HockensonDetroitTE10
PlayerTeamPositionSam Huff
Travis KelceKansas CityTE1
George KittleSan FranciscoTE2
Mark AndrewsBaltimoreTE3
Zach ErtzPhiladelphiaTE4
Darren WallerLas VegasTE5
Evan EngramNew YorkTE6
Hunter HenryLos AngelesTE7
Austin HooperClevelandTE8
Tyler HigbeeLos AngelesTE9
Hayden HurstAtlantaTE10
PlayerTeamPositionDavid Reed
Travis KelceKansas CityTE1
George KittleSan FranciscoTE2
Darren WallerLas VegasTE3
Mark AndrewsBaltimoreTE4
Zach ErtzPhiladelphiaTE5
Evan EngramNew YorkTE6
Tyler HigbeeLos AngelesTE7
Austin HooperClevelandTE8
Noah FantDenverTE9
O.J. HowardTampa BayTE10
PlayerTeamPositionChris Robin
Travis KelceKansas cityTE1
George KittleSan FranciscoTE2
Zach ErtzPhiladelphiaTE3
Darren WallerLas VegasTE4
Mark AndrewsBaltimoreTE5
Hunter HenryLos AngelesTE6
Evan EngramNew YorkTE7
Noah FantDenverTE8
O.J. HowardTampa BayTE9
T.J. HockensonDetroitTE10

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KJ Baker

Sam Huff

David Reed

Chris Robin

Hang here for our next group of rankings! Our top 10 wide receivers are next!