The Power of Positive Thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking
Chris Robin

Social media is an odd place. It’s a dangerous place. What are your intentions? What is your purpose for using social media? Are you kind and caring? Supportive and loving?

In some cases we’re left with more questions than answers. This is not one of those times. It’s quite clear to me. I would never stand next to someone who didn’t want the best for me. I would never associate myself with people who take more then they give.

I cannot control other people and their actions. I can only control my reactions and my attitudes. An attitude of selfishness is a dark place. It’s actually a very lonely feeling. Treat others how you want to be treated. Remember that one? A term most of learned as a small child.

Where do we go after we’ve been put in a horribly awful situation? We can lash out, but treating fire with fire never works. You just create a bigger fire. We can be kind and understanding. Which sounds ridiculous I know but it has it’s merits.

To be clear I don’t have any children. I don’t have any sisters. I don’t have a wife. I have a mother and a grandmother. Both whom I look up to and adore. Growing up as an only child with a small circle of friends has taught me many things. One of which was being compassionate and the other being empathetic. There is a time and place for both. This is not one of those times.

I want to reach through my phone and/or computer and shake people. Get angry! Yell and throw things! Be rude, just a complete asshole. What would that accomplish? I agree being silent and acting as if certain words or videos never happened isn’t the way. That’s not right. So where do we go?

We talk about it. We lean on each other. We support and love each other more. We educate each other. We ban together and create a positive community. Make our intentions clear! This type of predatory behavior will not stand! It’s not always about violence and nasty words. It’s about being smart and sharing our ideas.

How can I change? How can I help? If the willingness is there we can’t be stopped! I’m telling you now the power of positivity is a real thing. No I’m not a care bear but hopefully you get the idea!

I want the best for you. Let’s be honest, most of us will never meet in person. We get together and broadcast. We share ideas and write together. We enjoy each others content. The actions of one person does not speak for all of us. It’s up to us to carry the message and pass it along. I will never change my behavior and attitude due to the actions of one bad apple.

It’s not about winning and losing. It’s about growing and learning. Every day, every hour and every minute. Lets take this horrible situation and let it propel us to new heights. Build closer bonds with each other. Interact with each other more. Set an example so great others will say, “I want a piece of that!”

I’m a huge fan of all of you. You teach me and show me the right way everyday. The hard work and dedication shown on a daily basis is phenomenal. Positive thinking is an emotion and mental attitude that focuses on the good and the results that will benefit us.

Thank you all for showing me the right way each day!


Don’t Go Chasing Water Slides!

Don’t Go Chasing Water Slides!
By Chris Robin – @detroitbeastie

Day 3, no sports. I’m happy and healthy yet I have no toilet paper. I’ve taken my free time to reflect and put my ideas on paper. Not toilet paper obviously! Just a regular college ruled notebook. I’m constantly writing my thoughts down. So much that I have several note books filled to the brim.

I’ve always been big into analyzing my dreams. I actually have a dream dictionary! You’d be surprised how spot on dreams are compared to our real lives! This passion alone has filled up several notebooks. The only reason I mention this is because a lot of articles stem from my wild dreams.

When this virus was in its infancy I had a long detail dream about a massive water slide that lead to Canada. Slides in your dreams indicate some instability and risk in your waking life. Adding water, which signifies emotions, to the slide implies that dreams are taping into areas of emotional instability and/or some form of risk-taking behavior.

What the inside of my head looks like!

Another definition represents being carefree while enjoying negative situations or negative habits. Playing with uncertainty or feeling good ignoring the consequences of your actions. Seems heavy doesn’t it? Upon further review it’s actually quite simple.

Last night I had many ideas of how I wanted to express my thoughts today. What mood did I want to convey? Keeping with the light hearted nature of my writing here are the ideas I came up with!

Was I stranded on an island while writing this? What if I was on an old Civil War battlefield? Lost at sea? Or was this article just a message in a bottle? Then the idea of combining them all into one hit me! What if being in the Civil War lead to me to being lost at sea finding a stranded island and resorting to sending a message in a bottle? Wow! What a mouthful!

After mulling over this idea one thing became apparent. Thank the Lord I log my thoughts and write down my ideas! Can you image if this dream just disappeared once I woke up? It would be devastating! Slightly more demoralizing then running out of toilet paper!

Getting back to my original idea of water slide dreams the definition really held water. See what I did there?! When writing fantasy sports content, especially DFS, you’re going to be judged. People pick apart your process. They won’t share it. They will not support you. Not all people, but some, cling to the idea that they know it all. Much like anything we do in our lives people will always have something negative to say.

As counties declare emergencies and we’re told to stay home our options for entertainment become limited. Take time and trust your process. Enjoy your families and loved ones. Catch up on that book you’ve been putting off. Try a new recipe! Paint or draw! Take time for self care. Every situation has a silver lining. Be on the look out for positive vibes. They are out there, we just need to grab them.

I have constantly ignored the negativity around me. I feel good doing that too. I will continue sliding away into the water. Jump on in with me! The water is fine!

Stay safe and talk soon!

Chris Robin