2020 Deep Dive Rookie Safeties

2020 Deep Dive Rookie Safeties
David Reed https://twitter.com/Nfldraft_dwr

Our final deep dive for 2020! This safety class brings some outstanding prospects that can do it all, tackle or play man to man or old school deep coverage. These kids are the last line of defense!

If you missed Davids most recent Deep Dive find it here! https://www.dfscheatsheet.com/2020-deep-dive-rookie-dbs/nfl/04/

Xavier McKinney – Alabama 6-1 200

Alabama DB Xavier McKinney

– Versatile player who can cover man and zone as well as be an enforcer at the line
– Quick down hill ability
– Attacks the ball in the air
– Good short area burst
– Good strong tackler
– Good route anticipation
– Natural feet
– Range
– Football IQ

– Tackling in space 1 on 1 sometimes comes up short
– Better near the line than in space but can do it all
– Can be a tad over aggressive on his angles and a shifter back can use that to there advantage

McKinney is the top safety in this draft. He can do it all in terms of coverage and play at the line as a sub package linebacker. He is best near the line but can go out there and cover area like a center fielder.

Antoine Winfield Jr. – Minnesota 5 -10 195

Minnesota DB Antoni Winfield Jr.

– Great instincts and feel for the ball on the field
– Place with urgency and will put his head into the ball
– Thick frame that allows him to hit hard and is explosive with those hits
– Navigates traffic and finishes
– Physical player but plays with control
– Plays and reads the backfield while disrupting throwing lanes
– Great Ball skills to track the ball even over the shoulders
– Can play man zone and at the line of scrimmage
– Alpha when attacking the ball
– Ball hawk
– Good blitzer

– Injuries in both 2017 and 2018 that made him miss the whole season after playing in limited games
– Overall average athlete
– Height

Winfield Jr when healthy could arguably be the best safety in this class and he keeps rising and rising. He is a ball hawk and plays powerful when he hits you. What he lacks in height and athletic ability, he makes up with anticipation and instincts. His play on the field shows you he’s a guy that you can look past his flaws cause he just has a feel for the game and ball I wouldn’t be shocked if he sneaks late first

Grant Delpit – 6-3 201

LSU S Grant Delpit

– Man and Zone ability
– Can mirror in man coverage well
– Drives on the football with good closing quickness
– Great length and attacks the ball
– Good range
– Smart player who processes the play fast
– Hitting power is there with good balance
– Quick feet
– Navigates traffic
– Athletic for his size and can play all over as a DB

– Though improved tackler in 2019. Being a sure tackler in the open field is still a work in progress
– Can give up a tad to much space in zone coverage
– Early in 2019 seemed to be trying to hard to showcase skills and being the elite safety and it backfired

– After a great 2018, Delpit came into 2019 as arguably the best safety prospect for the 2020 draft. His season started off kind of rough but finished well second half of the season. He claims he was trying to hard and you can tell that to an extend when he finally relaxed and let his game speak for itself. He’s a long athletic prospect who can do it all that you can steal late first early 2nd

Ashtyn Davis – California 6-1 195

California S Ashton Davis

– Has played both Safety and Corner depending on what the opposing teams offense presented
– Versatile player
– Great high safety ability to cover a lot of ground
– Downhill closing burst is great
– Can hit with some pop
– Shows good awareness in zone
– Reads QBs eyes well and closes on the ball
– Tough player
– Flexibility to play man

– Though he plays physical he isn’t the surest of tacklers
– He won’t be a run stopper at the line like some of the other prospects
– He can hold his own in man coverage but you want him covering ground has a high safety

Davis is more of a scheme fit prospect for a defense that needs a center field type player. He has the ability to cover a lot of ground. He will give it his all and play as physical as he can but needs to work on his Tackling technique

Kyle Dugger – Lenoir-Rhyne 6-1 217

Lenior-Rhyne S Kyle Dugger

– Explosive athlete with great size
– Competitive and physical player
– Loves to attack the ball down hill
– Secure tackler with balance and power
– Short zone defender who reads the backfield well
– Range to play deep zone and sideline to sideline
– Brings return ability
– Plays the ball well and has ability to make plays on ball
– Can play any scheme

– Improve processing – see and chase type of guy at times
– At times took plays off as he knew he can be beaten in competition
– DII competition, can he and is he ready to step up from such a jump in competition

Dugger is a fun prospect to watch as he dominates on tape, but it is D2 competition. His athletic ability and size will translate to the next level but will his processing and play speed catch up as quick. His ceiling is being able to play in any defense and do anything in coverage or as a linebacker at the line. At worst he beings great special team ability and great returner ability early on as well. He will be a fun prospect to watch develop in the next year or 2.

Jeremy Chinn – Southern Illinois 6-3 219

Southern Illinois S Jeremy Chinn

– Physical muscular frame with explosive ability
– Tall frame
– Good burst and long speed to track ball or play downhill
– Balance and hitting power
– Makes some incredible athletic plays on the ball
– Nice fluid back pedal with impressive smooth change in direction ability
– Offers coverage versatility

– Processing needs to improve
– Few plays where he takes it easy
– Spacial awareness

Another small school prospect that dominates on tape. He has the size and ability to translate at the next level. He can be used in a multitude of positions almost like a poor man’s Isaiah Simmons. He can be a sub linebacker in some packages and cover the deep zones. He will need to learn to process plays faster than relying on being more athletic than most people he faced in competition.

Terrell Burgess – Utah 5-11 192

Utah S Terrell Burgess

– Converted corner who has a strong understanding of coverages
– Good understanding of spacing and route anticipation
– Trusts his ability and doesn’t panic
– Diagnosis routes well, allows him to be in good spots
– Fluid hips with good change of direction ability
– Ability to play strong man to man coverage
– Solid tackler who takes good angles

– Length is an issue
– Does not bring much in terms of making plays on the ball
– Get stronger to be a more impactful tackler and shedding block
– Limited starting time till 2019

Burgess bring good agility and range to cover deep zone and come up and play many to man. He may have a versatile role as a sub package nickel corner and play safety too. His lack of plays on the ball is why he isn’t going higher for his versatility.

K’Von Wallace – Clemson 5-11 199

Clemson S K’Von Wallace

– Versatile player who played both Safety and Big Nickel
– Quick burst
– Solid frame that brings some good hit power with it
– Good Blitzer
– Ball skills and attacks the ball well
– Physical tackler
– Shows some good ability at man coverage
– Competes and goes hard every play

– Hips arnt fluid
– Recovery speed
– Has some athletic restrictions

Wallace is best for sub packages and can help being a downhill tackler with his physical play. He can handle zone coverage when he keeps the play in front of him but lacks speed if anything gets behind him. He plays physical to handle some man to man ability. He plays hard and goes every down something teams will love and allow him to make an impact on a team

Julian Blackmon – Utah 6-1 204

Utah S Julian Blackmon

– Converted corner who uses this skill to match the slot and TEs
– Good range to handle the 1 high safety role
– Good size and speed
– Shows ability to make plays on the ball
– Shows good zone awareness
– Physical player and will come down and make a play if needed

– Late knee injury kept him out of senior bowl and combine
– Failed at corner in 2018 and made the switch to safety
– Inconsistent on tape and can look lost at times
– Can become stronger to be a better force near the line

Blackmon brings all the physical traits a team will covet in a safety prospect but need to feel comfortable developing his skill set. He is still raw to the safety positions but brings a good motor and football character to the locker room

Alohi Gilman – Notre Dame 5-11 202

Notre Dame S Alohi Gilman

– Always looking for the football
– Fires downfield and works around blocks
– Physical with good hit power
– High motor
– Quick processor
– Experience play deep and at the line
– Solid tackler
– Attacked the ball in the air

– Modest range
– Speed and quickness is average
– Not the best in man coverage
– Avoid having his back to the line of scrimmage

Competitive player who enjoys seeking contact and making a play on the ball. He brings good zone ability but lacks great man to man skills. He’s a hard worker and has a high motor that teams will love but must use him right at the next level.

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

Did I miss someone? Let’s talk about it!

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2020 Deep Dive Rookie LB’s

2020 Deep Dive Rookie LB’s
David Reed https://twitter.com/Nfldraft_dwr

2020 line-backing class shows some good depth for teams needing a LB this year. A lot of speed backers and old school tackle machines.

Isaiah Simmons – Clemson 6-4 230

Clemson LB Isaiah Simmons

– Phenomenal Traits
– Amazing athlete with sideline to sideline ability
– Match up neutralizer
– Good tackler with a big tackle radius
– Can play S,LB,CB,OLB
– Good feel in the zone
– Flexible
– High motor

– So versatile that he lacks reps at a full time position
– Improve feel and processing some as a true ILB if team plays him there
– Could get a bit stronger

Simmons is arguably the best prospect in this draft and the true wildcard on where he will land. He’s a top 10 talent and is so versatile. A team is going to get a playmaker for the defensive side of the ball who can do it all

Patrick Queen – LSU 6-1 227

LSU LB Patrick Queen

– Amazing range
– Closing speed
– Process plays quick
– Good awareness in space
– Zone coverage
– Plays physical
– Times the snap well

– Only played 16 games
– Did not start first 5 games on 2019
– Stronger
– Better angles in open field

Queen is a today linebacker with his size and speed but plays physical too. Biggest concern is the lack of overall playing time and why he couldn’t win starting job out of camp in 2019.

Kenneth Murray – Oklahoma 6-2 234

Oklahoma LB Kenneth Murray

– Rangy and Urgent player
– Tough
– Always attacks
– Fast and tight angles
– Speed and athletic for coverage
– Contact balance
– Powerful and explosives hitter
– Tone setter

– Can run himself out of a play
– Decision making can improve
– Shed blocks better

Murray is another today style linebacker. Fast rangy player who attacks the ball hard and hits hard. He has the ability to play in coverage but needs to improve some there and improve his decision making.

Zach Baun – Wisconsin 6-3 240

Wisconsin OLB Zack Baun

– Rush the passer and drop in coverage
– Rush variety
– Snap anticipation
– Counter rush moves
– Flexible
– Looks natural in space in coverage
– Read and react skills
– Effor and pursuit
– Competes Hard against the run

– Longer and needs to add more mass
– Can loss to blocker if he does not win the first move
– Broken foot twice (2017,2018)
– Diluted Pee test at combine .. red flag

Baun could have been listed under the edge rusher article the other day because he’s an OLB but his ability to drop on coverage which I wanted him to be with the LBs. He is a good OLB prospect that can rush and drop in coverage. Which is needed today. He needs to get stronger and answer the questions of why he had a diluted pee test.

Malik Harrison – Ohio State 6-3 246

Ohio State LB Malik Harrison

– Big and Physical
– Plays through contact
– Leverages the gap well and plays at the line
– Pop in his hands and length to shed blocks
– Hand placement
– Navigates traffic well
– Sure tackler with power
– Effective Blitzer
– Pursuit
– Can play shallow zone coverage
– Played all 3 LB spots at OSU

– Not a fluid athlete
– Limited in deep zone coverage (was asked to spy or blitz instead of cover on passing downs)
– Small delay in play recognition
– Lateral movement
– Recovery speed
– Angles

Malik is a strong physical linebacker that can play at the line and attack the ball well. He is more of an old school linebacker but can handle shallow zone coverage. He wasn’t asked to cover a lot at OSU so teams will want to see if he can do that more than he has shown.

Jordyn Brooks – Texas Tech 6-1 245

Texas Tech LB Jordyn Brooks

– Big and Physical
– Shows good range and lateral pursuit
– Attacks downhill
– Explosive tackler
– Amazing form tackler
– Can handle the spy responsibility
– Gap shooting
– Mobile enough to handle coverage
– Tone setter
– Motor

– Unproven in coverage but has the ability to handle it
– More of a see ball chase ball mentality
– Anticipate the throws better
– Needs to take on blocks more than trying to work around them

Brooks is a great prospect that can tackle, who’s big and physical but has speed to play sideline to sideline. He needs to prove overall in coverage but has the speed to handle it.

Troy Dye – Oregon 6-4 225

Oregon LB Troy Dye

– Productive player
– Range and athletic ability
– Good in space
– Can man to man TEs and still developing this skill
– Zone coverage
– High Motor
– Sideline to sideline speed
– Energy on the field

– Anticipation needs to improve some
– Can read the run bad
– Learn to shed blocks better
– Not a strong tackler
– Stronger
– Angles

Dye is a speed coverage LB that can cover. He is today’s style LB but lacks strength to shed blocks and isn’t a strong powerful tackler. He is a day 2 option though to handle coverage which most teams want now a days

Akeem Davis-Gaither – Appalachian State 6-2 219

Appalachian State S Akeem Davis-Gaither

– Athletic
– Physical for size
– Contact sleeper
– Explosive in hips
– Coverage upside
– Range
– Special team player

– Needs to add size and strength
– Can over run plays
– Can be blocked due to size
– Used weird at App State, and needs to learn traditional LB position more

Smaller school linebacker that needs to get bigger but is physical for his size and a great athlete that can play in today’s NFL

Logan Wilson – Wyoming 6-2 241

Wyoming LB Logan Wilson

– Read and react ability
– Control
– Good ability to mirror the Rb
– Physical play
– Wrap up tackler

– Man coverage
– Leverage
– Clear blocks

Wilson is an old school LB who is asked to make tackles. He will need to improve in coverage overall to have the most effective career

Willie Gay Jr – Mississippi State 6-1 243

– Explosive
– Closing speed
– Thick frame
– Violent punch
– Quickness to work space and coverage
– Sure tackler
– Anticipates
– Every Down LB

– Multiple suspension
– Plays reckless at times
– Spacial awareness
– Angles
– Wasted movement in his game
– Processing skills

Willie Gay has all the ability to be the best LB in this draft. He needs some polishing in space and processing the plays but his biggest knock is the off the field. He miss a lot of time with suspension but when he’s on the field is elite.

Davion Taylor – Colorado 6-1 224

Colorado LB Davion Taylor

– Explosive (heat seeking missile)
– Physical tackler
– Movement skills to man up on TE and RB
– Always competes

– Raw/football IQ
– Processing Skills
– Stronger

Taylor is developing still as a LB but shows why team will want him mid rounds. He is physical and has ability to cover.

Joe Bachie Jr. – Michigan State 6-2 231

Michigan State LB Joe Bachie Jr.

– Downhill thumper
– Plays close to the line
– Tackle machine
– Power and balance
– Leverage in the gaps
– Shed blocks well
– Diagnosis plays

– Limited play speed and range
– Limited zone coverage use
– Man coverage
– PED -missed 2nd half of 2019 due to suspension

Bachie is an old school tackle machine LB who struggles in coverage and why he is falling. He is a mid round LB who can take care of the middle on the defense.

Evan Weaver – California 6-2 234

California LB Evan Weaver

– Fierce competitor
– Passion and urgency
– Process the run and quick to the ball
– Spacial awareness
– Stack and shed blocks
– Form tackler

– Range
– Bad in zone
– Change of direction
– Recovery speed

Weaver is a mid round LB who needs to improve in coverage but competes every down and is a good tackler.

Jacob Phillip – LSU 6-4 233

LSU LB Jacob Phillips

– Natural feel
– Physical finisher
– Ideal straight line speed
– Secure tackler
– Energy

– Lateral movement
– Tight hips when changing direction
– Shed blocks better
– Coverage
– Strength

Phillips is an explosive downhill LB who hits hard and feels natural out there. He needs to use that straight line speed and translate it better to sideline to sideline ability. Must work to get stronger to shed blocks and improve in coverage

David Woodward – Utah State 6-2 235

Utah State LB David Woodward

– Nose for the football
– Processing skills
– Urgency
– Pursuit angles
– Sure tackler
– Works the zone well
– Short area quickness

– Range
– Strength to get off block
– Not the best with TEs 1 on 1
– Injury concerns (history of concussions two broken vertebrae in HS and 2019 season ending injury)

Woodward is falling due to injury concerns. He plays with a good motor and process plays well and finds the football. He needs to get stronger but he’s falling cause of health.

Cameron Brown – Penn State 6-5 232

Penn St. LB Cameron Brown

– Covers ground laterally well
– Instincts
– Angles
– Striker mentality
– Decent in coverage
– Capable Blitzer

– Longer frame that lacks mass
– Balance in space is an issue
– Anticipate in zone coverage better
– Open field tackling is only okay

Brown is a later round LB who can help on Special teams early and continue to grow and learn. He needs to add some more size and could develop into a rotation player and possible decent starter.

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

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2020 Fantasy Purgatory

2020 Fantasy Purgatory
Chris Robin https://twitter.com/DetroitBeastie

Fantasy football is many things! It’s fun! It’s joyful! It’s frustrating! It angers you! Yet we keep coming back. Why do you think that is? It’s challenging and it brings people together. That’s why!

We’ve all read rankings, projections, scouting reports, busts, sell, buy and breakout articles. What about fantasy heaven? Or fantasy hell? Have we ever taken an honest look at our teams and thought, “this guy is just hell to own!’. What about the times you’ve been head over heels in love with you team and said, “owning this guy is pure joy, its like heaven!”.

As we inch closer to the 2020 NFL Draft it’s time to take an honest look at our team and put together a solid draft plan! The idea of fantasy heaven and hell sounded good in my mind. It’s time to put pen to paper and explain myself.

What’s in the middle of heaven and hell? Purgatory right? Following suit with both ideas I find it imperative to discuss fantasy players that are in between. The large group I call, fantasy purgatory. Fantasy players who are stuck in this damned if you damned if you don’t situation.

Andy Dalton QB-Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals QB Andy Dalton

Can you trust him? Do you leave him on the waiver wire? Stream him as your QB? The Red Rifle has always been a competent NFL QB but never truly a QB1. Cincinnati has the #1 overall pick in the 2020 Draft. It’s a sure thing they select LSU QB Joe Burrow. That would destroy what little value Andy Dalton has. What if CIN releases him and he signs with New England? A lot of what-ifs! Andy is stuck in fantasy purgatory.

Derek Carr QB-Las Vegas Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders QB Derek Carr

Carr has shown flashes of being a stud QB. Overall I’d say he’s better left off my team. The more I think about it the entire Raiders organization has been left in flux. The only good statistic I can drop here is the fact LVR averaged 363 passing yards a game in 2019. Josh Jacobs has been a bright spot for them but what real weapons does Carr have at his disposal? Darren Waller? Hunter Renfrow? It’s very light in terms of offensive talent. Derek Carr is in fantasy purgatory.

Cam Newton QB-Free Agent

Free agent QB Cam Newton

Cam was released by Carolina on March 24 2020. Newton is now a free agent. Since his release there has been little to no interest by any NFL team to sign him. I believe his future as a starting NFL QB will be more clear after the actual NFL Draft. Does Miami bring him in after drafting there new franchise QB? He can start a few games while their young selection learns? Do the New England Patriots sign him in hopes of recapturing his 2015 MVP season? See what I mean? Cam’s value is wrapped up in all questions! No answers! Cam Newton is stuck in fantasy purgatory.

Carson Wentz QB-Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz

When it comes to Carson there is this grey area and seemingly a dark cloud that follows him around. Maybe I’m way off base here but in my opinion, he’s still unproven. After the Eagles playoff run and Super Bowl win without him, I don’t think this cloud leaves until he does it on his own. His first few seasons have been a litany of injuries and bad luck. On the bright side Wentz did start all 16 games in 2019 and posted his record high in passing yards! I have no strong feeling about him one way another but until further notice, Carson Wentz is in fantasy purgatory.

Teddy Bridgewater QB-Carolina Panthers

New Carolina QB Teddy Bridgewater

Teddy was awesome and played quite well in the absence of Drew Brees last year. So much so he was able to spin it to Carolina for a sweet three year $63 million dollar deal. A lot was expected of Teddy after his 11-5 2015 season in Minnesota. After a horrific knee injury Teddy battled his way to a back up gig in New Orleans. The talent has always been there! Teddy is now sitting pretty and has all the support he needs. Given his track record can we trust Teddy? The verdict is still and until then Teddy Bridgewater is in fantasy purgatory.

James Connor RB-Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers RB James Connor

James had a fantastic 2018 season and Steelers fans forgot all about Le’Veon Bell! Since then it’s been a roller-coaster ride of ineffectiveness and injuries. Look, I really do admire Connors work ethic and tough nosed attitude but that doesn’t accumulate fantasy points. There are a lot of questions with Pittsburgh and there draft plan. Another guy stuck and wrapped up in what ifs. Connor is in fantasy purgatory.

Kerryon Johnson RB-Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions RB Kerryon Johnson

Kerryon was drafted by the Lions and carried stud RB pedigree. Since that day Johnson has played in 18 games. He’s also missed 14. The Detroit Lions have been starving for any resemblance of a running back for quite some time. They seem to be stuck in that, he’s good and we need him but also he can’t stay healthy we need to move on rationale. Until Kerryon can string together a fully healthy season he’s going to be stuck in fantasy purgatory.

Devonta Freeman RB-Free Agent

Free Agent RB Devonta Freeman

During a conversation with a friend this fantasy purgatory topic came up. Freeman’s name was used and Adam Sloshman had this to say about Freeman, “his whole career has been plagued by injuries and last season was defined only by receptions and the occasional touchdown (unpredictable stat for a RB)” He also went on to say, “Almost all of his games were sub-50 rushing yard performances.” Adam concluded by saying, “Combine that with the Falcons randomly letting other back vulture his goal line carries, he was the most frustration starting running back in the NFL to own!” Adam hit the nail on the head here! I couldn’t have explained it better myself! Devonta Freeman is in fantasy purgatory.

Derrius Guice RB-Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins RB Derrius Guice

I’m not going to spend a ton of time on Guice here. Kid hasn’t shown the ability to stay healthy. Two seasons in a row. Two major knee injuries. I wouldn’t own him if you paid me. To everybody else Guice is in fantasy purgatory.

Alshon Jeffery WR-Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles WR Alshon Jeffery

Where should I begin? In his eight professional football seasons Alshon has only played a full 16 games schedule twice. Don’t think I have time to list all the day-to-day tags and questionable designations. Jeffery is the definition of damned if you do damned if you don’t. The frustration issue here is the fact he can ball when he’s on the field. How many times has he been questionable and it’s too late to call it so you bench him and he goes for 100 yards and a TD? What about the opposite? You’ve paid attention all week to his status, get him in your lineup and he’s a last minute scratch? It’s maddening and I want no part of it! Alshon Jeffery is in fantasy purgatory!

T.Y. Hilton WR-Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts WR T.Y. Hilton

See above! Same story, different player.

A.J. Green WR-Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals WR A.J. Green

This one is a little bit of stretch but hear me out. Green is top 10 wide receiving talent. That’s not news. The problem here are all his foot and ankle injuries. With A.J. they just seem to always be nagging too! They carry on and on. Last season Green succumb to another ankle injury and missed the entire 2019 season. Moving on to 2020 what is the status of the teams QB situation? More than likely they draft Joe Burrow sure, Green has had 12+ months to recover from his ankle injury but what’s the big picture in 2020? No body know! It’s all what-ifs and hearsay! A.J. Green is in fantasy purgatory!

DeSean Jackson WR-Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson

He is unbelievable! One week he puts up 160 yards and 2 TD’s then misses multiple games with a nagging core muscle injury. Or a tender back. What about knee and ankle discomfort? At this stage in his career it’s safe to say his best fantasy days are behind him. What keeps us hanging on are those good days! I’m asking you now to leave him on the waiver wire. If you want the headache then have at it! DeSean is in fantasy purgatory!

Jared Cook TE-New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints TE Jared Cook

By a show of hands how many of you believe Cook can repeat what he did last season in 2020? I’m not one of them! Emmanuel Sanders is now a Saint. Taysom Hill was given a one year $4.7 million tender tag. Brees has always been a fantastic QB. He’s great at spreading the football around. He’s just not that stud TE1 that he’s being drafted as. Cook is in fantasy purgatory.

Evan Engram TE-New York Giants

New York Giants TE Evan Engram

It’s been tough sledding for Engram in his three professional football seasons. Littered with injuries and questionable tags. Another kid with phenomenal potential, he will remain in fantasy purgatory until he can put it all together!

O.J. Howard TE-Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers TE OJ Howard

What an awfully frustrating 2019 season it was for Howard! At this point in the article I hope you’ve noticed a trend! Tom Brady is the TB QB and fantasy football players are freaking out, the good kind! I have to say I’m behind the hype! That’s still not enough to get take him out of fantasy purgatory!

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

Did I miss someone? Let’s talk about it!

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2020 Rookie Profile (Part 2)

Say What? Again!
Ben Anderson https://twitter.com/bennieboy26
I’ll now be ranking 11-20 as the top Rookie Fantasy Prospects!
Tee Higgins, WR
Clemson WR Tee Higgins
Best fit. Jacksonville, Seattle, or Indianapolis
Player Comparison- Michael Thomas
Brandon Aiyuk, WR
Arizona State WR Brandon Aiyuk
Best Fit. Detroit, Minnesota, New England
Player comparison- Robert Woods
J.K Dobbins, RB
Ohio State RB J.K. Dobbins
Best Fit. Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Miami
Player Comparison- Josh Jacobs
Jordan Love, QB
Utah State QB Jordan Love
Best Fit. Las Vegas, New England, LAC
Player Comparison- Colin Kaepernick
Cole Kmet, TE
Notre Dame TE Cole Kmet
Best Fit. Dallas, Chicago, New England
Player Comparison- Mark Andrews
Laviska Shenault Jr, WR
Colorado WR Laviska Shenault
Best Fits. Philadelphia, Buffalo, or Miami
Player Comparison- Dez Bryant
Tua Tagovailoa, QB
Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa
Best Fit, New England, New Orleans, Las Vegas
Player comparison- Aaron Rodgers
Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB
LSU RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire
Best Fit. Miami, LaC, LaR
Player comparison- Maurice Jones-Drew
Cam Akers, RB
Florida State RB Cam Akers
Best Fit. Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Las Angeles Chargers
Player comparison- Mark Ingram
KJ Hamler, WR
Penn State WR KJ Hamler
Best Fit. Philadelphia,Pittsburgh, NY Jets
Player comparison- Dede Westbrook

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

Did I miss someone? Let’s talk about it!

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2020 Rookie Profiles (Part 1)

Say What?
Ben Anderson https://twitter.com/bennieboy26
Looking into the future, which NFL pick from this up coming draft class will have the most fantasy value. Here is a list of the top 10 fantasy rated rookies
D’Andre Swift
Georgia RB D’Andre Swift
In 3 years at UGA, Swift rushed for 1,218 yards in 2019 averaging 6.2 YPC. 1,049 yards in 2018 averaging 6.4 YPC and in 2017, 618 yards with 7.6 YPC. Swift is also more than capable of catching passes out of the backfield. Swift could very easily give you the same numbers as Josh Jacobs gave many of us last season.
Best Fits for Swift. Tampa Bay, Kansas City or LA Rams
NFL comparison- Delvin Cook
CeeDee Lamb
Oklahoma WR CeeDee Lamb
The Junior WR has done nothing but dominate from the moment he stepped foot on the field at Oklahoma. 173 catches for 3,292 yards and 32 TDs over the course of 3 seasons.
Best Fits for Lamb. Jets, Denver, or Las Vegas
NFL comparison- DeAndre Hopkins
Henry Ruggs III
Alabama WR Henry Ruggs
The speedy Junior would excel playing with someone like Courtland Sutton of Denver or DJ Chark of Jacksonville. He’s the truest deep threat in this draft.
Best fit. Las Vegas, Jacksonville, or Denver.
NFL comparison- Ted Ginn Jr.
Jerry Jeudy
Alabama WR Jerry Jeudy
There’s no doubt Jeudy is the next big-time Alabama WR prospect. Jeudy’s last two seasons have been dominant, hauling in 145 passes for 2,478 yards and 24 TDs .
Best fit. Jets, San Francisco, or Las Vegas
NFL comparison- Devante Adams
Justin Herbert
Oregon QB Justin Herbert
Love him or hate him, Herbert has been a 4-year starter at Oregon, but he’s been a force for the last 2 years. Throwing for over 3000 yards the last two seasons with 61 combined TDs in that time.
Best Fit. Miami, LAC, or Las Vegas
NFL comparison- Carson Wentz
Justin Jefferson
LSU WR Justin Jefferson
Justin came to LSU as a 2-star recruit and leaving as a 3rd year junior as a 1rst round talented WR.
Best fit. Philadelphia, New Orleans, or Minnesota
NFL comparison- Stefon Diggs
Joe Burrow
LSU QB Joe Burrow
A lock as the number 1 pick in the draft. Burrow is still a question mark, his last season at LSU Joe threw for 60 plus TDs and threw for over 5000 yards. Big time Senior season for Joe, but was it a fluke. Cincinnati has big weapons on offense, Mixon, Boyd, and Green. With that said, Burrow will have it a little easier then Herbert (potentially).
Best Fit, Carolina, Cincinnati, or Miami
NFL comparison- Tony Romo
Jonathan Taylor
Wisconsin RB Jonathan Taylor
Taylor’s stat line in college is freakishly good. In 2017, 1,977 rushing yards, 2018 2,194 yards rushing, and 2019, 2,003 yards rushing. With 13,16,&21 TDS in those 3 years. Speed is Taylor’s game and he’s been a workhorse running back all three seasons at Wisconsin.
Best fit. Miami, Kansas City, or Atlanta
NFL comparison- Nick Chubb
Jalen Reagor
TCU WR Jalen Reagor
3-year starter for TCU, Jalen had a monster 2018 season where he caught 73 passes for over 1,000 yards. However, 2019 was a completely different story with 43 catches for 611 yards. NFL scouts love Reagor, and teams think highly of the junior WR.
Best fit. Green Bay, New Orleans or Indianapolis
NFL comparison-Santonio Holmes
Denzel Mims
Baylor WR Denzel Mims
Mims has been very successful at Baylor hauling in 55 or more passes each of the last 3 seasons and has sprinkled in two 1,000 yard seasons in those three seasons. The Baylor stand out receiver has wheels for days (4.38 40) and showed them off during his combine, making him one of the more interesting WR prospects in the upcoming draft.
Best fit. Green Bay, Minnesota, or Indianapolis.
NFL comparison- Josh Gordon

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

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2020 IDP Deep Dive

2020 IDP Deep Dive
Chris Robin https://twitter.com/DetroitBeastie

We’re two weeks away from the 2020 NFL Draft! To me, it’s a perfect time to take a deep dive into my top 50 IDP rankings!

I love playing in IDP leagues! I love the constant research and the hours I’m able to spend combing the waiver wire! Tackles, sacks and interceptions just move the needle!

If you missed the top 50 IDP rankings here they are! https://www.dfscheatsheet.com/2020-top-50-idp-rankings/nfl/04/

1. Darius Leonard LB IND

Indianapolis Colts LB Darius Leonard

Leonard missed a few games in 2019 due to a concussion. Once he was back full time he regained his dominate role as the Colts defensive stud. Look for Leonard to be in the conversation as the #1 overall IDP asset in 2020!

2. Bobby Wagner LB SEA

The model of consistency, Bobby put up nine double digit tackle performances in 2019! He has also put up eight straight triple tackle seasons! In the right format he scores points like a stud RB!

3. Blake Martinez LB NYG

I love the durability of Blake as a line-backer! He hasn’t missed a single game in three seasons playing for GB. Now Martinez takes his talents to New York! He finished the season with 155 tackles, good for second overall. Why would that change in 2020? Top LB talent right here!

4. Cory Littleton LB LV

Cory ended the 2019 season as a top LB scoring wise. He remains a stud inside backer and a top cover linebacker. He’s an easy 120+ tackle guy in 2020 while sprinkling in sacks and turnovers. He’s a must start ALWAYS!

5. Tremaine Edmunds LB BUF

Edmunds is tackling machine on an up-and-coming Buffalo Bills team. Tremendous amounts of solo tackles mixed with several TFL (tackles for loss) each game give Edmunds a high ceiling each week.

6. Joe Schobert LB JAX

Schobert has had 100 or more tackles in the last three seasons. He leaves a leaky Cleveland team for a shaky Jacksonville team. Meaning, Joe and the defense will unfortunately be on the field more times then not. Believe it or not Joe has great hands for a LB intercepting 4 passes last season.

7. T.J. Watt LB PIT

Watt finished 2019 as the highest scoring IDP player. He set career bests in TFL, sacks and QB hits. Watt is the spark plug in an awfully good and disruptive Steelers defense!

8. Aaron Donald DL LAR

Have you heard of him? I don’t know about you but I heard he’s pretty good at football! His 2019 season was one to forget. Just don’t forget about him in your 2020 drafts!

9. Jordan Hicks LB ARZ

Hicks broke out in his first season with the Cardinals. Expect him maintain and even surpass his 2019 stats. You may not think so but with Arizona getting better on offense that only helps Hicks and Arizona’s team defense!

10. Jamal Adams S NYJ

NYJ S Jamal Adams

A personal favorite IDP player of mine, Adams is a stone cold stud. He wasn’t able to play the full 16 game schedule in 2019 but that didn’t stop him from racking up fantasy points. Only 24 years old, 2020 should be a career year for Adams in all statistical categories!

11. Chandler Jones LB ARZ

Jones had a monster 2019 season and I’m confident in saying he can up his game in 2020. He did nothing but stuff stat sheets and sack QB’s in 2019! He finished 2019 with 19 sacks! He’s a no doubt slam dunk LB1 heading into 2020!

12. Danielle Hunter DE MIN

For the first time in his career Hunter finished as the top scoring DL in IDP scoring formats! He’s a brick wall on the defensive line while making big plays and forcing fumbles. 2020 will be more of the same!

13. Jaylon Smith LB DAL

Smith absolutely slaughter opposing QB’s and RB’s in 2019. With Leighton Vander Esch missing the season Smith stepped up in a big big way. He finished the season with 132 total tackles. He’s a low end LB1 but still an IDP stud.

14. Shaquil Barrett LB TB

Wow! I don’t know about you but Shaq Barrett was by far my best late round pick of the 2019 season! Shaq finished with 16.5 sacks and 6 forced fumbles! Can you say breakout? Do I believe he can be a stud again in 2020? Given the fact Tampa Bay put a franchise tag on him I’d say yes!

15. Budda Baker DB ARZ

Baker finished with 147 tackles in 2019. The Cardinals in general had a season to forget in 2019 yet Baker still had a fantastic season. Now that the Cards are improving it will take some pressure off the defense. Look at Budda as S1 with a good bet to finish as a top 3 DB in 2020.

16. Deion Jones LB ATL

Jones finished 2019 with 110 tackles. He covers ground quick and is a LB1 in all 2020 formats.

17. Eric Reid S FS

Reid is still surprisingly a FA. Carolina released him after a 130 tackle season. His track record just suggest a lot left in the tank and will no doubt find a starting gig in 2020. I’d hold but he’s still a great option.

18. Lavonte David LB TB

In terms of the NFL David and as a starting LB he’s old. Only 30, all David did in 2019 is tackle people! An eight year vet on now what looks to be a contending TB team I’m drafting his as a lower end LB1.

19. Myles Garrett DL CLE

Unless you’ve lived under a rock you know what happened with Myles. He’s been reinstated by the NFL and will look to work his way back to stud DL status. Kid has a solid work ethic and now a chip on his shoulder. Don’t bet against Garrett in 2020.

20. Landon Collins S WSH

Washington S Landon Collins

My other favorite safety! Washington’s defense moves as Collins moves. That’s not saying much but it is called the, “individual defensive player” format. Collins has notched triple digit tackles four times in his career. He has also battled some injures the last few seasons. Regardless he’s a guy I want on my squad!

21. Fred Warner LB SF

Fred is only 23 and a hot commodity in dynasty formats. It wouldn’t shock me to see Warner make the leap in 2020 into the top 10 overall in IDP formats. He’s young, hungry and playing on a tremendously talented 49ers defense. I’m no doubt buying across the board!

22. Cameron Jordan DL NO

The uncontested heart and soul of the Saints defense he can double as a stud DL on your team! Curly mustache and all Jordan continues to rack up sacks. Wouldn’t shock me to see Cameron once again high on the list in total sacks in 2020!

23. Jordan Poyer DB BUF

Poyer has really jumped up IDP ranking list the last few season. Perfect timing for him and the Bills. Over the last 3 seasons Jordan has notched 296 tackles and 11 INT’s for Buffalo! The Bills love him so much they gave him a shiny new two year 20.5 million dollar extension!

24. Derwin James S LAC

In my eyes James can be mentioned among the best safeties in the NFL. Only thing holding him back are injuries. If he can stay on the field for a FULL 2020 season he will be just that! I have no qualms with drafting Derwin in 2020.

25. Zach Cunningham LB HOU

Cunningham had a fantastic stretch in 2019. He’s a top 20 LB heading into the 2020 season. Don’t make the mistake of passing him up in your drafts!

26. Devin Bush LB PIT

Pittsburgh LB Devin Bush

As a University of Michigan fan this one makes me happy! Bush had a terrific 2019 season but fell off a little late in the season. As a rookie that’s not too surprising right? 2020 will be his sophomore season and the kid gloves will be off! It’s not crazy to think Devin can make a major jump in IDP rankings in 2020.

27. Cameron Heyward DL PIT

Heyward is the rock of the Steelers defense. They have drafted and put young pieces all around him. In doing so, he’s flourished, young kids have flourished and the team has prospered. The DL specific position in IDP leagues gets thin fast. Don’t be left holding your hat. Grab Heyward!

28. K.J. Wright LB SEA

If it wasn’t for stud LB Bobby Wagner, Wright would lead the team in tackles. It’s an awesome 1-2 punch! I’m sorry to mention another player in another guys profile but that just goes to show you how good Wright is. Draft and start with little to no issue!

29. Devin White LB TB

White is well on his way to being a super star! Coming into his age 22 season Devin is filled to the brim with big play talent! Another kid you can expect to make a huge leap into the top 15 or even the top 10!

30. J.J. Watt DL HOU

What can I say that hasn’t already been said? DPOY and DL stud right? It just stinks the guy can’t stay on the field. Is it safe to say we’ve already seen his best season? I hope not but I think we have.

31. Joey Bosa DL LAC

Bosa recorded another double digit sack season. His 3rd in four seasons. Bosa was also able to play in all 16 games in 2019. Could 2020 be a career year for Bosa? I think so! Draft! Draft! Draft!

32. DeMario Davis LB NO

Davis is 31 yet still lead the Saints in tackles with 109 during the regular season. Davis had a nice run late in the season will no doubt put together another low end LB1 type season.

33. C.J. Mosley LB NYJ

CJ had an awful season. It was cut short due to a groin injury. He missed a few weeks came back and re-injured it. Only 27, Mosley enters the 2020 still nicely ranked on dynasty lists. Lets chalk 2019 up to bad luck and a lost season. Better days are no doubt ahead for the Jets line-backer!

34. Bud Dupree LB PIT

After a career 2019 season Pittsburgh placed the franchise tag on Bud. He’s one heck of a pass rusher and you should place a high priority on drafting him. Bud is a 6’4 270lb monster.

35. Shawn Williams DB CIN

Cincinnati DB Shawn Williams

Shawn had one heck of a 2019 season! Triple digit tackles, four interceptions and a sack! What more do you want from a defensive back? I’ve said it earlier but Cincinnati has the number one overall pick in this years draft. It’s long been said CIN is going to draft Joe Burrow. That instantly helps the offense which helps Shawn and the defense.

36. De’Vondre Campbell LB ARZ

Campbell had a breakout 2019 season and immediately cashed in! De’Vondre signed with Arizona with a $8.5 million dollar contract. De’Vondre has the potential to crack the top 10 in linebacker rankings in 2020. I’d buy now!

37. Harrison Smith S MIN

Has Harrison lost some steam? Well sure, he’s 31. There is still two years left on his contract and will no doubt be the starting safety for the Vikings in 2020. In a division with the Lions and Bears I have no issue with Smith on my roster!

38. Vonn Bell DB CIN

Bell has left New Orleans and signed with Cincinnati. Bell will look to elevate the Bengal’s poor defense. Vonn is a ball hawk and zips around the field. I expect the best is yet to come with Vonn Bell!

39. Carlos Dunlap DL CIN

Raise your hand if you knew Dunlap was a top 5 ranked DL in IDP scoring formats? No hands! I knew it! It’s because he plays in Cincinnati! That shouldn’t matter to you and your fantasy team. Will the Bengal’s be better in 2020?

40. DeForest Buckner DL IND

The Colts are going all out on their defense. They traded a first round pick to grab Buckner then handed him a massive $21 million dollar extension! It’s a huge move for the Colts, Buckner and the likes of Leonard. I want any and all shares of Buckner I can find! How sweet would a Bucker-Leonard connection on your fantasy team be?

41. Jerome Baker LB MIA

Baker ended his 2019 season on a high note. At only 23 years old he’s now a cornerstone for the Miami Dolphins. Look for Baker to make a massive leap in dynasty IDP rankings as the season draws near. I’d also keep an eye on him during the season and look to sell at his highest point in 2020.

42. Za’Darius Smith LB GB

Smith really picked up the pace in GB last season! He lead the team in sacks and did a great job forcing fumbles! Blake Martinez has moved on to NYG leaving Smith as the teams stud LB. As it stands now Za’Darius is a low end LB1 with move to climb.

43. Eric Kendricks LB MIN

Minnesota LB Eric Kendricks

Eric is a highly rated dynasty linebacker and rightfully so. 2020 will be his 28yr old season and he should be entering his prime. Another LB that has a shot of climbing IDP ranking boards this off season, keep an eye out in your drafts!

44. Minkah Fitzpatrick DB PIT

The more I look into IDP rankings and NFL teams the more I see how awesome the Steelers defense should be in 2020. Minkah creates turnovers at an alarming rate. Of the top 50 guys mentioned on this list Minkah has the potential to rise the farthest and fastest. I shouldn’t have to tell you. Draft him!

45. Dante Fowler Jr. LB ATL

Fowler had an unbelievable season for the Rams in 2019. Now he finds himself a member of the Atlanta Falcons and their talented linebacker corps. He should immediately become a pass rushing specialist for the Falcons. 2020 should be his biggest season yet.

46. Tracy Walker DB DET

On an underperforming team with horrible coaching Walker stood out. He’s not afraid to get his nose in every play while tackling everything in sight. He will enter 2020 as the Lions starting safety. He’s a nice add in deeper IDP leagues.

47. Logan Ryan DB FA

Ryan had a fantastic 2019 season yet still finds himself without a team to play for. Logan had 113 tackles, 4.5 sacks and 4 INTs. I’m shocked he’s still a FA but once he’s signed make sure you pencil him in on your fantasy team!

48. Maxx Crosby DE LV

Maxx played locally at Eastern Michigan and really showed us his attitude and work ethic on HBO’s Hard Knocks. Fast forward to his 2019 rookie campaign and I can say with great confidence Maxx is going to be an IDP stud very soon. Somewhat off the radar, jump on him now before word gets out. 2020 will be breakout season and I want in on it!

49. Jamie Collins LB DET

Collins recently signed with the Lions and gets to play for his old defensive coordinator Matt Patricia. What does that mean for his 2020 IDP value? It should be both good and bad. He’s going to get all the playing time he can handle, that’s the good part. Playing in Detroit for a team who has been stuck in mediocrity for years is the bad part. I have faith Collins rises above and is an asset to our IDP rosters in 2020.

50. Nick Bosa DL SF

San Francisco DL Nick Bosa

Nick Bosa is a stone cold stud! Playing for the NFC Championship 49ers the best is yet to come with Bosa. Nothing I can say or do will change that. You know the drill. Draft Bosa now or you’re going to miss out on a special 2020 season!

That’s it! My early 2020 IDP Deep Dive.

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

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2020 Fantasy Football Busts

2020 Fantasy Busts
Chris Robin https://twitter.com/DetroitBeastie

What is considered a fantasy football bust? Is it an owners personal opinion? Is it the opinion of a big shot football analysts?

The longer you play and the more you learn the decision is yours. How often have you been told, “trust your gut”? As I’ve grown and gotten older I use this method in all areas of my life! You know when something doesn’t feel right. We get that nervous sinking feeling in the pit of our stomach.

When it comes to a fantasy football bust take a few things into account.

1. Where was the player drafted? ADP too high?
2. Was said players yearly projection off to begin with?
3. Will our player regress due to last seasons stats and numbers?

For the record, I want to see everyone play well and prosper. We just have to be prepared heading into our 2020 drafts that we take everything into account. Leave no stone un-turned! Cross every T and dot every I.

I brought my friends along again! Lets check out some potential 2020 fantasy busts! If you missed out 2020 breakouts here it is! https://www.dfscheatsheet.com/2020-massive-fantasy-football-breakouts/nfl/04/

Ethan Cowlbeck https://twitter.com/DJ_Beck_

Deshaun Watson – Houston Texans

HOU QB Deshaun Watson

As I mentioned in my breakouts, Fuller is one of my picks to have a really solid year. However, the absence of Hopkins hurts for Watson and I expect a big step back from him.

Tom Brady – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

TB QB Tom Brady

Brady absolutely brings a sense of reliability to the Buccaneers. More wins and fewer interceptions are almost a guarantee. Brady hasn’t been a top 10 fantasy QB since 2017. That trend will likely continue even though he can support big production for his receivers.

Joe Mixon – Cincinnati Bengals

CIN RB Joe Mixon

A rookie like Burrow might not have an immediate impact on the team, and even if he does, Mixon is running behind a suspect offensive line. I struggle drafting players from bad teams in the second round, and there’s too many moving parts for Mixon to be reliable.

Todd Gurley RB Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons RB Todd Gurley

Again, no fault of the player himself. We knew Freeman was a great talent, but the absence of Shanahan meant the absence of a running game. Gurley is a great player, but the victim of a bad rushing team.

Melvin Gordon – RB Denver Broncos

DEN RB Melvin Gordon III

When Gordon came back from holdout last year, Ekeler was still the go-to running back. Denver should be no different with a talent like Phillip Lindsay on the roster, meaning Gordon’s ceiling is low.

Terry McLaurin – WR Washington Redskins

WSH WR Terry McLaurin

The only way McLaurin doesn’t bust is if Kyle Allen is the starter and goes off. I still don’t see it happening. Allen had a dummy-proof offense last year, and I don’t think he can make the Redskins viable yet.

Mike Evans – WR Tampa Bay Buccaneers

TB WR Mike Evans

As a skilled receiver, he will still get his share of work. The chemistry between Brady and Godwin though makes too much sense. Evans may have a decent season, but will disappoint those who drafted him in the early second round.

Adam Thielen – WR Minnesota Vikings

MIN WR Adam Thielen

I remember in 2018 what happened to Thielen in fantasy when Stefon Diggs was injured. Thielen is extremely dependent on a second good receiver to divert defenses, and now the Vikings don’t have that.

Zach Ertz – TE Philadelphia Eagles

PHI TE Zack Ertz

Dallas Goedert’s role has only grown over time in this offense, and the idea of sustaining two tight ends for fantasy leads me to believe that something has to give. Ertz will disappoint those who pay the overall TE3 price for him.

Mike Gesicki – TE Miami Dolphins

MIA TE Mike Gesicki

Drafted between OJ Howard and Noah Fant, Gesicki seems out of place. We saw last year that this team has solid wide receivers, and they seem to be the focal point of the offense moving forward. I see Gesicki fading out of a relevant workload.

Ben Anderson https://twitter.com/bennieboy26


ARZ QB Kyler Murray

Tom Brady – QB Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Teddy Bridgewater – QB Carolina Panthers
Kyler Murray *BOLD* – QB Arizona Cardinals


JAX RB Leonard Fournette

Leonard Fornette – RB Jacksonville Jaguars
Raheem Mostert RB San Francisco 49ers
Nick Chubb *BOLD* – RB Cleveland Browns


CAR WR Robby Anderson

Robbie Anderson – WR Carolina Panthers
Adam Thielen – WR Minnesota Vikings
Deandre Hopkins *BOLD* – WR Arizona Cardinals


LVR TE Darren Waller

Darren Waller – TE Las Vegas Raider
Tyler Higbee – TE Las Angeles Rams
Zach Ertz *BOLD* – Philadelphia Eagles

Chris Robin https://twitter.com/DetroitBeastie

Ryan Tannehill QB – Tennessee Titans

TEN QB Ryan Tannehill

I made a trade FOR Tanny before the deadline and it paid off big time! The second half of his 2019 season and playoff run was fantastic. Ryan averaged 25.5 fantasy points a game in 10 starts. Will he bust? If we keep looking at him as a QB1 then he will.

Lamar Jackson – QB Baltimore Ravens

BAL QB Lamar Jackson

This has everything to do with where I’ve seen him drafted in the mocks I’ve been a part of. Rightfully so, just don’t shoot your shot too quick with Lamar. He is a stud QB1 with out a doubt, will he regress at all?

Mark Ingram – RB Baltimore Ravens

BAL RB Mark Ingram

An aging RB with young blood all around him. He was scoring TD’s at an unsustainable rate. I see Mark getting fewer carries in 2020. Temper expectations.

Kerryon Johnson – RB Detroit Lions

DET RB Kerryon Johnson

As a lifelong Detroiter and Lions fan this one stings. Kerryon has missed 14 games his first two professional years. That stud workhorse back mantra isn’t happening here. Not yet at least. His durability is no doubt a question. I’d rather he blow up on my bench as my RB3 then eat crap if he’s hurt again as my drafted RB1-2.

Stefon Diggs – WR Buffalo Bills

BUF WR Stefon Diggs

I’ve always looked at Diggs as a WR3 or 4. That’s my issue not yours. Now he goes to Buffalo in what looks like a dream scenario. Stefon had seven games with 9 or less points last season. Adam Thielen missed time and Diggs still didn’t flourish. I’m not saying he’s un-draftable! That would be crazy! I’m just saying he isn’t a WR1.

Julian Edelman – WR New England Patriots

NE WR Julian Edelman

This one is easy. Tom Brady isn’t his QB anymore. The Patriots don’t even have a QB as I write this. Jarrett Stidham? Not to be rude but no thank you.

Jared Cook – TE New Orleans Saints

NO TE Jared Cook

Cook had a crazy good season in 2019! He will have a good season in 2020! I just cant logically say he will repeat or surpass what he did last year. If you draft Cook thinking he repeats or surpasses 2019’s numbers then he’s already a bust!

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

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2020 All Rookie First Team

2020 All Rookie First Team
What does the magic 8 ball say?
Ben holding his Magic 8 Ball
At the end of every season, the NFL releases its awards for the entire year including it’s first and second all rookie teams. I want to look into the future and predict the all first-team rookie class! Lets shake the Magic Ball!
Quarterback – Justin Herbert
Oregon QB Justin Herbert
Running Backs – J.K Dobbins – D’Andre Swift
Ohio State RB J.K. Dobbins
Wide Receivers – Jerry Juedy – Jalen Reagor – Justin Jefferson
TCU WR Jalen Reagor
Tight-End – Cole Kmet – Jared Pinkney
Notre Dame TE Cole Kmet
Left Tackle – Andrew Thomas
Left Guard – Jonathan Simpson
Center – Nick Harris
Right Guard – Isaiah Wilson
Right Guard – Jedrick Willis
Defensive End – Chase Young – Curtis Weaver – Yetur Gross-Matos
Ohio State DE Chase Young
Defensive Tackle – Derrick Brown – Marlon Davison
Auburn DT Derrick Brown
Out-Side Linebacker – Jon Greenard – K’Lavon Chaisson – Isaiah Simmons
Clemson LB Isaiah Simmons
Middle Linebacker – Patrick Queen – Troy Dye – Shaq Quarterman
LSU DE K’lavon Chaisson
Cornerback – CJ Henderson – A.J. Terrell – Jeff Gladney
LSU S Grant Delpit
Safety – Grant Delpit – Jeremy Chinn

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

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