Love or Hate?

Love or Hate?
Chris Robin

Do you know that feeling of hating someone within moments of meeting them? It’s an odd circumstance but it happens. Hate is a strong emotion. So let me rephrase it. Have you ever been irritated with a person moments after meeting them?

What about love? Do you believe in love at first sight? How many times have you been in love? I have a lot of questions today! It’s ok to be inquisitive! Especially when you’re learning or have an idea! You’ve trusted me so far so why would I let you down now?

By a show of hands, how many of you have read or seen the three people we fall in love with article? If not here’s a quick recap!

1. Puppy love

Normally happens while we’re young. Our first real girlfriend/boyfriend in high school. Nothing crazy yet the end of the world when its over. We recover!

2. Hard love

This one is a hurts! We learn plenty of lessons in this one! This love is unhealthy and unbalanced at times. This is always the one we wish we could have gotten right.

3. Curve ball love

We never see this one coming! When we’re not looking, BAM, hits us over the head! This love is also surprising, it’s not what we are used to but it lasts!

At this point lets stop and reset. How many of your relationships and love stories fit into these three categories? Tell me when you’re ready…

How was your trip down memory lane? During our intermission I closed my eyes and I could see the faces, smiles and laughs of the past.

Now the twist! You didn’t think I was going to mention love with no other thought or view point did you? That’s what I thought! We know each other well! Keeping with the same idea I have my own list.

The numerous people we come across in our lives we instantly hate! The first few paragraphs were ok, they were meh. Now we can get real and get into it!

1. Learning how to hate (simple hate)

This emotion flairs up when we’re little. After the age of ten and into our teenage years. Given our young age not much is expected of us. So what we have seen and experienced is quite limited. We may dislike our friends for a present or toy they’ve received. This distain is solely based on jealousy. What if you were to hold the door open for someone and they walk past like you didn’t exist? What obscenities do you whisper under your breath? I wouldn’t call it hate just yet but it’s planting the seeds for the next phase! Time to level up!

2. Heavy hate

This form of hate is the most nasty. Knock down drag out fights. We go all in with being despicable. This level of hate teaches us a few things. We learn how to be vindictive and really vicious. The heavy hate hits us while we’re in our early 20s. At this time we’re normally in school or working full time. I could also see the heavy hate phase not coming up until your late 20s too. At this point we’ve been burned a time or two and we take it out on co-workers, bosses or even our parents.

3. Hate we didn’t know we had in us

The description says it all. This phase will come in and out of our lives for many years. If you’re not careful this level of hate can have serious consequences! For example, lets say you are driving home and the douche in front of you stops on a dime then doesn’t use their turn signal. Initiate a full blown road rage meltdown. What about a dirt bag neighbor? You like to keep your house and lawn well maintained while the trash bag next door does not. Out of no where you find yourself putting dog poop in paper bags and lighting them on fire on their porch. See? These occurrences come out of no where yet you’re able to justify them in your mind.

Just a few things I’ve learned throughout my life and over the years. I’m big on being nice and showing others love. Hate is just too exhausting! It’s like drinking poison and hoping it kills the other guy! Makes no sense. In today’s day and age there is no place for hate far as I’m concerned. As human beings we can’t help but to feel a wide array of emotions. It’s up to us carry the message and to be positive. You will attract a lot more pleasant people and experiences!

Keep up the good work! Hang in there!

Be safe and talk soon!

Chris Robin

Call Somebody!

Call Somebody!
Chris Robin

Every morning I wake up and feel like I have something important say. Who am I though? I’m nobody special! I look around on Facebook or Twitter and there are millions of other pages with comments and likes. Why would anybody think I’m worth listening to? They always say everyday is new chance! Make it count!

I can’t be alone with feeling this weird combo of nervousness and being overwhelmed. I’m constantly repeating in my head, “everything is going to be ok!” Or at night when I’m alone in bed I just repeat, “tomorrow is going to be a good day.” I have to or my heart feels like it’s going to beat out of my chest. I’ve never been anxious and have never been diagnosed with anxiety issues. It’s just so strange to me how this all works.

During this odd time in human history it’s important to keep your wits about you. As I sit here and write it’s Wednesday March 25th 2020 at 5:30p Eastern time. Hate to say it but I do believe the worst is yet to come. Which is ok, we will be fine. I’m sorry I said that but as I’m writing this sentence I can feel my heart slowing down and the ease coming back into my body.

I’m right outside of Detroit Michigan. Spring has just started. Meaning the weather is turning in our favor. The sun stays out longer. The flowers are starting to pop up. The mood in this state should be one of joy and optimism! Instead we stuck at home. There is no harm in being honest with me, your family or neighbors. You’re not a weak, or a wimp for speaking up and telling others how you feel. I find great respect with honest people.

Telling the truth is among the most freeing and respectable actions we can do. The longer you hold in and stuff down the worse you will feel. Our secrets make us sick. I sat down today with no plans of writing, just resting. Then it all hit me! I’m lucky to be surrounded by friends and family and this massive outlet to write.

Sorry for the long winded explanation but let it out. Tell others how you feel. These are trying times! “Well how are you today?” “How are you holding up?” Answer open and honestly! “Well, I’m doing, things are fine!” Bullshit. What are your worried about? Why are you scared and worried? Let it fly! You’ll feel better for it. People will respect you more.

Sorry if this all came out mean or like I was yelling. I had no control over it. My fingers were moving and typing without any thought. Guess I really needed to get it all out. If you have no one to call or talk to message me. I will talk with you. God’s honest truth. I will leave my email, twitter and phone number at the bottom. Reach out! Family! Friends! Substance abuse hotlines! Suicide hotlines! By any means necessary! Please!

We will all get through this and be better for having gone through it. There is NO shame in asking for help!

My phone number 1-586-321-9215

My Email

Substance Abuse/Mental Health Hotline 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255

Or find me on Twitter

Stay safe and talk soon!

Chris Robin

Professional Four Square Anyone?

Four Square Anyone?
Chris Robin

It has been five days since my last message to all of you. A lot has happened in that tiny amount of time. I wanted to write! I wanted to check in! I also wanted to do nothing. In the spirit of being honest, I haven’t done much.

Optimism and positive behavior have long been my normal attitudes. I think you know what I’m going to say next. I’ve gained 10 pounds and my cat, Beastie, has gained 5 pounds.

My cat Beastie.

What if much doesn’t change and we’re looking at our new normal? That would be awful but we need to start planning ahead. I have a fantastic list of other real life ideas I would love to pursue. You’re more then welcome come along!

Lets say we wake up tomorrow morning and there is a Death Star in the sky? First reaction? Heck yeah! Long term prognosis? Oh no! I’m a huge Star Wars fan so to be fair, I would welcome the Death Star. At this point could it get any worse? The Dark Side has always had a plan. They go to the ends of the galaxy to restore order to the universe. Storm Troopers marching up and down our streets could have some positive results! General Grievous could occupy California while Darth Maul would control the East coast. Seeing how Jabba the Hut loves sand lets give him Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. Yay or nay? Lets keep it moving!

Darth Vader and the Death Star.

Moving along, imagine that artificial intelligence rises up and we finally get flying cars? Step outside, call an Uber and Bruce Willis picks you up in his cab! With A.I. in full swing we would then be able to stay home and send our robot bodies out! Imagine that! I’ve thought about this one in length and this idea is a combo of the Fifth Element mixed with both Surrogates and Die Hard. We are all home eating and laying around while our robot bodies are out enjoying themselves. Seems like a success. Not too much of the Die Hard angle in this one but it’s a personal favorite of mine and I’m allowed to add it! “Now I have a machine gun ho-ho-ho”

Do you really need a caption?

Sold yet? If not, check this out! I’ve seen a ton of Mad Max road warrior discussions lately. Lets explore! Given the current state of affairs in the United States this thought may be more realistic then the first two. I’m a dreamer! What can I say? I’d be willing to bet most of you reading this are as weird as me. Plus, I’m sure you’ve seen these movies and know what I’m referring to. In my mind I see this concept going down a tad different. Limited leather, little to no spikes and defiantly no motorcycles. Just a bunch of Millennials in sweat pants, riding scooters and hover boards looking for iced coffee.

It’s about to get tough for these kids.

My next thought came to me after watching a news story late last week. Our United States Surgeon General reached out to one of the Kardashian sisters. Jerome Adams made a request asking Kylie Jenner to send out a video on social media asking people to stay home. My first thought? I should keep that to myself. What I will tell you is the idea it sparked. In our new society we will all be home, so why can’t we all be social media influencers? From what I understand a lot of these people are using green screens and photo shopping their experiences anyways! I will admit, this isn’t my best work but it fit’s the mold of the article. There are times when I feel like an 80 year old get off my lawn kind of guy. This is one of those times. Social media influencer? I have no words.

Lets explore my next idea! As you all know professional sports have been suspended. It’s been a huge hit but I understand why. I haven’t heard anybody mention other sports that we could play? Or other activities we could bet on! How many of you have heard of 4 square? A game played out back on concrete. Consists of a dodge ball, a stick of chalk and four players. The King serves and you battle to become royalty! Imagine a professional Four Square league! Or seeing it adding in Vegas with odds! I’d call in the P4SL!

Four square!

What about competitive grocery shopping? My first thought was Super Market Sweep, it’s already been done. Not so fast! Imagine four shoppers given a cart and letting them loose for toilet paper, hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes. Anything goes! By any means necessary! Picture The Running Man with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The shoppers are alone in the store while its broadcasted to millions of us stuck at home! Armed “stalkers” are sent in to make the shopping even more crazy!

Being sent into the grocery store.

In the end its nice to float away from time to time and get your mind off all the current events. Obviously all these ideas are for entertainment purposes. I want no harm to come to anybody. Actually, I want to see all of you happy and healthy. I’m of the firm belief that helping others succeed is a huge cog in personal acceptance and happiness. Some of us are experiencing fear and unhappiness right now. Reach out to your loved ones, neighbors and even a stranger in passing and say hello. Tell those who you love exactly how you feel. Leave nothing unsaid.

Stay safe and talk soon!

Chris Robin

Dear Diary…

Dear Diary
Chris Robin

Dear Diary,

Day 7 of my personal quarantine. There have been highs and lows. I’ve hit a plateau, while the lows are low. I have hit a snag with my creative process. At what point do words and thoughts run out? I have to stop sometimes and realize everything good that is happening in my life I prayed for years ago. Over the years I have gotten good at “stopping to smell the roses.” Given the current state of affairs we need that now more than ever (with masks on unfortunately)!

I began writing early this morning and I had a great idea! Tell everyone I ran out of things to say then in a dramatic plot twist go on and on with funny witty nonsense. Real hit right? As quick as the thought came it left! I was literally left alone sitting in front of my computer. Now what?


Dear Chris, I wrote you but you still ain’t calling! I left my Twitter handle, Facebook page and email at the bottom! For some odd reason this was my first thought. I had a slick idea to use lyrics from Stan by Eminem then intertwine it in the article and look like a true wordsmith. My head is an odd place to be.

Dear Chris, you still ain’t called or wrote, I hope you get the chance! Then I thought, how long could I just write words and thoughts that mean nothing? That’s not normally my style but as long as I’m sitting here lets run with it. Keep reading! I promise it gets better!

Dear Mister, “I’m Too Good To Call Or Write My Fans” Now at this point I thought about deleting everything and going to bed. Is 1:30p Eastern too early for bed? I know we’re all thinking about it. Our local grocery stores are deserted, the roads are empty and most areas look like a ghost town.

Dear Stan, I meant to write you sooner but I’ve just been busy! This is where I’m finally able to put it all together. Wrap this thing up in a nice bow! Guess what? Not going to happen. Maybe next time.

On a lighter note I do have some words of encouragement. Over the years I have learned to share problems and opinions with people I trust. I trust all of you. I’ve also learned to be quiet and listen. In times of loss and despair we tend to rationalize and make deals with a higher power. To me, that’s what keeps us sane. Whatever we have to do to get by right?

Looking around at the current state of this virus and the impact, it’s easy to feel down. I don’t feel the need to list all the negatives. I’m just not built that way. I’m more of an eternal optimist. Glass half full kind of guy. It’s up to us carry the message of hope and happiness. Long gone are the days of me telling people what they want to hear. Or trying to please everyone. Character vs. reputation kind of thing. In the spirit of trust I don’t mind getting into my feelings with you.

It’s easy to hate and be negative. Or put on show to please others. When you’re able to put your ego aside that’s when your true character reveals itself. Some of the best people I’ve ever known are the ones who had a tough up-bringing. Or an alcohol and drug problem. It allows you to see both sides of the coin. Or live two lives in one. Be so down and out that when you’ve climbed out of the hopelessness and despair you can take joy in all the beauty and peace that surrounds us. Those are the people I want to surround myself with.

I just want to be clear with my intentions. I’m not here to tell anyone how to live. I’m not here to get rich. I’m just here to be a little beacon of hope while occasionally getting a few things off my chest. We’re at an odd time in history. We’re seeing a lot of first time issues across the map. Let your love and compassion be a few things people around you are talking about.

A simple act of kindness or a phone call goes along way. Wash your hands and stay staff!

Talk soon!

Chris Robin

Goat Milk & Tissues

Goat Milk & Tissues
Chris Robin

Was looking for the right time to panic. Tom Brady leaving the New England Patriots is that time. I’m officially freaking out. As I sit down to write, it’s 3p Eastern time. I’ve gone through four boxes of tissues, a gallon of chocolate ice cream and an absurd amount of soap due to hand washing. My life has no purpose. We’re all getting sick. I’m naked and afraid.

None of that is true! Wouldn’t it be weird if I acted that way?

Given the current state of affairs in the United States, an American football quarterback leaving a sports franchise isn’t high on my priority list. To be fair, I get it. There has been absolutely nothing going on in terms of sports. Hockey has been suspended, basketball has been paused and baseball has been shut down. Normally there is so much going on sports wise this time of year that it’ll make your head spin. We’ve been reduced to nothing.

TB12 announcing his departure today, with the current landscape of professional sports, is purely genius. It actually tips the scales at evil genius. What a time to be alive!

Tom Brady looking to take over Dr. Evil and #2

Imagine sitting in your massive mansion on a pile of cash with your super model wife and still wanting more? Can’t picture it? Let’s try again! Imagine sitting in a locker room surrounded by six Lombardi trophies, multiple Super Bowl MVP awards and billionaire Robert Kraft and still wanting more? Still not moving the needle? Ok, ok lets try again! Imagine playing in the yard with your happy and healthy kids, A-list celebrity friends there and still wanting more? I could do this all day. Think you get the point.

Every spy film or Mike Myers flick starts the same way. There’s a guy who wants to take over the world and people are sent to stop him. Tom Brady is trending in that direction. This man has it all yet still wants more! Most people throw around the term, “has it all” and its only an exaggeration. This time its real! Tom literally has IT ALL! The perfect timing of his tweet this morning followed by another decision coming soon sets the stage for a massive announcement.

Sharks with laser beams

Football aside, do I really believe sharks with freaking laser beams on their heads is a real possibility? No! What about a massive satellite in space that can blow up countries at a moments notice? No! “Pay me the sum of one billion dollars or I will release a virus so nasty that the world will come to a stand still!” Well Tom, we’re already there.

Has the thought ever occurred to anyone that Tom Brady is the mastermind behind the Corona virus? Just so he would have center stage when leaving New England today? Sounds nuts right? Maybe I’m going crazy with no sports and no DFS action. We’re still allowed to have fun right?

At this moment in time anything is possible. TB12 being an evil genius is not one of them. I’ve been a fan since his Michigan days. I respect what he’s done. I respect the man that he is. All good things come to an end. Watching him play in New England over the years against the likes of Peyton Manning have been a joy to watch. There are so many rivalries and entertaining games I could mention. We all know what we’ve seen and the joy it has brought us. To me, it was the golden era of professional football. As a thirty-five year old man the past 20 years of the New England/Tom Brady dynasty has taken up 57.15 % of my life. One could say it’s all I’ve really known in terms of football.

Brady v Manning

It would’ve been too easy and corny to open the article with my love for TB12 and get into all he’s done throughout his career. Plus I don’t normally write that way. There’s not much you can say about TB12 that hasn’t already been published. He’s the best ever.

Has anyone every seen the meme’s or short videos of men if we didn’t think about sex? How productive and successful we’d be? I only mention that because that’s how I feel now. Only replace sex with sports. I’m single so sex is in short supply for me too. With the suspension of all sports maybe I have truly have lost it? Any way you slice it I’ve gone down a much more interesting and wild creative path.

Continue to stay safe! Wash your hands and talk soon!

Chris Robin

Long Con or More Love?

Long Con or More Love?
Chris Robin

Hi! How are you? Enjoying your quarantine? To be honest, I am! Everyday and every moment another business is being closed or event is postponed. All of which are historic. The panic is at an all time high. While you can’t find groceries and milk, society is losing their minds. The stock market is tanking and people are stuck at home.

Local grovery stores are struggling to keep products on their shelves.

I have to ask, is this entire pandemic being sponsored by our government? Or enemies of our country? Before we go any further I want to tell you a few things. First, I’m not a super political guy. Second, I’m not one to buy into conspiracy theories. Third, I’m hungry. That being said I would like to dig into this. My double steak Qdoba bowl, not the government and media funded COVD-19 pandemic hysteria.

I find panic to be counterproductive. It leads to selfish short-sided decisions that cause more harm. In this case, the panic has caused a massive run on toilet paper and other essential groceries. In turn that creates fear. The fear then causes stress which effects our bodies immune system. With a nasty virus on the loose people are more susceptible to catching it. So, as you see, the panic is causing us to panic more about the thing were already panicking about! Mind blown?

On Friday President Trump declared a National Emergency. Freeing up 50 billion in federal aid. At turbulent times we often look to our government for leadership and examples of what to do and how to help. The United States is an odd place. We can be so divided yet come together fast for a common goal. I’m currently seeing a bit of both.

Let’s get into the conspiracy theory. How many of you have come across the, “every election year there has been a new disease.” photo? It’s hard not to buy into that ideal. The first and most prominent argument I’ve seen is getting President Trump out of office. Would Italy and China go out of their way to lock down large portions of their own countries to oust an American President? The more you look into it the deeper and darker it gets.

Every election year disease?

Don’t know about you but I’m already irritated with myself. What about the American government trying to lock down its own citizens and control them? It brings up the capitalism vs. socialism argument. A capitalism economic system is characterized by private ownership and assets. A capitalist economy relies free-markets to determine, price, incomes, wealth and distribution of goods. Socialism is an economy controlled by the state ownership of businesses and services. My head is spinning.

As an easy going man who believes everything happens how it’s supposed to, this entire situation has me perplexed. As an American citizen there is no way I believe we’re being lied to or scammed. However, I’ve seen every James Bond movie and I know how billionaires and evil people want to rule the world. Maybe I’m naive to think the government isn’t lying to us. They do constantly but not in this way. Lesser of two evils I guess. If this entire issue is causing you or your loved ones stress, stay away from the news and media. I’m not anti-media but it’s not the best place to be right now.

Eenst Stavro Blofeld

Much like all events and good times they all come to an end. This virus will dry up and we will move on. Hockey will resume its season. Basketball will continue where they left off. Major League Baseball will start their season this summer. It’s that simple.

It’s what we do in the meantime that will be most important. Who we help and how we treat each other is front and center. Social distancing is no doubt a thing but a phone call or a text to a loved one is very much in play. In times of stress and panic it’s human nature to become selfish and distant. If we all shared more love and support this elongated quarantine could be well worth the wait. Spend time sharing kind words with others. A little love and support go along way! Are we all being taken advantage of? Are we being conned? Either way we all need to love more!

Shout out to my friend Allen for the pep talk this morning! I needed that!

Wash your hands and cover your face!

Stay safe and talk soon!

Chris Robin 

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Don’t Go Chasing Water Slides!

Don’t Go Chasing Water Slides!
By Chris Robin – @detroitbeastie

Day 3, no sports. I’m happy and healthy yet I have no toilet paper. I’ve taken my free time to reflect and put my ideas on paper. Not toilet paper obviously! Just a regular college ruled notebook. I’m constantly writing my thoughts down. So much that I have several note books filled to the brim.

I’ve always been big into analyzing my dreams. I actually have a dream dictionary! You’d be surprised how spot on dreams are compared to our real lives! This passion alone has filled up several notebooks. The only reason I mention this is because a lot of articles stem from my wild dreams.

When this virus was in its infancy I had a long detail dream about a massive water slide that lead to Canada. Slides in your dreams indicate some instability and risk in your waking life. Adding water, which signifies emotions, to the slide implies that dreams are taping into areas of emotional instability and/or some form of risk-taking behavior.

What the inside of my head looks like!

Another definition represents being carefree while enjoying negative situations or negative habits. Playing with uncertainty or feeling good ignoring the consequences of your actions. Seems heavy doesn’t it? Upon further review it’s actually quite simple.

Last night I had many ideas of how I wanted to express my thoughts today. What mood did I want to convey? Keeping with the light hearted nature of my writing here are the ideas I came up with!

Was I stranded on an island while writing this? What if I was on an old Civil War battlefield? Lost at sea? Or was this article just a message in a bottle? Then the idea of combining them all into one hit me! What if being in the Civil War lead to me to being lost at sea finding a stranded island and resorting to sending a message in a bottle? Wow! What a mouthful!

After mulling over this idea one thing became apparent. Thank the Lord I log my thoughts and write down my ideas! Can you image if this dream just disappeared once I woke up? It would be devastating! Slightly more demoralizing then running out of toilet paper!

Getting back to my original idea of water slide dreams the definition really held water. See what I did there?! When writing fantasy sports content, especially DFS, you’re going to be judged. People pick apart your process. They won’t share it. They will not support you. Not all people, but some, cling to the idea that they know it all. Much like anything we do in our lives people will always have something negative to say.

As counties declare emergencies and we’re told to stay home our options for entertainment become limited. Take time and trust your process. Enjoy your families and loved ones. Catch up on that book you’ve been putting off. Try a new recipe! Paint or draw! Take time for self care. Every situation has a silver lining. Be on the look out for positive vibes. They are out there, we just need to grab them.

I have constantly ignored the negativity around me. I feel good doing that too. I will continue sliding away into the water. Jump on in with me! The water is fine!

Stay safe and talk soon!

Chris Robin

What Should We do with Ohio?

In today’s article for things you don’t care about, social media! What a time to be alive! It’s official! All sports have been suspended, schools are closed and there is only a tentative timeline with limited toilet paper.

Last night while wasting time on Twitter I stumbled upon an article from Ohio. The Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton alongside Gov. Mike DeWine mentioned 100,000+ suspected cases of Corona virus in the state. Given their population of 11.7 million people that means at the very least, 1 percent of the Ohio population has the virus.

To be clear I am a Michigander. Born and raised! I am also a University of Michigan supporter. Just wanted to share that little tid-bit before the following sequence of statements. I was taught to despise Ohio at a very young age. As a small boy it was strictly sports based and due to the intense U of M vs. OSU rivalry. As I grew older and formed my own opinions it branched into how flat and boring the entire state was.

By now you may be scratching your head and saying, “what does this have to do with DFS and fantasy sports?” Give me a moment and I’ll tell you! As it stands now there are no sports! There is no DFS! As this pandemic grows and the longer we go without sports the more crazy I become! I’ve always been honest with you! So why would it change now?

During my social media binge last night I noticed one thing. Everybody is jockeying for attention. Who can come up with the wittiest statement? We’re all trying to out-do each other. Which is fine, I get it. Like a small child would say, “there’s nothing to dooooo!” Or, “I’m so bored!” I find both statements to be relevant. As a man with a career I’m writing a fluff peace about how much I dislike Ohio. Ha! Welcome to the 2020 Corona virus pandemic.

I’m getting ahead of myself and off topic. The reason I mentioned my utter distain for Ohio is quite simple. I don’t like Ohio. I avoid Ohio. Given the most recent news I think Ohio should be removed from the United States. As a man from Michigan there have been times where avoiding Ohio wasn’t possible. Like going to Cedar Pointe.

If you are still following I thank you. We all have our outlets and sports is mine. Now I’ve turned my attention to hot button topics like hating Ohio. If I’m out of line just say so! I want no harm to come to any human being, living in Ohio or not. I wish them the best.

2020 is off to a horrible start. I’m not saying anything new. It’s up to us to change the dynamic of it all. The witty Twitter conversations and light hearted FaceBook messages are defiantly a step in the right direction. This is America and we’re all allowed to have different ideas and opinions. That’s the beauty of it all.

If I see this meme again I’m going to freak out!

There are times where my too positive and easy going ways have gotten me in trouble. I’m not a big planner. Rarely do I plan ahead. I’ve always been of the belief things will happen as they should. Which I find brings me the most joy and happiness. Rarely do I worry or have anxiety. This current health crisis is tailor made for such an attitude but that’s me. That’s my opinion. As I said yesterday we all have our own ways of unwinding and handling stress.

2020 Perfect March Madness bracket

If I could wrap this up in a nice big bow I’d tell you this, keep doing what you’re doing. Keep tweeting that perfect blank March Madness bracket. Share the funny, if you’re out of toilet paper use Houston Astro’s t-shirts meme on FaceBook. Photoshop Arnold Schwarzenegger holding toilet paper instead of a bazooka on Instagram. Do what makes you happy! Nothing is off limits! A cheap laugh is still a laugh! Lets not lose touch of our personalities!

Arnold with his TP bazooka

Stay safe! Wash your hands! Cover your mouth! Continue to be yourself! Laughter is always the best medicine! Talk soon!

Chris Robin

No sports! Now what?

No sports? Now what?
By Chris Robin – @detroitbeastie

What do we do now? Where do we go? What’s going to happen next? The questions just keep adding up! No answers! Just questions!

Everyone has their own way of dealing with hard times. Find a quiet corner and rest. Walk into a church and pray. Call a loved one and vent. The list is never ending. At a certain point the jokes must subside and seriousness and logic should prevail.

Personally, I’m not there yet so lets talk open and honestly about what to do. Look, I’m the guy who laughs or makes a rude joke at times of duress. Within reason, I’m not a sociopath. That being said, we all have our own defense mechanisms and ways of dealing with stress. I’ve always gotten by using my charm and silly behavior. I’m not the richest man in the world, I’m not the most handsome and I’m surely not the most successful.

Looking over the widespread panic involving the Corona virus my first thought is to make fun of it. Give it a good burn, make it laugh and forget about the terror at hand. Then I realized this virus isn’t one of my childhood friends. I can’t give it a Stone Cold stunner or bring up the time it drank too much and vomited all over. If this problem can’t be solved that way then I’m in trouble.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Logic and common and sense are a thing of the past. Human beings are more concerned with being seen, likes, views and going live. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that playing right into the hand of a global pandemic like the Corona virus? I don’t mean to come off as grumpy but hey, if the shoe fits?

On a serious note, I want no harm to come to anybody. I’m an easy going simple man. My way of coping has usually been sports. Since all major sports have been suspended what are we left with? Each other? Yuck no thanks! Netflix and Amazon Prime? Getting warmer! Even my first love eating is in jeopardy! I’d say our best bet is humor.

The panic is legit. Being scared is real. That alone is enough to shut down cities and businesses. The panic is what’s upended lives and ruining our daily routine. My only concern is the time wasted on being scared and feeling trapped. “Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create” – Roy T Bennett.

There is a lot to be learned here. Some of which we’ve learned at a young age. Wash your hands. Cover your mouth if you sneeze or cough. If you’re sick stay home! As human beings unfortunately sickness is nothing new. What sets us aside from animals is our ability to come together and show love. Help each other out, show compassion and empathy. In times of great stress and turmoil we’ve also seen times of tremendous support. Banding together for a common purpose.

This too shall pass, every storm runs out of rain and the dawn is darkest before the day. Corny yes but very much relevant. I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t a little bit scared. Only difference is it’s not all consuming. This isn’t a zombie apocalypse event nor is it a night of the living dead scenario. Our sports will return, the toilet paper supply will be replenished and this will all be forgotten in no time. Be safe and talk soon!

Chris Robin

NBA Value Street – 3/9/20

NBA Value Street
By Dylan Thompson


NBA Value Street

If you have not done so already, jump in our Free Discord chat and chat DFS with us, you can join it right here absolutely FREE.   With MLB fast approaching take advantage of our MLB50 Discount code, use it at checkout to get our ALL-Access VIP Membership 50% off for your first month! Our VIP All-Access comes with our Cash Game Lineup for each sport, get tonights NBA Cash Game Lineup here, 10 minutes prior to lock. 

What’s goin on money team? Well we definitely had some value pay off last night, and we are looking to keep the streak going. Tonight is a light 3 game slate, so remember we do not recommend playing cash games on small nights like this. With that said, let’s dig in.

Last nights value smashers
Murray 10.1X
Osman 9.2X
Ross 5.3X
Robinson 6.8X

The Value Core



Poing Guard
Monte Morris

After a dud in Cleveland, I can definitely see a bounce back performance tonight. At a price of $3800, I will be paying very close attention to this game. If it blows out, because they are play Milwaukee, Morris definitely gets an extra run in minutes. Milwaukee is first in pace so this is a pace up game for Denver. This is a volatile play but I’m willing to take the risk.

Shooting Guard
Norman Powell

We need to pay close attention to the VanVleet news, because if he is out again, Powell is a lock in every category tonight. He’s produced at least 6X in 6 straight games. Yes Utah has a great dvp, but I don’t think that will effect this young man what so ever. His price is down to $5500, and pending the news, this dude will be in every one of my lineups.
Also look at DiVincenzo

Shooting Guard
Cody Martin

This is one of my favorite plays of the night. Going up against a Hawks defense that has a dvp ranking of dead last, I think Martin balls out tonight. He has returned 5X value in 4 straight games, and all 4 were against much better interior defenses. His price is at $4700, which is pretty fair. I’ll definitely be looking for at least a 6X return tonight.

Power Forward
Royce O’Neale

This is probably my least favorite play tonight, only because he’s going to be banging with Siakam. Toronto’s interior defense is in my opinion one of the best in the league, but our guy could still return 5X. His price is at $3700 which I am definitely ok playing him at, considering he has returned 5X value in 5 out of his last 7 games. High risk but high reward if he pays off.
Also look at Ibaka, he is in a prime spot tonight

Cody Zeller

Once again we are targeting the Hawks interior defense here. Their dvp ranking against centers is 29th, and Zeller is hard to stop when you are trying to play small ball. His price tag is only $4300, and going against a terrible defense, I might just be locking this guy in tonight. He produced 5X two games ago against Jokic, so why wouldn’t be pick him here?!

Remember to pay attention closely to injury news tonight! And I repeat it is not a cash night, strictly GPP!

If you have any questions or would like updated value please closer to lock, feel free to hit me up on the Discord app and I will gladly answer your questions. Good luck tonight and please play responsibly!

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