The Power of Positive Thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking
Chris Robin

Social media is an odd place. It’s a dangerous place. What are your intentions? What is your purpose for using social media? Are you kind and caring? Supportive and loving?

In some cases we’re left with more questions than answers. This is not one of those times. It’s quite clear to me. I would never stand next to someone who didn’t want the best for me. I would never associate myself with people who take more then they give.

I cannot control other people and their actions. I can only control my reactions and my attitudes. An attitude of selfishness is a dark place. It’s actually a very lonely feeling. Treat others how you want to be treated. Remember that one? A term most of learned as a small child.

Where do we go after we’ve been put in a horribly awful situation? We can lash out, but treating fire with fire never works. You just create a bigger fire. We can be kind and understanding. Which sounds ridiculous I know but it has it’s merits.

To be clear I don’t have any children. I don’t have any sisters. I don’t have a wife. I have a mother and a grandmother. Both whom I look up to and adore. Growing up as an only child with a small circle of friends has taught me many things. One of which was being compassionate and the other being empathetic. There is a time and place for both. This is not one of those times.

I want to reach through my phone and/or computer and shake people. Get angry! Yell and throw things! Be rude, just a complete asshole. What would that accomplish? I agree being silent and acting as if certain words or videos never happened isn’t the way. That’s not right. So where do we go?

We talk about it. We lean on each other. We support and love each other more. We educate each other. We ban together and create a positive community. Make our intentions clear! This type of predatory behavior will not stand! It’s not always about violence and nasty words. It’s about being smart and sharing our ideas.

How can I change? How can I help? If the willingness is there we can’t be stopped! I’m telling you now the power of positivity is a real thing. No I’m not a care bear but hopefully you get the idea!

I want the best for you. Let’s be honest, most of us will never meet in person. We get together and broadcast. We share ideas and write together. We enjoy each others content. The actions of one person does not speak for all of us. It’s up to us to carry the message and pass it along. I will never change my behavior and attitude due to the actions of one bad apple.

It’s not about winning and losing. It’s about growing and learning. Every day, every hour and every minute. Lets take this horrible situation and let it propel us to new heights. Build closer bonds with each other. Interact with each other more. Set an example so great others will say, “I want a piece of that!”

I’m a huge fan of all of you. You teach me and show me the right way everyday. The hard work and dedication shown on a daily basis is phenomenal. Positive thinking is an emotion and mental attitude that focuses on the good and the results that will benefit us.

Thank you all for showing me the right way each day!


I Hate Fantasy Football Players

I Hate Fantasy Football Players
Chris Robin

If you’ve played fantasy sports as long as I have you get to know your league and the team managers well. Even if you have taken an orphaned team over in a league full of strangers it’s always the same! Certain owners fill certain criteria.

If you’ve been in one league you’ve been in them all. Just like seeing a pair of boobs. If you’ve seen one pair you’ve seen them all but that doesn’t take away the excitement of seeing more right?

If you missed Morals & Mottos find it here!

Most of the time our leagues are filled and played with people we know and sometimes love. The only constant is the disgust and disdain we feel in certain situations. How many times has another owner left your trade offer message on read?

There is always an owner(s) who love a crafty vet! There is always an owner(s) who loves just rookies! There is always an owner(s) who is always rebuilding. There is always an owner who has held the league hostage by dominating for years on end. There is always an owner(s) who is always in rebuild mode. There is always an owner(s) who is perpetually stuck in last place.

What is your biggest fantasy football pet peeve? Here is a list of some well known fantasy team owners we cannot stand! In no particular order.

1. Never Happy, Always Changing Roster Guy.

We all know this one. Making roster moves constantly. Dropping one player for another then adding back the guy that was cut in the first place. Always hanging in that 5th to 6th spot in a 12 team league. In doing so there is perpetual hope they can climb the standings. Yet never does.

2. Leaves You on Read Guy.

One of my biggest fantasy pet peeves ever! “I’m looking to trade!” This is the message you get in your group chat. After sending a well thought offer over followed by a quick, “sent” to the owners inbox. It sits there with no reply, no counter and zero communication!

3. Home Team Guy.

This guy just winds up screwing himself. Goes out of his way to draft or add players from his hometown team and/or favorite team. In some cases it can pan out given what team is supported most. More than likely it just becomes a hindrance. The “Homer Guy” is also likely to become, “Only Getting my Guy” guy. In my Morals & Mottos article #2 was always get your guy. Within reason though. Home Team Guy turns into over reaching guy who then turns into doesn’t win a thing guy.

4. Way-Too-Serious Guy.

Fantasy football should be fun. If not, walk away. I have championed this and yelled it from the mountain tops. The Way-Too-Serious guy lives his life based on his fantasy football teams results. Throwing beer, breaking televisions and yelling at his kids. It’s not fun and it gets ugly fast. Personally, this is the lowest of the low.

5. First Pick Guy.

Few things about this guy. Has your leagues commish shockingly and surprisingly just landed the #1 overall selection? Weird right? What about the First Pick Guy who tries to hold the league hostage? Thinking they can do and say whatever they want. Or thinking the entire league wants this pick and is willing to sell the farm to obtain it. Either way, “Number One Pick Guy” will find a way to screw it up.

6. Horrible Trade Offer Guy.

A large majority of you hate this guy. If I take it a step further, this is your biggest fantasy pet peeve. Personally, I find it funny! I could argue both sides so why don’t I? When Horrible Trade Guy sends an offensive offer to Way-Too-Serious Guy sit back and watch the show. If you’re anybody else just decline and move on. What is your stance on taking a photo of a horrible offer then posting in your group chat?

7. Auto-Drafter Guy.

Auto-Drafter Guy is like your fun Uncle who you idolized growing up. He shows up to Christmas dinner late with a six-pack of beer. Lives life on his own terms type of thing. When it comes to draft day you get all the owners together, everyone is on the same page yet Auto-Draft Guy is in the wind. The simple action of setting a queue would suffice right? Auto Draft Guy actually screws people over due to the best possible player available being automatically chosen each time!

8. Expert Fantasy Advice Guy.

Isn’t this the guy the best? Not. I’ve compared fantasy football to guessing the weather. You can only do so much research. You can only make so many projections. It really is all a guessing game. So when some dummy in your league starts spouting off advice and criticisms on the decisions you’ve made tell him to get lost.

9. Takes Trash Talk Too Far Guy.

Are you easily upset? How mad would you be if I told you this Sunday my fantasy team is going to bend you over? That’s a pretty common trash talk statement. In the leagues I play in at least. At what point does an owner cross the line? Your kids? Wife? Deceased parents? Anyway you slice it once the line is crossed there is no going back. Don’t be a jerk. Don’t be this guy.

10. Disappearing Act Guy.

Every single league has this guy. Normally this owner is awesome right out of the gate. A ton of interaction leading up to the draft. Present during the draft and after! Then poof! Gone! Once his roster is full he’s gone! Doesn’t set his roster week to week. When he checks back in the realization of how bad it’s gotten sets in and he gives up. Gives up with 10+ games left in the season. This owner should be banned across the board.

11. Negative Nancy Rat Guy.

To be clear this guy is a snake and acts like a used car salesman. The idiot who offers you a trade and says, “You’re totally winning this offer bro!” Yeah? If that’s the case why don’t you keep the guy?! He’s also the snake who tries to get other owners together in a collusion type effort. Yet is a big enough rat to tell on others at the drop of a hat. Be aware of this guy. He always shows his true colors! This owner needs to be removed root and stem!

12. Four Leaf Clover Up His Butt Guy.

Pretty self explanatory! I’ve seen cases where it’s the most unassuming team owner. The last minute person you asked to join just to fill the league in time to draft. Your grandma? Father in-law? Most of the time it’s an owner who know nothing about football. Just likes the color of the team jerseys.

In closing, if any of you don’t understand one of these then that’s which fantasy player you are! What? Bad Trade Offer Guy doesn’t make sense! I like that guy! Guess what? You’re probably Bad Offer Guy!

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

Did I miss someone? Who would you add? Let’s talk about it!

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I Will Always Love You!

I Will Always Love You
Chris Robin

By a show of hands how many of you have been in love? Wow! That’s quite a bit! How many of you love fantasy football? Wow! That’s even more of you! What lengths would you go for your kids? Or significant others? Safe to say to the end of Earth? Or even the moon? How about your fantasy football teams?

The longer we play fantasy football the more connected we become. Do you remember your first ever fantasy football draft? What about that one guy who carried your team to a fantasy Championship?

Quick story if I may. In 2005 I drafted Carolina WR Steve Smith. The previous few seasons I was never a fan of his. He wasn’t anything special. Small guy with a big mouth right? I drafted him as my WR3ish with little to no excitement. Well Steve Smith went on to have a career season in all statistical categories. 103 catches, 1,563 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns. He carried my team to a fantasy Championship and I was in love!

Retired NFL WR and NFL Network Analyst Steve Smith

I will always love Steve Smith and it set in motion a sequence of fantasy football events that I still carry to this day. Here are a few.

Always get you guy! Draft or trade for the guy you enjoy watching!
Don’t listen to the clowns in your league who put you down for the choices you make!
Fantasy football is supposed to be fun! The moment it’s not, walk away.

That brings me to the topic of this article. Who are some fantasy football players you just can’t get over? Once again I asked social media and everybody came through in a big way!

1. ATL RB Todd Gurley
2. SEA WR Tyler Lockett
3. DAL QB Tony Romo (retired)

Retired NFL QB and CBS Analyst Tony Romo

4. TB TE O.J. Howard
5. LAC WR Keenan Allen
6. HOU WR Will Fuller V
7. PHI WR DeSean Jackson

Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson

8. CIN WR A.J. Green
9. ARZ RB Chase Edmunds
10. CLE QB Baker Mayfield

Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield

11. NO RB Alvin Kamara
12. SEA RB Marshawn Lynch
13. WR Josh Gordon (suspended)
14. NYG TE Evan Engram

New York Giants TE Evan Engram

15. FA TE Jordan Reed
16. CLE RB Kareem Hunt
17. LVR WR Hunter Renfrow
18. PIT WR Juju Smith-Schuster

Pittsburgh Steelers WR Juju Smith-Schuster

19. NO WR Michael Thomas
20. SEA RB Chris Carson

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

Hang here for my Fantasy Football Morals & Mottos tomorrow!

Did I miss someone? Who would you add? Let me know in the comments! Let’s talk about it!

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Love or Hate?

Love or Hate?
Chris Robin

Do you know that feeling of hating someone within moments of meeting them? It’s an odd circumstance but it happens. Hate is a strong emotion. So let me rephrase it. Have you ever been irritated with a person moments after meeting them?

What about love? Do you believe in love at first sight? How many times have you been in love? I have a lot of questions today! It’s ok to be inquisitive! Especially when you’re learning or have an idea! You’ve trusted me so far so why would I let you down now?

By a show of hands, how many of you have read or seen the three people we fall in love with article? If not here’s a quick recap!

1. Puppy love

Normally happens while we’re young. Our first real girlfriend/boyfriend in high school. Nothing crazy yet the end of the world when its over. We recover!

2. Hard love

This one is a hurts! We learn plenty of lessons in this one! This love is unhealthy and unbalanced at times. This is always the one we wish we could have gotten right.

3. Curve ball love

We never see this one coming! When we’re not looking, BAM, hits us over the head! This love is also surprising, it’s not what we are used to but it lasts!

At this point lets stop and reset. How many of your relationships and love stories fit into these three categories? Tell me when you’re ready…

How was your trip down memory lane? During our intermission I closed my eyes and I could see the faces, smiles and laughs of the past.

Now the twist! You didn’t think I was going to mention love with no other thought or view point did you? That’s what I thought! We know each other well! Keeping with the same idea I have my own list.

The numerous people we come across in our lives we instantly hate! The first few paragraphs were ok, they were meh. Now we can get real and get into it!

1. Learning how to hate (simple hate)

This emotion flairs up when we’re little. After the age of ten and into our teenage years. Given our young age not much is expected of us. So what we have seen and experienced is quite limited. We may dislike our friends for a present or toy they’ve received. This distain is solely based on jealousy. What if you were to hold the door open for someone and they walk past like you didn’t exist? What obscenities do you whisper under your breath? I wouldn’t call it hate just yet but it’s planting the seeds for the next phase! Time to level up!

2. Heavy hate

This form of hate is the most nasty. Knock down drag out fights. We go all in with being despicable. This level of hate teaches us a few things. We learn how to be vindictive and really vicious. The heavy hate hits us while we’re in our early 20s. At this time we’re normally in school or working full time. I could also see the heavy hate phase not coming up until your late 20s too. At this point we’ve been burned a time or two and we take it out on co-workers, bosses or even our parents.

3. Hate we didn’t know we had in us

The description says it all. This phase will come in and out of our lives for many years. If you’re not careful this level of hate can have serious consequences! For example, lets say you are driving home and the douche in front of you stops on a dime then doesn’t use their turn signal. Initiate a full blown road rage meltdown. What about a dirt bag neighbor? You like to keep your house and lawn well maintained while the trash bag next door does not. Out of no where you find yourself putting dog poop in paper bags and lighting them on fire on their porch. See? These occurrences come out of no where yet you’re able to justify them in your mind.

Just a few things I’ve learned throughout my life and over the years. I’m big on being nice and showing others love. Hate is just too exhausting! It’s like drinking poison and hoping it kills the other guy! Makes no sense. In today’s day and age there is no place for hate far as I’m concerned. As human beings we can’t help but to feel a wide array of emotions. It’s up to us carry the message and to be positive. You will attract a lot more pleasant people and experiences!

Keep up the good work! Hang in there!

Be safe and talk soon!

Chris Robin

Dear Diary…

Dear Diary
Chris Robin

Dear Diary,

Day 7 of my personal quarantine. There have been highs and lows. I’ve hit a plateau, while the lows are low. I have hit a snag with my creative process. At what point do words and thoughts run out? I have to stop sometimes and realize everything good that is happening in my life I prayed for years ago. Over the years I have gotten good at “stopping to smell the roses.” Given the current state of affairs we need that now more than ever (with masks on unfortunately)!

I began writing early this morning and I had a great idea! Tell everyone I ran out of things to say then in a dramatic plot twist go on and on with funny witty nonsense. Real hit right? As quick as the thought came it left! I was literally left alone sitting in front of my computer. Now what?


Dear Chris, I wrote you but you still ain’t calling! I left my Twitter handle, Facebook page and email at the bottom! For some odd reason this was my first thought. I had a slick idea to use lyrics from Stan by Eminem then intertwine it in the article and look like a true wordsmith. My head is an odd place to be.

Dear Chris, you still ain’t called or wrote, I hope you get the chance! Then I thought, how long could I just write words and thoughts that mean nothing? That’s not normally my style but as long as I’m sitting here lets run with it. Keep reading! I promise it gets better!

Dear Mister, “I’m Too Good To Call Or Write My Fans” Now at this point I thought about deleting everything and going to bed. Is 1:30p Eastern too early for bed? I know we’re all thinking about it. Our local grocery stores are deserted, the roads are empty and most areas look like a ghost town.

Dear Stan, I meant to write you sooner but I’ve just been busy! This is where I’m finally able to put it all together. Wrap this thing up in a nice bow! Guess what? Not going to happen. Maybe next time.

On a lighter note I do have some words of encouragement. Over the years I have learned to share problems and opinions with people I trust. I trust all of you. I’ve also learned to be quiet and listen. In times of loss and despair we tend to rationalize and make deals with a higher power. To me, that’s what keeps us sane. Whatever we have to do to get by right?

Looking around at the current state of this virus and the impact, it’s easy to feel down. I don’t feel the need to list all the negatives. I’m just not built that way. I’m more of an eternal optimist. Glass half full kind of guy. It’s up to us carry the message of hope and happiness. Long gone are the days of me telling people what they want to hear. Or trying to please everyone. Character vs. reputation kind of thing. In the spirit of trust I don’t mind getting into my feelings with you.

It’s easy to hate and be negative. Or put on show to please others. When you’re able to put your ego aside that’s when your true character reveals itself. Some of the best people I’ve ever known are the ones who had a tough up-bringing. Or an alcohol and drug problem. It allows you to see both sides of the coin. Or live two lives in one. Be so down and out that when you’ve climbed out of the hopelessness and despair you can take joy in all the beauty and peace that surrounds us. Those are the people I want to surround myself with.

I just want to be clear with my intentions. I’m not here to tell anyone how to live. I’m not here to get rich. I’m just here to be a little beacon of hope while occasionally getting a few things off my chest. We’re at an odd time in history. We’re seeing a lot of first time issues across the map. Let your love and compassion be a few things people around you are talking about.

A simple act of kindness or a phone call goes along way. Wash your hands and stay staff!

Talk soon!

Chris Robin

Long Con or More Love?

Long Con or More Love?
Chris Robin

Hi! How are you? Enjoying your quarantine? To be honest, I am! Everyday and every moment another business is being closed or event is postponed. All of which are historic. The panic is at an all time high. While you can’t find groceries and milk, society is losing their minds. The stock market is tanking and people are stuck at home.

Local grovery stores are struggling to keep products on their shelves.

I have to ask, is this entire pandemic being sponsored by our government? Or enemies of our country? Before we go any further I want to tell you a few things. First, I’m not a super political guy. Second, I’m not one to buy into conspiracy theories. Third, I’m hungry. That being said I would like to dig into this. My double steak Qdoba bowl, not the government and media funded COVD-19 pandemic hysteria.

I find panic to be counterproductive. It leads to selfish short-sided decisions that cause more harm. In this case, the panic has caused a massive run on toilet paper and other essential groceries. In turn that creates fear. The fear then causes stress which effects our bodies immune system. With a nasty virus on the loose people are more susceptible to catching it. So, as you see, the panic is causing us to panic more about the thing were already panicking about! Mind blown?

On Friday President Trump declared a National Emergency. Freeing up 50 billion in federal aid. At turbulent times we often look to our government for leadership and examples of what to do and how to help. The United States is an odd place. We can be so divided yet come together fast for a common goal. I’m currently seeing a bit of both.

Let’s get into the conspiracy theory. How many of you have come across the, “every election year there has been a new disease.” photo? It’s hard not to buy into that ideal. The first and most prominent argument I’ve seen is getting President Trump out of office. Would Italy and China go out of their way to lock down large portions of their own countries to oust an American President? The more you look into it the deeper and darker it gets.

Every election year disease?

Don’t know about you but I’m already irritated with myself. What about the American government trying to lock down its own citizens and control them? It brings up the capitalism vs. socialism argument. A capitalism economic system is characterized by private ownership and assets. A capitalist economy relies free-markets to determine, price, incomes, wealth and distribution of goods. Socialism is an economy controlled by the state ownership of businesses and services. My head is spinning.

As an easy going man who believes everything happens how it’s supposed to, this entire situation has me perplexed. As an American citizen there is no way I believe we’re being lied to or scammed. However, I’ve seen every James Bond movie and I know how billionaires and evil people want to rule the world. Maybe I’m naive to think the government isn’t lying to us. They do constantly but not in this way. Lesser of two evils I guess. If this entire issue is causing you or your loved ones stress, stay away from the news and media. I’m not anti-media but it’s not the best place to be right now.

Eenst Stavro Blofeld

Much like all events and good times they all come to an end. This virus will dry up and we will move on. Hockey will resume its season. Basketball will continue where they left off. Major League Baseball will start their season this summer. It’s that simple.

It’s what we do in the meantime that will be most important. Who we help and how we treat each other is front and center. Social distancing is no doubt a thing but a phone call or a text to a loved one is very much in play. In times of stress and panic it’s human nature to become selfish and distant. If we all shared more love and support this elongated quarantine could be well worth the wait. Spend time sharing kind words with others. A little love and support go along way! Are we all being taken advantage of? Are we being conned? Either way we all need to love more!

Shout out to my friend Allen for the pep talk this morning! I needed that!

Wash your hands and cover your face!

Stay safe and talk soon!

Chris Robin 

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No sports! Now what?

No sports? Now what?
By Chris Robin – @detroitbeastie

What do we do now? Where do we go? What’s going to happen next? The questions just keep adding up! No answers! Just questions!

Everyone has their own way of dealing with hard times. Find a quiet corner and rest. Walk into a church and pray. Call a loved one and vent. The list is never ending. At a certain point the jokes must subside and seriousness and logic should prevail.

Personally, I’m not there yet so lets talk open and honestly about what to do. Look, I’m the guy who laughs or makes a rude joke at times of duress. Within reason, I’m not a sociopath. That being said, we all have our own defense mechanisms and ways of dealing with stress. I’ve always gotten by using my charm and silly behavior. I’m not the richest man in the world, I’m not the most handsome and I’m surely not the most successful.

Looking over the widespread panic involving the Corona virus my first thought is to make fun of it. Give it a good burn, make it laugh and forget about the terror at hand. Then I realized this virus isn’t one of my childhood friends. I can’t give it a Stone Cold stunner or bring up the time it drank too much and vomited all over. If this problem can’t be solved that way then I’m in trouble.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Logic and common and sense are a thing of the past. Human beings are more concerned with being seen, likes, views and going live. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that playing right into the hand of a global pandemic like the Corona virus? I don’t mean to come off as grumpy but hey, if the shoe fits?

On a serious note, I want no harm to come to anybody. I’m an easy going simple man. My way of coping has usually been sports. Since all major sports have been suspended what are we left with? Each other? Yuck no thanks! Netflix and Amazon Prime? Getting warmer! Even my first love eating is in jeopardy! I’d say our best bet is humor.

The panic is legit. Being scared is real. That alone is enough to shut down cities and businesses. The panic is what’s upended lives and ruining our daily routine. My only concern is the time wasted on being scared and feeling trapped. “Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create” – Roy T Bennett.

There is a lot to be learned here. Some of which we’ve learned at a young age. Wash your hands. Cover your mouth if you sneeze or cough. If you’re sick stay home! As human beings unfortunately sickness is nothing new. What sets us aside from animals is our ability to come together and show love. Help each other out, show compassion and empathy. In times of great stress and turmoil we’ve also seen times of tremendous support. Banding together for a common purpose.

This too shall pass, every storm runs out of rain and the dawn is darkest before the day. Corny yes but very much relevant. I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t a little bit scared. Only difference is it’s not all consuming. This isn’t a zombie apocalypse event nor is it a night of the living dead scenario. Our sports will return, the toilet paper supply will be replenished and this will all be forgotten in no time. Be safe and talk soon!

Chris Robin