IDP vs. Offensive Trade Values

IDP vs. Offensive Trade Values
Chris Robin

Some of our best ideas aren’t always our own. If you surround yourself with positive like minded people the only options are to learn and grow. You are the company you keep. When you’re in a situation or have a platform such as this to provide content and opinions, you find success working with others.

Take advice, be kind, share ideas and be open to change. Acting like the smartest person in the room won’t get you very far. Don’t make the mistake of succumbing to your own ego. I’m just a spoke on the wheel of fantasy sports content. Sure I have fun and cool ideas but what about long term success? I’ve found that this entire format can dry up quick and what am I left with? Recycling ideas with little to no support.

I’ve long been into the mindset of supporting others and being a soundboard for ideas that are not my own. Ever evolving and building long lasting relationships. As an only child I’ve been told that it’s in my nature to be selfish and not good at sharing. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Especially in this case. I’m only as good as the people around me. I cannot do this alone. I need the advice, respect and support from all of you.

Together we are stronger, together we are unbroken, together we can do anything. The idea for this article came from a friend of mine, Adam. He supports my ideas, I support his! Create an atmosphere around you where people feel comfortable sharing ideas and telling you their thoughts. It’s a two way street that demands respect. Thank you Adam! I support you and I respect you.

Let’s get into IDP (individual defensive player) trade values in comparison to the offensive skill positions. I have seen a slew of questions across all social media platforms. “In a dynasty start up with IDP what’s a good round to start drafting IDP?” Or trade questions like this, “I was sent an offer to trade away Bobby Wagner (SEA LB) for my RB2 or 3, what do I do?” Let me help you!

Most recent list of the top-20 IDP in dynasty formats.

As you can see in the graphic above, this is my top-20 IDP for dynasty formats headed into the 2020 season. With all the mock drafts going on and rookie drafts which are already completed, when and where do I start grabbing defensive players?“ It’s a legitimate question which I plan on answering in full below!

My most recent super flex top-20 list.

In comparison to the IDP top-20 above is my personal super-flex top-20. You don’t have to be an IDP fan to notice the stark difference in lists. Patrick Mahomes, Christian McCaffery and Lamar Jackson are all NFL super-stars. So the point of this article is to describe where we should make our first IDP selection and what to expect with trading. It always seems to be confusing. So much so it’s turning people away from IDP! We can’t have that!

I’ve long said in the right scoring format our defensive players can score just like our offensive players. I don’t like talking and/or writing about topics I don’t personally know about. Would make no sense for me to tell your story and vice-versa. As recent as last season I was involved in a full blown IDP dynasty start up. I was told the scoring format would be equal across the board. Meaning, you could build a championship defense just as well as an electric offense.

Custom scoring format for my full IDP league.



As you can see above this is the scoring format for my IDP league. Let’s discuss the differences and similarities! The first thing that should jump out to you is how fantasy friendly the IDP’s are to your team. Mind you this is custom setting and a custom format for my league. Nonetheless still close to a default scoring system. A sack is 6 points. Same a rushing TD for a RB or a receiving TD for a WR. A passing TD for your QB is 6 points pretty standard but on the IDP side an interception is 5.5 points. Almost a wash. One of the more important statistics for our starting RB’s is total yards right? Here you can see that 1 rushing yard equals 0.25 points. On the defensive side a solo tackle is 3.25 points. Hopefully I haven’t lost you! Lets talk about what I just mentioned step by step!

In the right scoring format, such as this, you can see that a stud RB can accumulate points at the same clip as a stud LB. TD’s, sacks, interceptions, receptions and assisted tackles are all basically the same in terms of points. That’s an important factor when drafting your team. So at what point do we start drafting defensive players? As we all know not all players are created equal. Why is that? Why are the top-ranked linebackers not being drafted among the top-ranked running backs? It’s quite simple. Guaranteed workload and opportunity!

Carolina Panther RB Christian McCaffrery

Anyone can sit down pre-draft and/or Sunday morning and know what to expect from a first round talent and consensus #1 overall pick like Christian McCaffrery. In 2019 CMC averaged 17.9 rushing attempts a game, 7.3 receptions a game for an overall average of 60.8 rushing yards a game and 52.6 receiving yards a game. 60.8 x .25 = 15.2. 52.6 x .25 = 13.15. 15.2 + 13.15 = 28.35. So before even stepping on the field you could pencil CMC in for 28.35 points per game. As I’m sure you’ve noticed I didn’t factor TD’s into the equation. If you didn’t know, projecting TD’s is the hardest and most violate statistic there is.

Indianapolis Colts LB Darius Leonard

Lets do the same breakdown but with a stand-out stud and consensus first overall IDP, Indianapolis Colts LB Darius Leonard! Leonard had 121 total tackles in 2019, 71 solo and 50 assisted, 5 sacks and 5 INT‘s. Meaning Leonard made on average 10.08 tackles a game. So we’re looking at about 24.48 fantasy points per game. 71 solo tackles x 3.25 = 230.75. 50 assisted tackles x 1.75 = 87.5. 230.75 + 87.5 = 318.25/13 (total games played) = 24.48. Much like TD statistics for offensive players turnovers and sacks are hard to judge.

For the sake of this comparison you have CAR RB Christian McCaffrery at around 28 fantasy points a game while IND LB Darius Leonard comes in around 24 fantasy points per game. What does that tell us? Numbers aside, it tells me that you can personally build a championship defense on your roster just as easily as stacking offensive talent! Personally I would draft an IDP like Leonard, Nick Bosa or Roquon Smith as early as the 3rd or 4th round. Maybe I’m partial to IDP but drafting Leonard in the 3rd makes sense given the scoring format. Below is a photo of my personal IDP roster. Earlier I mentioned being open and honest and only speaking on topics that I know. I can’t tell your story! I don’t know it that well! So looking at my roster you can clearly see I have a few heavyweight defensive players.

My personal starting IDP roster.

When it comes to playing with a full compliment of defensive players, I only have a few rules:

1. Collect linebackers!

Chicago Bears linebacker Roquan Smith

In most IDP scoring formats tackles are the name of the game. Linebackers accumulate tackles, sacks and turnovers. They make your IDP roster go-round! I’ve said it several times but LB’s are the RB’s of your defensive roster. When drafting fantasy players build entire stables of running backs. Handcuffs, rookies and safe veterans. You should do the same with your linebacking core. Build a stable of LB’s that can be interchangeable, impressive and pack a punch!

2. Don’t fade defensive backs!

Arizona Cardinals safety Budda Baker

In some IDP leagues cornerbacks and safeties are not separate positions. Just a general DB roster spot. If that’s your case then I wouldn’t even consider CB’s! Roster and start as many top-notch safeties as you can. For example, Jamal Adams, Landon Collins and Budda Baker. As stated above tackles are the point getters for you team! What better way to accumulate points then having a collection of ball hawking active safeties? If your league is like mine CB’s and S are two separate positions. If you look at any IDP ranking list you have to scroll and scroll until you get to the highest ranking cornerback. If a CB is really good at what he does the opposing QB avoids him. Meaning a stud CB is a better real life player then a fantasy player.

3. Don’t overlook the importance of a good defensive lineman!

Nick and Joey Bosa

D-line and the position as a whole has been very scarce the last few years. Until recently, 2019, it’s been a very tough position to dial into. In the more advanced IDP settings defensive end and defensive tackle are separate slots on your rosters. If your DL spot encompasses BOTH DE and DT then have no fear! Plenty of options there! Like the Bosa brothers or Watt brothers. If your league is set up to split the defensive line then your playing with the big dogs! Meaning looking week to week for a start-able defensive tackle can be a long and arduous process!

I never want to lie and mislead any of you. So I’d be remiss if I didn’t discuss trade values and the art of trading in an IDP league. What to expect and what to do! This just in! I have no ground breaking advice. Nothing that’s going to knock off your socks! Only years of personal experience. Which, some would say is the best option. I’ve been sent several messages and emails all in relation to trades in IDP leagues. Much like anything we do in life it helps to be informed! More importantly, know the scoring format in your league. Do your research! Don’t be afraid to tell the other team you need time! Crunch numbers and take notes! There is no rush. Use a trade calculator if need be. My most important advice when it comes to trading is be mindful and smart. Don’t sell yourself short. It’s ok to decline or send a counter offer. It’s business 101 to reject the first offer. Just a personal opinion of mine.

Look, I’m not the end all be all for fantasy sports. Just a passionate guy who likes discussing all things fantasy. Just so happens I’m very interested in IDP content. Only reason I prefaced things this way is due to all the negative and negligent advice now-a-days on social media. Never a concern of mine seeing how if you’re reading this then you look upon fantasy sports as a fun hobby and don’t take it too serious!

Any questions or comments?

Did I miss something? Let’s talk about it!

If you missed it, here’s my 2020 Fantasy Stuffed Games list!

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2020 Deep Dive Rookie Safeties

2020 Deep Dive Rookie Safeties
David Reed

Our final deep dive for 2020! This safety class brings some outstanding prospects that can do it all, tackle or play man to man or old school deep coverage. These kids are the last line of defense!

If you missed Davids most recent Deep Dive find it here!

Xavier McKinney – Alabama 6-1 200

Alabama DB Xavier McKinney

– Versatile player who can cover man and zone as well as be an enforcer at the line
– Quick down hill ability
– Attacks the ball in the air
– Good short area burst
– Good strong tackler
– Good route anticipation
– Natural feet
– Range
– Football IQ

– Tackling in space 1 on 1 sometimes comes up short
– Better near the line than in space but can do it all
– Can be a tad over aggressive on his angles and a shifter back can use that to there advantage

McKinney is the top safety in this draft. He can do it all in terms of coverage and play at the line as a sub package linebacker. He is best near the line but can go out there and cover area like a center fielder.

Antoine Winfield Jr. – Minnesota 5 -10 195

Minnesota DB Antoni Winfield Jr.

– Great instincts and feel for the ball on the field
– Place with urgency and will put his head into the ball
– Thick frame that allows him to hit hard and is explosive with those hits
– Navigates traffic and finishes
– Physical player but plays with control
– Plays and reads the backfield while disrupting throwing lanes
– Great Ball skills to track the ball even over the shoulders
– Can play man zone and at the line of scrimmage
– Alpha when attacking the ball
– Ball hawk
– Good blitzer

– Injuries in both 2017 and 2018 that made him miss the whole season after playing in limited games
– Overall average athlete
– Height

Winfield Jr when healthy could arguably be the best safety in this class and he keeps rising and rising. He is a ball hawk and plays powerful when he hits you. What he lacks in height and athletic ability, he makes up with anticipation and instincts. His play on the field shows you he’s a guy that you can look past his flaws cause he just has a feel for the game and ball I wouldn’t be shocked if he sneaks late first

Grant Delpit – 6-3 201

LSU S Grant Delpit

– Man and Zone ability
– Can mirror in man coverage well
– Drives on the football with good closing quickness
– Great length and attacks the ball
– Good range
– Smart player who processes the play fast
– Hitting power is there with good balance
– Quick feet
– Navigates traffic
– Athletic for his size and can play all over as a DB

– Though improved tackler in 2019. Being a sure tackler in the open field is still a work in progress
– Can give up a tad to much space in zone coverage
– Early in 2019 seemed to be trying to hard to showcase skills and being the elite safety and it backfired

– After a great 2018, Delpit came into 2019 as arguably the best safety prospect for the 2020 draft. His season started off kind of rough but finished well second half of the season. He claims he was trying to hard and you can tell that to an extend when he finally relaxed and let his game speak for itself. He’s a long athletic prospect who can do it all that you can steal late first early 2nd

Ashtyn Davis – California 6-1 195

California S Ashton Davis

– Has played both Safety and Corner depending on what the opposing teams offense presented
– Versatile player
– Great high safety ability to cover a lot of ground
– Downhill closing burst is great
– Can hit with some pop
– Shows good awareness in zone
– Reads QBs eyes well and closes on the ball
– Tough player
– Flexibility to play man

– Though he plays physical he isn’t the surest of tacklers
– He won’t be a run stopper at the line like some of the other prospects
– He can hold his own in man coverage but you want him covering ground has a high safety

Davis is more of a scheme fit prospect for a defense that needs a center field type player. He has the ability to cover a lot of ground. He will give it his all and play as physical as he can but needs to work on his Tackling technique

Kyle Dugger – Lenoir-Rhyne 6-1 217

Lenior-Rhyne S Kyle Dugger

– Explosive athlete with great size
– Competitive and physical player
– Loves to attack the ball down hill
– Secure tackler with balance and power
– Short zone defender who reads the backfield well
– Range to play deep zone and sideline to sideline
– Brings return ability
– Plays the ball well and has ability to make plays on ball
– Can play any scheme

– Improve processing – see and chase type of guy at times
– At times took plays off as he knew he can be beaten in competition
– DII competition, can he and is he ready to step up from such a jump in competition

Dugger is a fun prospect to watch as he dominates on tape, but it is D2 competition. His athletic ability and size will translate to the next level but will his processing and play speed catch up as quick. His ceiling is being able to play in any defense and do anything in coverage or as a linebacker at the line. At worst he beings great special team ability and great returner ability early on as well. He will be a fun prospect to watch develop in the next year or 2.

Jeremy Chinn – Southern Illinois 6-3 219

Southern Illinois S Jeremy Chinn

– Physical muscular frame with explosive ability
– Tall frame
– Good burst and long speed to track ball or play downhill
– Balance and hitting power
– Makes some incredible athletic plays on the ball
– Nice fluid back pedal with impressive smooth change in direction ability
– Offers coverage versatility

– Processing needs to improve
– Few plays where he takes it easy
– Spacial awareness

Another small school prospect that dominates on tape. He has the size and ability to translate at the next level. He can be used in a multitude of positions almost like a poor man’s Isaiah Simmons. He can be a sub linebacker in some packages and cover the deep zones. He will need to learn to process plays faster than relying on being more athletic than most people he faced in competition.

Terrell Burgess – Utah 5-11 192

Utah S Terrell Burgess

– Converted corner who has a strong understanding of coverages
– Good understanding of spacing and route anticipation
– Trusts his ability and doesn’t panic
– Diagnosis routes well, allows him to be in good spots
– Fluid hips with good change of direction ability
– Ability to play strong man to man coverage
– Solid tackler who takes good angles

– Length is an issue
– Does not bring much in terms of making plays on the ball
– Get stronger to be a more impactful tackler and shedding block
– Limited starting time till 2019

Burgess bring good agility and range to cover deep zone and come up and play many to man. He may have a versatile role as a sub package nickel corner and play safety too. His lack of plays on the ball is why he isn’t going higher for his versatility.

K’Von Wallace – Clemson 5-11 199

Clemson S K’Von Wallace

– Versatile player who played both Safety and Big Nickel
– Quick burst
– Solid frame that brings some good hit power with it
– Good Blitzer
– Ball skills and attacks the ball well
– Physical tackler
– Shows some good ability at man coverage
– Competes and goes hard every play

– Hips arnt fluid
– Recovery speed
– Has some athletic restrictions

Wallace is best for sub packages and can help being a downhill tackler with his physical play. He can handle zone coverage when he keeps the play in front of him but lacks speed if anything gets behind him. He plays physical to handle some man to man ability. He plays hard and goes every down something teams will love and allow him to make an impact on a team

Julian Blackmon – Utah 6-1 204

Utah S Julian Blackmon

– Converted corner who uses this skill to match the slot and TEs
– Good range to handle the 1 high safety role
– Good size and speed
– Shows ability to make plays on the ball
– Shows good zone awareness
– Physical player and will come down and make a play if needed

– Late knee injury kept him out of senior bowl and combine
– Failed at corner in 2018 and made the switch to safety
– Inconsistent on tape and can look lost at times
– Can become stronger to be a better force near the line

Blackmon brings all the physical traits a team will covet in a safety prospect but need to feel comfortable developing his skill set. He is still raw to the safety positions but brings a good motor and football character to the locker room

Alohi Gilman – Notre Dame 5-11 202

Notre Dame S Alohi Gilman

– Always looking for the football
– Fires downfield and works around blocks
– Physical with good hit power
– High motor
– Quick processor
– Experience play deep and at the line
– Solid tackler
– Attacked the ball in the air

– Modest range
– Speed and quickness is average
– Not the best in man coverage
– Avoid having his back to the line of scrimmage

Competitive player who enjoys seeking contact and making a play on the ball. He brings good zone ability but lacks great man to man skills. He’s a hard worker and has a high motor that teams will love but must use him right at the next level.

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

Did I miss someone? Let’s talk about it!

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2020 Deep Dive Rookie DE

2020 Deep Dive Rookie DE
David Reed

Some of our favorite players in the NFL are big time tacklers who are sack machines! Especially against the quarterbacks we hate. Here is a list of 18 edge players you could see your team draft next week!

If you missed any of Davids other Deep Dives start here with his defensive lineman!

Chase Young – Ohio Stats 6-5 265

Ohio State DE Chase Young

– Frame and size is day 1 ready
– Uses hands well
– Has power and finesse
– Can win as a DE/OLB and Interior DL
– Closing speed
– Has great rush angles

– Struggles to re-establish if he does not win right away
– Upright accelerator
– Jumps off sides at times

Young is arguably the best talent in this year’s draft. He can have an impact day one as a rookie getting after the quarterback. His speed off the edge and his athletic ability to bend at this stage is amazing. He needs to learn a few more moves and counter moves when he faces a great tackle but overall he’s a Day 1 starter and top 5 pick!

K’Lavon Chaisson – LSU 6-4 250

LSU EDGE K’Lavon Chaisson

– Solid build but very mobile
– Explosive first step
– Lose hips and a flexible bend
– Closing burst
– Speed to cover is played as a 3-4 OLB
– Sets edge well in run game
– Shows a good bull rush on top of his speed rush

– Tore ACL in 2018
– Needs to develop his vision more
– Timing
– Fill out more and get stronger

Chaisson is another great pass rusher in this class. His speed and quickness is very intriguing for a team looking for a prospect to rush the QB. He needs some coaching to develop his vision/play recognition. If he can bulk up and build a bit more strength while keeping his speed, he could be a QB’s nightmare!

Yetur Gross Matos-– Penn State 6-5 265

Penn State DE Yetur Gross-Matos

– Long arms and massive reach and wing span
– Does a good job keeping pad level low for size
– Great motor
– Turns flat and can win on the outside
– Sets edge against the run well
– 34 .5 tackles for loss and 17 sacks in 2 years
– Can lineup inside as well/a lot of success destroying guards when he has done this on tape

– Continue to grow into his frame.
– Get stronger
– Learn more pass rush moves and counter moves
– Process plays faster

I am a huge fan of Gross-Matos and been watching him the last 2 years on Saturday. His massive wing span is hard to miss and allows him to get to the ball quick and make stops behind the line. He does the dirty work to set the edge for his team mates as well. He’s a good kid with a great motor! He always play hard every down! The type of kid that teams love.

A.J. Epenesa – Iowa 6-6 280

Iowa EDGE AJ Epenesa

– Length and power
– Heavy hands and places them well
– Strong bull rush and sheds blocks well
– His push pull move is deadly
– Converts what speed he gets into great power
– Can play inside and outside on the line
– Plays well against the run
– 30.5 tackles for loss and 22 sacks

– Lacks lateral movement
– Not a huge asset in space
– Improve at recognizing hook blocks
– Keep pad level lower more consistently

Epenesa is a blue-chip prospect. Highly recruited out of high-school. He put together an impressive college career and should continue to be a solid to great pro. He can fortify a defensive line and help with the run and rush the QB. He can play multiple positions and help with mismatches for a defensive coordinator. He needs to improve in space and recognize blocks better but those are some coach-able flaws. You’re getting a hard nose working kid mid-to-late first any team would love on there roster.

Julian Okwara – Norte Dame 6-4 248

Notre Dame DE Julian Okwara

– Athletic with juice out of his stance
– Converts speed to power
– Active hands
– Dips and rips is his best move
– Good flexibility
– Upside as a 3-4 OLB

– Improve pad level consistency
– Disengage better
– Can be more calculated than have a natural feel to a play
– Can struggle against the run
– Add more play strength
– Broken Fibula in 2019

Okwara is a second day prospect with a great burst and athletic ability upside to get to the QB. He must learn to feel the plays more and improve against the run to see the field in a full time gig.

Joshua Uche – Michigan 6-1 241

Michigan DE Josh Uche

– Shows good blend of burst/flexibility and length
– Variety of pass rush moves
– Speed to power
– Good motor
– Uses his quickness to set lineman up to be off balance
– Shows skills to defend in zone coverage

– Experience (limited playing time)
– Injuries
– More power
– Tackle in space needs improvement
– Improve getting off blocks (loses a lot when locked up)

Uche is an interesting prospect that offers a lot of good traits. Great motor kid with a good blend of speed and power! Already has room to grow even more powerful. He needs more reps and improvement working on tackling in space. If he learns that this kid has a shot as a starter on a defense!

Terrell Lewis – Alabama 6-5 258

Alabama DE Terrel Lewis

– Length and short area burst
– Long arms to clog throwing lanes
– Good ripe move when he has leverage
– Flexible
– Hard to get hands on him

– Vision
– Work on deployment of his pass rush moves (timing)
– Struggle to hit counter moves
– Takes plays off
– Injuries (torn ligament in 2017 and ACL tear in 2018)

Lewis offers great length and good burst on the defensive front. He needs more experience to recognize plays and develop more pass rushing moves and counters to get the most out of his abilities. He must stay healthy as well.

Jonathan Greenard – Florida 6-4 262

Florida DE Jonathan Greenard

– Shows good snap anticipation
– Quick release
– Good footwork and attacks inside well
– Strong upper body
– Uses hands to set up rep
– Good run defender
– Quicker than fast
– Recognizes blocks and schemes well

– Flexibility
– Can rush to wide and be driven out of the play
– Needs to win on the outside of the tackle more
– Range and lateral movement are just okay

Greenard is a good second day pass rusher who needs to improve on the outside. His inside move will allow him to make plays his rookie year.

Curtis Weaver – Boise State 6-5 265

Boise State DE Curtis Weaver

– First step quickness
– Uses length well to win on the outside in a few ways
– Takes good rush angles
– Ideal foot work
– Heavy active hands
– Lines up and plays everywhere and usually wins
– Showed a few rush moves
– Shows ability to drop in coverage if needed
– Great football IQ

– Flexibility
– More consistent motor
– Some bad wiff tackles
– Not the most athletic build (carries some weight in the mid section)

Weaver is a good pass rusher with a strong football IQ that allows him to succeed at most points of attacks. He needs to become a more sure tackler but is a second day steal!

Darrell Taylor – Tennessee 6-4 259

Tennessee DE Darrel Taylor

– Good burst and bend
– Dip and rip move
– Sets a good edge
– Succeed in shallow zone coverage
– Uses hands well to control blockers
– Really filled out his frame in 2019

Cons :
– Needs to grow and develop more as a rusher
– Improve or abandon his spin move
– Rush counter moves
– Anticipate the snap better

Taylor has some room to improve as a rusher overall. When it comes to learning more moves and anticipating the snap better. He has shown a good burst and ability to set the edge, which is great and will allow him to see the field early while he develops more as a rusher.

Bradlee Anae – Utah 6-3 257

Utah DE Bradlee Anae

– High effort player
– Good snap anticipation
– Burst
– Uses hands
– Works gaps hard against the run

– Short arms
– Struggles to clear blocks
– Get stronger
– Improve tackling in space

Anae has the burst and effort teams will love. He must get stronger to clear blocks better for a full time role and improve tackling in space. His short arms are going to hurt some in clearing blocks.

Jabari Zuniga – Florida 6-3 253

Florida DE Jabari Zuniga

– Functional strength
– Strong punch to stun even the biggest tackles
– Good pursuit effort
– Dips and rips well
– Converts speed to power
– Lined up all over D-Line

– Slow release off ball
– Lacks awareness
– Vision and processing speed
– Counter moves
– Work on stance

Zuniga has the strength and effort teams will love but lacks quick burst off line and general awareness of processing speed. He will be a bit of a project to learn those traits but if he learns them with his power, he could be talked about as a great edge rusher!

Khalid Kareem – Notre Dame 6-4 265

Notre Dame DE Khalid Kareem

– Long and powerful
– Usually wins first contact
– Power through whole frame
– Good leverage
– Processing skills against the run
– Power to move blocker and attack ball
– Fluid release

– Slow first step
– No counter rush moves
– Not a twitchy athlete
– Needs more pass rush moves
– Bad in space

Kareem is a powerful edge player with good leverage which usually has success. When it does not work he lacks a counter move which he will need to learn. He must be better in space but has the tools to play early in his career as he develops more.

Alton Robinson – Syracuse 6-3 259

Syracuse DE Alton Robinson

– Can play with hand in group or standing up
– Heavy at the point of attack
– Good swivel hips to rush
– Ability to drop in zone
– Good quick closing ability

– Learn to disengage better
– Get stronger
– Come off ball better
– At times looks like an average Joe on the field
– More rush/counter moves

Robinson is a mid round guy with a ton of upside. He needs to improve on his technique and get stronger but has ability to help a defense in a multitude of ways

Anfernee Jennings – Alabama 6-2 252

Alabama DE Anfernee Jennings

– Great hands and counter blocks
– Process plays well
– Awareness
– Sets the edge
– Snap anticipation
– Speed to power
– Good inside move
– Hands up to impact throwing lanes

– Lacks a good burst
– Is not a twitch athlete
– Range is limited
– Motor is so-so

True technician as a rusher and run defender who lack great burst and explosion. Combine that with a half ass approach at times and this is what you get. A guy who can be a mid round steal if a coach can light a fire under him and get the most out of his amazing traits he brings.

Alex Highsmith – Charlotte 6-4 242

Charlottle DE Alex Highsmith

– Good anticipation
– Quick release
– Decent inside move
– Good spin move
– Active hands
– Good play recognition
– Can stand up and play

– Lacks length
– Struggles to separate at times
– Improve on tackling outside his frame
– Strength
– His is frame maxed out to get stronger ?

Smaller school prospect that has a good release and shows good anticipation. He brings some good pass rush moves but needs to improve his strength and separation from blocks.

Kenny Willekes – Michigan State 6-4 252

Michigan State DE Kenny Willekes

– Competes for his gap
– Leverage
– Plays containment well
– Good footwork
– Always going
– Places hands well
– Picks up plays well
– Physical with a high floor

– Convert speed to power better
– Get stronger
– Counter moves

Willekes is a solid player who will probably never be anything special but will have a spot on a defense as a steady year in year out player who needs to get stronger to aid his abilities.

Nick Coe – Auburn 6-5 291

Auburn DE Nick Coe

– Thick frame
– Strong
– Sets the edge well
– Plays all techniques on the D-Line
– Heavy hands
– Gets extension on blocks

– Tardy out of stance
– Lateral movement
– Counter moves are slow
– Struggles to find the football at times

Coe is another player that won’t get the headlines but is a strong piece on a defense that can set edges and help a team defense succeed. He’s a good mid-to-late round option.

 Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

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2020 Deep Dive Rookie DL

2020 Deep Dive Rookie DL
David Reed

The 2020 draft is slowly approaching.  We need to now give love to the big men on the defense line side. Below are 11 of the biggest D-Lineman you will see.  Each with there own set of skills and likely you could see there names taken with in the first 2 days of the draft

Derrick Brown – Auburn 6-5 318

Auburn DT Derrick Brown

– Amazing size and speed combination
– Penatrating power
– Explosive off line
– Willing to sacrifice himself on a play for teammate to make play
– Can play all over the DL and any system

– Can sometimes explode to hard and miss a play at times
– Can sometimes struggled if forced to go another way to make a play
– Does not have any true pass rush move

Brown is an elite talent that can play in a 3-4 or 4-3 defense. He has great power and athletic ability to stop the run and rush the passer up the middle. He is going to make a team happy in the top 10.

Javon Kinlaw – South Carolina  6-5 315

South Carolina DT Javon Kinlaw

– Excellent one gap penetration
– Explodes out of stance
– Transformed body from 2018 to 2019 (added much needed strength)
– Can dominate with power and quickness
– Plays with a good motor
– Shows great improvement with hand fighting
– Has lateral movement to work down the line

– Still room to grow body to reach full potential
– Can get pushed down field at times against the run
– Can fall victim to screen and draws
– Can get pad levels to high
– Consistent with leverage and angles

Kinlaw is a powerful man who can disrupt any offensive line.  He has shown great improvement over the years and needs to keep working on his craft. He is a talented man up the middle for a top 15 team.

Neville Gallimore – Oklahoma  6-2 304

Oklahoma DE Neville Gallimore

– Shoots the single gap well
– First step quickness is great
– Competes every snap
– Shows active hands
– Good pop in his strike
– Closing burst on the ball
– Shows good rush variety

– Can struggle against the run at times
– Struggles when double teamed
– Some question where he can play on the line

Gallimore reminds me a lot of Javon Hargraves the newest highest paid NT in football.  He’s questioned about his ability in the run game but has impressive gap penetration to rush the QB up the middle. He is a fringe first. Early 2nd round prospect if you can’t get one of the top 2 DT this year

Ross Blacklock – TCU 6-4 305

TCU DL Ross Blacklock

– Shows good power speed and size
– Good motor
– Works the edge of the blocks and powers through
– Does well placing his hands and playing with extension
– Great timing and placing of hands
– Good strikes
– Keeps pads low to get most out of his power
– Took on a lot of double teams
– Ability to play multiple assignments

– Missed all of 2018 with Achilles injury
– Processing plays need to improve
– Some style and technical transition to NFL

There’s a lot to love about Blacklock. He has rare combinations of size and power and ability.  He needs to learn to develop and process plays better and faster to excel and get the most out of his ability at the next level .

Marlon Davidson – Auburn 6-3 297

Auburn DL Marlon Davidson

– First step quickness out if stance
– Heavy hands
– Good pad level
– Pop in his punch and good leverage and quick steps
– Good juice and energy
– Amazing motor
– Lateral movement is amazing
– Shows good rush ability
– Competes hard against the run gaps

– Was miscast as a 3-4 OLB early on. Learning how to work the DL more
– Length at time can come into question
– Blockers can get into his frame to easily
– Can improve in block recognition and processing

Davidson is a 4 year starter who finally find his true falling on the DL and excelled. He has quick feet and movement off the ball. He is a perfect 4-3 three technique at the next level.   He is a late first to mid 2nd round prospect with high high upside

Justin Madubuike – Texas A&M 6-3 304

Texas A&M DL Justin Madubuike

– Excellent skill set to gap penetration
– Great leverage
– Pads are always low and maximize his strength
– Times the snap well
– Quick release off snap
– Change of direction on the line

– Effort wavers
– Moments his release and leverage are sloppy
– Needs to use his hands more to keep pads cleaned from blockers

Justin has put together 2 consecutive productive seasons at A&M. He has appealing penetration skills. Shows good explosion and ability to create leverage.  He needs to work on consistent play and motor.  He still has some learning to do but can work in on rotation early for a defense and develop.

Raekwon Davis – Alabama 6-7 312

Alabama DT Raekwon Davis

– Powerful with length
– Built to clog up the middle of the D-Line
– Plays with good leverage
– Hard to move
– Massive tackle radius
– Delivers a massive punch against the O-Line

– Production steadily declines since 2017
– Never took that next step
– Was with the wrong crowd which he contributes to him not reaching next level. Says he is no longer with that crowd
– Develop is vision  and timing
– Timing needs to improve
– Can he develop any pass rush moves?

Davis could be a day 2 steal. He has top DT talent in his tool box that is waiting to be unleashed and tapped into. He must improve his timing and show hes ready to make that next step. If he does he will fill gaps and make a defense a top run defense with his presents in the middle.

Jordan Elliott – Missouri 6-4 315

Missouri DT Jordan Elliot

– Showed some impressive work defending the run and anchor the point of attack
– Shows some slip to bust through the gap
– Works hands well
– Clears pads
– Experience 2 gaping

– Slow out of stance and as a rusher
– Bad tendency to pop out of stance and look in the backfield
– Learn to read and process run blocks
– Show a better motor

Elliot is not a finished product. He has room to grow and be molded. He has good play strength. He needs to continue to learn and grow but his ability to bust through the line, a team can get a good mid round piece to groom

Larrell Murchison – NC State 6-2 294

NC State DL Larrell Murchison

– High effort player that goes hard every snap
– Hands always busy
– Athletic and explosive
– Shows ability to make plays at or behind the line
– Brings upside as a 5 technique

– Hands can be more acting than effective
– Continue to build play strength
– Need to improve leverage and change of direction
– Lateral movement is below average

Versatile D-Line option with his skill sets to Penetrate all over the line. His best quality is his motor. He never gives up and keeps working. Something teams will fall in love with. He needs to build up his strength but his explosion and athletic abilities will have him draft mid rounds.

Rashard Lawrence – LSU 6-2 308

LSU DL Rashard Lawrence

– First step quickness
– Gets angles and Penetrates
– Plays with good pursuit effort and urgency
– Great football character/leadership
– Active hands
– Variety of pass rush moves
– Does unselfish work
– Works hard to win his gaps
– Shows more twitch and push rush ability than expected

– Needs to process plays better
– Can stand up and look in backfield to often
– Body control is okay
– Needs to get stronger to win the point of attack more often
– Knee and ankle injuries in the past

Lawrence is a high effort player with flaws that can be coached.   He needs to get strong to match his effort and win more times at the line.  He will need to clear medical and prove he can stay healthy but has a chance to be a strong mid round DLineman

Leki Fotu – Utah  6-5 337

Utah DL Leki Fotu

– Thick build
– Physical run stopper
– Not easily moved
– Hands are strong when he wins the point of attack
– Had ability to anchor multiple gaps
– Shows good bull rush to be effective on passing downs

– Lacks twitch and athletic ability
– Not a fully effective pass rusher up the middle.  Don’t expect more than 1 or 2 sacks from him
– Work better against down blocks
– Needs to work to get on blockers edges more
– Needs to keep pad level lower

Fotu is your typical NT that is filling up gaps and taking away the run. But that’s all he is.  He won’t bring much else to the game and could he substituted out on passing downs.  He lacks much in the fast twitch athletic department to really gain much more than his powerful bull rush. With that said, there is still a need for a man of his size to take away the run and do the dirty work of taking up blocks and allowing his LB to make plays.

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

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2020 IDP Deep Dive

2020 IDP Deep Dive
Chris Robin

We’re two weeks away from the 2020 NFL Draft! To me, it’s a perfect time to take a deep dive into my top 50 IDP rankings!

I love playing in IDP leagues! I love the constant research and the hours I’m able to spend combing the waiver wire! Tackles, sacks and interceptions just move the needle!

If you missed the top 50 IDP rankings here they are!

1. Darius Leonard LB IND

Indianapolis Colts LB Darius Leonard

Leonard missed a few games in 2019 due to a concussion. Once he was back full time he regained his dominate role as the Colts defensive stud. Look for Leonard to be in the conversation as the #1 overall IDP asset in 2020!

2. Bobby Wagner LB SEA

The model of consistency, Bobby put up nine double digit tackle performances in 2019! He has also put up eight straight triple tackle seasons! In the right format he scores points like a stud RB!

3. Blake Martinez LB NYG

I love the durability of Blake as a line-backer! He hasn’t missed a single game in three seasons playing for GB. Now Martinez takes his talents to New York! He finished the season with 155 tackles, good for second overall. Why would that change in 2020? Top LB talent right here!

4. Cory Littleton LB LV

Cory ended the 2019 season as a top LB scoring wise. He remains a stud inside backer and a top cover linebacker. He’s an easy 120+ tackle guy in 2020 while sprinkling in sacks and turnovers. He’s a must start ALWAYS!

5. Tremaine Edmunds LB BUF

Edmunds is tackling machine on an up-and-coming Buffalo Bills team. Tremendous amounts of solo tackles mixed with several TFL (tackles for loss) each game give Edmunds a high ceiling each week.

6. Joe Schobert LB JAX

Schobert has had 100 or more tackles in the last three seasons. He leaves a leaky Cleveland team for a shaky Jacksonville team. Meaning, Joe and the defense will unfortunately be on the field more times then not. Believe it or not Joe has great hands for a LB intercepting 4 passes last season.

7. T.J. Watt LB PIT

Watt finished 2019 as the highest scoring IDP player. He set career bests in TFL, sacks and QB hits. Watt is the spark plug in an awfully good and disruptive Steelers defense!

8. Aaron Donald DL LAR

Have you heard of him? I don’t know about you but I heard he’s pretty good at football! His 2019 season was one to forget. Just don’t forget about him in your 2020 drafts!

9. Jordan Hicks LB ARZ

Hicks broke out in his first season with the Cardinals. Expect him maintain and even surpass his 2019 stats. You may not think so but with Arizona getting better on offense that only helps Hicks and Arizona’s team defense!

10. Jamal Adams S NYJ

NYJ S Jamal Adams

A personal favorite IDP player of mine, Adams is a stone cold stud. He wasn’t able to play the full 16 game schedule in 2019 but that didn’t stop him from racking up fantasy points. Only 24 years old, 2020 should be a career year for Adams in all statistical categories!

11. Chandler Jones LB ARZ

Jones had a monster 2019 season and I’m confident in saying he can up his game in 2020. He did nothing but stuff stat sheets and sack QB’s in 2019! He finished 2019 with 19 sacks! He’s a no doubt slam dunk LB1 heading into 2020!

12. Danielle Hunter DE MIN

For the first time in his career Hunter finished as the top scoring DL in IDP scoring formats! He’s a brick wall on the defensive line while making big plays and forcing fumbles. 2020 will be more of the same!

13. Jaylon Smith LB DAL

Smith absolutely slaughter opposing QB’s and RB’s in 2019. With Leighton Vander Esch missing the season Smith stepped up in a big big way. He finished the season with 132 total tackles. He’s a low end LB1 but still an IDP stud.

14. Shaquil Barrett LB TB

Wow! I don’t know about you but Shaq Barrett was by far my best late round pick of the 2019 season! Shaq finished with 16.5 sacks and 6 forced fumbles! Can you say breakout? Do I believe he can be a stud again in 2020? Given the fact Tampa Bay put a franchise tag on him I’d say yes!

15. Budda Baker DB ARZ

Baker finished with 147 tackles in 2019. The Cardinals in general had a season to forget in 2019 yet Baker still had a fantastic season. Now that the Cards are improving it will take some pressure off the defense. Look at Budda as S1 with a good bet to finish as a top 3 DB in 2020.

16. Deion Jones LB ATL

Jones finished 2019 with 110 tackles. He covers ground quick and is a LB1 in all 2020 formats.

17. Eric Reid S FS

Reid is still surprisingly a FA. Carolina released him after a 130 tackle season. His track record just suggest a lot left in the tank and will no doubt find a starting gig in 2020. I’d hold but he’s still a great option.

18. Lavonte David LB TB

In terms of the NFL David and as a starting LB he’s old. Only 30, all David did in 2019 is tackle people! An eight year vet on now what looks to be a contending TB team I’m drafting his as a lower end LB1.

19. Myles Garrett DL CLE

Unless you’ve lived under a rock you know what happened with Myles. He’s been reinstated by the NFL and will look to work his way back to stud DL status. Kid has a solid work ethic and now a chip on his shoulder. Don’t bet against Garrett in 2020.

20. Landon Collins S WSH

Washington S Landon Collins

My other favorite safety! Washington’s defense moves as Collins moves. That’s not saying much but it is called the, “individual defensive player” format. Collins has notched triple digit tackles four times in his career. He has also battled some injures the last few seasons. Regardless he’s a guy I want on my squad!

21. Fred Warner LB SF

Fred is only 23 and a hot commodity in dynasty formats. It wouldn’t shock me to see Warner make the leap in 2020 into the top 10 overall in IDP formats. He’s young, hungry and playing on a tremendously talented 49ers defense. I’m no doubt buying across the board!

22. Cameron Jordan DL NO

The uncontested heart and soul of the Saints defense he can double as a stud DL on your team! Curly mustache and all Jordan continues to rack up sacks. Wouldn’t shock me to see Cameron once again high on the list in total sacks in 2020!

23. Jordan Poyer DB BUF

Poyer has really jumped up IDP ranking list the last few season. Perfect timing for him and the Bills. Over the last 3 seasons Jordan has notched 296 tackles and 11 INT’s for Buffalo! The Bills love him so much they gave him a shiny new two year 20.5 million dollar extension!

24. Derwin James S LAC

In my eyes James can be mentioned among the best safeties in the NFL. Only thing holding him back are injuries. If he can stay on the field for a FULL 2020 season he will be just that! I have no qualms with drafting Derwin in 2020.

25. Zach Cunningham LB HOU

Cunningham had a fantastic stretch in 2019. He’s a top 20 LB heading into the 2020 season. Don’t make the mistake of passing him up in your drafts!

26. Devin Bush LB PIT

Pittsburgh LB Devin Bush

As a University of Michigan fan this one makes me happy! Bush had a terrific 2019 season but fell off a little late in the season. As a rookie that’s not too surprising right? 2020 will be his sophomore season and the kid gloves will be off! It’s not crazy to think Devin can make a major jump in IDP rankings in 2020.

27. Cameron Heyward DL PIT

Heyward is the rock of the Steelers defense. They have drafted and put young pieces all around him. In doing so, he’s flourished, young kids have flourished and the team has prospered. The DL specific position in IDP leagues gets thin fast. Don’t be left holding your hat. Grab Heyward!

28. K.J. Wright LB SEA

If it wasn’t for stud LB Bobby Wagner, Wright would lead the team in tackles. It’s an awesome 1-2 punch! I’m sorry to mention another player in another guys profile but that just goes to show you how good Wright is. Draft and start with little to no issue!

29. Devin White LB TB

White is well on his way to being a super star! Coming into his age 22 season Devin is filled to the brim with big play talent! Another kid you can expect to make a huge leap into the top 15 or even the top 10!

30. J.J. Watt DL HOU

What can I say that hasn’t already been said? DPOY and DL stud right? It just stinks the guy can’t stay on the field. Is it safe to say we’ve already seen his best season? I hope not but I think we have.

31. Joey Bosa DL LAC

Bosa recorded another double digit sack season. His 3rd in four seasons. Bosa was also able to play in all 16 games in 2019. Could 2020 be a career year for Bosa? I think so! Draft! Draft! Draft!

32. DeMario Davis LB NO

Davis is 31 yet still lead the Saints in tackles with 109 during the regular season. Davis had a nice run late in the season will no doubt put together another low end LB1 type season.

33. C.J. Mosley LB NYJ

CJ had an awful season. It was cut short due to a groin injury. He missed a few weeks came back and re-injured it. Only 27, Mosley enters the 2020 still nicely ranked on dynasty lists. Lets chalk 2019 up to bad luck and a lost season. Better days are no doubt ahead for the Jets line-backer!

34. Bud Dupree LB PIT

After a career 2019 season Pittsburgh placed the franchise tag on Bud. He’s one heck of a pass rusher and you should place a high priority on drafting him. Bud is a 6’4 270lb monster.

35. Shawn Williams DB CIN

Cincinnati DB Shawn Williams

Shawn had one heck of a 2019 season! Triple digit tackles, four interceptions and a sack! What more do you want from a defensive back? I’ve said it earlier but Cincinnati has the number one overall pick in this years draft. It’s long been said CIN is going to draft Joe Burrow. That instantly helps the offense which helps Shawn and the defense.

36. De’Vondre Campbell LB ARZ

Campbell had a breakout 2019 season and immediately cashed in! De’Vondre signed with Arizona with a $8.5 million dollar contract. De’Vondre has the potential to crack the top 10 in linebacker rankings in 2020. I’d buy now!

37. Harrison Smith S MIN

Has Harrison lost some steam? Well sure, he’s 31. There is still two years left on his contract and will no doubt be the starting safety for the Vikings in 2020. In a division with the Lions and Bears I have no issue with Smith on my roster!

38. Vonn Bell DB CIN

Bell has left New Orleans and signed with Cincinnati. Bell will look to elevate the Bengal’s poor defense. Vonn is a ball hawk and zips around the field. I expect the best is yet to come with Vonn Bell!

39. Carlos Dunlap DL CIN

Raise your hand if you knew Dunlap was a top 5 ranked DL in IDP scoring formats? No hands! I knew it! It’s because he plays in Cincinnati! That shouldn’t matter to you and your fantasy team. Will the Bengal’s be better in 2020?

40. DeForest Buckner DL IND

The Colts are going all out on their defense. They traded a first round pick to grab Buckner then handed him a massive $21 million dollar extension! It’s a huge move for the Colts, Buckner and the likes of Leonard. I want any and all shares of Buckner I can find! How sweet would a Bucker-Leonard connection on your fantasy team be?

41. Jerome Baker LB MIA

Baker ended his 2019 season on a high note. At only 23 years old he’s now a cornerstone for the Miami Dolphins. Look for Baker to make a massive leap in dynasty IDP rankings as the season draws near. I’d also keep an eye on him during the season and look to sell at his highest point in 2020.

42. Za’Darius Smith LB GB

Smith really picked up the pace in GB last season! He lead the team in sacks and did a great job forcing fumbles! Blake Martinez has moved on to NYG leaving Smith as the teams stud LB. As it stands now Za’Darius is a low end LB1 with move to climb.

43. Eric Kendricks LB MIN

Minnesota LB Eric Kendricks

Eric is a highly rated dynasty linebacker and rightfully so. 2020 will be his 28yr old season and he should be entering his prime. Another LB that has a shot of climbing IDP ranking boards this off season, keep an eye out in your drafts!

44. Minkah Fitzpatrick DB PIT

The more I look into IDP rankings and NFL teams the more I see how awesome the Steelers defense should be in 2020. Minkah creates turnovers at an alarming rate. Of the top 50 guys mentioned on this list Minkah has the potential to rise the farthest and fastest. I shouldn’t have to tell you. Draft him!

45. Dante Fowler Jr. LB ATL

Fowler had an unbelievable season for the Rams in 2019. Now he finds himself a member of the Atlanta Falcons and their talented linebacker corps. He should immediately become a pass rushing specialist for the Falcons. 2020 should be his biggest season yet.

46. Tracy Walker DB DET

On an underperforming team with horrible coaching Walker stood out. He’s not afraid to get his nose in every play while tackling everything in sight. He will enter 2020 as the Lions starting safety. He’s a nice add in deeper IDP leagues.

47. Logan Ryan DB FA

Ryan had a fantastic 2019 season yet still finds himself without a team to play for. Logan had 113 tackles, 4.5 sacks and 4 INTs. I’m shocked he’s still a FA but once he’s signed make sure you pencil him in on your fantasy team!

48. Maxx Crosby DE LV

Maxx played locally at Eastern Michigan and really showed us his attitude and work ethic on HBO’s Hard Knocks. Fast forward to his 2019 rookie campaign and I can say with great confidence Maxx is going to be an IDP stud very soon. Somewhat off the radar, jump on him now before word gets out. 2020 will be breakout season and I want in on it!

49. Jamie Collins LB DET

Collins recently signed with the Lions and gets to play for his old defensive coordinator Matt Patricia. What does that mean for his 2020 IDP value? It should be both good and bad. He’s going to get all the playing time he can handle, that’s the good part. Playing in Detroit for a team who has been stuck in mediocrity for years is the bad part. I have faith Collins rises above and is an asset to our IDP rosters in 2020.

50. Nick Bosa DL SF

San Francisco DL Nick Bosa

Nick Bosa is a stone cold stud! Playing for the NFC Championship 49ers the best is yet to come with Bosa. Nothing I can say or do will change that. You know the drill. Draft Bosa now or you’re going to miss out on a special 2020 season!

That’s it! My early 2020 IDP Deep Dive.

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

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2020 Top 50 IDP Rankings

2020 Top 50 IDP Rankings
Chris Robin

When it comes to fantasy football there’s a lot to learn. First and foremost it should be fun. Playing with family friends, making fun of each other with some crazy betting.

How many of you reading like a good challenge? How many of you play in an individual defensive player (IDP) league? How many of you have always wanted in on an IDP league?

Sorry for all the questions but there’s a method to my madness. If you really want to challenge yourself get involved in an IDP fantasy league! It ups the ante with strategy and ways to run your team!

If you missed our 2020 Breakout Candidates check it our here!

Listed below is my personal top 100 IDP rankings for 2020!

Indianapolis Colts LB Darius Leonard

1. Darius Leonard LB IND
2. Bobby Wagner LB SEA
3. Blake Martinez LB NYG
4. Cory Littleton LB LAR
5. Tremaine Edmunds LB BUF
6. Joe Schobert LB CLE
7. T.J. Watt LB PIT
8. Aaron Donald DL LAR
9. Jordan Hicks LB ARZ
10. Jamal Adams DB NYJ
11. Chandler Jones LB ARZ
12. Danielle Hunter DL MIN
13. Jaylon Smith LB DAL

Tampa Bay Buccaneers LB Shaquil Barrett

14. Shaquil Barrett LB TB
15. Budda Baker DB ARZ
16. Deion Jones LB ATL
17. Eric Reid DB CAR
18. Lavonte David LB TB
19. Myles Garrett DL CLE
20. Landon Collins DB WSH
21. Fred Warner LB SF
22. Cameron Jordan DL NO
23. Jordan Poyer DB BUF
24. Derwin James LAC
25. Zach Cunningham LB HOU
26. Devin Bush LB PIT
27. Cameron Heyward DL PIT
28. K.J. Wright LB SEA
29. Devin White LB TB
30. J.J. Watt DL HOU
31. Joey Bosa DL LAC
32. DeMario Davis LB NO
33. C.J. Mosley LB NYJ
34. Bud Dupree LB PIT
35. Shawn Williams DB CIN
36. De’Vondre Campbell LB ATL
37. Harrison Smith DB MIN

New Orleans Saints DB Vonn Bell

38. Vonn Bell DB NO
39. Carlos Dunlap DL CIN
40. DeForest Buckner DL IND
41. Jerome Baker LB MIA
42. Za’Darius Smith LB GB
43. Eric Kendricks LB MIN
44. Minkah Fitzpatrick DB MIA
45. Dante Fowler Jr. LB ATL
46. Tracy Walker DB DET
47. Logan Ryan DB TEN
48. Maxx Crosby DL OAK
49. Jamie Collins LB DET
50. Nick Bosa DL SF

Las Vegas Raiders DE Maxx Crosby

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

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Hang here for my 2020 IDP Deep Dive tomorrow! It’ll be an in-depth look at over 100 individual defensive players!

2020 ROOKIE IDP Mock Draft (Round 2)

2020 Fantasy Football ROOKIE IDP Mock Draft (Round 2)
Chris Robin

Round 1 of the Rookie IDP mock draft.

Another off-season and what a wild one it has been! We’re already into April and all professional sports are STILL suspended and there is no end in sight. So in turn we have a ton of spare time! Spare time means content and discussions! The NFL draft is close and that means rookie mock drafts!

We all have our own opinion. We all have our own research. That’s the beauty of fantasy sports and mock drafting. 2019 was a great draft class. 2020 is even stronger! If you missed it here are our 2020 rookie rankings!

This 2020 draft class is filled to the brim with young and hungry guys looking to stake their claim to the throne. This is a very strong class of kids and its loaded with offensive talent. Running backs and wide receivers galore! Let’s not forget the defensive side of things as well!

If you and your league get together to draft rookies separately then I salute you! It just adds more fun to the process! The more I get into the process the more I see how loaded this 2020 draft class is! Playing in an IDP league adds a whole different dynamic to both the draft and waivers!

This should be fun! Lets go!


Wisconsin OLB Zack Baun

13. Zach Baun DE-Wisconsin

Baun has a very high football IQ and is able to play several linebacker positions. He’s able to fly around the field an accumulate tackles. Zach had 19.5 tackles for loss with 12.5 sacks in 2019. He comes from a great program in Wisconsin and is no doubt NFL ready.

Southern Illinois S Jeremy Chinn

14. Jeremy Chinn S-Southern Illinois

Chinn has come out of nowhere after an awesome combine! He’s freakishly athletic and that alone gives him tremendous upside. He has the size and speed to get it done on the field and make it big in the NFL.

Minnesota DB Antoine Winfield Jr.

15. Antoine Winfield Jr. DB-Minnesota

Another high football IQ guy who makes good decisions on the field. A lot of his potential will depend on the team who drafts him. If used in the right capacity Winfield Jr. can be an above average safety in the pros!

Texas Tech LB Jordyn Brooks

16. Jordyn Brooks LB-Texas Tech

Brooks has continued to improve during his time at Texas Tech. He gets to the ball fast and does damage. Has some learning to do in coverage if the coaches deem that it’s needed. He’s damn good at stopping the run so given the right set of plays his upside and potential can be realized.

Oregon LB Troy Dye

17. Troy Dye LB-Oregon

Troy is a high motor guy. He’s a mad man at linebacker! Troy racked up almost 400 tackles in his college career at Oregon! I can’t stress enough how tough this kid is and how much he loves playing football. He’s there for his team at all costs. This mind set will translate well into the pros. I’d draft a hard working kid like Dye any day of the week!

Lenior-Rhyne S Kyle Dugger

18. Kyle Dugger DB-Lenoir Rhyne

The perfect example of a boom or bust prospect. Kyle had a fantastic showing at the combine. At 6’1 217lbs he has the size and strength to be a ball hawk at safety. He can hang in the backfield and disrupt routes and break up passes. I love taking a good informed risk! Small school superstar!

California S Ashton Davis

19. Ashtyn Davis S-California

Davis is in your face physical and he’s fast enough to keep up! He didn’t run at the combine but he’s a track star at CAL. Plenty of tape on him. He’s a great cover guy and it makes for a great pick here. He’s willing and able to keep pace while accumulating tackles galore.

Appalachian State LB Akeem Davis-Gaither

20. Akeem Davis-Gaither LB-Appalachian State

Akeem has had back to back 100+ tackle seasons at App State. He will be a great fit in the NFL seeing how he’s a legit and true linebacker. I have no issue drafting his as a linebacker with tremendous upside on my fantasy team.

Utah DE Bradlee Anae

21. Bradlee Anae DE-Utah

One of the more polished edge rushers in the draft, Anae has played 700+ snaps in the last three seasons. He’s disruptive and a menace. He gets around the edge quick and drives QB’s crazy. There is some work ahead of him in the NFL but with his durability and experience I see no issue.

Alabama DT Raekwon Davis

22. Raekwon Davis DL-Alabama

Davis is 6’6 and 311lbs. I’m sure he could flip a car if you asked. We’ve all seen how NFL ready the kids from Alabama are right? What’s shocking is the fact he can do better and I’m certain he will. His size and strength doesn’t grow on trees, he’s a work in progress and I want in on it!

Boise State DE Curtis Weaver

23. Curtis Weaver DE-Boise State

Curtis is favorite of mine in this 2020 draft class. He’s a hard working versatile edge rusher. Earned All-American honors and is now the all time sack leader for the Mountain West conference. He can play several of the line backing positions which can only help his cause. He’s the kind of kid I want on my fantasy team.

TCU DT Ross Blacklock

24. Ross Blacklock DT-TCU

Ross had a good combine which he needed. I’ve read some articles and a few people look at him as a one year wonder. He’s 6’4 290lbs with massive hands. If an NFL team falls in love with him he could go in the 1st round. We can only read and prepare so much. Ultimately it’s out of our hands. Keep your eyes open on draft day.

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

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Tomorrow I‘m going to combine the offensive and defensive mock drafts! I will have a full ALL rookie mock draft!

What would your round 2 look like?

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2020 ROOKIE IDP Mock Draft (Round 1)

2020 Fantasy Football ROOKIE IDP Mock Draft (Round 1)
Chris Robin

Another off-season and what a wild one it has been! We’re already into April and all professional sports are STILL suspended and there is no end in sight. So in turn we have a ton of spare time! Spare time means content and discussions! The NFL draft is close and that means rookie mock drafts!

We all have our own opinion. We all have our own research. That’s the beauty of fantasy sports and mock drafting. 2019 was a great draft class. 2020 is even stronger! If you missed it here’s our 2020 rookie rankings!

This 2020 draft class is filled to the brim with young and hungry guys looking to stake their claim to the throne. This is a very strong class of kids and its loaded with offensive talent. Running backs and wide receivers galore! Let’s not forget the defensive side of things as well!

If you and your league get together to draft rookies separately then I salute you! It just adds more fun to the process! The more I get into the process the more I see how loaded this 2020 draft class is! Playing in an IDP league adds a whole different dynamic to both the draft and waivers!

This should be fun! Lets go!


Ohio State DE Chase Young

1. Chase Young DE-Ohio State

The closer we get to draft day the closer the margin between pick one and two become. At this point it’s really just personal preference. Chase Young is still my pick at number one. He has every tool to become a dominate pass rusher. In the actual NFL Draft, Chase will be picked in the top 3 right? Assuming he goes to Washington that immediately puts him in the top 10, maybe 5, at the defensive end position.

Clemson LB Isaiah Simmons

2. Isaiah Simmons LB-Clemson

As stated above I firmly believe Young and Simmons are interchangeable at #1 and #2. If you’re detail orientated and a crazy note taker like me, you can get picky and specific. Simmons can literally line up anywhere on the field and produce. Simmons has an extremely high floor and will get as much playing time as he can handle in 2020. Hopefully in Detroit?

Oklahoma LB Kenneth Murray

3. Kenneth Murray LB-Oklahoma

The more reading and research I do the more I like Murray. Is there a significant drop off from the top 2? Not as much as you may think. Kenneth has a few flaws but don’t we all? Murray will be able to step right in and provide for your team. Tackles. Tackles. Tackles.

LSU EDGE K’Lavon Chaisson

4. K’Lavon Chaisson EDGE-LSU

Chaisson is a stud but people are shying away due to a torn ACL in 2018. He has quickness and explodes off the edge. I’m a fan of multi-positional eligible players. K’Lavon will soon fit that mold. DE and LB!

LSU LB Patrick Queen

5. Patrick Queen LB-LSU

Queen is no doubt a top 5 talent defensively in this years draft. He’s quick and moves with purpose. His instincts are top notch! More than likely Queen will be drafted in the top 25. Meaning, he makes an immediate impact for his new professional team. In turn, our fantasy teams too!

Iowa DE A.J. Espenesa

6. A.J. Espenesa EDGE-Iowa

In my first note and research session last month I had AJ at #4. Make no mistake Espenesa is still a top 10 IDP option in 2020 drafts. He has size, power and an overall toughness you can’t teach. I picture AJ as both an edge rusher AND defensive tackle. He’s able to be versatile and provide immediate dividends to our fantasy rosters.

Auburn DT Derrick Brown

7. Derrick Brown DT-Auburn

I absolutely love Derrick’s real life draft prospects. He is surely going to be drafted in the top 10 of the actual NFL draft. What does that mean for his fantasy value? I have a few options and ideas here. Some IDP leagues don’t require a defensive tackle. More of a flex spot where any IDP fit the roster spot. In specific IDP leagues’ where you roster an entire defense is where Brown can really shine.

LSU S Grant Delpit

8. Grant Delpit S-LSU

Has anyone noticed all these stud LSU defensive players flying off the board? Delpit belongs among them. If you look into it LSU safeties have done well in the pros. I can see a scenario where he’s talked about among the best safeties, Jamaal Adams or Landon Collins. Call me crazy?

Alabama DB Xavier McKinney

9. Xavier McKinney S-Alabama

Xavier is the poster boy for consistency! When owning a solid defensive back in IDP leagues I look for tackles and interceptions. Noting new I know but McKinney is ALWAYS around the ball. He’s a just a big play waiting to happen.

Penn State DE Yetur Gross-Matos

10. Yetur Gross-Matos EDGE-Penn State

Speaking of big plays, Matos makes a living in the offensive backfield. At 6’5 260lbs Yetur has major sack potential while plugging up holes and stopping the run. Matos still has some things to learn and when it all clicks watch out!

Ohio State LB Malik Harrison

11. Malik Harrison LB-Ohio State

Malik will look to stake his claim as the best rookie linebacker from the 2020 draft class by seasons end. Fundamentally sound and quick to make a good decision, Harrison just flat gets it done. Nothing fancy here, no slick talk, Malik is a stud and will provide for your team instantly. Playmaker.

South Carolina DT Javon Kinlaw

12. Javon Kinlaw DT-South Carolina

Kinlaw is a QB’s nightmare and a defensive coordinators dream! Athletically speaking, his speed stands out. In a world where the first move is important he’s quite gifted. Another multi-positional talent Javon is a tackle for loss monster who gets to the quarterback often!

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Hang here for Round 2 this afternoon! What would your round 1 look like?

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