Too Early 2021 NFL Mock Draft II

Early 2021 Mock Draft II
David Reed

A friend of mine, Ben, who recently published his early 2021 mock, got the juices flowing for me to produce my first 2021 mock of this year! I cannot be out shined by him!

2020 has been a year to forget but, does not mean we can’t look forward to the 2021 draft. This years scouting will be harder than ever with kids opting out and only having last years tape only to go off of. Plus combine/pro day work. Its going to be fun to see how this changes from now until April.

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1. Jets: Trevor Lawrence – QB Clemson

Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence

Do the Jets move on from Sam Darnold? It’s hard to say at this point with the lack of help around him to succeed. Hopefully we will know the Jets plan closer to the draft. As of know we will give them the best prospect in the draft, as long as he doesn’t return for his senior season.

2. Jacksonville: Justin Fields – QB Ohio State

Ohio State QB Justin Fields

Don’t be shocked come April, we’re not talking about Fields being the #1 QB selected. Most who don’t follow the draft as deep will laugh but when it comes into question, just remember I mentioned this. (Not saying I fully believe, but saying I wouldn’t be shocked)

3. Washington: Penei Sewell – OT Oregon

Oregon OT Penei Sewell

The best prospect in this draft, maybe even over the two listed QBs already selected. Washington missed out on the two polarizing QB prospects, but could stick it out with Alex Smith or look to FA. They need a dominate LT since they lost Williams two years ago.

4. Cowboys: Patrick Surtain II – CB Alabama

Alabama CB Patrick Surtain II

5. Chargers: Christian Darrisaw – OT Virginia Tech

Virgina Tech OT Christian Darrisaw

6. Dolphins: Micah Parson – LB Penn State

Penn St LB Micah Parsons

It was between Parson and Chase for me here. With it being such a deep WR class again, I opted for the Dolphins to wait to address that position and fill the need on defense first

7. Bengals: Greg Rousseau – Edge Miami

Miami DT Gregory Rousseau

8. Giants: Ja’Marr Chase – WR LSU

LSU WR JaMarr Chase

Giants have a ton of needs but they lack a true #1 weapon for their young QB. Slayton is great as a #2. Bringing in Chase could be that legit weapon to pair with him taking Jones to the next level!

9. Panthers: Caleb Farley – CB Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech CB Caleb Farley

10. Falcons: Keith Paye – Edge Michigan

Michigan DE Keith Paye

11. Broncos: Samuel Cosmi – OT Texas

Texas OT Samuel Cosmi

There is real talk Denver may move on from Lock already. And with a few big name QBs on the board, it’s a possibility. Something I will monitor and see where my pick here goes in the near future.

12. 49ers: Wyatt Davis: IOL – Ohio St.

Ohio State OL Wyatt Davis

Another team with talks they could move from their QB. They still have money invested in Jimmy G and think they will not move on from him yet. They will need to sure up the interior line for a healthy 2021 season and make yet another run.

13. Lions: Jaylen Waddle – WR Alabama

Alabama WR Jaylen Waddle

14. Vikings: Jay Tufele – DT USC

USC DT Jay Tufele

15. Patriots: Trey Lance – QB North Dakota State

North Dakota St QB Trey Lance

16. Bears: Zach Wilson – QB BYU

BYU QB Zach Wilson

17. Browns: Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah – LB Notre Dame

Notre Dame LB Jeremiah Owusu-Kora

18. Titans: Joseph Ossai – Edge Texas

Texas DE Joseph Ossai

19. Eagles: Dylan Moses – LB Alabama

Alabama LB Dylan Moses

Eagles need a lot of help, one area in need is the LB position. Moses has the ability to play sideline to sideline. Something the Eagles desperately need.

20. Cardinals: Jaycee Horn – CB South Carolina

South Carolina CB Jaycee Horn

21. Jets: Devonta Smith – WR Alabama

Alabama WR DeVonta Smith

22. Dolphins: Travis Etienne – RB Clemson

Clemson RB Travis Etienne

23. Colts: Jalen Mayfield – OT Michigan

Michigan OL Jalen Mayfield

24. Ravens: Trevor Moehrig – S TCU

TCU Safety Trevon Moehrig

25. Jacksonville: Kyle Pitts – TE Florida

Florida TE Kyle Pitts

26. Raiders: Creed Humphrey – IOL Oklahoma

Oklahoma OL Creed Humphrey

27. Buccaneers: Alijah Vera-Tucker – IOL USC

USC OL Alijah Vera-Tucker

28. Bills: Shaun Wade – CB Ohio State

Ohio State CB Shaun Wade

29. Packers: Eric Stokes – CB Georgia

Georgia CB Eric Stokes

30. Chiefs: Rashad Bateman – WR Minnesota

Minnesota WR Rashod Bateman

31. Saints: Kyle Trask – QB Florida

Florida QB Kyle Trask

32. Steelers: Dillon Radunz – OT North Dakota State

North Dakota St. OL Dillon Radunz

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2021 QB Prospect Watch

2021 QB Prospect Watch
David Reed

2021 Early QB Prospect Watch

With all the crazy going on in the world the best escape is sports. While the college season is up in the air, we are praying it happens. Do you love the scouting and draft process as much as I do? Here are my early looks at prospects for the upcoming season. It will be fun to compare this now to the end of the year rankings and see who could be this years Joe Burrow and rise up the rankings!

Let’s start with the QB’s. The top-3 seem set in stone, but there are some interesting names to watch this season that should be good prospects that you are not thinking about outside of the big 3. After the top 3, a case for the top 2 or 3 can be debated at this time. Here are some names and brief description for you to watch them this season

Quarter Back top-3

Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence

1. Trevor Lawrence – Clemson
2. Justin Fields – Ohio State
3. Trey Lance – North Dakota State

North Dakota St. QB Trey Lance

The Other Guys:

University of Minnesota QB Tanner Morgan

Tanner Morgan – Minnesota: shows good work in the RPO game, slotting the ball where it needs to be. Throws with great confidence but lacks the strongest arm.

Cincinnati Bearcats QB Desmond Ridder

Desmond Ridder – Cincinnati: duel treat with a live arm. Keeps eyes down field and throws well on the run. Shoulder injury limited him last year. Needs to work on ball placement and taking what the defense gives him.

Iowa State QB Brock Purdy

Brock Purdy – Iowa State: quick release and ability to escape pressure and move the pocket. Lacks arm strength on the outside sideline throws and lacks ideal height (6’1)

Florida Gator’s QB Kyle Trask

Kyle Trask – Florida: ideal size and throwing motion. Works from under center and shotgun well and throws slants, quick pass and back shoulder vertical he excels at. Never started in high-school or college till 2019. Very raw with some bad techniques that need fixing.

Wake Forest transfer QB Jamie Newman

Jamie Newman – Georgia: tough player who stands tall in the pocket. He is a good athlete and runner with a good arm. Excellent with intermediate passing game. Strong leader. Not the most accurate passer but can be due to inconsistent mechanics.

Texas A&M QB Kellen Mond

Kellen Mond – Texas A & M: shows great poise and focus under pressure and excels at the short and intermediate passing game. Can lack the ability to escape the pocket and can make bad decisions. Struggled against stronger competition.

Mississippi St. QB K.J. Costello

K.J. Costello – Mississippi State: elite arm that can make all the throws. Shows good balance and mechanics as well. Not an elite athlete but can move in the pocket. Can make some bad choices when he is under pressure. He had an unorthodox throwing technique that works for him where he throws side arm to get more touch on his throws. It works for him but something to keep an eye on.

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Fantasy Football Morals and Motto

Fantasy Football Morals & Motto
Chris Robin

It’s an odd time in professional sports. It’s also an odd time for fantasy sports. Constant rankings and mock drafts. I want to do nothing but read and write but how much is too much? In a way this time has been spent looking for unique content to publish.

It’s also been spent talking with readers and followers. Along with building relationships! Time is going to pass no matter how we choose to spend it. I choose to be positive and productive.

I’ve also spent my time taking notes and paying attention to everything on social media! There has been a ton of, “what if” or, “what would you do?” questions and polls. It sparked an idea in my mind! What if I created an article about fantasy football morals & mottos? I’m not the end all be all of fantasy sports! Just a guy looking to have fun and drum up some good conversations!

So in turn, I got together with the guys and we sat down to discuss the idea and come up with a list of our personal fantasy sports morals and mottos! In no particular order here is that list!

1. Waiver wire awareness! Don’t turn a blind eye to the importance of free agents.

2. Always get your guy!

3. Fantasy football is fun! If not, walk away!

4. Don’t listen to your league mate opinions, be good with your own decisions.

5. Never make fun or exploit bad trade offers. Learn from them and counter accordingly.

6. Always keep the lines of communication open.

7. “You win this trade” guy is always full of crap! If its so good then why don’t you keep him?

8. Never send a super low-ball offer thinking its a good starting point. Its fine to not send your best of final offer first but, if you send something so low its insulting. I rather just not deal with you on a trade.

9. If you agree to a league, show up to the draft! Its easy with technology and the resources with phones to make drafts anywhere. (Obviously some expectations to this rule).

10. For dynasty players, rookie fever is a real thing but don’t let it consume you. There’s a time to value rookies. Don’t over value them when offered legitimate pieces that are establish to help you win right away. The point of playing is to win right?!

11. If you have to explain to someone why the player you’re giving up is worth it in a trade, you’re not offering enough.

12. Never go into a draft with a predetermined order. Fixing yourself to go RB, WR, RB, RB, WR or anything along those lines is boxing you in.

13. Be cautious about moving parts. Favor players who haven’t changed teams or had other players mixed in.

14. Depth is important. It’s OK to fill bench spots before all of your starters are set. Better safe than sorry.

15. Mix safety with upside. Going with safe picks will give you a safe team. Diversify and take a few chances on players that could break out.

16. Never draft a player to trade. Draft the player that helps your team. Owners will tend to favor the players they drafted and not pay a proper price.

17. Always stick to your guns. Don’t be bullied when it comes to trading!

18. Always go young unless it’s a absolute necessity. (Like at the QB position).

19. Don’t put a lot of stock into tight ends, unless one of the top three falls in your lap.

20. Stock up on as many running backs as you can!

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2020 Fantasy Football Heaven

2020 Fantasy Heaven
Chris Robin

Fantasy football is many things! It’s fun! It’s joyful! It’s frustrating! It angers you! Yet we keep coming back. Why do you think that is? It’s challenging and it brings people together. That’s why!

We’ve all read rankings, projections, scouting reports, busts, sell, buy and breakout articles. What about fantasy heaven? Or fantasy hell? Have we ever taken an honest look at our teams and thought, “this guy is just hell to own!’. What about the times you’ve been head over heels in love with you team and said, “owning this guy is pure joy, its like heaven!”.

As we inch closer to the 2020 NFL Draft it’s time to take an honest look at our team and put together a solid draft plan! The idea of fantasy heaven and hell sounded good in my mind. It’s time to put pen to paper and explain myself.

When you picture heaven what do you see? The pearly gates? Fluffy clouds and angels? What do you see when I mention heavenly fantasy players? Non-stop production? First round pedigree? What ever you see is no doubt glorious! Pure bliss!

Patrick Mahomes QB-Kansas City Chiefs

Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes

What I loved most about the idea of this article was how easy it was going to be! It should just write itself! So first guy on the list in Super Bowl Champion and MVP Patrick Mahomes! Kid is only 24 years old and already racking up the awards. There is absolutely no way, no chance he slows down! If you’re a Mahomes owner sit back and enjoy the ride! You’re in fantasy heaven!

Russell Wilson QB-Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson

Five straight seasons of 3,500+ passing yards. Three straight seasons of 30+ TD passes. Three straight seasons of 300+ rushing yards. Russ keeps the INT’s down. Almost non-existent to be honest. He’s a gamer and does what anything and everything to win. He makes good decisions and keeps the points coming! Russell Wilson is fantasy heaven!

Lamar Jackson QB-Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson

Wowza! What a 2019 season for Lamar! His 3,127 passing yards and 36 passing TD’s were enough to get Baltimore in the playoffs and a ton of fantasy football championships! What about his 1,206 rushing yards?! 4,333 all purpose yards mixed with 43 total TD’s is a lot to love! What can we expect this season? Some of us aren’t able to contain that kind of excitement. Owning Lamar Jackson is like being able to sit in a hot sub on the sideline of you favorite football team. It’s angels signing, all you can eat nachos combined with bottomless beers! Fantasy football heaven!

Christian McCaffery RB-Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers RB Christian McCaffery

What I find absolutely shocking is the fact CMC is only 23 and his stock is rising! Don’t you find it absurd that last season was only the tip of the iceberg? Let put that into perspective shall we? 1,000+ rushing yards, 1,000+ receiving yards is just the start? Look, I know the hype around CMC is at an all time high but it’s it well warranted? An article like is this was made for a player like McCaffery! Owning CMC is as good as being in heaven! Fantasy football heaven!

Ezekiel Elliot RB-Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliot

Per usual, person opinions aside on this one. Zeke burst onto the scene in 2016 and hasn’t taken his foot off the gas since. He’s a stud back in any format made more popular given the franchise he plays for. 301 carries and 54 receptions in 2019 defiantly does it for me. I’ve heard some light talk about the dismemberment of Cowboys offensive line. Does that worry you? It doesn’t scare me at all. Stud RB’s handle their business one way or another. Draft with confidence and enjoy the fluffy clouds! You’re in fantasy heaven!

Saquon Barkley RB-New York Giants

New York Giants RB Saquon Barkley

Correct me if I’m wrong but I did I read content where people weren’t happy with Saquon’s 2019 season? Claiming it was a waste and/or a down year? I know he dealt with a nasty ankle sprain but in true thoroughbred fashion he ran for over 1,000 yards. 1,003 to be precise along with 438 receiving yards and 2 TD’s. If that’s a down year then dang! Sign me up! Much like CMC, Barkley is 23 years old and the Giants are the upswing. With a healthy draft, expect Saquon to open the season firing on all cylinders! Grab your harp, a seat next to an angel and watch the points fly! You’re in fantasy heaven!

Michael Thomas WR-New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints WR Michael Thomas

Unless you’ve been on Mars then you know what MT did in 2019. Hell, people on Mars probably know what MT did in 2019! An NFL record 149 receptions for 1,725 yards and 9 TD’s. Thomas is by far and away the best WR in football. He’s a pleasure to watch and a joy to own! What will do for an encore in 2020? I have a good idea! Don’t you? Sink into your heavenly soft clouds on this one! You’re in fantasy heaven!

Davante Adams WR-Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers WR Davante Adams

Adams spent the 2019 season in fantasy purgatory. He said he prayers, ate his Hulk Hogan vitamins and he’s ready to make it back into fantasy heaven in 2020.

Julio Jones WR-Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons WR Julio Jones

Six straight season of 1,300+ receiving yards and only four games missed in six straight seasons, Julio is a certified stud. Yes he’s had his usual allotment of nagging foot and ankle injuries but so what? This is professional football! We all made fun of him in 2017 for only scoring three TD’s but so what? Julio is your prototypical pro pass catcher. 6’3 220lb and footwork like a ballerina. Julio has stayed in the top 15 conversation come draft day since 2012. Drafting him is your ticket! Your ticket to fantasy heaven!

DeAndre Hopkins WR-Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals WR DeAndre Hopkins

If anyone were to de-throne MT as the WR1 it would be D-Hop. What I enjoy most about him is his silent hard working ethic. He’s not flashy, he’s not an ego-maniac and he goes about his business. In a shocking move by HOU, Bill O’Brien, Hopkins was traded to Arizona and will now catch passes from Kyler Murray. Is that an upgrade or down grade from Deshaun Watson? Does it even matter who’s throwing him the ball? That’s my choice. DeAndre is no doubt one of the premier wide receivers in football and should be drafted accordingly! Every time a bell rings a DeAndre Hopkins owner gets their wings! Fantasy heaven awaits!

Tyreek Hill WR-Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs Tyreek Hill

The self proclaimed cheetah missed out on a 1,000 yard receiving season in 2019 but that shouldn’t bother you heading into 2020. He was close but missed four games so that’s to blame for the shortage in production. He’s a stud most ways to slice it but as long as Pat Mahomes is his QB it’s all gravy! Hill has touchdown potential on any given play. Every time he touches the football he can take it to the house. How many players can you say that about? Not sure but I know it’s a very short list! That excitement alone is cause for a pool side chair at the heavenly oasis!

Chris Godwin WR-Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Chris Godwin

I hesitated adding Godwin on the list. Not because of anything he hasn’t done. All because of the longevity of what he hasn’t done. 2019 was his first 100+ receptions season. 2019 was his first 1,000+ receiving yards season. I’d be lying if I told you I don’t see many more season like this in his future. In turn why I shouldn’t I add him on the heavenly list? Draft him now. Trade for him now. The longer you can ride the wave to heaven the better!

Travis Kelce TE-Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce

In fantasy football sometimes during our draft or during trades we need to look at tiers and the potential drop off at said position. That being said after Kelce and Kittle there is a drop off at tight-end. Kelce has had four straight 80+ reception seasons mixed with four straight 1,000+ reception yards. If you dig in a little deeper you’ll see Kelce has also averaged 12+ yards per receptions in every season he’s played in (2014-2019). There isn’t much more I can say about the guy. I know it, you know it and we all know it! Travis is the cream of the crop at tight-end!

George Kittle TE-San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers TE George Kittle

Kittle has been fantastic the last two seasons. Actually, so fantastic that he has catapulted himself into the top 3 of tight-end rankings. A power house on offense, his drive and fire are contagious. The creator of, “tight-end day” has a whole hell of a lot to do and 2020 could be the season. What are your thoughts on Kittle surpassing Kelce as the best tight-end in football this coming season? Say your prayers! Enjoy yourself in fantasy heaven!

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Top 30 QB’s in 2020 (Part 3)

Top 30 QB’s in 2020 (Part 3)
Ben Anderson

Today we finish the Top 30 QB’s in 2020 series! It’s been a fun list to create!

Teddy Bridgewater Carolina Panthers

New Carolina QB Teddy Bridgewater

9 Games 1,384 yards 9 TDs 2 INTs 99.1 QBR

Drew Lock Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos QB Drew Lock

5 Games 1,020 yards 7 TDs 3 INTs 89.7 QBR
Denver has been looking for a QB for years. If Lock’s second-half numbers last year translates to the NFL like his college numbers were, the wild west is going to be fun to watch!

Jimmy Garoppolo San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo

16 games 3,978 yards 27 TDs 13 INTs 102 QBR

Jared Goff Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff

16 games 4,638 yards 22 TDs 16 INTs 86.5 QBR
With the running game not as good as it’s been in the pass Goff’s numbers took a hit in 2019.

Philip Rivers Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts QB Phillip Rivers

16 games 4,615 yards 23 TDs 20 INTs 88.5 QBR

Derek Carr Las Vegas Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders QB Derek Carr

16 games 4,054 yards 21 TDs 8 INTs 90.7 QBR
Talk about the real Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Gardner Minshew Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars QB Gardner Minshew

14 Games 3,271 yards 21 TDs 6 INTs 91.2 QBR

Dwayne Haskins Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins QB Dwayne Haskins

9 Games 1,365 yards 7 TDs 7 INTs 76.1 QBR
With someone who’s really wanting to coach this kid look out he showed flashes at the end of last season of what he could be

Tyrod Taylor Los Angeles Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers QB Tyrod Taylor

Backed up Rivers in LA. Looks like he will be given a chance in 2020.

Ryan Fitzpatrick Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins QB Ryan Fitzpatrick

15 Games 3,529 yards 20 TDs 13 INTs 85.5 QBR

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2020 Fantasy Purgatory

2020 Fantasy Purgatory
Chris Robin

Fantasy football is many things! It’s fun! It’s joyful! It’s frustrating! It angers you! Yet we keep coming back. Why do you think that is? It’s challenging and it brings people together. That’s why!

We’ve all read rankings, projections, scouting reports, busts, sell, buy and breakout articles. What about fantasy heaven? Or fantasy hell? Have we ever taken an honest look at our teams and thought, “this guy is just hell to own!’. What about the times you’ve been head over heels in love with you team and said, “owning this guy is pure joy, its like heaven!”.

As we inch closer to the 2020 NFL Draft it’s time to take an honest look at our team and put together a solid draft plan! The idea of fantasy heaven and hell sounded good in my mind. It’s time to put pen to paper and explain myself.

What’s in the middle of heaven and hell? Purgatory right? Following suit with both ideas I find it imperative to discuss fantasy players that are in between. The large group I call, fantasy purgatory. Fantasy players who are stuck in this damned if you damned if you don’t situation.

Andy Dalton QB-Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals QB Andy Dalton

Can you trust him? Do you leave him on the waiver wire? Stream him as your QB? The Red Rifle has always been a competent NFL QB but never truly a QB1. Cincinnati has the #1 overall pick in the 2020 Draft. It’s a sure thing they select LSU QB Joe Burrow. That would destroy what little value Andy Dalton has. What if CIN releases him and he signs with New England? A lot of what-ifs! Andy is stuck in fantasy purgatory.

Derek Carr QB-Las Vegas Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders QB Derek Carr

Carr has shown flashes of being a stud QB. Overall I’d say he’s better left off my team. The more I think about it the entire Raiders organization has been left in flux. The only good statistic I can drop here is the fact LVR averaged 363 passing yards a game in 2019. Josh Jacobs has been a bright spot for them but what real weapons does Carr have at his disposal? Darren Waller? Hunter Renfrow? It’s very light in terms of offensive talent. Derek Carr is in fantasy purgatory.

Cam Newton QB-Free Agent

Free agent QB Cam Newton

Cam was released by Carolina on March 24 2020. Newton is now a free agent. Since his release there has been little to no interest by any NFL team to sign him. I believe his future as a starting NFL QB will be more clear after the actual NFL Draft. Does Miami bring him in after drafting there new franchise QB? He can start a few games while their young selection learns? Do the New England Patriots sign him in hopes of recapturing his 2015 MVP season? See what I mean? Cam’s value is wrapped up in all questions! No answers! Cam Newton is stuck in fantasy purgatory.

Carson Wentz QB-Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz

When it comes to Carson there is this grey area and seemingly a dark cloud that follows him around. Maybe I’m way off base here but in my opinion, he’s still unproven. After the Eagles playoff run and Super Bowl win without him, I don’t think this cloud leaves until he does it on his own. His first few seasons have been a litany of injuries and bad luck. On the bright side Wentz did start all 16 games in 2019 and posted his record high in passing yards! I have no strong feeling about him one way another but until further notice, Carson Wentz is in fantasy purgatory.

Teddy Bridgewater QB-Carolina Panthers

New Carolina QB Teddy Bridgewater

Teddy was awesome and played quite well in the absence of Drew Brees last year. So much so he was able to spin it to Carolina for a sweet three year $63 million dollar deal. A lot was expected of Teddy after his 11-5 2015 season in Minnesota. After a horrific knee injury Teddy battled his way to a back up gig in New Orleans. The talent has always been there! Teddy is now sitting pretty and has all the support he needs. Given his track record can we trust Teddy? The verdict is still and until then Teddy Bridgewater is in fantasy purgatory.

James Connor RB-Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers RB James Connor

James had a fantastic 2018 season and Steelers fans forgot all about Le’Veon Bell! Since then it’s been a roller-coaster ride of ineffectiveness and injuries. Look, I really do admire Connors work ethic and tough nosed attitude but that doesn’t accumulate fantasy points. There are a lot of questions with Pittsburgh and there draft plan. Another guy stuck and wrapped up in what ifs. Connor is in fantasy purgatory.

Kerryon Johnson RB-Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions RB Kerryon Johnson

Kerryon was drafted by the Lions and carried stud RB pedigree. Since that day Johnson has played in 18 games. He’s also missed 14. The Detroit Lions have been starving for any resemblance of a running back for quite some time. They seem to be stuck in that, he’s good and we need him but also he can’t stay healthy we need to move on rationale. Until Kerryon can string together a fully healthy season he’s going to be stuck in fantasy purgatory.

Devonta Freeman RB-Free Agent

Free Agent RB Devonta Freeman

During a conversation with a friend this fantasy purgatory topic came up. Freeman’s name was used and Adam Sloshman had this to say about Freeman, “his whole career has been plagued by injuries and last season was defined only by receptions and the occasional touchdown (unpredictable stat for a RB)” He also went on to say, “Almost all of his games were sub-50 rushing yard performances.” Adam concluded by saying, “Combine that with the Falcons randomly letting other back vulture his goal line carries, he was the most frustration starting running back in the NFL to own!” Adam hit the nail on the head here! I couldn’t have explained it better myself! Devonta Freeman is in fantasy purgatory.

Derrius Guice RB-Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins RB Derrius Guice

I’m not going to spend a ton of time on Guice here. Kid hasn’t shown the ability to stay healthy. Two seasons in a row. Two major knee injuries. I wouldn’t own him if you paid me. To everybody else Guice is in fantasy purgatory.

Alshon Jeffery WR-Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles WR Alshon Jeffery

Where should I begin? In his eight professional football seasons Alshon has only played a full 16 games schedule twice. Don’t think I have time to list all the day-to-day tags and questionable designations. Jeffery is the definition of damned if you do damned if you don’t. The frustration issue here is the fact he can ball when he’s on the field. How many times has he been questionable and it’s too late to call it so you bench him and he goes for 100 yards and a TD? What about the opposite? You’ve paid attention all week to his status, get him in your lineup and he’s a last minute scratch? It’s maddening and I want no part of it! Alshon Jeffery is in fantasy purgatory!

T.Y. Hilton WR-Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts WR T.Y. Hilton

See above! Same story, different player.

A.J. Green WR-Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals WR A.J. Green

This one is a little bit of stretch but hear me out. Green is top 10 wide receiving talent. That’s not news. The problem here are all his foot and ankle injuries. With A.J. they just seem to always be nagging too! They carry on and on. Last season Green succumb to another ankle injury and missed the entire 2019 season. Moving on to 2020 what is the status of the teams QB situation? More than likely they draft Joe Burrow sure, Green has had 12+ months to recover from his ankle injury but what’s the big picture in 2020? No body know! It’s all what-ifs and hearsay! A.J. Green is in fantasy purgatory!

DeSean Jackson WR-Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson

He is unbelievable! One week he puts up 160 yards and 2 TD’s then misses multiple games with a nagging core muscle injury. Or a tender back. What about knee and ankle discomfort? At this stage in his career it’s safe to say his best fantasy days are behind him. What keeps us hanging on are those good days! I’m asking you now to leave him on the waiver wire. If you want the headache then have at it! DeSean is in fantasy purgatory!

Jared Cook TE-New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints TE Jared Cook

By a show of hands how many of you believe Cook can repeat what he did last season in 2020? I’m not one of them! Emmanuel Sanders is now a Saint. Taysom Hill was given a one year $4.7 million tender tag. Brees has always been a fantastic QB. He’s great at spreading the football around. He’s just not that stud TE1 that he’s being drafted as. Cook is in fantasy purgatory.

Evan Engram TE-New York Giants

New York Giants TE Evan Engram

It’s been tough sledding for Engram in his three professional football seasons. Littered with injuries and questionable tags. Another kid with phenomenal potential, he will remain in fantasy purgatory until he can put it all together!

O.J. Howard TE-Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers TE OJ Howard

What an awfully frustrating 2019 season it was for Howard! At this point in the article I hope you’ve noticed a trend! Tom Brady is the TB QB and fantasy football players are freaking out, the good kind! I have to say I’m behind the hype! That’s still not enough to get take him out of fantasy purgatory!

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2020 Deep Dive Rookie DL

2020 Deep Dive Rookie DL
David Reed

The 2020 draft is slowly approaching.  We need to now give love to the big men on the defense line side. Below are 11 of the biggest D-Lineman you will see.  Each with there own set of skills and likely you could see there names taken with in the first 2 days of the draft

Derrick Brown – Auburn 6-5 318

Auburn DT Derrick Brown

– Amazing size and speed combination
– Penatrating power
– Explosive off line
– Willing to sacrifice himself on a play for teammate to make play
– Can play all over the DL and any system

– Can sometimes explode to hard and miss a play at times
– Can sometimes struggled if forced to go another way to make a play
– Does not have any true pass rush move

Brown is an elite talent that can play in a 3-4 or 4-3 defense. He has great power and athletic ability to stop the run and rush the passer up the middle. He is going to make a team happy in the top 10.

Javon Kinlaw – South Carolina  6-5 315

South Carolina DT Javon Kinlaw

– Excellent one gap penetration
– Explodes out of stance
– Transformed body from 2018 to 2019 (added much needed strength)
– Can dominate with power and quickness
– Plays with a good motor
– Shows great improvement with hand fighting
– Has lateral movement to work down the line

– Still room to grow body to reach full potential
– Can get pushed down field at times against the run
– Can fall victim to screen and draws
– Can get pad levels to high
– Consistent with leverage and angles

Kinlaw is a powerful man who can disrupt any offensive line.  He has shown great improvement over the years and needs to keep working on his craft. He is a talented man up the middle for a top 15 team.

Neville Gallimore – Oklahoma  6-2 304

Oklahoma DE Neville Gallimore

– Shoots the single gap well
– First step quickness is great
– Competes every snap
– Shows active hands
– Good pop in his strike
– Closing burst on the ball
– Shows good rush variety

– Can struggle against the run at times
– Struggles when double teamed
– Some question where he can play on the line

Gallimore reminds me a lot of Javon Hargraves the newest highest paid NT in football.  He’s questioned about his ability in the run game but has impressive gap penetration to rush the QB up the middle. He is a fringe first. Early 2nd round prospect if you can’t get one of the top 2 DT this year

Ross Blacklock – TCU 6-4 305

TCU DL Ross Blacklock

– Shows good power speed and size
– Good motor
– Works the edge of the blocks and powers through
– Does well placing his hands and playing with extension
– Great timing and placing of hands
– Good strikes
– Keeps pads low to get most out of his power
– Took on a lot of double teams
– Ability to play multiple assignments

– Missed all of 2018 with Achilles injury
– Processing plays need to improve
– Some style and technical transition to NFL

There’s a lot to love about Blacklock. He has rare combinations of size and power and ability.  He needs to learn to develop and process plays better and faster to excel and get the most out of his ability at the next level .

Marlon Davidson – Auburn 6-3 297

Auburn DL Marlon Davidson

– First step quickness out if stance
– Heavy hands
– Good pad level
– Pop in his punch and good leverage and quick steps
– Good juice and energy
– Amazing motor
– Lateral movement is amazing
– Shows good rush ability
– Competes hard against the run gaps

– Was miscast as a 3-4 OLB early on. Learning how to work the DL more
– Length at time can come into question
– Blockers can get into his frame to easily
– Can improve in block recognition and processing

Davidson is a 4 year starter who finally find his true falling on the DL and excelled. He has quick feet and movement off the ball. He is a perfect 4-3 three technique at the next level.   He is a late first to mid 2nd round prospect with high high upside

Justin Madubuike – Texas A&M 6-3 304

Texas A&M DL Justin Madubuike

– Excellent skill set to gap penetration
– Great leverage
– Pads are always low and maximize his strength
– Times the snap well
– Quick release off snap
– Change of direction on the line

– Effort wavers
– Moments his release and leverage are sloppy
– Needs to use his hands more to keep pads cleaned from blockers

Justin has put together 2 consecutive productive seasons at A&M. He has appealing penetration skills. Shows good explosion and ability to create leverage.  He needs to work on consistent play and motor.  He still has some learning to do but can work in on rotation early for a defense and develop.

Raekwon Davis – Alabama 6-7 312

Alabama DT Raekwon Davis

– Powerful with length
– Built to clog up the middle of the D-Line
– Plays with good leverage
– Hard to move
– Massive tackle radius
– Delivers a massive punch against the O-Line

– Production steadily declines since 2017
– Never took that next step
– Was with the wrong crowd which he contributes to him not reaching next level. Says he is no longer with that crowd
– Develop is vision  and timing
– Timing needs to improve
– Can he develop any pass rush moves?

Davis could be a day 2 steal. He has top DT talent in his tool box that is waiting to be unleashed and tapped into. He must improve his timing and show hes ready to make that next step. If he does he will fill gaps and make a defense a top run defense with his presents in the middle.

Jordan Elliott – Missouri 6-4 315

Missouri DT Jordan Elliot

– Showed some impressive work defending the run and anchor the point of attack
– Shows some slip to bust through the gap
– Works hands well
– Clears pads
– Experience 2 gaping

– Slow out of stance and as a rusher
– Bad tendency to pop out of stance and look in the backfield
– Learn to read and process run blocks
– Show a better motor

Elliot is not a finished product. He has room to grow and be molded. He has good play strength. He needs to continue to learn and grow but his ability to bust through the line, a team can get a good mid round piece to groom

Larrell Murchison – NC State 6-2 294

NC State DL Larrell Murchison

– High effort player that goes hard every snap
– Hands always busy
– Athletic and explosive
– Shows ability to make plays at or behind the line
– Brings upside as a 5 technique

– Hands can be more acting than effective
– Continue to build play strength
– Need to improve leverage and change of direction
– Lateral movement is below average

Versatile D-Line option with his skill sets to Penetrate all over the line. His best quality is his motor. He never gives up and keeps working. Something teams will fall in love with. He needs to build up his strength but his explosion and athletic abilities will have him draft mid rounds.

Rashard Lawrence – LSU 6-2 308

LSU DL Rashard Lawrence

– First step quickness
– Gets angles and Penetrates
– Plays with good pursuit effort and urgency
– Great football character/leadership
– Active hands
– Variety of pass rush moves
– Does unselfish work
– Works hard to win his gaps
– Shows more twitch and push rush ability than expected

– Needs to process plays better
– Can stand up and look in backfield to often
– Body control is okay
– Needs to get stronger to win the point of attack more often
– Knee and ankle injuries in the past

Lawrence is a high effort player with flaws that can be coached.   He needs to get strong to match his effort and win more times at the line.  He will need to clear medical and prove he can stay healthy but has a chance to be a strong mid round DLineman

Leki Fotu – Utah  6-5 337

Utah DL Leki Fotu

– Thick build
– Physical run stopper
– Not easily moved
– Hands are strong when he wins the point of attack
– Had ability to anchor multiple gaps
– Shows good bull rush to be effective on passing downs

– Lacks twitch and athletic ability
– Not a fully effective pass rusher up the middle.  Don’t expect more than 1 or 2 sacks from him
– Work better against down blocks
– Needs to work to get on blockers edges more
– Needs to keep pad level lower

Fotu is your typical NT that is filling up gaps and taking away the run. But that’s all he is.  He won’t bring much else to the game and could he substituted out on passing downs.  He lacks much in the fast twitch athletic department to really gain much more than his powerful bull rush. With that said, there is still a need for a man of his size to take away the run and do the dirty work of taking up blocks and allowing his LB to make plays.

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Sell! Sell! Sell!

Sell! Sell! Sell!
Chris Robin

The NFL season is still far away but what else are we supposed to do? I love reading rankings and projections but I need more! Mock drafts are cool. So are rookie mock drafts. I need more! What about fantasy football mock drafts? How many of those do you normally do? What’s an outrageous number before people say your obsessed?

As we move closer the NFL draft you will start to see more content popping up. Mock drafts galore, tiered rankings and rookie projections. At a certain point it’ll make your head spin. If you’re like me you have your favorites. Favorite website, favorite writer and favorite articles.

So much like the Buy! Buy! Buy! article I wanted to get in on a list of players I’m selling without any hesitation! The 2020 NFL Draft class is loaded with offensive talent. We already know this. What about players already in the league that we should sell?

If you missed my Buy! Buy! Buy! article here it is!

If you’re in any dynasty leagues there is no off-season! Lets get to it! Here is an in-depth list of players I’m selling in 2020!

Selling off these players does not mean they are busts! These few players will no doubt contribute, I’d just like to flip them for various reasons.


Matt Ryan QB-Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan has been the pillar of consistency over the years. Ryan actually had an amazing streak going! 154 games straight (12/20/09-10/20/2019)! Some may question my idea to sell here. Especially with Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley as his WR’s. 2019 was an odd season for Ryan. On paper he did well. 4,466 yards and 26 TD’s. If you dig deeper you will see a tale of mediocre passing marred with a stretch of injuries. Ryan has gone from a QB1 to a low-end QB2. He only averaged 16.1 fantasy points the last three weeks of the season. To put that into perspective Mitchell Trubisky and Ryan Fitzpatrick played better! Hooper is gone and Sanu left. I could see a scenario where Ryan keeps coasting along and his owners are none the wiser. I’m telling you now to sell. What are you waiting for? Sell! Sell! Sell!

Aaron Rodgers QB-Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers has been a fantasy football main-stay and stud for quite some time. One of these seasons there’s going to be a drop off. To the point where he’s a fringe starting fantasy QB. There has been a changing of the guard in the NFL at the quarterback position. In 2019 Green Bays rookie head coach Matt LeFleur committed big time to the run. It left Rodgers owners with some career lows in statistically categories. Only 7 yards per completion and 26 touchdowns. The second lowest of his career. Green Bay RB Aaron Jones had a fantastic season because of the new run first method in GB. In turn, it hurt Rodgers numbers in not only overall but mainly in the red zone. I know his stud WR Davante Adams was in and out all season with turf toe but its making me nervous. If possible I’m selling Aaron in all formats. You should be able to sell off Rodgers quiet easily off name sake alone. People still cling to the fact that Aaron can have an MVP type game or season at the drop of a hat. Probably not a popular opinion but I think that ship has sailed with Aaron Rodgers. Sell! Sell! Sell!

Ryan Tannehill QB-Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans QB Ryan Tannehill

What a story this is! A kid drafted high, fades away then traded and becomes part of an AFC Championship game run! What do we do? There are two scenarios! Which one are you part of? First scenario, you trust what he has done! Ryan finally found his groove and is living up to his potential! Second scenario, he’s a one hit wonder helped and boosted by a rookie head coach who had his team playing above their potential! Which one do you agree with more? May I tell you which one I believe to be true? Ryan Tannehill is a suitable professional QB who played well above his talent level. What he does posses though, a selling point to use to another owner, is a long term contract and a head coach who designs plays suited to his strengths. Tanny also has a strong cast of offensive weapons. Wait! Sounds like I’m trying to sell you on keeping him and using him as your QB1. Quite the opposite! I’m trying to give you the right speech to sell him off to another owner high on him! Sell! Sell! Sell!


Dalvin Cook RB-Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings RB Dalvin Cook

Look, here’s the thing, I’m a fan of Dalvin Cook but we have to talk about it. We all know the huge issue with his health and time missed. I’m more liberal then others when it comes to time missed and labeling players, “injury prone”. I’m actually more open to letting it ride and leaving the past in past. As it comes to Cook I think we should sell now. Actually, as soon as possible. I’m not going to hammer home the injury history here as my reason to sell. That’s too easy and I find that lazy. Dalvin had a fantastic 2019 season! His best season to date! 1,135 rushing yards and 13 total TD’s. It was a full break out right? Why in the world would we sell now? Cooks 13 TD’s in 14 games has only been done by 11 players twice over a 20 year span. My point is the likely hood of a repeat season by Cook is slim to none. I just don’t see a 2020 season where Cook is able sustain this production. At this moment in time Dalvin’s stock could not be higher. It’s a simple risk assessment situation. You either believe he can or think he cannot. Sell! Sell! Sell!

Ezekiel Elliot RB-Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliot

If you’re in a dynasty league you know its all about value! I’ve never been a fan of Zeke and the college he played for but I can’t let that cloud my judgment and the opinions I share with you! Right off the bat the sudden retirement of stud center Travis Frederick stands out. Dak was given the tag and they signed Cooper with a massive contract. Dallas also has a new head coach, Mike McCarthy! What changes is he going to make? I know that’s ridiculous of me to say given Zeke’s talent. Like McCarthy is going to come in and completely toss Elliot to the side. If I’m not mistake Kellen Moore will still be calling their offensive plays. In 2019 Zeke scored 14 total TD’s while accumulating 1,777 all purpose yards. I’ve had plenty of spirited conversations with readers telling me how silly selling Zeke Elliot is. Here’s my issue, I firmly believe we’ve seen Zeke’s best pro season. His value is very high and it’s the perfect time to sell. Of course Elliot will be a top ten back in 2020 which should make the haul you get back for him even sweeter! Sell! Sell! Sell!

James Connor RB-Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers RB James Connor

I’m a fan of James Connor and his work ethic. I believe in what he does and what he stands for. I don’t know about you but I get attached to my team and the players I roster. For some reason this one stings. As a James Connor owner I’m starting to see what’s happening. I don’t want to go back super far but last season, 2019, he only played in 10 games. 715 all purpose yards and 7 total TD’s. If you look around follow any Steelers beat writers then you’ll know that the Steelers, “fully expect” to draft a RB in the 2020 draft. Normally that wouldn’t bother me but I feel like the writing is on the wall. Pittsburgh has yet to extend Connor and given the running back class in this years draft Connor and his workload is in trouble. Try and get ahead of this thing and sell James Connor as quick as you can. We know he can put up points as an RB1 and best case scenario here is a split in carries. Keep an eye out next week in the NFL Draft and see what Pittsburgh does. I have a terrible feeling James Connor’s value takes a massive hit. Sell! Sell! Sell!


Odell Beckham Jr. WR-Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Has OBJ jumped the shark? For those of you that get that thank you! If you didn’t, let me explain. Some owners are clinging to this ideal of Beckham as a stud can’t miss WR1. I’m here to tell you now those days are over. The proof couldn’t be more in our face! In 2020 OBJ will be playing for his third head coach in three seasons! Cleveland’s new HC, Kevin Stefanski, is a run first kind of guy. Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt should get a ton of work. It’s the old saying, “too many mouths to feed”. I’m without a doubt absolutely sure we’ve seen Odell’s best statistical professional season. Beckham also had core muscle surgery this off-season. It couldn’t be any more clear to get rid of him! Get what you can and move on. Do it now while he still has some moderate value. Sell! Sell! Sell!

Adam Thielen WR-Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings WR Adam Thielen

2019 was an awful season for Adam. I’ve never been one to blame a guy for an injury so I’m not going to start now. Thielen hurt his hamstring in Detroit early in the season. He never fully recovered riding the up and down injury train. A new season is a fresh start! Oh wait, Stefon Diggs is now in Buffalo. Now what? Adam was moved out of the slot and his numbers suffered. I just have a bad feeling with Thielen in 2020. He’s going to be over drafted and God forbid by you, the days of 100+ receptions and 1,200+ receiving yards are over. Sell! Sell! Sell!

Keenan Allen WR-Los Angeles Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers WR Keenan Allen

This is crazy even to me but I just wanted to give Allen a brief mention. Phil Rivers is long gone. Who is going to be the QB for the Chargers? Regardless, Keenan has put up three straight 1,000+ yard seasons and exactly 6 TD’s. He’s only 27 years old but there are some miles on his legs. I don’t have a long drawn out statement about Allen. Just be careful! Sell? Sell? Sell?

T.Y. Hilton WR-Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts WR T.Y. Hilton

Not to be rude but I’ve never understood all the hype and hubbub with Hilton. 2016 was his pinnacle as a professional wide receiver. He played in all 16 games the next season. Since then it’s just been this up and down injury plagued roller-coaster. Every week you need to double check his status. In some cases you leave him in and he sits. In other cases you sit him and he plays last minute. It’s truly maddening and I don’t want to live my fantasy football this way. Not to mention 2020 will be age 30 season. It’s not going to get any better. Let him be someone else’s problem! Sell! Sell! Sell!


Zach Ertz TE-Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles TE Zach Ertz

Ertz has been a stud tight-end for quite some time. To be specific he’s been a set it and forget it TE for 4-5 season. 2020 should be more of the same. So why sell? Well, Philly has a young up and comer TE in Dallas Goedert. If you dig in a little to Ertz and his contract selling him off now will allow you to get ahead of an issues. That issue being the fact his contact takes a huge spike to 12 million in 2021. If they Eagles choose they can but him out at 7 million saving 5 million in cap space. So if you’re still following expect Dallas to get a ton of work in 2020 while they groom him to replace Ertz. Get ahead of this thing and sell Zach Ertz now. I’d gladly exchange him for a draft pick. Have I mentioned how loaded the offensive talent is this year? Sell! Sell! Sell!

David Njoku TE-Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns TE David Njoku

Much like my comments on OBJ I could copy and paste them here for David. To be fair this one isn’t as important as the previous players mentioned. Njoku has never really been a stud tight-end. He has that potential but any and all hopes of that are now dead and gone. Cleveland signed Austin Hooper, formally of the Atlanta Falcons, which now pushes Njoku to, at best, a TE2. He’s now become a pass for me in any and all drafts. It’s a shame! I have no idea what the coaching staff and organizational staff in Cleveland is doing. I just sit here and write stuff! In my opinion, Cleveland has added a ton of offensive talent and I see it creating an issue. Too many cooks in the kitchen, too many mouths to feed and whatever other clichés you can find. Will 2020 be the season the Browns put it all together and make the playoffs? I have no idea, all I know is if they don’t, it’s going to get ugly. Will they fire another HC? Will OBJ flip out? What the hell is Baker Mayfield going to do? So what started as a David Njoku sell has turned into a full Cleveland Browns fade! Oh boy! Sell! Sell! Sell!

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

Who are your sells in 2020? Let’s talk about it!

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2020 Rookie Profiles (Part 3)

Rookie Profiles (Part 3)
Ben Anderson
Ben is back after the Easter weekend with part 3 of his rookie profiles! If you missed part 1 or 2 here they are!
Micheal Pittman Jr, WR
USC WR Michael Pittman Jr.
Best fits. Cincinnati, New England, Buffalo
Player comparison- Alshon Jeffery
Donovan Peoples-Jones, WR
University of Michigan WR Donovan Peoples-Jones
Best fits. Seattle, Detroit, San Francisco
Player comparison- Hakeem Nicks
Zack Moss, RB
Utah RB Zach Moss
Best Fits. Arizona, Rams, Chargers
Player comparison- Kareem Hunt
Antonio Gibson, RB
Memphis RB Antonio Gibson
Best fits. Tampa Bay, Miami, Atlanta
Player comparison- TJ Yeldon
Chase Claypool, WR
Notre Dame WR Chase Claypool
Best fits. New England, Houston or Minnesota
Player comparison- Kelvin Benjamin
Adam Trautman, TE
Dayton TE Adam Trautman
Best fits. Pittsburgh, New England, Dallas
Player comparison- George Kittle
Eno Benjamin, RB
Arizona State RB Eno Benjamin
Best fits. Tampa Bay, Arizona, Buffalo
Player comparison- Dion Lewis
Thaddeus Moss, TE
LSU TE Thaddeus Moss
Best fit. New Orleans, Houston, New England
Player comparison- Jordan Reed
Bryan Edwards, WR
South Carolina WR Brandon Edwards
Best fits. Buffalo, Houston, Pittsburgh
Player comparison- A. J Green
Brycen Hopkins, TE
Purdue TE Bryce Hopkins
Best fit. Atlanta, New England, or Pittsburgh
Player Comparison- Vance McDonald

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Buy! Buy! Buy!

2020 Players To Buy
Chris Robin

The NFL season is still far away but what else are we supposed to do? I love reading rankings and projections but I need more! Mock drafts are cool. So are rookie mock drafts. I need more! What about fantasy football mock drafts? How many of those do you normally do? What’s an outrageous number before people say your obsessed?

I still need more. Breakouts and sleepers? Does that move the needle? Now we’re talking right? I’ll be honest breakouts are my favorite! So are bold predictions! For the sake of what I’m trying to do now lets focus on buys! Missed our busts? Check it out here!

As we move closer the NFL draft you will start to see more content popping up. Mock drafts galore, tiered rankings and rookie projections. At a certain point it’ll make your head spin. If you’re like me you have your favorites. Favorite website, favorite writer and favorite articles.

So much like the Breakouts article I wanted to get in on a list of players I’m buying without any hesitation! The 2020 NFL Draft class is loaded with offensive talent. We already know this. What about players already in the league that we should buy?

If you’re in any dynasty leagues there is no off-season! Lets get to it! Here is an in-depth list of players I’m buying in 2020!


Matthew Stafford QB-Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford

Stafford has always been a stats monster. I’ve read a lot of comments on social media where people were doubting Matthew’s durability and injury history. I find that argument completely ridiculous. From 2011-2019 Stafford has missed 8 games. Out of those 9 seasons and 144 total games, Matt has missed 8 games. All being from the 2019 season. Stafford started all 16 games for 8 straight season. I just find this argument to be lazy and the whole, “what have you done for me lately?’ rationale. People forget about Stafford due to him being stuck playing for a lousy Detroit Lions team. This is fantasy football people, real life NFL wins and losses don’t matter. Our fantasy points do. I trust Matthew this season. We don’t know what the 2020 Draft will bring the Detroit Lions but with a healthy Kerryon, Golladay and Marvin Jones I’m buying Stafford as my QB1!

Kyler Murray QB-Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray

I’ve been vocal in the past about not trusting Kyler’s ability to get it done in the NFL. I’ve also admitted I was wrong. Now I will take it a step further and tell you I’m sold and we should buy! That’s the beauty of sports! It’s also the beauty of writing! If I’m open and honest with myself I’m able to be honest with you! We’ve seen Murray’s value boom after Arizona landed Hopkins last month. I mean, why wouldn’t it? Kyler’s value has always been his ability to run and rack up rushing yards. Now you can add another level to his game. With Drake showing us late last season what he can mixed with Hopkins sure hands and big play ability, Kyler Murray should soar into the top ten of quarterback rankings in 2020. Buy! Buy! Buy!


Miles Sanders RB-Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles RB Miles Sanders

I’m a big fan of Miles and what he can do on the football field. For most of the 2019 season it felt like Philly had no idea how and what to do with Sanders. That’s just a personal opinion of mine. Sanders is the quintessential stud pass catching back. I’m not saying anything new here but 2020 is going to be a big year for Miles Sanders. In 2019 he had 63 targets for 50 receptions, 509 yards and 3 touchdowns. In PPR formats I’m buying as often as I can. Buy! Buy! Buy!

David Montgomery RB-Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears RB David Montgomery

Before the start of the 2019 season I viewed Montgomery and Sanders as the same type of back. Half way through the season I was ripping my own hair out. The Chicago Bears clearly had no idea how to use Montgomery. Is he a must start? Is he a sit? He was only on the field 57% of the Bears offensive snaps in 2019. Was it due to poor game scripts? Were the Bears really that bad in 2019? If you look into it they finished .500 so why the heck didn’t David get more action? I’m not a beat writer for the Bears for so I have no answer. Could it have been head coach Matt Nagy? 2019 was his second year at the helm? PPR specialist Tarik Cohen? Regardless of circumstance, I firmly believe David Montgomery makes the leap in 2020. Much like Sanders, their respective teams know what they have now. Time to cut them loose! Buy! Buy! Buy!

Joe Mixon RB-Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals RB Joe Mixon

Another guy I had no interest in drafting last season. Watching him go so high in all the 2019 mocks and then again in real drafts was shocking. For a moment I felt as is I missed something. What does everyone else know? For the first 10 games of the 2019 season my hesitations were well warranted. Then Cincinnati’s head coach Zac Taylor removed his head from his own ass and the results were fantastic! Joe Mixon had a stud like final 8 games. Racking up 817 rushing yards, 5 touchdowns and 16 receptions for 177 yards. In this case it was of no fault to Mixon himself but an issue with his coaching staff. As it stands now Cincy will look to draft LSU QB Joe Burrow #1 overall. All reports are pointing to a fully healthy A.J. Green along with fellow WR’s Tyler Boyd and John Ross. The arrows are no doubt pointing up for Mixon. I want in! Buy! Buy! Buy!

Devin Singletary RB-Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills RB Devin Singletary

Look, am I buying into the hype that the Buffalo Bills are good again and can push for the AFC East title? Absolutely! As a life long Detroit Lions fan I get along with other long suffering fan bases. In my personal opinion, the NFL is just better when the Bills are good. Guess I just like to see other historically bad teams succeed. Although the Bills have had some major success in the past. Something something four straight Super Bowl appearances. I’ve gotten a tad off track. Where were we? Devin Singletary! In 2019 Devin found some run and did quite well with it. He did play second fiddle here and there while Frank Gore also got some playing time. Singletary only started 8 games yet finished with 969 all purpose yards. Gore is no longer under contract with the Bills. Devin is the man in Buffalo, for now. Meaning, does Buffalo draft a RB later this month? I’m not a mind reader so I can’t answer that question. However, the Bills don’t have a first round pick this year. Their first pick is #54 in the second round. All odds are pointing to Devin being the RB1 in Buffalo this year. Josh Allen, John Brown and newest addition Stefon Diggs make up the offensive core. With an up-and-coming offense and a Tom Brady-less Patriots team the division is theirs for the taking. Another second year RB, Singletary will get all the carries he can handle! Buy! Buy! Buy!


Calvin Ridley WR-Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons WR Calvin Ridley

Sometimes I have to stop and think before making certain comments. My first thought was to say, “I’m sure you’ve all heard about Ridley!” That would be crazy right? Calvin isn’t a household name! He’s not even his teams WR1! Julio Jones is! In this case Ridley has thrived as the WR2 in Atlanta. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. Calvin Ridley is a weapon. A weapon I want on my side when I go to fantasy war. Ridley absolutely explodes off the line while leaving the defender guessing at his next step. I’ve owned Ridley in a dynasty league since day 1 and I’ve studied his every move. He never runs a lazy half ass route. His footwork is tremendous and this kid get major separation. What I find shocking is the fact Ridley is still learning and growing. 2020 will be his third year in the NFL and I’d be willing to bet the best of his young career to date. Buy! Buy! Buy!

Davante Adams WR-Green Bay

Green Bay Packers WR Davante Adams

This one should come as no surprise. Only reason I mention Adams is because I may be higher on him then most. It’s not really a, “gutsy” call to mention a top 5 WR as a buy. I’m just here to give Adams the credit he deserves. 2019 was no fun for his owners. After a 111 reception, 1,368 yard and 13 TD 2018 season, 2019 was supposed to be glorious! That damn turf toe! However, Adams was able to play 12 games in 2019 and salvaged his season because of it. The targets and receptions were there, just light on the touchdowns. I am fully expecting a monster season out of Adams in 2020. Easily a top 10 draft pick, I will not hesitate to pull the trigger. Do some homework if you’re in a dynasty league. Check on his value and see if you’re able to acquire him from a less than thrilled owner. 100+ receptions, 1,200+ yards and 8 TD’s is his floor. I mean c’mon! What else are you waiting for?! Buy! Buy! Buy!

Christian Kirk WR-Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals WR Christian Kirk

Let me be upfront and honest here. I have no strong feelings for Kirk here one way or another. Let me also tell you that I felt a strong obligation to mention Christian here for two reasons. First, I’ve seen a lot of talk about Kirk and why he’s such breakout candidate in 2020. Something about DeAndre Hopkins now being in Arizona and pulling coverage away from Kirk. So I decided to join the masses instead of making my own way. Second, I wouldn’t tell you do anything I wouldn’t do myself. I like the idea of buying Kirk but not for the same reasons as most. To me, buying Kirk is a strategic move. If you’re able to add him pre-draft or grab him after I would turn around and sell him to the highest bidder in a heart beat. Buy! Buy! Trade!


Jack Doyle TE-Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts TE Jack Doyle

There’s this huge relief that has come over me as a Jack Doyle owner. I’ve finally figured out what it is! Eric Ebron leaving to play in Pittsburgh! Ebron is the most over rated TE than I can think of. He’s basically a construction barrel that just happens to be placed on a football field. Guy had one good season in 2018 after wasting all our time in Detroit from 2014-2017. Go crowd another teams TE depth chart! I’m sorry Jack! This portion of the article is dedicated to you, not Mr. Construction Cone! Have you heard Phil Rivers is now the QB in Indy? Have you ever heard of a guy named Antonio Gates? How about a kid named Hunter Henry? Look, I’m not saying Jack Doyle is a Hall of Fame TE like Gates. Just pointing out how much Phil likes to feed his tight-end. It wouldn’t take much for Doyle to have a career year statistically in 2020. How much would it cost to grab Doyle in a trade or in your draft? Next to nothing right? Do it or don’t say I never warned you! Buy! Buy! Buy!

O.J. Howard TE-Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers TE O.J. Howard

Another huge shock right? Sometimes it’s best to point out the obvious! That way my horrible calls don’t look as bad! Jokes aside, what the hell happened with OJ in 2019? He started 14 games, played in 69% of the offensive snaps and only scored one flipping touchdown? That is flat out miserable. It’s actually disgusting! Which will make 2020 that much sweeter! Unless you’ve been living on Mars then you know Tom Brady is the QB in Tampa Bay. Bruce Arians is also the new coach. See what I’m getting at here? Something awesome is brewing in Tampa. Bruce is no stranger to the offensive coordinator position as well. If you Google him you can easily find his favorite motto, “No risk-it, no biscuit!”. He is an aggressive play caller with arguably the greatest quarterback of all-time! That was a long winded way to tell how much I love OJ Howard in 2020. The come back is always sweeter then the set back!

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