2020 Deep Dive Rookie Safeties

2020 Deep Dive Rookie Safeties
David Reed https://twitter.com/Nfldraft_dwr

Our final deep dive for 2020! This safety class brings some outstanding prospects that can do it all, tackle or play man to man or old school deep coverage. These kids are the last line of defense!

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Xavier McKinney – Alabama 6-1 200

Alabama DB Xavier McKinney

– Versatile player who can cover man and zone as well as be an enforcer at the line
– Quick down hill ability
– Attacks the ball in the air
– Good short area burst
– Good strong tackler
– Good route anticipation
– Natural feet
– Range
– Football IQ

– Tackling in space 1 on 1 sometimes comes up short
– Better near the line than in space but can do it all
– Can be a tad over aggressive on his angles and a shifter back can use that to there advantage

McKinney is the top safety in this draft. He can do it all in terms of coverage and play at the line as a sub package linebacker. He is best near the line but can go out there and cover area like a center fielder.

Antoine Winfield Jr. – Minnesota 5 -10 195

Minnesota DB Antoni Winfield Jr.

– Great instincts and feel for the ball on the field
– Place with urgency and will put his head into the ball
– Thick frame that allows him to hit hard and is explosive with those hits
– Navigates traffic and finishes
– Physical player but plays with control
– Plays and reads the backfield while disrupting throwing lanes
– Great Ball skills to track the ball even over the shoulders
– Can play man zone and at the line of scrimmage
– Alpha when attacking the ball
– Ball hawk
– Good blitzer

– Injuries in both 2017 and 2018 that made him miss the whole season after playing in limited games
– Overall average athlete
– Height

Winfield Jr when healthy could arguably be the best safety in this class and he keeps rising and rising. He is a ball hawk and plays powerful when he hits you. What he lacks in height and athletic ability, he makes up with anticipation and instincts. His play on the field shows you he’s a guy that you can look past his flaws cause he just has a feel for the game and ball I wouldn’t be shocked if he sneaks late first

Grant Delpit – 6-3 201

LSU S Grant Delpit

– Man and Zone ability
– Can mirror in man coverage well
– Drives on the football with good closing quickness
– Great length and attacks the ball
– Good range
– Smart player who processes the play fast
– Hitting power is there with good balance
– Quick feet
– Navigates traffic
– Athletic for his size and can play all over as a DB

– Though improved tackler in 2019. Being a sure tackler in the open field is still a work in progress
– Can give up a tad to much space in zone coverage
– Early in 2019 seemed to be trying to hard to showcase skills and being the elite safety and it backfired

– After a great 2018, Delpit came into 2019 as arguably the best safety prospect for the 2020 draft. His season started off kind of rough but finished well second half of the season. He claims he was trying to hard and you can tell that to an extend when he finally relaxed and let his game speak for itself. He’s a long athletic prospect who can do it all that you can steal late first early 2nd

Ashtyn Davis – California 6-1 195

California S Ashton Davis

– Has played both Safety and Corner depending on what the opposing teams offense presented
– Versatile player
– Great high safety ability to cover a lot of ground
– Downhill closing burst is great
– Can hit with some pop
– Shows good awareness in zone
– Reads QBs eyes well and closes on the ball
– Tough player
– Flexibility to play man

– Though he plays physical he isn’t the surest of tacklers
– He won’t be a run stopper at the line like some of the other prospects
– He can hold his own in man coverage but you want him covering ground has a high safety

Davis is more of a scheme fit prospect for a defense that needs a center field type player. He has the ability to cover a lot of ground. He will give it his all and play as physical as he can but needs to work on his Tackling technique

Kyle Dugger – Lenoir-Rhyne 6-1 217

Lenior-Rhyne S Kyle Dugger

– Explosive athlete with great size
– Competitive and physical player
– Loves to attack the ball down hill
– Secure tackler with balance and power
– Short zone defender who reads the backfield well
– Range to play deep zone and sideline to sideline
– Brings return ability
– Plays the ball well and has ability to make plays on ball
– Can play any scheme

– Improve processing – see and chase type of guy at times
– At times took plays off as he knew he can be beaten in competition
– DII competition, can he and is he ready to step up from such a jump in competition

Dugger is a fun prospect to watch as he dominates on tape, but it is D2 competition. His athletic ability and size will translate to the next level but will his processing and play speed catch up as quick. His ceiling is being able to play in any defense and do anything in coverage or as a linebacker at the line. At worst he beings great special team ability and great returner ability early on as well. He will be a fun prospect to watch develop in the next year or 2.

Jeremy Chinn – Southern Illinois 6-3 219

Southern Illinois S Jeremy Chinn

– Physical muscular frame with explosive ability
– Tall frame
– Good burst and long speed to track ball or play downhill
– Balance and hitting power
– Makes some incredible athletic plays on the ball
– Nice fluid back pedal with impressive smooth change in direction ability
– Offers coverage versatility

– Processing needs to improve
– Few plays where he takes it easy
– Spacial awareness

Another small school prospect that dominates on tape. He has the size and ability to translate at the next level. He can be used in a multitude of positions almost like a poor man’s Isaiah Simmons. He can be a sub linebacker in some packages and cover the deep zones. He will need to learn to process plays faster than relying on being more athletic than most people he faced in competition.

Terrell Burgess – Utah 5-11 192

Utah S Terrell Burgess

– Converted corner who has a strong understanding of coverages
– Good understanding of spacing and route anticipation
– Trusts his ability and doesn’t panic
– Diagnosis routes well, allows him to be in good spots
– Fluid hips with good change of direction ability
– Ability to play strong man to man coverage
– Solid tackler who takes good angles

– Length is an issue
– Does not bring much in terms of making plays on the ball
– Get stronger to be a more impactful tackler and shedding block
– Limited starting time till 2019

Burgess bring good agility and range to cover deep zone and come up and play many to man. He may have a versatile role as a sub package nickel corner and play safety too. His lack of plays on the ball is why he isn’t going higher for his versatility.

K’Von Wallace – Clemson 5-11 199

Clemson S K’Von Wallace

– Versatile player who played both Safety and Big Nickel
– Quick burst
– Solid frame that brings some good hit power with it
– Good Blitzer
– Ball skills and attacks the ball well
– Physical tackler
– Shows some good ability at man coverage
– Competes and goes hard every play

– Hips arnt fluid
– Recovery speed
– Has some athletic restrictions

Wallace is best for sub packages and can help being a downhill tackler with his physical play. He can handle zone coverage when he keeps the play in front of him but lacks speed if anything gets behind him. He plays physical to handle some man to man ability. He plays hard and goes every down something teams will love and allow him to make an impact on a team

Julian Blackmon – Utah 6-1 204

Utah S Julian Blackmon

– Converted corner who uses this skill to match the slot and TEs
– Good range to handle the 1 high safety role
– Good size and speed
– Shows ability to make plays on the ball
– Shows good zone awareness
– Physical player and will come down and make a play if needed

– Late knee injury kept him out of senior bowl and combine
– Failed at corner in 2018 and made the switch to safety
– Inconsistent on tape and can look lost at times
– Can become stronger to be a better force near the line

Blackmon brings all the physical traits a team will covet in a safety prospect but need to feel comfortable developing his skill set. He is still raw to the safety positions but brings a good motor and football character to the locker room

Alohi Gilman – Notre Dame 5-11 202

Notre Dame S Alohi Gilman

– Always looking for the football
– Fires downfield and works around blocks
– Physical with good hit power
– High motor
– Quick processor
– Experience play deep and at the line
– Solid tackler
– Attacked the ball in the air

– Modest range
– Speed and quickness is average
– Not the best in man coverage
– Avoid having his back to the line of scrimmage

Competitive player who enjoys seeking contact and making a play on the ball. He brings good zone ability but lacks great man to man skills. He’s a hard worker and has a high motor that teams will love but must use him right at the next level.

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

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2020 Deep Dive Rookie DB’s

2020 Deep Dive DB’s
David Reed https://twitter.com/Nfldraft_dwr

This years draft class at corner is a fun one to scout. After the top two corners, you can make a case for three or four different prospects that could be corner #3. Below are my personal top 10 prospects in this years draft.

If you missed any of Davids 2020 Deep Dive’s start with this one! https://www.dfscheatsheet.com/2020-deep-dive-rookie-lbs/nfl/04/

Jeffery Okudah – Ohio State 6-1 200

Ohio State DB Jeff Okudah

– Great at man coverage
– Quick feet and good hips
– Overall great athlete
– Plus body control
– Aggressive against routes
– Recovery speed
– Willing tackler

– Use his hands more in press
– Can still drag tackle than wrap up and drive
– Still room to learn and grow in zone coverage

Okudah is the best corner in this class. He can be placed 1 on 1 with WR’s and will more than likely win. He is good at zone but can learn to develop a bit more there but you are still fine with him out there in a zone scheme.

C.J. Henderson – Florida 6-1 202

Florida DB C.J. Henderson

– Great athlete
– Recovery speed
– Patients in man coverage, stays squared to the WR
– Plays the ball well in the air
– Effective blitzer
– Trust his technique
– Good in zone coverage
– Smooth hips and awareness
– Was used to match other teams top WR all game

– Reluctant tackler in the run game
– Intentionally taken wider angles to avoid contact
– Has pulled up on plays to not make a hit
– Learn to get of blocks a bit more

Henderson is now rising from a mid first to maybe a top 10 pick. His coverage skills are amazing. With his size, speed and ability to play man and zone. His main knock is not wanting to tackle in the run game. He needs to toughen up in terms of helping there but a team could be getting a future lock done CB here.

Jeffery Gladney – TCU 6-0 183

TCU DB Jeffrey Gladney

– Quick footwork
– Change of direction is fast and fluid
– Smooth hips
– Sudden response and great body control
– Explosive plant and drive ability (closing speed)
– Recovery speed
– Can work outside and slot
– Competitive player and tackler
– Calm with ball in the air. Finds it and reacts/adjusts

Cons :
– Route anticipation in zone can improve
– Stronger on Jams at the line
– Though measured at 6 foot, seems he is missing that size to stop a catch at times

– Gladney is a mid to late first round corner that a team will be happy to snag. He has quick feet and ability to play man and zone. Outside and in the slot. He is competitive and tough as a player who need to become a bit stronger but has the making to be a teams #1 CB!

Kristian Fulton – LSU 6-0 200

LSU DB Kristian Fulton

– Man coverage skills
– Patients and balance in coverage
– Leverage and Manipulates routes
– Competitive and attacks the ball
– Never seems panicked
– Can play both man and zone
– Clean footwork

– Improve as a run defender
– Ankle tackler
– Play off contact better
– Missed 2017 due to tampering a NCAA drug test
– Bad in national champ game

Once a top recruit out of high-school and now on of the top corners in the 2020 draft. Fulton has a natural feel on the field. He has the ability to play man and zone and his ability to stay calm against passes is a plus. He needs to improve as a tackler but can be a solid corner for a teams future.

Trevon Diggs – Alabama 6-2 207

Alabama DB Trevor Diggs

– Great in zone coverage
– Shows ability to play man and crowd routes
– Decent pop to jam WAS at the line
– Patient footwork
– Stays calm
– Fluid athlete for size and length at corner

– Tackling
– Still learning position (former WR)
– Ball skills with his back to the ball arnt great
– Needs to get head around and locate the ball better
– Can try to get over aggressive on jams and get beat at the line

Diggs shows a lot of promise at Corner but still raw. He offers great length and athletic ability for the position. He’s best at zone now but shows ability to develop into a solid man coverage player. He’s a fringe 1st with great upside.

A.J. Terrell – Clemson 6-1 190

Clemson DB A.J. Terrell

– Good athlete
– Pattern matching skills
– Quick feet
– Tight coverage
– Balance patients and hand usage in press
– Challenges the point of catch
– Good eyes to read back field
– Great range and arm length

– Average tackler (needs more power and better form)
– Can be a bit handsy down the field that could turn to penalties at the next level
– Baited a lot of QBs in college. Could hurt him in pros

Terrell is a long corner with good ability in man coverage. He will need to beef up a little and work on his tackling form but has the ability to be a great lock down corner.

Jaylon Johnson – Utah 6-0 190

Utah DB Jaylon Johnson

– Long athletic frame
– Loves being a physical presents at corner
– Good jamming ability
– Crowds the routes
– Won’t be bullied at the top of the routes
– Patients and good foot work
– Always attacks the ball
– Shows good ball skills

– Can get grabby down field
– Long speed
– Reading the backfield
– Can give to much cushion and gives up some un needed yards in screens
– Tackling form is sloppy and hesitant

Long frame that loves to play man coverage and bully the WR’s. He has the skills to lock down WR’s early but could struggle against a speed technician style WR if he gets beaten early. He will need to improve as a tackler and reading the backfield more.

Noah Igbinoghene – Auburn 5-11 200

Auburn DB Noah Igbinoghenee

– Great closing speed
– Works back to the ball
– Scrappy in press coverage
– Shows good balance, hand placement and body control to crowed at the line
– Good functional strength
– Plays through contact
– Works through blocks and willing tackler in run game
– Kick return ability (27.3 Yard per Kick Return)

– Only a 2 year at the position (still learning the ins and outs)
– Processing and still calculating his decisions. Needs to feel more natural
– Track the ball better while defending
– Hands are average for a converted WR
– Tackle consistency (though willingness and doesn’t shy away)

What Noah has done in 2 years with a new position is outstanding against strong SEC competition. He is now considered a late 1st. More than likely mid 2nd round prospect at the position. Most of his negatives are more learning and growing pains. I think a team with a good DB coach Noah can accelerate his development and get a stud corner.

Damon Arnette – Ohio State 6-0 195

Ohio St. DB Damon Arnette

– Strong press cover corner
– Crowded and redirects the routes
– Balance and patients in his back pedal
– Anticipates breaks in routes
– Good hips and closing speed
– Can play zone
– Can play outside or slot

– Shows flashes but limited production making plays on the balls (INTs)
– Willing tackler for the most part but lacks ability to shed blocks
– Collapse quicker in off coverage zone
– Late bloomer

Arnette was a late bloomer playing his best ball this past year and was outstanding. He has generated some first round buzz and would not be shocked if selected in the first. I feel his grade is more Day 2 with upside to be a stud with his ability to play in mutilate schemes.

Bryce Hall – Virginia 6-1 200

Virginia CB Bryce Hall

– Good size and length for position
– Strong in press using his length
– Plays the zone
– Closing speed
– Makes plays on the ball
– Takes angles
– Wins 50/50 balls

– Lost a season due to broken ankle
– Delayed acceleration when he has to turn and go
– Struggles to stay with a receiver on complex routes
– Sure up the hands
– Inconsistent against run blocks and shedding them
– Improve tackling form

Hall is a good corner who can play zone and man. His size and length is what teams want in terms of crowding the WR. He attacks the ball well and can really excel in a zone scheme. He will lose some in man coverage if beaten. Lacking long speed. He’s a mid round corner with high upside.

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

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2020 Deep Dive Rookie LB’s

2020 Deep Dive Rookie LB’s
David Reed https://twitter.com/Nfldraft_dwr

2020 line-backing class shows some good depth for teams needing a LB this year. A lot of speed backers and old school tackle machines.

Isaiah Simmons – Clemson 6-4 230

Clemson LB Isaiah Simmons

– Phenomenal Traits
– Amazing athlete with sideline to sideline ability
– Match up neutralizer
– Good tackler with a big tackle radius
– Can play S,LB,CB,OLB
– Good feel in the zone
– Flexible
– High motor

– So versatile that he lacks reps at a full time position
– Improve feel and processing some as a true ILB if team plays him there
– Could get a bit stronger

Simmons is arguably the best prospect in this draft and the true wildcard on where he will land. He’s a top 10 talent and is so versatile. A team is going to get a playmaker for the defensive side of the ball who can do it all

Patrick Queen – LSU 6-1 227

LSU LB Patrick Queen

– Amazing range
– Closing speed
– Process plays quick
– Good awareness in space
– Zone coverage
– Plays physical
– Times the snap well

– Only played 16 games
– Did not start first 5 games on 2019
– Stronger
– Better angles in open field

Queen is a today linebacker with his size and speed but plays physical too. Biggest concern is the lack of overall playing time and why he couldn’t win starting job out of camp in 2019.

Kenneth Murray – Oklahoma 6-2 234

Oklahoma LB Kenneth Murray

– Rangy and Urgent player
– Tough
– Always attacks
– Fast and tight angles
– Speed and athletic for coverage
– Contact balance
– Powerful and explosives hitter
– Tone setter

– Can run himself out of a play
– Decision making can improve
– Shed blocks better

Murray is another today style linebacker. Fast rangy player who attacks the ball hard and hits hard. He has the ability to play in coverage but needs to improve some there and improve his decision making.

Zach Baun – Wisconsin 6-3 240

Wisconsin OLB Zack Baun

– Rush the passer and drop in coverage
– Rush variety
– Snap anticipation
– Counter rush moves
– Flexible
– Looks natural in space in coverage
– Read and react skills
– Effor and pursuit
– Competes Hard against the run

– Longer and needs to add more mass
– Can loss to blocker if he does not win the first move
– Broken foot twice (2017,2018)
– Diluted Pee test at combine .. red flag

Baun could have been listed under the edge rusher article the other day because he’s an OLB but his ability to drop on coverage which I wanted him to be with the LBs. He is a good OLB prospect that can rush and drop in coverage. Which is needed today. He needs to get stronger and answer the questions of why he had a diluted pee test.

Malik Harrison – Ohio State 6-3 246

Ohio State LB Malik Harrison

– Big and Physical
– Plays through contact
– Leverages the gap well and plays at the line
– Pop in his hands and length to shed blocks
– Hand placement
– Navigates traffic well
– Sure tackler with power
– Effective Blitzer
– Pursuit
– Can play shallow zone coverage
– Played all 3 LB spots at OSU

– Not a fluid athlete
– Limited in deep zone coverage (was asked to spy or blitz instead of cover on passing downs)
– Small delay in play recognition
– Lateral movement
– Recovery speed
– Angles

Malik is a strong physical linebacker that can play at the line and attack the ball well. He is more of an old school linebacker but can handle shallow zone coverage. He wasn’t asked to cover a lot at OSU so teams will want to see if he can do that more than he has shown.

Jordyn Brooks – Texas Tech 6-1 245

Texas Tech LB Jordyn Brooks

– Big and Physical
– Shows good range and lateral pursuit
– Attacks downhill
– Explosive tackler
– Amazing form tackler
– Can handle the spy responsibility
– Gap shooting
– Mobile enough to handle coverage
– Tone setter
– Motor

– Unproven in coverage but has the ability to handle it
– More of a see ball chase ball mentality
– Anticipate the throws better
– Needs to take on blocks more than trying to work around them

Brooks is a great prospect that can tackle, who’s big and physical but has speed to play sideline to sideline. He needs to prove overall in coverage but has the speed to handle it.

Troy Dye – Oregon 6-4 225

Oregon LB Troy Dye

– Productive player
– Range and athletic ability
– Good in space
– Can man to man TEs and still developing this skill
– Zone coverage
– High Motor
– Sideline to sideline speed
– Energy on the field

– Anticipation needs to improve some
– Can read the run bad
– Learn to shed blocks better
– Not a strong tackler
– Stronger
– Angles

Dye is a speed coverage LB that can cover. He is today’s style LB but lacks strength to shed blocks and isn’t a strong powerful tackler. He is a day 2 option though to handle coverage which most teams want now a days

Akeem Davis-Gaither – Appalachian State 6-2 219

Appalachian State S Akeem Davis-Gaither

– Athletic
– Physical for size
– Contact sleeper
– Explosive in hips
– Coverage upside
– Range
– Special team player

– Needs to add size and strength
– Can over run plays
– Can be blocked due to size
– Used weird at App State, and needs to learn traditional LB position more

Smaller school linebacker that needs to get bigger but is physical for his size and a great athlete that can play in today’s NFL

Logan Wilson – Wyoming 6-2 241

Wyoming LB Logan Wilson

– Read and react ability
– Control
– Good ability to mirror the Rb
– Physical play
– Wrap up tackler

– Man coverage
– Leverage
– Clear blocks

Wilson is an old school LB who is asked to make tackles. He will need to improve in coverage overall to have the most effective career

Willie Gay Jr – Mississippi State 6-1 243

– Explosive
– Closing speed
– Thick frame
– Violent punch
– Quickness to work space and coverage
– Sure tackler
– Anticipates
– Every Down LB

– Multiple suspension
– Plays reckless at times
– Spacial awareness
– Angles
– Wasted movement in his game
– Processing skills

Willie Gay has all the ability to be the best LB in this draft. He needs some polishing in space and processing the plays but his biggest knock is the off the field. He miss a lot of time with suspension but when he’s on the field is elite.

Davion Taylor – Colorado 6-1 224

Colorado LB Davion Taylor

– Explosive (heat seeking missile)
– Physical tackler
– Movement skills to man up on TE and RB
– Always competes

– Raw/football IQ
– Processing Skills
– Stronger

Taylor is developing still as a LB but shows why team will want him mid rounds. He is physical and has ability to cover.

Joe Bachie Jr. – Michigan State 6-2 231

Michigan State LB Joe Bachie Jr.

– Downhill thumper
– Plays close to the line
– Tackle machine
– Power and balance
– Leverage in the gaps
– Shed blocks well
– Diagnosis plays

– Limited play speed and range
– Limited zone coverage use
– Man coverage
– PED -missed 2nd half of 2019 due to suspension

Bachie is an old school tackle machine LB who struggles in coverage and why he is falling. He is a mid round LB who can take care of the middle on the defense.

Evan Weaver – California 6-2 234

California LB Evan Weaver

– Fierce competitor
– Passion and urgency
– Process the run and quick to the ball
– Spacial awareness
– Stack and shed blocks
– Form tackler

– Range
– Bad in zone
– Change of direction
– Recovery speed

Weaver is a mid round LB who needs to improve in coverage but competes every down and is a good tackler.

Jacob Phillip – LSU 6-4 233

LSU LB Jacob Phillips

– Natural feel
– Physical finisher
– Ideal straight line speed
– Secure tackler
– Energy

– Lateral movement
– Tight hips when changing direction
– Shed blocks better
– Coverage
– Strength

Phillips is an explosive downhill LB who hits hard and feels natural out there. He needs to use that straight line speed and translate it better to sideline to sideline ability. Must work to get stronger to shed blocks and improve in coverage

David Woodward – Utah State 6-2 235

Utah State LB David Woodward

– Nose for the football
– Processing skills
– Urgency
– Pursuit angles
– Sure tackler
– Works the zone well
– Short area quickness

– Range
– Strength to get off block
– Not the best with TEs 1 on 1
– Injury concerns (history of concussions two broken vertebrae in HS and 2019 season ending injury)

Woodward is falling due to injury concerns. He plays with a good motor and process plays well and finds the football. He needs to get stronger but he’s falling cause of health.

Cameron Brown – Penn State 6-5 232

Penn St. LB Cameron Brown

– Covers ground laterally well
– Instincts
– Angles
– Striker mentality
– Decent in coverage
– Capable Blitzer

– Longer frame that lacks mass
– Balance in space is an issue
– Anticipate in zone coverage better
– Open field tackling is only okay

Brown is a later round LB who can help on Special teams early and continue to grow and learn. He needs to add some more size and could develop into a rotation player and possible decent starter.

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

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2020 Deep Dive Rookie DE

2020 Deep Dive Rookie DE
David Reed https://twitter.com/Nfldraft_dwr

Some of our favorite players in the NFL are big time tacklers who are sack machines! Especially against the quarterbacks we hate. Here is a list of 18 edge players you could see your team draft next week!

If you missed any of Davids other Deep Dives start here with his defensive lineman! https://www.dfscheatsheet.com/2020-deep-dive-rookie-dts/nfl/04/

Chase Young – Ohio Stats 6-5 265

Ohio State DE Chase Young

– Frame and size is day 1 ready
– Uses hands well
– Has power and finesse
– Can win as a DE/OLB and Interior DL
– Closing speed
– Has great rush angles

– Struggles to re-establish if he does not win right away
– Upright accelerator
– Jumps off sides at times

Young is arguably the best talent in this year’s draft. He can have an impact day one as a rookie getting after the quarterback. His speed off the edge and his athletic ability to bend at this stage is amazing. He needs to learn a few more moves and counter moves when he faces a great tackle but overall he’s a Day 1 starter and top 5 pick!

K’Lavon Chaisson – LSU 6-4 250

LSU EDGE K’Lavon Chaisson

– Solid build but very mobile
– Explosive first step
– Lose hips and a flexible bend
– Closing burst
– Speed to cover is played as a 3-4 OLB
– Sets edge well in run game
– Shows a good bull rush on top of his speed rush

– Tore ACL in 2018
– Needs to develop his vision more
– Timing
– Fill out more and get stronger

Chaisson is another great pass rusher in this class. His speed and quickness is very intriguing for a team looking for a prospect to rush the QB. He needs some coaching to develop his vision/play recognition. If he can bulk up and build a bit more strength while keeping his speed, he could be a QB’s nightmare!

Yetur Gross Matos-– Penn State 6-5 265

Penn State DE Yetur Gross-Matos

– Long arms and massive reach and wing span
– Does a good job keeping pad level low for size
– Great motor
– Turns flat and can win on the outside
– Sets edge against the run well
– 34 .5 tackles for loss and 17 sacks in 2 years
– Can lineup inside as well/a lot of success destroying guards when he has done this on tape

– Continue to grow into his frame.
– Get stronger
– Learn more pass rush moves and counter moves
– Process plays faster

I am a huge fan of Gross-Matos and been watching him the last 2 years on Saturday. His massive wing span is hard to miss and allows him to get to the ball quick and make stops behind the line. He does the dirty work to set the edge for his team mates as well. He’s a good kid with a great motor! He always play hard every down! The type of kid that teams love.

A.J. Epenesa – Iowa 6-6 280

Iowa EDGE AJ Epenesa

– Length and power
– Heavy hands and places them well
– Strong bull rush and sheds blocks well
– His push pull move is deadly
– Converts what speed he gets into great power
– Can play inside and outside on the line
– Plays well against the run
– 30.5 tackles for loss and 22 sacks

– Lacks lateral movement
– Not a huge asset in space
– Improve at recognizing hook blocks
– Keep pad level lower more consistently

Epenesa is a blue-chip prospect. Highly recruited out of high-school. He put together an impressive college career and should continue to be a solid to great pro. He can fortify a defensive line and help with the run and rush the QB. He can play multiple positions and help with mismatches for a defensive coordinator. He needs to improve in space and recognize blocks better but those are some coach-able flaws. You’re getting a hard nose working kid mid-to-late first any team would love on there roster.

Julian Okwara – Norte Dame 6-4 248

Notre Dame DE Julian Okwara

– Athletic with juice out of his stance
– Converts speed to power
– Active hands
– Dips and rips is his best move
– Good flexibility
– Upside as a 3-4 OLB

– Improve pad level consistency
– Disengage better
– Can be more calculated than have a natural feel to a play
– Can struggle against the run
– Add more play strength
– Broken Fibula in 2019

Okwara is a second day prospect with a great burst and athletic ability upside to get to the QB. He must learn to feel the plays more and improve against the run to see the field in a full time gig.

Joshua Uche – Michigan 6-1 241

Michigan DE Josh Uche

– Shows good blend of burst/flexibility and length
– Variety of pass rush moves
– Speed to power
– Good motor
– Uses his quickness to set lineman up to be off balance
– Shows skills to defend in zone coverage

– Experience (limited playing time)
– Injuries
– More power
– Tackle in space needs improvement
– Improve getting off blocks (loses a lot when locked up)

Uche is an interesting prospect that offers a lot of good traits. Great motor kid with a good blend of speed and power! Already has room to grow even more powerful. He needs more reps and improvement working on tackling in space. If he learns that this kid has a shot as a starter on a defense!

Terrell Lewis – Alabama 6-5 258

Alabama DE Terrel Lewis

– Length and short area burst
– Long arms to clog throwing lanes
– Good ripe move when he has leverage
– Flexible
– Hard to get hands on him

– Vision
– Work on deployment of his pass rush moves (timing)
– Struggle to hit counter moves
– Takes plays off
– Injuries (torn ligament in 2017 and ACL tear in 2018)

Lewis offers great length and good burst on the defensive front. He needs more experience to recognize plays and develop more pass rushing moves and counters to get the most out of his abilities. He must stay healthy as well.

Jonathan Greenard – Florida 6-4 262

Florida DE Jonathan Greenard

– Shows good snap anticipation
– Quick release
– Good footwork and attacks inside well
– Strong upper body
– Uses hands to set up rep
– Good run defender
– Quicker than fast
– Recognizes blocks and schemes well

– Flexibility
– Can rush to wide and be driven out of the play
– Needs to win on the outside of the tackle more
– Range and lateral movement are just okay

Greenard is a good second day pass rusher who needs to improve on the outside. His inside move will allow him to make plays his rookie year.

Curtis Weaver – Boise State 6-5 265

Boise State DE Curtis Weaver

– First step quickness
– Uses length well to win on the outside in a few ways
– Takes good rush angles
– Ideal foot work
– Heavy active hands
– Lines up and plays everywhere and usually wins
– Showed a few rush moves
– Shows ability to drop in coverage if needed
– Great football IQ

– Flexibility
– More consistent motor
– Some bad wiff tackles
– Not the most athletic build (carries some weight in the mid section)

Weaver is a good pass rusher with a strong football IQ that allows him to succeed at most points of attacks. He needs to become a more sure tackler but is a second day steal!

Darrell Taylor – Tennessee 6-4 259

Tennessee DE Darrel Taylor

– Good burst and bend
– Dip and rip move
– Sets a good edge
– Succeed in shallow zone coverage
– Uses hands well to control blockers
– Really filled out his frame in 2019

Cons :
– Needs to grow and develop more as a rusher
– Improve or abandon his spin move
– Rush counter moves
– Anticipate the snap better

Taylor has some room to improve as a rusher overall. When it comes to learning more moves and anticipating the snap better. He has shown a good burst and ability to set the edge, which is great and will allow him to see the field early while he develops more as a rusher.

Bradlee Anae – Utah 6-3 257

Utah DE Bradlee Anae

– High effort player
– Good snap anticipation
– Burst
– Uses hands
– Works gaps hard against the run

– Short arms
– Struggles to clear blocks
– Get stronger
– Improve tackling in space

Anae has the burst and effort teams will love. He must get stronger to clear blocks better for a full time role and improve tackling in space. His short arms are going to hurt some in clearing blocks.

Jabari Zuniga – Florida 6-3 253

Florida DE Jabari Zuniga

– Functional strength
– Strong punch to stun even the biggest tackles
– Good pursuit effort
– Dips and rips well
– Converts speed to power
– Lined up all over D-Line

– Slow release off ball
– Lacks awareness
– Vision and processing speed
– Counter moves
– Work on stance

Zuniga has the strength and effort teams will love but lacks quick burst off line and general awareness of processing speed. He will be a bit of a project to learn those traits but if he learns them with his power, he could be talked about as a great edge rusher!

Khalid Kareem – Notre Dame 6-4 265

Notre Dame DE Khalid Kareem

– Long and powerful
– Usually wins first contact
– Power through whole frame
– Good leverage
– Processing skills against the run
– Power to move blocker and attack ball
– Fluid release

– Slow first step
– No counter rush moves
– Not a twitchy athlete
– Needs more pass rush moves
– Bad in space

Kareem is a powerful edge player with good leverage which usually has success. When it does not work he lacks a counter move which he will need to learn. He must be better in space but has the tools to play early in his career as he develops more.

Alton Robinson – Syracuse 6-3 259

Syracuse DE Alton Robinson

– Can play with hand in group or standing up
– Heavy at the point of attack
– Good swivel hips to rush
– Ability to drop in zone
– Good quick closing ability

– Learn to disengage better
– Get stronger
– Come off ball better
– At times looks like an average Joe on the field
– More rush/counter moves

Robinson is a mid round guy with a ton of upside. He needs to improve on his technique and get stronger but has ability to help a defense in a multitude of ways

Anfernee Jennings – Alabama 6-2 252

Alabama DE Anfernee Jennings

– Great hands and counter blocks
– Process plays well
– Awareness
– Sets the edge
– Snap anticipation
– Speed to power
– Good inside move
– Hands up to impact throwing lanes

– Lacks a good burst
– Is not a twitch athlete
– Range is limited
– Motor is so-so

True technician as a rusher and run defender who lack great burst and explosion. Combine that with a half ass approach at times and this is what you get. A guy who can be a mid round steal if a coach can light a fire under him and get the most out of his amazing traits he brings.

Alex Highsmith – Charlotte 6-4 242

Charlottle DE Alex Highsmith

– Good anticipation
– Quick release
– Decent inside move
– Good spin move
– Active hands
– Good play recognition
– Can stand up and play

– Lacks length
– Struggles to separate at times
– Improve on tackling outside his frame
– Strength
– His is frame maxed out to get stronger ?

Smaller school prospect that has a good release and shows good anticipation. He brings some good pass rush moves but needs to improve his strength and separation from blocks.

Kenny Willekes – Michigan State 6-4 252

Michigan State DE Kenny Willekes

– Competes for his gap
– Leverage
– Plays containment well
– Good footwork
– Always going
– Places hands well
– Picks up plays well
– Physical with a high floor

– Convert speed to power better
– Get stronger
– Counter moves

Willekes is a solid player who will probably never be anything special but will have a spot on a defense as a steady year in year out player who needs to get stronger to aid his abilities.

Nick Coe – Auburn 6-5 291

Auburn DE Nick Coe

– Thick frame
– Strong
– Sets the edge well
– Plays all techniques on the D-Line
– Heavy hands
– Gets extension on blocks

– Tardy out of stance
– Lateral movement
– Counter moves are slow
– Struggles to find the football at times

Coe is another player that won’t get the headlines but is a strong piece on a defense that can set edges and help a team defense succeed. He’s a good mid-to-late round option.

 Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

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2020 IDP Deep Dive

2020 IDP Deep Dive
Chris Robin https://twitter.com/DetroitBeastie

We’re two weeks away from the 2020 NFL Draft! To me, it’s a perfect time to take a deep dive into my top 50 IDP rankings!

I love playing in IDP leagues! I love the constant research and the hours I’m able to spend combing the waiver wire! Tackles, sacks and interceptions just move the needle!

If you missed the top 50 IDP rankings here they are! https://www.dfscheatsheet.com/2020-top-50-idp-rankings/nfl/04/

1. Darius Leonard LB IND

Indianapolis Colts LB Darius Leonard

Leonard missed a few games in 2019 due to a concussion. Once he was back full time he regained his dominate role as the Colts defensive stud. Look for Leonard to be in the conversation as the #1 overall IDP asset in 2020!

2. Bobby Wagner LB SEA

The model of consistency, Bobby put up nine double digit tackle performances in 2019! He has also put up eight straight triple tackle seasons! In the right format he scores points like a stud RB!

3. Blake Martinez LB NYG

I love the durability of Blake as a line-backer! He hasn’t missed a single game in three seasons playing for GB. Now Martinez takes his talents to New York! He finished the season with 155 tackles, good for second overall. Why would that change in 2020? Top LB talent right here!

4. Cory Littleton LB LV

Cory ended the 2019 season as a top LB scoring wise. He remains a stud inside backer and a top cover linebacker. He’s an easy 120+ tackle guy in 2020 while sprinkling in sacks and turnovers. He’s a must start ALWAYS!

5. Tremaine Edmunds LB BUF

Edmunds is tackling machine on an up-and-coming Buffalo Bills team. Tremendous amounts of solo tackles mixed with several TFL (tackles for loss) each game give Edmunds a high ceiling each week.

6. Joe Schobert LB JAX

Schobert has had 100 or more tackles in the last three seasons. He leaves a leaky Cleveland team for a shaky Jacksonville team. Meaning, Joe and the defense will unfortunately be on the field more times then not. Believe it or not Joe has great hands for a LB intercepting 4 passes last season.

7. T.J. Watt LB PIT

Watt finished 2019 as the highest scoring IDP player. He set career bests in TFL, sacks and QB hits. Watt is the spark plug in an awfully good and disruptive Steelers defense!

8. Aaron Donald DL LAR

Have you heard of him? I don’t know about you but I heard he’s pretty good at football! His 2019 season was one to forget. Just don’t forget about him in your 2020 drafts!

9. Jordan Hicks LB ARZ

Hicks broke out in his first season with the Cardinals. Expect him maintain and even surpass his 2019 stats. You may not think so but with Arizona getting better on offense that only helps Hicks and Arizona’s team defense!

10. Jamal Adams S NYJ

NYJ S Jamal Adams

A personal favorite IDP player of mine, Adams is a stone cold stud. He wasn’t able to play the full 16 game schedule in 2019 but that didn’t stop him from racking up fantasy points. Only 24 years old, 2020 should be a career year for Adams in all statistical categories!

11. Chandler Jones LB ARZ

Jones had a monster 2019 season and I’m confident in saying he can up his game in 2020. He did nothing but stuff stat sheets and sack QB’s in 2019! He finished 2019 with 19 sacks! He’s a no doubt slam dunk LB1 heading into 2020!

12. Danielle Hunter DE MIN

For the first time in his career Hunter finished as the top scoring DL in IDP scoring formats! He’s a brick wall on the defensive line while making big plays and forcing fumbles. 2020 will be more of the same!

13. Jaylon Smith LB DAL

Smith absolutely slaughter opposing QB’s and RB’s in 2019. With Leighton Vander Esch missing the season Smith stepped up in a big big way. He finished the season with 132 total tackles. He’s a low end LB1 but still an IDP stud.

14. Shaquil Barrett LB TB

Wow! I don’t know about you but Shaq Barrett was by far my best late round pick of the 2019 season! Shaq finished with 16.5 sacks and 6 forced fumbles! Can you say breakout? Do I believe he can be a stud again in 2020? Given the fact Tampa Bay put a franchise tag on him I’d say yes!

15. Budda Baker DB ARZ

Baker finished with 147 tackles in 2019. The Cardinals in general had a season to forget in 2019 yet Baker still had a fantastic season. Now that the Cards are improving it will take some pressure off the defense. Look at Budda as S1 with a good bet to finish as a top 3 DB in 2020.

16. Deion Jones LB ATL

Jones finished 2019 with 110 tackles. He covers ground quick and is a LB1 in all 2020 formats.

17. Eric Reid S FS

Reid is still surprisingly a FA. Carolina released him after a 130 tackle season. His track record just suggest a lot left in the tank and will no doubt find a starting gig in 2020. I’d hold but he’s still a great option.

18. Lavonte David LB TB

In terms of the NFL David and as a starting LB he’s old. Only 30, all David did in 2019 is tackle people! An eight year vet on now what looks to be a contending TB team I’m drafting his as a lower end LB1.

19. Myles Garrett DL CLE

Unless you’ve lived under a rock you know what happened with Myles. He’s been reinstated by the NFL and will look to work his way back to stud DL status. Kid has a solid work ethic and now a chip on his shoulder. Don’t bet against Garrett in 2020.

20. Landon Collins S WSH

Washington S Landon Collins

My other favorite safety! Washington’s defense moves as Collins moves. That’s not saying much but it is called the, “individual defensive player” format. Collins has notched triple digit tackles four times in his career. He has also battled some injures the last few seasons. Regardless he’s a guy I want on my squad!

21. Fred Warner LB SF

Fred is only 23 and a hot commodity in dynasty formats. It wouldn’t shock me to see Warner make the leap in 2020 into the top 10 overall in IDP formats. He’s young, hungry and playing on a tremendously talented 49ers defense. I’m no doubt buying across the board!

22. Cameron Jordan DL NO

The uncontested heart and soul of the Saints defense he can double as a stud DL on your team! Curly mustache and all Jordan continues to rack up sacks. Wouldn’t shock me to see Cameron once again high on the list in total sacks in 2020!

23. Jordan Poyer DB BUF

Poyer has really jumped up IDP ranking list the last few season. Perfect timing for him and the Bills. Over the last 3 seasons Jordan has notched 296 tackles and 11 INT’s for Buffalo! The Bills love him so much they gave him a shiny new two year 20.5 million dollar extension!

24. Derwin James S LAC

In my eyes James can be mentioned among the best safeties in the NFL. Only thing holding him back are injuries. If he can stay on the field for a FULL 2020 season he will be just that! I have no qualms with drafting Derwin in 2020.

25. Zach Cunningham LB HOU

Cunningham had a fantastic stretch in 2019. He’s a top 20 LB heading into the 2020 season. Don’t make the mistake of passing him up in your drafts!

26. Devin Bush LB PIT

Pittsburgh LB Devin Bush

As a University of Michigan fan this one makes me happy! Bush had a terrific 2019 season but fell off a little late in the season. As a rookie that’s not too surprising right? 2020 will be his sophomore season and the kid gloves will be off! It’s not crazy to think Devin can make a major jump in IDP rankings in 2020.

27. Cameron Heyward DL PIT

Heyward is the rock of the Steelers defense. They have drafted and put young pieces all around him. In doing so, he’s flourished, young kids have flourished and the team has prospered. The DL specific position in IDP leagues gets thin fast. Don’t be left holding your hat. Grab Heyward!

28. K.J. Wright LB SEA

If it wasn’t for stud LB Bobby Wagner, Wright would lead the team in tackles. It’s an awesome 1-2 punch! I’m sorry to mention another player in another guys profile but that just goes to show you how good Wright is. Draft and start with little to no issue!

29. Devin White LB TB

White is well on his way to being a super star! Coming into his age 22 season Devin is filled to the brim with big play talent! Another kid you can expect to make a huge leap into the top 15 or even the top 10!

30. J.J. Watt DL HOU

What can I say that hasn’t already been said? DPOY and DL stud right? It just stinks the guy can’t stay on the field. Is it safe to say we’ve already seen his best season? I hope not but I think we have.

31. Joey Bosa DL LAC

Bosa recorded another double digit sack season. His 3rd in four seasons. Bosa was also able to play in all 16 games in 2019. Could 2020 be a career year for Bosa? I think so! Draft! Draft! Draft!

32. DeMario Davis LB NO

Davis is 31 yet still lead the Saints in tackles with 109 during the regular season. Davis had a nice run late in the season will no doubt put together another low end LB1 type season.

33. C.J. Mosley LB NYJ

CJ had an awful season. It was cut short due to a groin injury. He missed a few weeks came back and re-injured it. Only 27, Mosley enters the 2020 still nicely ranked on dynasty lists. Lets chalk 2019 up to bad luck and a lost season. Better days are no doubt ahead for the Jets line-backer!

34. Bud Dupree LB PIT

After a career 2019 season Pittsburgh placed the franchise tag on Bud. He’s one heck of a pass rusher and you should place a high priority on drafting him. Bud is a 6’4 270lb monster.

35. Shawn Williams DB CIN

Cincinnati DB Shawn Williams

Shawn had one heck of a 2019 season! Triple digit tackles, four interceptions and a sack! What more do you want from a defensive back? I’ve said it earlier but Cincinnati has the number one overall pick in this years draft. It’s long been said CIN is going to draft Joe Burrow. That instantly helps the offense which helps Shawn and the defense.

36. De’Vondre Campbell LB ARZ

Campbell had a breakout 2019 season and immediately cashed in! De’Vondre signed with Arizona with a $8.5 million dollar contract. De’Vondre has the potential to crack the top 10 in linebacker rankings in 2020. I’d buy now!

37. Harrison Smith S MIN

Has Harrison lost some steam? Well sure, he’s 31. There is still two years left on his contract and will no doubt be the starting safety for the Vikings in 2020. In a division with the Lions and Bears I have no issue with Smith on my roster!

38. Vonn Bell DB CIN

Bell has left New Orleans and signed with Cincinnati. Bell will look to elevate the Bengal’s poor defense. Vonn is a ball hawk and zips around the field. I expect the best is yet to come with Vonn Bell!

39. Carlos Dunlap DL CIN

Raise your hand if you knew Dunlap was a top 5 ranked DL in IDP scoring formats? No hands! I knew it! It’s because he plays in Cincinnati! That shouldn’t matter to you and your fantasy team. Will the Bengal’s be better in 2020?

40. DeForest Buckner DL IND

The Colts are going all out on their defense. They traded a first round pick to grab Buckner then handed him a massive $21 million dollar extension! It’s a huge move for the Colts, Buckner and the likes of Leonard. I want any and all shares of Buckner I can find! How sweet would a Bucker-Leonard connection on your fantasy team be?

41. Jerome Baker LB MIA

Baker ended his 2019 season on a high note. At only 23 years old he’s now a cornerstone for the Miami Dolphins. Look for Baker to make a massive leap in dynasty IDP rankings as the season draws near. I’d also keep an eye on him during the season and look to sell at his highest point in 2020.

42. Za’Darius Smith LB GB

Smith really picked up the pace in GB last season! He lead the team in sacks and did a great job forcing fumbles! Blake Martinez has moved on to NYG leaving Smith as the teams stud LB. As it stands now Za’Darius is a low end LB1 with move to climb.

43. Eric Kendricks LB MIN

Minnesota LB Eric Kendricks

Eric is a highly rated dynasty linebacker and rightfully so. 2020 will be his 28yr old season and he should be entering his prime. Another LB that has a shot of climbing IDP ranking boards this off season, keep an eye out in your drafts!

44. Minkah Fitzpatrick DB PIT

The more I look into IDP rankings and NFL teams the more I see how awesome the Steelers defense should be in 2020. Minkah creates turnovers at an alarming rate. Of the top 50 guys mentioned on this list Minkah has the potential to rise the farthest and fastest. I shouldn’t have to tell you. Draft him!

45. Dante Fowler Jr. LB ATL

Fowler had an unbelievable season for the Rams in 2019. Now he finds himself a member of the Atlanta Falcons and their talented linebacker corps. He should immediately become a pass rushing specialist for the Falcons. 2020 should be his biggest season yet.

46. Tracy Walker DB DET

On an underperforming team with horrible coaching Walker stood out. He’s not afraid to get his nose in every play while tackling everything in sight. He will enter 2020 as the Lions starting safety. He’s a nice add in deeper IDP leagues.

47. Logan Ryan DB FA

Ryan had a fantastic 2019 season yet still finds himself without a team to play for. Logan had 113 tackles, 4.5 sacks and 4 INTs. I’m shocked he’s still a FA but once he’s signed make sure you pencil him in on your fantasy team!

48. Maxx Crosby DE LV

Maxx played locally at Eastern Michigan and really showed us his attitude and work ethic on HBO’s Hard Knocks. Fast forward to his 2019 rookie campaign and I can say with great confidence Maxx is going to be an IDP stud very soon. Somewhat off the radar, jump on him now before word gets out. 2020 will be breakout season and I want in on it!

49. Jamie Collins LB DET

Collins recently signed with the Lions and gets to play for his old defensive coordinator Matt Patricia. What does that mean for his 2020 IDP value? It should be both good and bad. He’s going to get all the playing time he can handle, that’s the good part. Playing in Detroit for a team who has been stuck in mediocrity for years is the bad part. I have faith Collins rises above and is an asset to our IDP rosters in 2020.

50. Nick Bosa DL SF

San Francisco DL Nick Bosa

Nick Bosa is a stone cold stud! Playing for the NFC Championship 49ers the best is yet to come with Bosa. Nothing I can say or do will change that. You know the drill. Draft Bosa now or you’re going to miss out on a special 2020 season!

That’s it! My early 2020 IDP Deep Dive.

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

Did I miss someone? Let’s talk about it!

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2020 Deep Dive Rookie TE’s

2020 Deep Dive Rookie TE’s
David Reed https://twitter.com/Nfldraft_dwr

2020 TE class is not the most talked about position this year but it has some good prospect that we should see being selected starting on Day 2!

If you missed it check out Davids Deep Dive Rookie WR’s article here! https://www.dfscheatsheet.com/2020-deep-dive-rookie-wrs/nfl/04/

Notre Dame TE Cole Kmet

Cole Kmet – Notre Dame 6-4 235

– Smooth release off the line
– Looks good coming out of a 3 point stance
– Can take a hit over the middle and keep the ball secured
– Can line up on the line or go out as a receiver
– Beats zone coverage
– Adjust to ball well
– Above average blocker

– Doesn’t have dynamic speed to make huge separation
– Not a big YAC
– Isnt immune to drops or double catches

Kmet seems to be the #1 TE on everyone’s boards. He is not the most athletic TE but runs good routes and smooth in his cuts finding a way to get open. He is big and strong enough to play on the line or out wide to help a scheme and team.

Dayton TE Adam Trautman

Adam Trautman – Dayton 6-5 250

– Strong effort as a blocker
– Fluid route runner
– Smooth acceleration
– Size and catch radius
– Wins contested catches
– Competitive after the catch

– Still new to the position (only started at TE in college)
– Allows a lot of contact on routes
– Technique development
– Weird timing when gearing down to on horizontal routes

Trautman is a high potential prospect. He is still raw but you see the upside he brings. He needs to continue to grow and develop his technique to become an elite TE.

Washington TE Hunter Bryant

Hunter Bryant – Washington 6-2 239

– Moves all over the line to be a mismatch
– Good route runner
– Excellent adjustments in zone
– Sets up routes well
– Enough speed to beat most LB and some Safeties
– Productive after the catch
– Tracks ball well over shoulder
– Adjusts to the ball
– Willing blocker

– Not an in-line style TE
– Smaller side for a TE
– A lot of free releases in Washington’s offense
– Can be more physical at the top of routes

Bryant is a great flex option TE that can move around and be a weapon. He is a solid route runner with good athleticism that teams will love to have as tool to use and develop game plans to put him in places to succeed.

Florida Atlantic TE Harrison Bryant

Harrison Bryant – Florida Atlantic 6-5 242

– Versatile receiving skills
– Can play in lines or flexed out
– Shows production after the catch
– Blocks in space/great effort as a blocker in general
– Natural ball skills
– Shows ability to make catches in traffic
– Strong hands

– Was he a product of scheme
– Not a special athlete
– Has some occasional focus drops
– Power is kind of lacking as an extra linemen blocking on the line(effort is there)
– Route running
– Developing his frame and body control to catch the ball at the best point of attack

Bryant shows the skills to be a versatile TE option at the next level. He projects more as a receiving threat and blocker in space on screens than a traditional in line blocker for power run plays. Right system and this kid could be a solid TE for years to come!

Purdue TE Bryce Hopkins

Bryce Hopkins – Purdue 6-4 241

– Smooth and fluid route runner
– Runs a strong route tree
– Shows good cuts on in and Out routes
– Adjust and finds holes in zone
– Tracks ball well
– Great effort and technic as an in-line blocker
– Shows ability to make some tough yards after catch

– Drop rate is concerning
– Overall strength as a blocker
– Struggles to go low for low ball
– Struggled to get open against man

Hopkins needs to show he can catch the ball more consistently at the next level and continue to build strength to handle edge rushers better from a strength side. His route running already is good and what teams will love. Against zone coverage he will find a way to hurt a defense.

LSU TE Thaddeus Moss

Thaddeus Moss – LSU 6-3 225

– Hands and ball skills are amazing
– Natural feel to track the ball
– Catches everything
– Physical at the top of his routes
– Shows power as a blocker to move bodies

– Average overall athlete
– Improve breaking on his cuts
– Lacks separation quickness
– Can be a non factor is knocked off route early

Son of legend Randy Moss. Thaddeus was given the gift of amazing hands like his father. However he did not get the athletic ability and speed like his Dad. This is what will limit Moss at the next level, his athletic ability to get open. He will go up and get balls in the redzone like a center in football and has the ability to catch anything thrown his way, but don’t expect to be getting a Kittle or Kelce with this kid.

Missouri TE Albert Okwuegbunam

Albert Okwuegbunam – Missouri 6-5 255

– Great straight line speed for his size
– 23 of his 98 career catches were TDs
– Physical in the passing game
– Shows good body control
– Should have no issues bullying a nickel corner covering him

– Improve as a blocker and be consistent
– Needs to win more contested catches
– Straight line speed but lacks quickness in cuts
– Struggle to get separation on cut routes

For his size and speed you think wow this kid is something else. Last year he was considered a potential 1st round pick and first TE off the board this year but how things can change. He turned head with an impressive 40 at the combine showing his straight line speed but we see his struggle in his cuts though. He needs to improve as a blocker for his size and strength to be on the field at all times. He can be a threat down the field if a LB sleeps on his speed though.

Stanford TE Colby Parkinson

Colby Parkinson – Stanford 6-7 251

– Huge catch radius
– Tracks ball well
– Good hands
– Seam busting ability
– Lines up everywhere
– Strong perimeter blocker

– Did not work much in-line and does project the best as a run blocker
– Release out of stand is gradual and needs to gear up to speed
– Needs to be more physical against man coverage
– Not dangerous post catch
– Still room to grow as a route runner

Parkinson will line up anywhere for a team and has the catch radius and hands a QB can trust throwing the ball too. He is athletic enough to get open in his routes but more development will aid him to be a true threat. He needs to work in his blocking technique to be a threat there as well on the line.

Arkansas TE Cheyenne O’Grady

Cheyenne O’Grady – Arkansas 6-4 248

– Natural receiving skills
– Good hands
– Adjust well
– Alpha dog at the point of attack to catch ball
– Strong after the catch
– Strong and tough

– Off the field issues (3 suspensions)
– Dismissed from team
– Develop more as a route runner
– Good but still needs to develop and as blocker

Grady might be one of the most talented pass catching TE in this class and could be a steal. A team must feel good about his off the field issues and that he will not be a problem in the future.

Oregon TE Jake Breeland

Jacob Breeland – Oregon 6-5 250

– Shows ability to flex all over
– Good instincts and foot all IQ
– Finds holes in zone
– Good catch radius and good hands
– Can be a redzone threat

– Average athlete
– Average route runner
– Blocking can improve
– Has dealt with some injuries

Breeland is an average athlete that some defense could sleep on as a threat and that’s when he can hurt a team the most. He has good hands and a big catch radius allowing him to be a safe check down option.

Cincinnati TE Josiah Deguara

Josiah Deguara – Cincinnati 6-3 257

– Can line up inside or outside
– Early acceleration
– Good route timing
– Good hands and ball skills
– Can be a true treat as a receiver
– Effective blocker in space

– One season of meaningful production
– Improve as a blocker on the line
– More consistent in contested catches
– Attack the ball more in the air

Asiasi is a good flex option who has strong hands and athletic ability to be a good weapon for a team. He needs to improve on blocking technique to be a full time starter but can be a good weapon on a pass heavy team.

LSU TE Stephen Sullivan

Stephen Sullivan – LSU 6-5 248

– Huge catch radius
– Adjust to ball and good hands
– Shows good Juice
– Selfless player
– Played slot of games

– Improve on cuts to gain more separation
– Blocking
– Play strength is not there

Sullivan is not the LSU TE everyone is talking about but is not one to be slept on. His is a good athlete for the position with a big catch radius and good hands. He is still developing but could be a real threat developed correctly.

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

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2020 Top 50 IDP Rankings

2020 Top 50 IDP Rankings
Chris Robin https://twitter.com/DetroitBeastie

When it comes to fantasy football there’s a lot to learn. First and foremost it should be fun. Playing with family friends, making fun of each other with some crazy betting.

How many of you reading like a good challenge? How many of you play in an individual defensive player (IDP) league? How many of you have always wanted in on an IDP league?

Sorry for all the questions but there’s a method to my madness. If you really want to challenge yourself get involved in an IDP fantasy league! It ups the ante with strategy and ways to run your team!

If you missed our 2020 Breakout Candidates check it our here! https://www.dfscheatsheet.com/2020-massive-fantasy-football-breakouts/nfl/04/

Listed below is my personal top 100 IDP rankings for 2020!

Indianapolis Colts LB Darius Leonard

1. Darius Leonard LB IND
2. Bobby Wagner LB SEA
3. Blake Martinez LB NYG
4. Cory Littleton LB LAR
5. Tremaine Edmunds LB BUF
6. Joe Schobert LB CLE
7. T.J. Watt LB PIT
8. Aaron Donald DL LAR
9. Jordan Hicks LB ARZ
10. Jamal Adams DB NYJ
11. Chandler Jones LB ARZ
12. Danielle Hunter DL MIN
13. Jaylon Smith LB DAL

Tampa Bay Buccaneers LB Shaquil Barrett

14. Shaquil Barrett LB TB
15. Budda Baker DB ARZ
16. Deion Jones LB ATL
17. Eric Reid DB CAR
18. Lavonte David LB TB
19. Myles Garrett DL CLE
20. Landon Collins DB WSH
21. Fred Warner LB SF
22. Cameron Jordan DL NO
23. Jordan Poyer DB BUF
24. Derwin James LAC
25. Zach Cunningham LB HOU
26. Devin Bush LB PIT
27. Cameron Heyward DL PIT
28. K.J. Wright LB SEA
29. Devin White LB TB
30. J.J. Watt DL HOU
31. Joey Bosa DL LAC
32. DeMario Davis LB NO
33. C.J. Mosley LB NYJ
34. Bud Dupree LB PIT
35. Shawn Williams DB CIN
36. De’Vondre Campbell LB ATL
37. Harrison Smith DB MIN

New Orleans Saints DB Vonn Bell

38. Vonn Bell DB NO
39. Carlos Dunlap DL CIN
40. DeForest Buckner DL IND
41. Jerome Baker LB MIA
42. Za’Darius Smith LB GB
43. Eric Kendricks LB MIN
44. Minkah Fitzpatrick DB MIA
45. Dante Fowler Jr. LB ATL
46. Tracy Walker DB DET
47. Logan Ryan DB TEN
48. Maxx Crosby DL OAK
49. Jamie Collins LB DET
50. Nick Bosa DL SF

Las Vegas Raiders DE Maxx Crosby

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

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Hang here for my 2020 IDP Deep Dive tomorrow! It’ll be an in-depth look at over 100 individual defensive players!

2020 MLB Prospect Deep Dive

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times! There is something special about dynasty baseball. You are able to plan ahead and come up with your own rankings or projections.

I’ve been playing fantasy sports for years now. Nothing has compared to dynasty baseball. Its weird to be reading magazines or articles talking about a 17 or 18 year old kid from the Dominican Republic.

We all have our ways. Our own draft strategies. Our own rankings. Our own way of doing research. When it comes to the next crop of Major League talent we all have our rankings. It’s all based on team need and what you’re planning for.

Ahead is my personal top 30 list of young talent and first year players. Recently added to your player pool. Unless your league does an off book draft or add/drop process some of these kids may be unknown. Some not so much if you follow the MLB draft. Keep in mind these players are in no particular order and players from my own personal player pool. There will be a few doubles from the previous article but not many.

The long awaited sequel to 2020 Closest to the Show article comes 2020 First Year Player Deep Dive! 


Jasson Dominguez OF-New York Yankees

Kid is a phenom and hold a ton of trade value!

Andrew Vaughn 1B-Chicago White Sox

20+ home runs a season isn’t a pipe dream. Hopefully he can tweak his swing, if so sky’s the limit!

Riley Greene OF-Detroit Tigers

Has a real chance to develop some plus power. That mixed with his speed is a deadly combo.

Corbin Carroll OF-Arizona Diamondbacks

Corbin can hammer a baseball and boy is he fast!

CJ Abrams SS-San Diego Padres

Might be the fastest kid on this list! San Diego isn’t scared to promote young talent.

Adley Rutschman C-Baltimore Orioles

#1 overall pick and a stud on defense. What more can I say?

Bobby Witt Jr. SS-Kansas City Royals

Bobby keeps going and going. He’s like the energizer bunny!

Nick Lodolo LHP-Cincinnati Reds

Nick will advance through the Reds minor league system fast.

JJ Bleday OF-Miami Marlins

Has an odd swing but the power will come.

Josh Jung 3B-Texas Rangers

Can make contact but not sold on his power.

Robert Puason SS-Oakland Athletics

Has top ten short stop potential.

Shogo Akiyama OF-Cincinnati Reds

Lead off hitter, should be on base a whole lot.

Luis Rodriguez OF-Los Angeles Dodgers

Not fast but he is huge. Power is his game!

Erick Pena SS-Kansas City Royals

Loaded with tools and a step better then Pauson.

Matt Allan RHP-New York Mets

The Mets know how to develop pitching! Buy buy buy.

Alex Manoah RHP-Toronto Blue Jays

Alex is big and strong and will have no issue getting through the minors.

Gregg Jones SS-Tampa Bay Rays

Maybe I spoke too soon with Abrams and his quickness. Jones is also quite fast!

Brett Baty 3B-New York Mets

Your prototypical big power a lot of strikeouts kind of kid.

Michael Toglia 1B-Colorado Rockies

Major power and that plays well in Colorado!

George Kirby RHP-Seattle Mariners

Kirby struck out 25 batters in his first 25 innings of pro ball without issuing a walk. Oh boy!

Will Wilson SS-San Francisco Giants

Very good on the base paths but strikes out a ton.

Braden Shewmake SS-Atlanta Braves

Hitter with nice pop and great speed. Sign me up!

Hunter Bishop OF-San Francisco Giants

Very athletic kid who knows how to take a walk.

Gunnar Henderson SS-Baltimore Orioles

Great size with both power and speed. Still a lot of development to be done.

Hudson Head OF-San Diego Padres

Very nice set of tools but a lot of development ahead.

Brennan Malone RHP-Pittsburgh Pirates

Great arm but has already been traded. Do you trust the Pirates here?

Michael Busch 2B-Los Angeles Dodgers

Excellent at getting on base, defense is his issue.

Jackson Rutledge RHP-Washington Nationals

Great arm with an odd delivery. May be better suited in a relief role.

Quinn Priester RHP-Pittsburgh Pirates

Solid stuff with great control. Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments? Leave one here or find me at DFScheatsheet.com On FaceBook @ Chris Robin Or on Twitter @dfscheatsheet1 Or my personal Twitter @DetroitBeastie


2020 MLB Closest to the Show!

The 2020 MLB season excitement is building! Along with that comes all the prospect madness! I’m going to mention 30+ prospects along with what they should morph into long term!

I’m so excited about the rookies and prospects this season! More so then I can ever remember! As a long time fantasy baseball player I don’t have to stress the importance of rookies and prospects.

If you’re playing in a redraft league or a dynasty pay attention.

If you’re in “win-now’ mode pay attention.

If you’re in a keeper or dynasty league pay attention.

Over the years I have found dynasty baseball to be the most fun. You’re able to plan long term and really follow the careers of the ball players. The trades you make become more important and have significantly more meaning. You’re also free to come up with a system or a way to run your own franchise!

In an earlier article we listed our top 100 prospects. That list was solely based on talent. This list is based on both talent and opportunity.

Keep it here for a look into another handful of kids outside and around the top 100! A deep dive!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is lr.jpg

Luis Robert OF-Chicago White Sox

Luis has burned through three levels of pro ball. FAST! Just like soon to be major league brother Eloy Jimenez did. Repeated 30-30 seasons isn’t an exaggeration! He may struggle with strikeouts early on hurting his batting average but the stud benefits far outweigh the risks!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is jl.jpg

Jesus Luzardo LHP-Oakland Athletics

Luzardo has a phenomenal 3 pitch arsenal! Seeing some late season MLB action its clear he’s an ace! Jesus has already had TJ surgery but with his pitches and work ethic it doesn’t scare me. He has #1 SP written all over him!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is gl.jpg

Gavin Lux 2B-Los Angeles Dodgers

Gavin has absolutely torched Double-A and Triple-A pitching! The LA Dodgers are loaded with infield talent seeing how Max Muncy & Corey Seager are currently starting in both positions Lux plays. The Dodgers will no doubt find a spot for him. He has 20+ steal potential along with 20+ homerun aspirations.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is joa.jpg

Jo Adell OF-Los Angeles Angels

Most people are penciling him in the big league roster this season. Not so fast! He’s only 20 and wailed on Double-A pitching but struggled in Triple-A. He has juicy raw talent and could benefit by sticking in Triple-A to start the season. Once he hits his stride and joins the Angels watch the fireworks fly!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wf.jpg

Wander Franco OF-Tampa Bay Rays

By now most of us know Franco is still a teenager. It’s mind blowing what he’s already done in Double-A. Wander has elite contact skills and pitch recognition. It’s almost too good to be true. If he picks up where he left off last season the Rays may call upon him sooner rather then laters.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ns.jpg

Nick Solak 3B/2B-Texas Rangers

Right now Tampa is overflowing with young talent. Nick was blocked and after being trade to Texas and was able to show us what he’s about. His defense isn’t the greatest but he has great speed and is a safe bet long term.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ck.jpg

Carter Kieboom SS-Washington Nationals

With Rendon leaving for LAA Carter is now the Nat’s starting third baseman. Kieboom needs to show more plate discipline and hoping that will bring along his power.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mk.jpg

Mitch Keller RHP-Pittsburgh Pirates

Mitch is what we call a, “post hype prospect.” He has good command and should be a solid 2 or 3 SP in the Pirates rotation. His K/BB suggests he’s still a top prospect and who knows? Maybe you can get him at a discount.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bmc.jpg

Brendan McKay LHP-Tampa Bay Rays

Should be an above average starter and there is potential for more. He has a shot to make the rotation this spring while giving up on being a hitter. For now…

Austin Hays OF-Baltimore Orioles

Hays had an awesome September and will get a long good look this spring. 20 home run potential with around .250 BA.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ajp.jpg

AJ Puk LHP-Oakland Athletics

Tommy John surgery scares people away from adding young prospects. AJ actually pitched in four different levels of pro ball last year. His fastball and slider are outstanding and as it stands now a role in the bullpen may be his place until a spot opens up. Fear not, Puk will take on a major role for the A’s in no time!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sm.jpg

Sean Murphy C-Oakland Athletics

Due to an injury he missed out on significant at bats last season. Sean will be given all the opportunities to make the Opening Day roster. Worst case he splits time at catcher and sees around 200-250 at bats this season. Long term .250 – .260 batting average with home-runs in the high teens.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is brod.jpg

Brendan Rodgers 2B-Colorado Rockies

Still on prospect lists, a torn labrum last season hindered his development and only 81 at bats. He a perfect fit for the middle infield and an above average batting average.

Michael Kopech RHP-Chicago White Sox

Another TJ prospect pitcher. Was throwing 100 mph in the Arizona Fall Instructional League and is on track to see the Majors this season. Kopech has top of the rotation type stuff. Has a slight issue with walks but the Sox will limit his innings this season and tread with caution. The best is yet to come with Michael!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cm.jpg

Casey Mize RHP-Detroit Tigers

2018 number pick has all of Detroit excited! Casey has plus command and an arsenal of plus plus pitches! He did spend some time on the IR last season due to shoulder fatigue. Injury and service time are the only two things holding him back. Mize will be in the Majors this season no doubt!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dm.jpg

Dustin May RHP-Los Angeles Dodgers

May is a ground ball pitcher and made his debut last season as both a starter and reliever. His stuff carried over well to the Majors last season. He’s a middle of the rotation pitcher and could just eat up innings for the Dodgers.

Brett Honeywell Jr. RHP-Tampa Bay Rays

Brett was a top pitching prospect but has missed the last two seasons due to Tommy John surgery. Hes had fantastic command and multiple plus pitches. He needs to stay healthy to make the leap. Now is the chance to grab him cheap.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is np.jpg

Nate Pearson RHP-Toronto Blue Jays

Made three starts in Triple-A last year and it’s a safe bet that is where he returns. Nate is a towering 6’6 with an outstanding fast ball. The Blue Jays sure could use him in their rotation even though a long relief role seems more suitable.

Forrest Whitley RHP-Houston Astros

Has a very high ceiling but his command completely disappeared in Triple-A last season. Forrest has top of the line stuff but there are some major issues to work out before a call up.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ab.jpg

Alec Bohm 3B-Philadelphia Phillies

Alex showed great base running and awesome power throughout three different pro levels last season. Will no doubt start the season in Triple-A but a promotion is in the cards for Bohm. He shows power, patience and speed and may have to move to 1B. With such great skills at the plate his defense can be tolerated.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mm.jpg

Matt Manning RHP-Detroit Tigers

Matt has struck out more than a batter per inning but has only pitched in Double-A. The Tigers are being cautious with his development and rightfully so. Manning and Mize are the future for the Detroit Tigers!

Joey Bart C-San Francisco Giants

Whats odd to me is the fact Joey will be 23 at the start of the 2020 season and has less 100 at bats at the Double-A level. He has great raw power and is fantastic defensively. His value right is limited due to his limited AB’s. Buster Posey’s contract is up in 2021. Is the Giants plan?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sss.jpg

Sixto Sanchez RHP-Miami Marlins

The Marlins top pitching prospect will be 21 to start the season. Sixto does have an injury history which limited him to only High-A and Double-A last season. Sanchez has top of the rotation pitches. There is no doubt about his future!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dc.jpg

Dylan Carlson OF-St. Louis Cardinals

Dylan is an above average switch hitter but did very well from the left side in 2019. He’s a good athlete and his defense in center field is fantastic. He wails on left handed pitching and will no doubt be part of the Cards plan this season.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is kh.jpg

Ke’Bryan Hayes 3B-Pittsburgh Pirates

Hayes has a nice combo of speed and power. Projected to be a 15+ home run and 15+ steals a year guy. Also a solid OBP and batting average contributor, Ke’Bryan is the Pirates future starting third baseman.

Ian Anderson RHP-Atlanta Braves

Has three or four plus pitches but struggled with control and command late last season in Triple-A. Ian will pitch with the big league team this season but in what role? His command will answer that for us.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cpp.jpg

Christian Pache OF-Atlanta Braves

Pache defensive abilities is what have made him stand up. Not to mention his speed and improving power. Last season his contact carried over when he was moved up to Triple-A. Christian can play all three outfield spots and that will be his calling card when promoted to the majors.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is jk.jpg

Jarred Kelenic OF-Seattle Mariners

There is a clear path for him in Seattle. The Mariners ripped off the Mets when they traded Cano. At this point its not close. Jarred did very well last season in Double-A and look for more of the same in Triple-A. Kelenic is your prototypical centerfielder. He’s disciplined at the plate and carries legit 20+ homerun, .280 average and 10-15 steal potential.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mg.jpg

MacKenzie Gore LHP-San Diego Padres

Gore is only 20 years old and only has five games above Double-A. He’s a left handed pitcher with a variety of plus pitches and more than one K an inning. As we’ve seen recently the Padres have no problem advancing their young talent.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is aav.jpg

Andrew Vaughn 1B-Chicago White Sox

Listen, so far its been very hard for me to keep my opinion to myself. That ends now with Vaughn. He has 30 homerun, 80-90 walk and a .300 batting average written all over him! He’s a first baseman through and through. Only 21 years old, sky is the limit for him. Get excited Sox fans, get excited!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is nm.jpg

Nick Madigral 2B-Chicago White Sox

Nick has well above average speed and uses it! With a massive baseball IQ and a pair of the best hands in the minors, Madigral has a chance to become a .300+ hitter along with a ton of steals. Onlu knock is his size but thats worked out well for Altuve. Get excited Sox fans, get excited!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is vb.jpg

Vidal Brujan 2B-Tampa Bay Rays

Brujans skill set should make him a main stay at 2nd base in Tampa. He’s a switch hitter to drives the ball all over the park. 55 steals in 2018 and 48 steals in 2019 makes him a monster on the base path. Vidal has the skill set to be a top of the order hitter in Tampa for years to come!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ew.jpg

Evan White 1B-Seattle Mariners

White and his defense what makes him so inciting at first base. Evan has the ability to hit for power and and make a ton of contact. White has all the making of a top 10 first baseman for years to come.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is aar.jpg

Adley Rutschman C-Baltimore Orioles

The number one overall pick in last years draft has all the tools to be a stone cold stud. What really sticks out is he defense behind the plate. Adley is the cornerstone of Baltimores future but no way we seem in the big leagues this year.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bww.jpg

Bobby Witt Jr. SS-Kansas City Royals

A very toolsy player, Bobby has great hands but may struggle with batting average. He is fast and aggressive on the basepaths and has legitimate 20-20 potential.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is jr.jpg

Julio Rodriguez OF-Seattle Mariners

Will hit for both power and average and has not tapped into his raw power yet. Speed isn’t a part of his game but moves well for a 6’4 225lb kid.

Taylor Trammel OF-San Diego Padres

Traded last season to the Padres may have been a blessing in disguise! He is athletic and fast, two important pieces for a centerfielder. He is an .363 OBP and knack for walks lets us know he puts pressure on defenses. If he can tap into more power San Diego may have an above average outfielder for years to come!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is rl.jpg

Royce Lewis SS-Minnesota Twins

The number one overall pick in 2017 had some major struggles last season while playing in Double-A again. He did have oblique injury and some of his mechanics were called into question last season. Look for Royce to come out of the gate fast this season putting confidence and optimism back into the Twins!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is aak.jpg

Alex Kirilloff OF-Minnesota Twins

Alex was touted as a lock for success in the Majors. Last season he played the worst ball in his young professional career. He has shown ability to make contact and hit for average. Jump on him now before he finds that skill set that made him a stud!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is edc.jpg

Edward Cabrera SP-Miami Marlins

Edward and Sixto should be fixtures in the Marlins rotation for years to come. Edward has a shot at pitching a few innings with the big club this season. Then we will see what he’s about!

Thank you for reading! Stay with me as I get into a handful of kids outside or around the top 100! Deep dive!

Any questions or comments?

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Again, any draft questions or prospect inquires please reach out!