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Take Me Now!

Take Me Now 7/9/2020 Ben Anderson With Raheem Mostert wanting out of San Francisco, let’s dive in and discuss some trade scenarios that best fit his needs. #1 Will he start? Currently, almost every team in the NFL has a starting running back or is pretty much running back by committee. However, that doesn’t mean (more…)

IDP vs. Offensive Trade Values

IDP vs. Offensive Trade Values 7/7/20 Chris Robin Some of our best ideas aren’t always our own. If you surround yourself with positive like minded people the only options are to learn and grow. You are the company you keep. When you’re in a situation or have a platform such as this to provide content (more…)

Fantasy Stuffed Games in 2020

Fantasy Stuffed Games in 2020 7/5/2020 Chris Robin We’re not quite into the dog days of summer yet, but close enough! I’d like to keep it strictly business and just about fantasy football but we all know that’s tough. Not how I operate! We got word early this week about baseball resuming with, “summer camps” (more…)