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Ben Anderson

With the Major League baseball season drawing close each and every day, the only thing we know for a fact, is there is supposed to be a 60 game schedule. I want to discuss the top five prospects that could dominate while helping their club to the playoffs and turn a 60 stretch into a summer they’ll never forget.

#1 Nathan Pearson

Toronto Blue Jays SP prospect Nate Peterson

The Blue Jays Intrigue me in this format, they’re loaded full of youngsters (Vlad Jr, Biggio, and Bichette) that if they get hot at the right time their offense could make some noise. Now the issue is they can’t pitch, but if they give Pearson a call-up and he’s able to pitch like the number 8 prospect in baseball like he is watch out AL east.

#2 Ian Anderson

Atlanta Braves pitcher Ian Anderson

The Braves are in a completely different class then the Blue Jays as they’re already out of their rebuild and have won back to back NL east championships. However, with that said Atlanta has lost Felix Hernandez (Opt-out COVID-19) and potentially Cole Hamels (shoulder/elbow). Anderson has Filthy stuff and could be a force once he gets called up.

#3 MacKenzie Gore

San Diego Padres pitching prospect MacKenzie Gore

Much like the Toronto Blue Jays, the San Diego Padres offense is in a position to win now, but they lack starting pitching. Now if McKenzie Gore wins a job out of camp or even coming up in two weeks after the season starts and he looks good the San Diego Padres should make thing s very interesting come playoff time.

#4 Seattle and their big 5

Seattle Mariners OF prospect Julio Rodriguez

Yes I am aware Seattle is a big mess, but if ownership decides to say screw it, it’s only 60 games and play all their young players ( Kelenic, Rodriguez, Gibert, White, and Kirby ) look out the Mariners.

Seattle Mariners OF prospect Jarred Kelenic

#5 Wander Franco

Tampa Bay Rays stud SS prospect Wander Franco

Tampa is already one of the favorites to win the World Series in this short format, so what else could they do, yep you guessed it call up the best prospect in baseball. What could be more exciting than watching a guy who could give you 15 and 20 in a 60 game season come out and dominate in a short period time?

So in 60 games a lot can happen, a lot of good, bad, and a whole lot of controversy, but one thing we can all agree on is we’re ready, but are they?

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