Four Square Anyone?
Chris Robin

It has been five days since my last message to all of you. A lot has happened in that tiny amount of time. I wanted to write! I wanted to check in! I also wanted to do nothing. In the spirit of being honest, I haven’t done much.

Optimism and positive behavior have long been my normal attitudes. I think you know what I’m going to say next. I’ve gained 10 pounds and my cat, Beastie, has gained 5 pounds.

My cat Beastie.

What if much doesn’t change and we’re looking at our new normal? That would be awful but we need to start planning ahead. I have a fantastic list of other real life ideas I would love to pursue. You’re more then welcome come along!

Lets say we wake up tomorrow morning and there is a Death Star in the sky? First reaction? Heck yeah! Long term prognosis? Oh no! I’m a huge Star Wars fan so to be fair, I would welcome the Death Star. At this point could it get any worse? The Dark Side has always had a plan. They go to the ends of the galaxy to restore order to the universe. Storm Troopers marching up and down our streets could have some positive results! General Grievous could occupy California while Darth Maul would control the East coast. Seeing how Jabba the Hut loves sand lets give him Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. Yay or nay? Lets keep it moving!

Darth Vader and the Death Star.

Moving along, imagine that artificial intelligence rises up and we finally get flying cars? Step outside, call an Uber and Bruce Willis picks you up in his cab! With A.I. in full swing we would then be able to stay home and send our robot bodies out! Imagine that! I’ve thought about this one in length and this idea is a combo of the Fifth Element mixed with both Surrogates and Die Hard. We are all home eating and laying around while our robot bodies are out enjoying themselves. Seems like a success. Not too much of the Die Hard angle in this one but it’s a personal favorite of mine and I’m allowed to add it! “Now I have a machine gun ho-ho-ho”

Do you really need a caption?

Sold yet? If not, check this out! I’ve seen a ton of Mad Max road warrior discussions lately. Lets explore! Given the current state of affairs in the United States this thought may be more realistic then the first two. I’m a dreamer! What can I say? I’d be willing to bet most of you reading this are as weird as me. Plus, I’m sure you’ve seen these movies and know what I’m referring to. In my mind I see this concept going down a tad different. Limited leather, little to no spikes and defiantly no motorcycles. Just a bunch of Millennials in sweat pants, riding scooters and hover boards looking for iced coffee.

It’s about to get tough for these kids.

My next thought came to me after watching a news story late last week. Our United States Surgeon General reached out to one of the Kardashian sisters. Jerome Adams made a request asking Kylie Jenner to send out a video on social media asking people to stay home. My first thought? I should keep that to myself. What I will tell you is the idea it sparked. In our new society we will all be home, so why can’t we all be social media influencers? From what I understand a lot of these people are using green screens and photo shopping their experiences anyways! I will admit, this isn’t my best work but it fit’s the mold of the article. There are times when I feel like an 80 year old get off my lawn kind of guy. This is one of those times. Social media influencer? I have no words.

Lets explore my next idea! As you all know professional sports have been suspended. It’s been a huge hit but I understand why. I haven’t heard anybody mention other sports that we could play? Or other activities we could bet on! How many of you have heard of 4 square? A game played out back on concrete. Consists of a dodge ball, a stick of chalk and four players. The King serves and you battle to become royalty! Imagine a professional Four Square league! Or seeing it adding in Vegas with odds! I’d call in the P4SL!

Four square!

What about competitive grocery shopping? My first thought was Super Market Sweep, it’s already been done. Not so fast! Imagine four shoppers given a cart and letting them loose for toilet paper, hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes. Anything goes! By any means necessary! Picture The Running Man with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The shoppers are alone in the store while its broadcasted to millions of us stuck at home! Armed “stalkers” are sent in to make the shopping even more crazy!

Being sent into the grocery store.

In the end its nice to float away from time to time and get your mind off all the current events. Obviously all these ideas are for entertainment purposes. I want no harm to come to anybody. Actually, I want to see all of you happy and healthy. I’m of the firm belief that helping others succeed is a huge cog in personal acceptance and happiness. Some of us are experiencing fear and unhappiness right now. Reach out to your loved ones, neighbors and even a stranger in passing and say hello. Tell those who you love exactly how you feel. Leave nothing unsaid.

Stay safe and talk soon!

Chris Robin

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