PGA Core Plays
March 13th, 2019
By Jeremy Sarina

First and foremost I want to get in to a couple of different ways to use this article.  Playing in GPP’s one cannot simply just throw a bunch of darts against the board and try to take down a big tournament.  The biggest misconception is that one can simply deposit a “Cool G” and just randomly throw in 150 lineups and take down a tournament.

Cascade – The cascade strategy is something I have used since I began playing DFS.  Build a lineup from a core and for each consecutive build switch out one player. How you switch is important.  Are you switching from the entire pool? No! Building a player pool and a core prior to building your lineups is crucial if you’re going to have a chance at taking down a GPP. My method is replacing straight from my condensed pool.  (Side note: Our optimizer is built exactly this way. Utilizing the like and lock feature you can like 25 players and then lock a core from that group and then optimize lineups around that core, using only players from your player pool – (No mistake in programming there!)

Next week I will get into another method by which we can utilize while using a core of players to start your builds. For the purposes of this article this week. I’ll give you four players to build your lineups around.

Doing my research this week there are a handful of players that keep popping up.  I will give you a few below as a core, and then you will need to check my player pool out later this evening to find the rest.

Xander Schauffele: ($11,000FD – $9,000DK). Let’s start checking off boxes.  7th in bogey avoidance, this is key for me this week with so many grenades lurking on the course and water galore. 4th in Par 5 Scoring. 7th in strokes gained putting.  Xander is a Top 10 guy in three out of five of my most meaningful research categories.  Xander is 1/1 in cuts made and finished 2nd last year.  Im not huge on Course History this week, simply because this tournament has now moved back to March from May. Different conditions equal a different course.

Matt Kuchar: ($10,000FD – $8,000DK). Matt Kuchar is ranked in the Top 30 in just about every statistical category that matters.  Forget about all the controversy with not paying the caddy then paying the caddy, Kuchar is ranked 22nd in the world, he has two recent wins, and like I said, Top 30 in almost every meaningful category.  Kooooch gives us a solid floor with upside, he’s won this event before, 2012.  Kuchar is eight for eight in cuts made and I look for him to be lurking around the top come Sunday.

Si Woo Kim: ($9,700FD – $7700FD). SWK is just outside of the Top 50 players in the world, ranked 54th. However, lets look into some research stats, starting with Pete Dye Courses.  SWK is 4th behind the likes of Jason Day, Dustin Johnson and Matt Kuchar in SG on Pet Dye courses since 2014 at 2.639.  Looking at SG on the green, Kim is 7th, 24th in SG Putting and 19th in SG – Par 5 Scoring. SWK has made 8 of his last 11 cuts, missing the cut last week. I look for lower ownership here on Kim and the salary doesn’t kill us and allows us to go after a Top 5 salaried player. One last thing, SWK Won this event in 2017, he followed it up by finishing 63rd last year, but, his first appearance in 2016 he finished 23rd.

This three man core will allow you to do a whole bunch of things. Including paying up for DJ if you want to, or plugging in three players in the $9500 – $10,500 range. Make sure to check back later this afternoon to see who I have in my Player Pool. 

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