NBA Value Street
By Dylan Thompson

NBA Value Street


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What’s going on money team?! Well if you didn’t read my article yesterday you truly missed out, there were some serious value smashers! Let’s get into it today!

Yesterday’s value smashers

Carter Williams 7.5X

Ross 6.1X

Point Guard
Jeff Teague

If Trey Young is sidelined again, this dude is an absolute lock. At $3800 he could absolutely smash value today. He returned 5X value in his start last night against Washington, and today could be far better. He touched the ball 63 times last night and with going against a Memphis team today those numbers should stay around the same. Memphis is ranked 16th dvp, and Teague we all know can play, and play hard.

Also look at Murray. He’s $6500 on fanduel, but I’m tellin you guys, he’s smashing tonight!

Shooting Guard
Dillon Brooks

The kid has definitely stepped up with all the injuries the grizzlies are dealing with. We know Memphis is hanging on for dear life to any hopes of a playoff run, so you know he is going to continue to play his heart out. Atlanta is 29th in the league when it comes to giving up ffpg to shooting guards, and if Young is still out, that number drops. He returned 5.3X against Dallas who has a far better dvp ranking, so at a price of $4800 look for a good return tonight.

Also look at McRae

Small Forward
Kyle Anderson

I think this is the best value on the slate tonight. To most people tonight, this could be a volatile play, but I love it. His usage rate is only at 14% on the season, but Memphis continues to be plagued with injuries in the front court which gives him a huge boost. His price is only $4200 which is perfectly fine for me. Atlanta has a dvp ranking of 29th as well, so I don’t see how you don’t lock this guy in. The fantasy production hasn’t been ideal recently, but against a struggling Hawks defense, I see 6X at least tonight.

Also look at Osman

Power Forward
Nemanja Bjelica

Holmes may return today or tomorrow, but I don’t see this effecting Bjelica much. He has been on a statistical fall as of recent, but tonight should be a productive night. Portland is dead last in defensive efficiency against power forwards. Definitely a bounce back spot here, and I think fanduel sees it this way as well with his price climbing to $4800, and I want to be the one to have him in my lineup when he goes off.

Gorgui Dieng

I know I have spoke a lot about the injuries in Memphis recently, but that is what value Street is all about. Taking advantage of players that get extended run due to injuries. We all know how well this young man played earlier in the season, and still continues to play. His price tag comes in at $5000, and he should definitely see some extended minutes in tonight’s match up. Atlanta simply does not play defense whatsoever, and that is an ideal situation for any Dfs player to target. As long as he gets the minutes tonight, this guy is an absolute lock for me. I can see a possible 6X return tonight, and possibly help take down a tournament.

If you have any questions or would like updated value please closer to lock, feel free to hit me up on the Discord app and I will gladly answer your questions. Good luck tonight and please play responsibly!

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