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By Dylan Thompson

NBA Value Street



What’s up money team?! Today looks like a super fun slate, with tons of value to keep up with. Not a problem for us if you’re part of the team, because you know we know where to find it. Let’s get things started.

PG Derrick White

There’s a reason why this kids price is climbing, he’s been on fire. Producing at least 6X in 4 out of his last 5 games. He will be up against an Orlando team that’s middle of the pack in giving up fantasy points to point guards, which is perfect for us. It will be a slow paced game which might scare some people off and give us the edge with low ownership, so I’m taking that risk.

SG Gary Trent

On one of the highest implied totals of the night, and facing one of the worst dvp teams in the league, how can u not like this play. Coming off of a game where he produced 6.6 X, I can definitely see you tonight being close to a repeat performance if not better. His price tag is inflated because of that performance, at $4400 but it’s not enough for me to not play him. Especially if you’re looking for some salary relief.

SF De’Andre Hunter

Right back to the well today! Portland is pretty good at defending the position, but I see tons of points being scored in this game. This young man has been solid as of recently, and I am definitely taking advantage of the situation. In six out of his last seven performances he has reached at least 6X return, with one of those games being an 11 X return. Lock and load this guy in your lineup and go ahead and move on.

PF Dario Saric

We all know what happens when teams play the Golden State Warriors this season, they simply ball out. Saric’s price is at $3800 and he has been starting the past few games. More minutes equals more fantasy production opportunity, and this is definitely one spot we need to pay attention to you. He will be going against Green, Who we all know is a bully and a good defender, but I can definitely see at least a 5X return tonight for this guy.

C JaVale McGee

As usual he will probably be splitting minutes with Howard, so I won’t be looking for a huge return from him but I do see at least a 5X return on the night. If Howard gets the start, our guy will not have to worry about being boxed out by Valanciunas, and I don’t think Memphis has anybody off of their bench that can match up. At a price tag of $3600, this is definitely a salary relief play for me if it comes down to that when completing my lineup.

Also look at Whiteside. This is a value Street article so I did not put him at my center position but I do see him getting at least 6X return tonight.

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