GPP Core Plays
March 8th, 2019
Article by : J Grand  Twitter: @Dfsluxurysports IG: @Dfsluxurysports

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Thank goodness we all hopefully survived a brutal 2 game slate last night with very few options. Tonight
offers a 9 game slate and I see lots of chalk and lots pivots! So let’s not waste time let’s dig into it.

PG- Chalk: S.Curry ($9100 on FD and $9000 on DK) Pivot: D.J. Augustin ($5100 FD and $4500 DK)
Curry will be facing the Nuggets tonight in what should be a high paced run and gun game. Curry will be about 24% owned in major tournaments. If your looking to save some serious cash I like D.J. Augustin facing the Mavericks. They are 20th vs the position and all my projections have him at just 1.0% owned tonight! I can see him having a 28-30 point fantasy night.
SG- Chalk: B. Beal ($10500 on FD and $9500 on DK) Pivot J. Lamb ($6600 on FD and $5600 on DK)
Beal should be the chalk tonight vs the Hornets. Last time they played he had 66 and 46 the game before that (Fantasy points) I expect him to be more owned than Harden…at least he should be. But he’s still pretty expensive especially on FD. The pivot is the other SG right across the court, Lamb. I love targeting the Wizards vs the SG position they are 26th!!! Lamb is had 33 the last time va these guys and I expect a 30-40 point night again.
SF- Chalk: K. Leonard ($9500 on FD and $8900 on DK) Pivot:C. Osman($5800 on FD & $5300 on DK)
Leonard will be facing the pieced together Pelicans. With many injuries and minute restrictions this team is just trying to make it to the off season as soon as possible. Kawhi should have 40+ plus in his sleep if he wanted to. He is pretty pricy though. I’m loving Cedi Osman as my pivot. Last time he faced Miami he had 45 FD points. This guy is never really talked about but has put together lots of strong  fantasy nights and I think tonight he will be 4% owned and can give you 35 points. Lock him in.
PF-Chalk: J. Randle ($9000 on FD and $8200 on DK) Pivot: M. Williams ($5200 on FD & $4400 on DK)
Randle will be chalk. That simple. No Jtrue  Holiday…a limit strictned AD. Randle should hit 50 tonight and play tons of minutes. The pivot is another one I love! Picking on the Wizards again Marvin Williams should ball and be 1.0% owned and he’s $4400 on DK. They are 28th vs the position and PF go nuts vs them,  27 and 34 his last two outings vs the Wiz.
C- Chalk: Jokic ($10900 on FD and $10100 on DK) Pivot: C. Zeller ($5700 on FD and $5300 on DK) 
Jokic vs GS just smells like 20 rebounds cooking! Lots of shots and lots of boards will be grabbed. He’s a lock for 50 or better. Buuuuuttttt as much as I hate to say this the Wizards are horrible in the paint! Cody Zeller has had 33 and 25 his last two times vs the Wizards. He will be 7% owned at best and averages 1 fantasy point per minute! (Shrugs shoulders) the Wizards, Suns, and Hawks are 3 teams I love to see on the board because the are awful at defending so many positions.
* I like E. Payton, L. Kennard, and R. Oneal tonight as well

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