March 21st, 2019
By J Grand – Twitter: Dfsluxurysports IG: Dfsluxurysports


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PG-Chalk: Curry- Pivot: Murray/Rubio
Curry takes on Indy. They are number one va the position but people will chalk him cause there isn’t a lot of top tier options tonight. I have two options to pivot with. Jamal Murray and Ricky Rubio. Murray sees the Wizards and have a 228 total and Rubio gets the Hawks at 226 total. Both should go over 30 fantasy points tonight.

SG-Chalk: Booker- Pivot: Mitchell
Booker has been on a roll and as long as Tyler Johnson is out he’s running point. They are facing a very slow paced Piston team though. I like Mitchell more. He’s cheaper. He had 41 last night in just 3 quarters of actions. I expect 40 or better with 50 point upside vs the Hawks.

SF-Chalk: Parker- Pivot: Ingles
Jabari Parker has went nuts lately. 46 last night and his price has been modest. Tonight people will gravitate to him and the price tag. I’m more on Joe “Cooking Slow” Ingles. He doesn’t appear to do anything to wow you and is always over looked but always is over 30. I’m taking him tonight.

PF-Chalk: Griffin- Pivot: Millsap
Blake vs the Suns. Chalk. Let’s move on. Again I’m targeting the Wizards . Millsap will be facing the 29TH team vs the position. Will be low owned and could hit 40.

C-Chalk: Jokic- Pivot: Drummond
Jokic much like Millsap has a pretty easy match in the paint. The wizards have no answer for the Joker. He’s chalk. Drummond is my pivot. He should absolutely go OFF vs the Suns who are so faced paced. Tons of rebound opportunities and shot blocking. Lock him in.

*KAT, Portis, Harris, Doncic, and R. Jackson are all good options as well.

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