GPP Core Plays
March 18th, 2019
By J Grand
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Hope everyone had a very profitable weekend with the pivots I gave out. If you have been following, they are spot on about 80% of the time. Tonight shouldn’t be any different! Let’s dig into the slate.

PG-Chalk: Curry- Pivot: Rubio
Westbrook is out so tonight’s chalk at PG will be Curry vs the Spurs. My pivot is Rubio tonight vs the Wizards who are horrible at defending positions and we have won tons of cash targeting these guys in the past.

SG- Chalk: Schroder- Pivot: LaVine
Like I stated above Westbrook is out on suspension so Schroder should be the chalk tonight as he will be starting at PG. I love LaVine vs the Suns. They are 21st vs the position. He had 40 last time he faced them.

SF- Chalk: George- Pivot: Knox
PG13 will be Chalk as well do to Westbrook being out, I’m rolling with Knox as my pivot. Kawhi has already been ruled for rest and Knox had 30 last time he seen the Raptors. Very under owned. I like him.

PF-Chalk: Griffin- Pivot: Powell
Blake will be facing the Cavs who can’t defend a paint brush in the paint. Who he will be chalk. I’m rolling with Powell vs the Pelicans. Powell has been doing a great job playing the center spot. I like him tonight to hit at least 31 fan points.

C-Chalk: Drummond- Pivot: Gobert
Drummond vs the Cavs is a easy 55-60 point night in fantasy for the Drum man. He will be chalky, I like Gobert vs the Wizards. I don’t roster Gobert often but tonight is one of the few times he should live up to his price.

*R. Jackson, Hardaway Jr, and Ayton are all options as well.

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