NBA Crush Spot
March 14th, 2019
By Brandon Silvers – @B_Rad_Silvers


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Yesterday’s Results:

Curry- 41.3/4.49×Value
Bradley- 6.75/1.4×Value
Len- 41/7.9×Value

PG- Kyle Lowry($7.7 DK & $8.3K FD) has managed to have a good run since the All Star break. He has averaged 36.6mpg and 42.84fppg. The Lakers have no Defense and are out of the playoffs so watch out for a lot of bench play. Blowout potential is there, but Lowry should reach value.

SG- Brandon Knight($3.5 DK & $4.3k FD) has been a sneaky low owned play all week. Injuries have given him a resurrection and more than plenty of opportunity. Hes averaged 25.3mpg and 26.86fppg. Hes at rock bottom pricing on DK and I will have plenty of him.

SF- Aaron Gordon ($6.5 DK & 7.3K FD) is in a good spot tonight. As long as there isnt a blowout I forsee him getting his season average(34.18fppg) with plenty of upside.

PF- Kevin Love ($8.1 DK & 8.7K FD) is back to full form. The Cavs are down a few big men so Love is nearly a shoo in for a double double any given night. Hes up to almost 30mpg and getting a massive 42.7fppg in his last 5.

C- Marc Gasol($5.9DK & 6.5K FD). With Ibaka out Gasol should get the start. In the 5 games with Toronto as a starter he has averaged 36.25mpg and 39.52fppg. Look for Siakam to get a bit of court exposure as well.

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