MLB Crush Spot
April 2nd, 2019
By Brandon Silvers – @B_Rad_Silvers



Yesterday’s Results

Verlander- 4IP, 4S/O, 4ER=12fpts
Kike- 2 1B, R, RBI=12.7fpts
JD Martinez- 1B= 3fpts
Reddick- 3 1B, 1BB, 1R=15.6fpts

P- Jacob deGrom

In his last start, deGrom went 6 scoreless innings with 10k and only 5 hits and a lovely 58 FD pts. He faces the Marlins, who have the lowest implied run total of 2.9 according to FanDuel Scout.

Highest Implied = 5.45 (NYY)

SS- Arcia

Today Arcia will see a pitcher he has had great success against. When staring down Castillo, Arcia has a career wOBA of .523 with a double and a pair of RBI’s. Overall he is 6-11(.545) and will get you some solid nae hitting.

1B- Jose Abreu

If your looking for a one-off vs Kluber, this is the spot. The veteran has had 50 at bats vs the Ace righty, which is a larger sample than we are used to. At 16-50(.320)Abreu has stacked up 3 doubles, 5HR, 8 runs, and 12 RBI’s with a wOBA of .432.

KC Royals Stack

After a little digging I came upon somethong worth taking note. Gibson struggles vs the Royals. I am listing 4 guys, although its a small sample, that have had success vs one of Minnesota’s best.

O’Hearn- 3-3(1.000) 2D, 2R, RBI
Duda- 3-5(.600), HR, 2R, 3RBI
Mondesi- 5-9(.556) D, HR, R, 3RBI
Gordon- 14-45(.311) 2D, HR, 6R, 5RBI, 6BB

Thanjsks for tuning in to another edition of the Crush Spot and good luck today.


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