MLB Crush Spot
April 2nd, 2019
By Brandon Silvers – @B_Rad_Silvers


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Yesterday’s Results

Clevinger- 7IP, 12K, (37.35)FPTS
Odor-1 Single (3) Fpts
Bell- 2 TBI / HBP (10)Fpts
Yelich- 1 Double/ Run (7) Fpts
Trout- 1 BB/ HBP (4)Fpts

Tonights 10 game slate is not a very exciting one. Lets get into the meat and potatoes.

P: Justin Verlander – In his last start, Verlander went 7IP with 9K’s. While only giving 1 run, and 1 walk earning him the quality start. Verlander is a beast and i look for him to top 40+ points today.

2B: Kike Hernandez – This season is looking very promising. So far hes batting .375 with 2HR/4RBI. In his history vs Bumgarner he has the upper hand. Batting .487(19-39) he is proficient in XBH(5 Doubles, 4HR, 8RBI). Good things coming from Kike.

OF: JD Martinez/ Christian Yelich/ Josh Reddick – Yelich Well at this point its a little redundant, but what do you expect from the raining MVP. A lot of people will be sorry when he really explodes. For now, however; he remains on my list until further notice.

JD Martinez is one of my favorite plays of today’s slate. If you are still in question of this man’s raw talent, quit watching baseball.

Vs Fiers 7/14(.500) 2 Doubles/2HR with a pair of RBI’S wOBA=.660 & ISO=.571

Josh Reddick – Reddick was held out vs Smyly yesterday. I look for him to be back. This will be a sneaky play that im slowly falling in love with. He has been lights out vs Shelby Miller. He is batting .833(5-6) With a Double 3 runs and 2 RBI’s.

These are my recommendations based off of my research. Remember to always play the odds and more importantly GO WITH YOUR GUT!

Good Luck Today!


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