AUGUST 28TH, 2019


Yesterday’s Results
Mikolas- 6IP, 10K, W, QS, ER = 55
Heaney- 6IP, 10K, QS = 52
Pineda- 5IP, 8K, W, ER = 42
Verlander- 5IP, 4K, W = 34
Mookie- BB = 3
Xander- BB, 2B, RBI, 2R, Home Run = 30.9
Devers- 2R, 2 BB = 12.4
McMahon- 2B = 6
Moreland- BB, 2B, RBI, 2R = 18.9

Cash P- Gerrit Cole / Max Scherzer
GPP P- Patrick Sandoval / James Paxton

C/1B- Mike Ford

Ford has a .900 ISO vs Lefties in his 22 at bats. He has hit an impressive 7 extra base hits in this small amount of plate appearances and that includes 6 Home Runs and a Double. He will face Sheffield who has a gigantic ISO of .333 vs left handed batting and a 99 mph exit velocity. Ford has only struck out an impressive 9% while Sheffield averages right around 16% to both sides of thre plate.

Also Consider: Tom Murphy, Paul Goldschmidt

Jason Kipnis

Kipnis is nursing a modest .189 ISO, but don’t be fooled by the veteran second baseman, he can get a hold of one here and drive a ball deep versus Zimmerman who gives up right around .200 ISO to both sides of the plate (.200/.198). He also gives up very similar hard contact right

Also Consider:Jose Altuve, Brock Holt, Ozzie Albies, Asdrubal Cabera

3B- Miguel Sano

Sano has been quietly filling in for Nelson Cruz during his injury. Well folks, they are both in the lineup tonight and Sano has a match-up one cant ignore. His 56% Hard Contact with a 96% Exit Velocity is eye popping considering league averages! He will face the lefty Detwiler who has had a hard time versus both sides of the plate this season with a .275 ISO (L) and .291 ISO (R) that certainly gives Sano’s .341 ISO a boost here.

Also Consider: Giovanny Urshela, Rafael Devers, Anthony Rensdon

SS- Gleyber Torres

Torres is on fire and trending in the right direction and I don’t see him slowing down here tonight. Torres will see Sheffield (more info above) and has a .239 ISO with 6 doubles and 7 home runs in 117 at bats. Torres doesn’t strike out a ton and has plenty of Home Run upside.

Also Considet: Trevor Story, Paul DeJong, JP Crawford

OF- JD Martinez

Also Consider: Mookie Betts, Franmil Reyes, Matt Joyce


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