Love or Hate?
Chris Robin

Do you know that feeling of hating someone within moments of meeting them? It’s an odd circumstance but it happens. Hate is a strong emotion. So let me rephrase it. Have you ever been irritated with a person moments after meeting them?

What about love? Do you believe in love at first sight? How many times have you been in love? I have a lot of questions today! It’s ok to be inquisitive! Especially when you’re learning or have an idea! You’ve trusted me so far so why would I let you down now?

By a show of hands, how many of you have read or seen the three people we fall in love with article? If not here’s a quick recap!

1. Puppy love

Normally happens while we’re young. Our first real girlfriend/boyfriend in high school. Nothing crazy yet the end of the world when its over. We recover!

2. Hard love

This one is a hurts! We learn plenty of lessons in this one! This love is unhealthy and unbalanced at times. This is always the one we wish we could have gotten right.

3. Curve ball love

We never see this one coming! When we’re not looking, BAM, hits us over the head! This love is also surprising, it’s not what we are used to but it lasts!

At this point lets stop and reset. How many of your relationships and love stories fit into these three categories? Tell me when you’re ready…

How was your trip down memory lane? During our intermission I closed my eyes and I could see the faces, smiles and laughs of the past.

Now the twist! You didn’t think I was going to mention love with no other thought or view point did you? That’s what I thought! We know each other well! Keeping with the same idea I have my own list.

The numerous people we come across in our lives we instantly hate! The first few paragraphs were ok, they were meh. Now we can get real and get into it!

1. Learning how to hate (simple hate)

This emotion flairs up when we’re little. After the age of ten and into our teenage years. Given our young age not much is expected of us. So what we have seen and experienced is quite limited. We may dislike our friends for a present or toy they’ve received. This distain is solely based on jealousy. What if you were to hold the door open for someone and they walk past like you didn’t exist? What obscenities do you whisper under your breath? I wouldn’t call it hate just yet but it’s planting the seeds for the next phase! Time to level up!

2. Heavy hate

This form of hate is the most nasty. Knock down drag out fights. We go all in with being despicable. This level of hate teaches us a few things. We learn how to be vindictive and really vicious. The heavy hate hits us while we’re in our early 20s. At this time we’re normally in school or working full time. I could also see the heavy hate phase not coming up until your late 20s too. At this point we’ve been burned a time or two and we take it out on co-workers, bosses or even our parents.

3. Hate we didn’t know we had in us

The description says it all. This phase will come in and out of our lives for many years. If you’re not careful this level of hate can have serious consequences! For example, lets say you are driving home and the douche in front of you stops on a dime then doesn’t use their turn signal. Initiate a full blown road rage meltdown. What about a dirt bag neighbor? You like to keep your house and lawn well maintained while the trash bag next door does not. Out of no where you find yourself putting dog poop in paper bags and lighting them on fire on their porch. See? These occurrences come out of no where yet you’re able to justify them in your mind.

Just a few things I’ve learned throughout my life and over the years. I’m big on being nice and showing others love. Hate is just too exhausting! It’s like drinking poison and hoping it kills the other guy! Makes no sense. In today’s day and age there is no place for hate far as I’m concerned. As human beings we can’t help but to feel a wide array of emotions. It’s up to us carry the message and to be positive. You will attract a lot more pleasant people and experiences!

Keep up the good work! Hang in there!

Be safe and talk soon!

Chris Robin

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