Long Con or More Love?
Chris Robin https://twitter.com/DetroitBeastie

Hi! How are you? Enjoying your quarantine? To be honest, I am! Everyday and every moment another business is being closed or event is postponed. All of which are historic. The panic is at an all time high. While you can’t find groceries and milk, society is losing their minds. The stock market is tanking and people are stuck at home.

Local grovery stores are struggling to keep products on their shelves.

I have to ask, is this entire pandemic being sponsored by our government? Or enemies of our country? Before we go any further I want to tell you a few things. First, I’m not a super political guy. Second, I’m not one to buy into conspiracy theories. Third, I’m hungry. That being said I would like to dig into this. My double steak Qdoba bowl, not the government and media funded COVD-19 pandemic hysteria.

I find panic to be counterproductive. It leads to selfish short-sided decisions that cause more harm. In this case, the panic has caused a massive run on toilet paper and other essential groceries. In turn that creates fear. The fear then causes stress which effects our bodies immune system. With a nasty virus on the loose people are more susceptible to catching it. So, as you see, the panic is causing us to panic more about the thing were already panicking about! Mind blown?

On Friday President Trump declared a National Emergency. Freeing up 50 billion in federal aid. At turbulent times we often look to our government for leadership and examples of what to do and how to help. The United States is an odd place. We can be so divided yet come together fast for a common goal. I’m currently seeing a bit of both.

Let’s get into the conspiracy theory. How many of you have come across the, “every election year there has been a new disease.” photo? It’s hard not to buy into that ideal. The first and most prominent argument I’ve seen is getting President Trump out of office. Would Italy and China go out of their way to lock down large portions of their own countries to oust an American President? The more you look into it the deeper and darker it gets.

Every election year disease?

Don’t know about you but I’m already irritated with myself. What about the American government trying to lock down its own citizens and control them? It brings up the capitalism vs. socialism argument. A capitalism economic system is characterized by private ownership and assets. A capitalist economy relies free-markets to determine, price, incomes, wealth and distribution of goods. Socialism is an economy controlled by the state ownership of businesses and services. My head is spinning.

As an easy going man who believes everything happens how it’s supposed to, this entire situation has me perplexed. As an American citizen there is no way I believe we’re being lied to or scammed. However, I’ve seen every James Bond movie and I know how billionaires and evil people want to rule the world. Maybe I’m naive to think the government isn’t lying to us. They do constantly but not in this way. Lesser of two evils I guess. If this entire issue is causing you or your loved ones stress, stay away from the news and media. I’m not anti-media but it’s not the best place to be right now.

Eenst Stavro Blofeld

Much like all events and good times they all come to an end. This virus will dry up and we will move on. Hockey will resume its season. Basketball will continue where they left off. Major League Baseball will start their season this summer. It’s that simple.

It’s what we do in the meantime that will be most important. Who we help and how we treat each other is front and center. Social distancing is no doubt a thing but a phone call or a text to a loved one is very much in play. In times of stress and panic it’s human nature to become selfish and distant. If we all shared more love and support this elongated quarantine could be well worth the wait. Spend time sharing kind words with others. A little love and support go along way! Are we all being taken advantage of? Are we being conned? Either way we all need to love more!

Shout out to my friend Allen for the pep talk this morning! I needed that!

Wash your hands and cover your face!

Stay safe and talk soon!

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