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Ben Anderson

With the Major League baseball season drawing close each and every day, the only thing we know for a fact, is there is supposed to be a 60 game schedule. I want to discuss the top five prospects that could dominate while helping their club to the playoffs and turn a 60 stretch into a summer they’ll never forget.

#1 Nathan Pearson

Toronto Blue Jays SP prospect Nate Peterson

The Blue Jays Intrigue me in this format, they’re loaded full of youngsters (Vlad Jr, Biggio, and Bichette) that if they get hot at the right time their offense could make some noise. Now the issue is they can’t pitch, but if they give Pearson a call-up and he’s able to pitch like the number 8 prospect in baseball like he is watch out AL east.

#2 Ian Anderson

Atlanta Braves pitcher Ian Anderson

The Braves are in a completely different class then the Blue Jays as they’re already out of their rebuild and have won back to back NL east championships. However, with that said Atlanta has lost Felix Hernandez (Opt-out COVID-19) and potentially Cole Hamels (shoulder/elbow). Anderson has Filthy stuff and could be a force once he gets called up.

#3 MacKenzie Gore

San Diego Padres pitching prospect MacKenzie Gore

Much like the Toronto Blue Jays, the San Diego Padres offense is in a position to win now, but they lack starting pitching. Now if McKenzie Gore wins a job out of camp or even coming up in two weeks after the season starts and he looks good the San Diego Padres should make thing s very interesting come playoff time.

#4 Seattle and their big 5

Seattle Mariners OF prospect Julio Rodriguez

Yes I am aware Seattle is a big mess, but if ownership decides to say screw it, it’s only 60 games and play all their young players ( Kelenic, Rodriguez, Gibert, White, and Kirby ) look out the Mariners.

Seattle Mariners OF prospect Jarred Kelenic

#5 Wander Franco

Tampa Bay Rays stud SS prospect Wander Franco

Tampa is already one of the favorites to win the World Series in this short format, so what else could they do, yep you guessed it call up the best prospect in baseball. What could be more exciting than watching a guy who could give you 15 and 20 in a 60 game season come out and dominate in a short period time?

So in 60 games a lot can happen, a lot of good, bad, and a whole lot of controversy, but one thing we can all agree on is we’re ready, but are they?

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

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Ready or Not, Here They Come!July 20, 2020

KBO Deep Dive
May 12th, 2020
By DfsDudes

KBO Deep Dive


*** This article will update multiple times leading up to lock! Make sure to check back. I will try to be very consistent with update times with the first update coming between 8:00 & 9:00 PM 

The first week of the KBO is behind us, we move into week 2. The KBO has 10 total teams, they take Monday’s off, and all 10 teams are in play against each other tonight. There aren’t any weather concerns we do have some wind and we have some strong wind blowing out. Lotte is projected to have a wind blowing out at 18mph, 12mph at Dinos stadium and LG and Hanwha home ballparks the wind is double digits and blowing from left to right. Lotte is the only undefeated team remaining in the KBO and faces the Doosan Bears who have been a perennial power in the KBO and are just 3-2 thus far. There is also some good pitching to target on this slate with a host of ex-mlb players to talk about.


Kia Tigers (2-4)
Hanwha Eagles (2-4

KT Wiz (1-4)
NC Dinos (4-1)

Doosan Bears (3-2)
Lotte Giants (5-0)

SK Wyverns (1-4)
LG Twins (2-3)

Samsung Lions (2-4)
Kiwoom Heroes (5-1)

Probable Pitchers

Kia Tigers – Aaron Brooks (0-0 1.73 ERA)
Hanwha Eagles – Min Woo Kim (0-0 6.59 ERA)

KT Wiz – Omar Despaigne (0-0 1.50 ERA)
NC Dinos – Drew Rucinski (1-0 0.00 ERA)

Doosan Bears – Raul Alcantara (0-1 4.50 ERA)
Lotte Giants – Won Sam Jang (0-0 0.00 ERA)

SK Wyverns – Nick Kingham (0-1 3.86 ERA)
LG Twins – Woo-Chan Cha (1-0 1.50 ERA)

Samsung Lions – Ben Lively (0-1 6.00 ERA)
Kiwoom Heroes – Eric Jokisch (0-0 1.80 ERA)


*I will continue to update this leading up to lock. 

1. Doosan Bears
2. LG Twins
3. Kiwoom Heroes
4. Kia Tigers
5. SK Wyverns – I have a hard time with this pick, I want to list the Dinos and if you’re going deep in a GPP add the Dinos in right behind SK.  SK is facing Woo Chan Cha, watching his last start and looking at footage of him pitching, we are hoping that he gets wild and SK (who’s been in good spots so far this year, but hasn’t delivered) brings out the boom. Contrarian play in GPP’s!

Pitching Breakdown

Aaron Brooks, Omar Despaigne, Drew Rucinski, Raul Alcantara, Nick Kingham, Ben Lively and Eric Jokish have all seen MLB time. Each pitcher has one start under their belt this season in the KBO.  Lets break this down!


Aaron Brooks – Kia Tigers SP ($7500DK – $21FD) Brooks comes in as the second cheapest pitching option on FD and he’s facing the Hanwha Eagles.  Brooks is coming off a ND after going 5.2 innings and striking out 6 in his previous start against the Heroes.  The Eagles have been a bad team in the KBO in recent history.

Odrisamer Despaigne – KT Wiz SP ($8200DK – $22FD)  Thus far, the Dinos have been my favorite team to stack.  Despaigne comes into this game, against the Dinos, off of a solid outing his last time out, striking out eight over six innings and allowing just one run.  The previous outing was against the Lotte Giants. Based of everything I had researched prior to his last start, Despaigne did what he should have done against a team that has been very bad for a very long time. However, Lotte is currently the sole undefeated team in the KBO this season.  The only thing I do not like here about Despaigne is that he is facing the Dinos.  Given his K upside, his 6 years of MLB experience, and price tag on FD, I think he is worth getting exposure too, hoping he goes 6 strikes out 5-8 and allows less than 3 runs.

Eric Jokisch – Kiwoom Heroes SP ($8700DK – $25FD) Jokisch is an ex-mlb player as are the two previously mentioned SP on this slate.  Jokisch is also a veteran of the KBO having put together a strong season last year.  Last year Jokisch featured a 3.31 ERA and a 1.13 WHIP.  In his first start this season he went five innings and gave up one run.  Samsung has pretty much been the punching bag of the KBO thus far.  I think Jokisch will garner plenty of ownership given his last start, previous experience in the KBO and he’s pitching against Samsung.  Don’t put it past me to use Jokisch and also use him as a leverage spot to stack against with Samsung in this spot.

Drew Rucinski – NC Dinos SP ($9200DK – $26FD)  Rucinski had a solid start in his opening start this season; His first start of the year came against none other than the Samsung Lions.  Like Jokisch, Rucinski pitched in the KBO last year, he also featured a 3.05 ERA.  I definitely want exposure to Rucinski in Large Field GPP’s tonight, but how much, im not quite sure yet.  Check back on this one.

Nick Kingham – SK Wyverns ($7900DK – $24FD) Kingham is another former MLB pitcher on the bump in the KBO tonight.  (Bare with me, I interpret tonight as being the time frame prior to me going to bed, no matter what time that may be, in this case after lock 2:30am being tomorrow…) Kingham’s biggest problem is that he couldn’t keep the ball in the yard when he was an MLB pitcher. Kingham pitched 21 innings last year for Toronto and 34.1 innings for Pittsburgh,  12.15 HR per 9  and an ERA of 5.58.  In Kingham’s MLB Career he pitched 131.2 IP giving up 89 ER and 29 gopher balls.  Tonight he faces the LG Twins, and to be honest, I’m not sure what to do with Kingham tonight, he’s going to have to show me he can pitch in the KBO.  In his previous start this year, Kingham went 7 innings giving up 6 hits, 3 ER and did not allow a HR while striking out 4.  That looks great but that start was against Hanwha Eagles, a team thats really, really bad. Kingham could be a guy who just needed a scenery change and a developmental year and took better money than a AAA contract to do it.

Woo-Chan Cha – LG Twins SP ($7700DK – $20FD) Cha was really tough in his previous outing this season and against a really good team in the Doosan Bears.  Cha went 6 innings, gave us 7K’s and allowed only 1 Earned run.  My gut tells me I want the LG side of this game, the LG bats against Kingham and Cha against the Wyverns.

Won-Sam Jang – Lotte Giants ($4000DK – $22FD) Lotte is going to see their perfect record come to an end tonight. Won-Sam Jang should not be in consideration AT ALL tonight.

Pitching Targets

Main Targets
Aaron Brooks Vs. Hanwha Eagles – Should be the chalk here.
Woo-Chan Cha Vs. SK Wyverns – Im not sold on SK bats yet. Cha was really good in first outing.

GPP Targets
Erik Jokisch
Drew Rucinski
Odrisamer Despaigne

Contrarian Plays 
Nick Kingham – I don’t like his MLB number… AT All.  Leverage play, I think low ownership and higher ownership with the Twins. On Paper, the LG Twins could light him up.
Ben Lively – Light your hair on fire and take a shot. One start this year, against the Dinos, upside, facing Kiwoom, the best offense in the league really. This is 100% Contrarian and a leverage play.

KBO Deep Dive – 5/12/20May 11, 2020

KBO Deep Dive
May 9th, 2020
By DfsDudes

KBO Deep Dive

Last night played out like my gut told me it would. Samsung and Lotte ended up being really good stacks. Lotte is now 4-0 and I am pretty sure that nobody expected that, given they are historically bad.

I also mentioned yesterday that we were getting into the back end of these rotations albeit the first time threw and pitching wouldn’t be as great. there were two double digit run totals (KT scored 12 runs and NC scored 13 runs). we also saw seven teams score at least 5 runs. Pitching was not great on yesterdays slate.

This article will be updated multiple times per day, make sure to check back as lock approaches.  I will try to update on a schedule with the first update around 9:00 pm PST. depending on the time the slate locks.  I will also try to update this article again about an hour or so before lock itself. Look for updates in the update section below.


Kia Tigers O/U 9.5
Samsung Lions -125

SK Wyverns -143
Lotte Giants O/U 9.5

LG Twins O/U 9.5
NC Dinos -125

Hanwha Eagles O/U 9.5
Kiwoom Heroes -167

KT Wiz O/U 9.5
Doosan Bears -182

Probable Pitchers

Kia Tigers – Ki Young Im
Samsung Lions – Tae In Won

Sk Wyverns – Tae Hoon Kim
Lotte Giants – Won Sam Jang

LG Twins – Chan Gyu Lim
NC Dinos – Young Guy Kim

Hanwha Eagles – Ee Whan Kim
Kiwoom Heroes – Hyun Hee Han

KT Wiz – Min Kim
Doosan Bears – Young Chan Lee

Pitching Breakdown

Coming soon – check back!

Yong-Chan Lee – Doosan Bears P ($8800DK – $27FD)

Tae-Hoon Kim – SK Wyverns P ($6700DK – $25FD)

Hyun-Hee Han – Kiwoom Heroes P ($4000DK – $24FD)

Tae-In Won – Samsung Lions P ($6200DK – $23FD)

Chan-Gyu Lim – LG Twins P ($6900DK – $22FD)


1. SK Wyverns
2. Doosan Bears
3. KT Wiz
4. Kiwoom
5. NC Dinos





KBO Deep Dive – 5/9/20May 8, 2020

KBO Deep Dive
By DfsDudes



Well, baseball is back… in a way. Things are different right now, the DFS landscape has changed, speaking of change, we traded in our everyday real life sports for LOL and Sim Sports… UNTIL NOW! Thank you South Korea!

The prize pools are large, the contest are nice, and you only have to set an alarm to get up at 2:30am if you’re on the west coast, or, 5:30am if you’re on the East Coast. Having said all of that, We do have real baseball, and we do have real DFS baseball.

Given the 16 hour time difference between the clock on my desk in California and the Country of South Korea, this article will UPDATE through out the day! Check back again after 8pm PST and again as lock approaches. As of now, it looks like lineups confirm between 30 min and hour prior to lock. All games in South Korea start at the exact same time.


Hanwha Eagles (2-1)
Kiwoom Heroes (2-1) -175

Kia Tigers (1-2) -155
Samsung Lions (0-3)

KT Wiz (0-3)
Doosan Bears (2-1) -195

LG Twins (1-2) -125
NC Dinos (3-0)

SK Wyverns (1-2) -135
Lotte Giants (3-0)

Probable Pitchers

Hanwha Eagles – Min-Jae Jang
Kiwoom Heroes – Seung-Ho Lee

Kia Tigers – Drew Gangnon
Samsung Lions – Chae-Heung Choi

KT Wiz – Hyeong-Jun Choi
Doosan Bears – Hee-Kwan Yoo

LG Twins – Tyler Wilson
NC Dinos – Jae-Hak Lee

SK Wyverns – Seung-Won Moon
Lotte Giants – Kyung-Eun Noh

Pitching Breakdown

The Pitching on this slate is really interesting there are really a lot of ways to go here.  This is the 4th game of the season and we are getting deeper into the first time through the rotation.  Having said that there have been some real surprises.  The Lotte Giants are 3-0 and that wasn’t expected.  It was their first sweep in years, tonight they face the SK Wyverns who have opened up 1-2.  Samsung was swept in their opening series by the NC Dinos and will face Drew Gagnon and the Kia Tigers who lost two of three to the Kiwoom Heroes. While it looks like it should be a really nice spot for Gagnon he was a terrible MLB pitcher.  Lets get into it.

Hee Kwan Yoo – Doosan Bears P ($8500DK – $26FD)
The Doosan Bears are the biggest favorite on the slate and should be the top overall stack tonight at -195. Doosan has been one the top team in the KBO for years. The Wiz are 0-3 and they will send Hyeong-jun So to the mound.  Yoo should get plenty of run support and have an opportunity to go deep into this game.  One thing of interest thus far in the KBO is that Pitchers have gone past the up to and past the 90 pitch mark.  As of now, Hee-Kwan Yoo is my top target on this slate.

Jae-Hak Lee – NC Dinos ($9800DK – $24FD)
Lee posted a 3.75 ERA, 1.36 WHIP and a 6.3 Kper9 last season in the KBO.  The matchup isn’t one I particularly like against the LG Twins. However, I do think, as you’ll read below, this is an exposure deal and an opportunity to get ownership on the other side of a situation.  I expect the LG Twins to be one of the better teams in the KBO and I think some will look at the 3-0 record for the Dinos against the 1-2 record of the Twins and stop the research process there.  I don’t mind minimal exposure in large field GPP’s but there are options I like better.

Tyler Wilson – LG Twins P ($7800DK – $22FD)
Wilson has been a pretty good pitcher in the KBO over the last two seasons.  Wilson features a 2.99 ERA and a 1.15 WHIP over that same time frame.  Wilson will face the Dinos tonight who are 3-0 and have a really decent lineup featuring Sung-Bum Na and Eui Ji Yang.  You will read below that I am recommending stacking the Samsung Lions against Drew Gagnon, this play is the exact opposite in that I like using Wilson against The Dinos a bit. LG lost two of three to the Doosan Bears, the creme of the crop in the KBO.  As this season shakes out the LG Twins should be another of the top teams in the KBO and if they want to they’ve got to win games against NC.

Drew Gagnon – Kia Starting P ($7,000DK – $21FD)
In American DFS The “Stream-line” play can be an obvious spot and an easy way to identify “CHALK”.  However, while im fighting the urge to stack against him with Samsung (Losers of three straight to NC Dinos) simply because of the streamline play, I do expect some obvious ownership here with Gagnon.  When it comes to Gagnon and his MLB experience, 35.2 IP toting a 7.32 ERA and a 1.71 whip, he is an ex-mlb pitcher and he’s pitching in a league that is closer to high AA low AAA.  He is also facing the Lions like I said and they’re 0-3.  In Deep Tournaments STACK THE LIONS AGAINST Gagnon this is just too good of a spot to not take the flip side of it with some entries in a multi field GPP.   It also helps that NC pitching dominated Samsung, but, Samsung plays in the most hitter friendly park and demonstrated power during the series.



1. Doosan Bears
2. Kiwoom Heroes
3. Kia Tigers
4. SK Wyverns
5. LG Twins

*Update 3:35PM PST – The Doosan Bears have been the creme of the crop in the KBO.  Doosan has started the season 2-1 taking two of three from the LG Twins.  Doosan should be the Top stack on the slate tonight.  They Wyverns are 1-2 having lost two of three to the Hanwha Eagles, Hanwha is expected to continue to be the worst team in the KBO.  I am looking for SK to get on track here tonight and start stringing some wins together.

KBO Deep Dive – 5/8/20May 7, 2020