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How do you unwind and relax? How often do you unwind and relax? Our mental health and personal attitudes are extremely important. If you lined up ten people in a room how easy would it be to point out the miserable people? How fast could you tell me which people are rude jerks? In my experience it is quite easy.

We are all different yet share so many like-minded qualities. Life is hard. There is no handbook about how to act daily. Only basic guidelines. It all boils down to time. How do we spend our time? Who do we give our time to? People look at currency and think that is what it is all about. All about cash. When realistically time is the real currency.

So how do you want to spend your time? Happy and peaceful or miserable and angry?

Pittsburgh Penguins 1

Pittsburgh Penguins

Jake Guentzel L1 & PP1
Sidney Crosby L1 & PP1
Bryan Rust L1 & PP1

The Penguins welcome in the Washington Caps tonight in what should be a high scoring affair. Bryan Rust is leading the Pens in goals scored (5), assists (8) and points (13). Pittsburgh is scoring around 3.010 goals a contest while allowing about 3.60 goals a game. As you scroll through make sure to stop at the Washington 1 blurb. Easily could be a 6-4 or 5-4 final tonight.

New York Rangers 1

New York Rangers

Chris Kreider L1 & PP1
Mika Zibanejad L1 & PP1
Colin Blackwell L1 & PP2

The New Jersey Devils head to Madison Square Garden to tussle with the Rangers. The Devils have not played since January 31st! They have been apart of five consecutive postponed games. I had to reread that too. New York is scoring about 2.40 goals per game and allowing around 2.55 goals per game. I feel awful for saying this, but we should be picking on the Devils tonight. Practice is practice but there is no substitute to real time game action. New York is a safe bet for three goals tonight and a win. Plan accordingly.

Los Angeles Kings 2

Los Angeles Kings

Adrian Kempe L2 & PP1
Gabriel Vilardi L2 & PP2
Jeff Carter L2 & PP2

The Minnesota Wild head to LA to battle the Kings at the Staples Center. The Wild have had several issues with COVID restrictions and postponements. While the Kings have been for the most part unscathed. Los Angeles has been scoring around 3.10 goals a game. Will the Wild be slow or sluggish? The Kings should be able to get over on the Wild. 3-2 or 4-2 final tonight in LA.

Washington Capitals 1

Washington Capitals

Alexander Ovechkin L1 & PP1
Nicklas Backstrom L1 & PP1
Tom Wilson L1 & PP2

The Caps head to Pittsburgh tonight well-armed and ready to play. Nicklas Backstrom is the leading goal scorer for Washington (7), assists (11) and points (18). Washington is lighting the lap around 3.50 times a game while giving up about 3.80 goals per game. What stands out to me here for the Caps is their power play. Ovi with his one-timer on that right faceoff circle has been his calling card for years on end. The Caps are successfully converting on the power-play around 35.5% of the time. Do not see that changing much tonight. Look for Ovi to find the net tonight on the power play!

The Core Four idea has been received well! Let us keep that going!

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