I’ve always been open and honest in my articles. Transparency is key when giving advice. Any advice comes with some risk. Not risk per-say but a certain element of discussion. Like any good attorney would tell you, any situation or consequence has some wiggle room.

Meaning, when you read my articles there is room for error and a loop hole or two. Nothing is ever set in stone. I’m doing the best I can with the experience I have to bring you the best NHL DFS advice around.

Mad man

As you can see above there is a certain level of craziness that it takes to provide you my process. I enjoy it very much and it’s opened a few doors. I can’t thank you enough for the kind messages and spirited conversations.

After Hours last night was amazing! I gave out an edited NHL line right before lock and the feed back I received was purely magically!

After Hours 2/11

As you can see the hockey line I provided scored 196.7 points. That’s a gold mine in cash games. The nicest message I received was from a new reader named Justin. Justin doesn’t follow hockey which is normal in the DFS community. Most DFS players have their favorite sport and they stick to it. Justin is type the DFS player I’m trying to reach.

We all know NBA and NFL are the two most played DFS sports. When I’m able to reach a person like Justin and change their outlook on a certain sport then I know the content is right where it should be! When people step outside of their comfort zone and trust someone like me, that’s when I’m at my happiest! Thank you Justin for reading my NHL content. Thank you for trusting!

Tonight’s NHL schedule is only three games. 730p Main and a two game After Hours slate locking at 1030p.


Brad Marchand L1 & PP1
Patrice Bergeron L1 & PP1
David Pastrnak L1 & PP1

The Bruins lost to the Red Wings last game. As you know the Wings are the worst team in hockey. Montreal comes to the TD garden tonight in Boston. The Bruins have a phenomenal home record (19-2-9). Boston is among one of the best teams in the NHL. That loss to the Red Wings was a fluke and they dominate MTL at home tonight. They win 5-2.


Ilya Kovachuk L2 & PP2
Nick Suzuki L2 & PP2
Joel Armia L2 & PP2

Montreal is in Boston tonight as I mentioned above. On the flip side MTL is coming off a lost to Arizona after a solid three game winning streak. Montreal is middle of the road far as offensive statistics are concerned. Boston did lose to the Red Wings so any team is beatable right? I don’t care about wins and loses. I care about goals and points. Boston will win but I do see some left over insecurities in this one. MTL scores twice.


Johnny Gaudreau L1 & PP1
Sean Monahan L1 & PP1
Elias Lindholm L1 & PP1

The Flames come to Los Angles tonight and the Kings have lost five straight games. Two teams headed in different directions. The Kings are so cold and the Flames skate in playing above average hockey! Calgary wins tonight in LA. I’ll even go a step further! The Flames shut out LA tonight! 3-0 or 4-0!


JT Miller L2 & PP1
Jake Virtanen L2 & PP2
Elias Pattersson L2 & PP1

Chicago comes to the Rogers arena tonight in Vancouver. This contest should be filled with points and hits! Vancouver has been up and down recently. Going on a five game winning streak then falling off into a five game losing streak. Chicago has fallen back down to earth after an awesome January. The Blackhawk’s are dealing with 3 games in 4 days and back to back contests here in Vancouver. The Canucks second line has been one of favorite lines so far this season. This line scores twice tonight and they win 4-2!


Brandon Saad L2 & PP2
Kirby Dach L2 & PP1
Patrick Kane L2 & PP1

Chicago is 25-22-8 this season and digging themselves out of an early hole. They started the season very poorly but have played better as of late. Their offense has been clicking, mainly the second line. Patrick Kane has been awesome! 67 points so far this year. Chicago’s biggest strength in their defense ranking 12th overall in goals against. Their latest stretch has been tough and they will succumb to fatigue tonight. I’m projecting a 4-2 or even a 4-3 final in a loss.

Main 2/12

Here are two sample lines! One for Main and one for After Hours! Keep here for an updated After Hours lines closer to lock!

After Hours 2/12

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