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Is any one sick of the 2020 Draft content? How about the 2020 fantasy football season? Are we running it into the ground? By the looks of it, I’m going to say no! My Twitter feed and other social media outlets are absolutely loaded with fantasy football and NFL Draft questions.

It’s pretty easy to figure out why. Most of us are stuck at home with nothing but our phones and streaming services. It’s never a bad thing to be prepared. It’s never a bad thing to go over every option possible for the actual NFL Draft.

If you missed the running-back ADP article here it is!

Within reason! There is still a lot of time left before the start of the 2020 NFL season. Burning out is a real thing! For most of us, fantasy football will never get old. I’m not talking about you. I’m talking to the first time fantasy football player. Or a young kid looking to take on his first ever dynasty team. Have you ever heard, “Rome wasn’t built in one day?”

All the experience we’ve accumulated over the years has taken time. A lot of blood, sweat and tears. Plus, the entire point of this is fun! Enjoying yourself and relaxing! Fantasy football! Your own little oasis, build your own fantasy!

I had a fun idea about comparing all my mock draft notes and making a list of each positional player and their ADP. Below is a chart I made after I ran 100 mocks through a simulator. I logged all the top 20 players at each offensive position. This is the chart for quarterbacks!

Lamar JacksomQBBaltimore21.31.014.01
Patrick MahomesQBKansas City23.11.014.05
Deshaun WatsonQBHouston44.52.045.11
Russel WilsonQBSeattle49.41.016.04
Kyler MurrayQBArizona58.52.127.1
Aaron RodgersQBGreen Bay66.24.18.01
Dak PrescottQBDallas71.52.128.1
Carson WentzQBPhiladelphia79.36.039.11
Josh AllenQBBuffalo87.51.1210.11
Matt RyanQBAtlanta93.31.0210.12
Kirk CousinsQBMinnesota99.96.0610.08
Jimmy GaroppoloQBSan Francisco102.66.1210.12
Baker MayfieldQBCleveland105.34.0611.09
Drew BreesQBNew Orleans120.24.0515.11
Daniel JonesQBNew York120.76.0713.1
Jared GoffQBLos Angeles121.18.0612.08
Sam DarnoldQBNew York122.16.1212.07
Matthew StaffordQBDetroit130.76.115.07
Tom BradyQBTampa Bay133.23.115.12
Ben RoethlisbergerQBPittsburgh150.77.0115.12
Drew LockQBDenver151.47.0715.12

As you can see there are five different QB’s under consideration in the first round. Lamar and Pat Mahomes aren’t that shocking. We could even argue Russell Wilson in the first round depending on the format. It’s very questionable that Matt Ryan at 1.02 and Josh Allen at 1.12.

Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen

For the most part these QB’s are in the exact spot they should be.

Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz

Finally the real life numbers on Carson Wentz have been made clear! If you remember correctly both him and Baker Mayfield were sitting in the top 10 QB’s of fantasy drafts last season. Fast forward a year and Wentz (79.3) and Baker (105.3) have lost value and their respective ADP’s show that.

All the way down the list, Tom Brady, sits at QB #19 yet his highest ranked ADP is 3.10. If you look through the list above it sticks out like a sore thumb. The reason for those numbers has to be shaky owners reaching.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady

Slide over to the highest ADP column and glance at Dak Prescott (2.12) and Kyler Murray (2.12). As you can see Dak’s ADP is at 71.5 while Kyler’s ADP is at 58.5 yet are absolutely even in the highest ranked ADP. With an ADP difference of 13 picks owners are still looking to draft both end of the 2nd round.

Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott

The hype around Denver QB Drew Lock has all but been extinguished in these 100 mocks. As his ADP is around 150 overall. Just another clear cut example of others reaching.

Denver Broncos QB Drew Lock

If I’ve learned anything from the 100 mocks in terms of quarterback ADP it’s how easy a group of people can sway opinions causing a rise in ADP. It’s just a cause and effect we have to pay attention to before out actual real life drafts.

 Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

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