Fantasy Football Morals & Motto
Chris Robin

It’s an odd time in professional sports. It’s also an odd time for fantasy sports. Constant rankings and mock drafts. I want to do nothing but read and write but how much is too much? In a way this time has been spent looking for unique content to publish.

It’s also been spent talking with readers and followers. Along with building relationships! Time is going to pass no matter how we choose to spend it. I choose to be positive and productive.

I’ve also spent my time taking notes and paying attention to everything on social media! There has been a ton of, “what if” or, “what would you do?” questions and polls. It sparked an idea in my mind! What if I created an article about fantasy football morals & mottos? I’m not the end all be all of fantasy sports! Just a guy looking to have fun and drum up some good conversations!

So in turn, I got together with the guys and we sat down to discuss the idea and come up with a list of our personal fantasy sports morals and mottos! In no particular order here is that list!

1. Waiver wire awareness! Don’t turn a blind eye to the importance of free agents.

2. Always get your guy!

3. Fantasy football is fun! If not, walk away!

4. Don’t listen to your league mate opinions, be good with your own decisions.

5. Never make fun or exploit bad trade offers. Learn from them and counter accordingly.

6. Always keep the lines of communication open.

7. “You win this trade” guy is always full of crap! If its so good then why don’t you keep him?

8. Never send a super low-ball offer thinking its a good starting point. Its fine to not send your best of final offer first but, if you send something so low its insulting. I rather just not deal with you on a trade.

9. If you agree to a league, show up to the draft! Its easy with technology and the resources with phones to make drafts anywhere. (Obviously some expectations to this rule).

10. For dynasty players, rookie fever is a real thing but don’t let it consume you. There’s a time to value rookies. Don’t over value them when offered legitimate pieces that are establish to help you win right away. The point of playing is to win right?!

11. If you have to explain to someone why the player you’re giving up is worth it in a trade, you’re not offering enough.

12. Never go into a draft with a predetermined order. Fixing yourself to go RB, WR, RB, RB, WR or anything along those lines is boxing you in.

13. Be cautious about moving parts. Favor players who haven’t changed teams or had other players mixed in.

14. Depth is important. It’s OK to fill bench spots before all of your starters are set. Better safe than sorry.

15. Mix safety with upside. Going with safe picks will give you a safe team. Diversify and take a few chances on players that could break out.

16. Never draft a player to trade. Draft the player that helps your team. Owners will tend to favor the players they drafted and not pay a proper price.

17. Always stick to your guns. Don’t be bullied when it comes to trading!

18. Always go young unless it’s a absolute necessity. (Like at the QB position).

19. Don’t put a lot of stock into tight ends, unless one of the top three falls in your lap.

20. Stock up on as many running backs as you can!

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

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