Detroit Lions, a Birthright
Chris Robin

The Detroit Lions. Where do I start? How can I tone this down and keep it classy? Being classy isn’t the problem, toning it down is!

I’ve racked my brain for ideas. In turn keeping this fresh and new. While the Lions are never fresh or new. It’s the same recycled nonsense every season. As a life long Detroiter and Lions fan safe to say I’ve seen it all.

So let’s fast forward to the 2020 season. Once again the spring and summer is littered with the same buzz words and optimistic tones. “Matthew Stafford looks good!” Or how about this one, “The Lions rookie running back is strong and making an impression on his coaches!” I can set my watch by these comments and lazy observations.

“The defensive coordinator is excited about the young athletic core!” Yeah I know, we get it. To me, its just a copy and paste job. The city of Detroit has remained apologetically behind this organization through thick and thin. Almost to the point where it becomes harmful. Ownership seemingly doesn’t care, they plug and play the same mediocre talent year in and year out. After a certain point during the season the coaching staff settles for, “that was fine.” or, “that is good enough!” While the city and it’s fanfare are clamoring for change.

The definition of insanity, as I’ve understood it, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The Lions should have that hanging in their locker room. On a plaque they can slap above the locker room door as they take the field.

You might ask yourself, “Geeze this Chris guy such is a jerk!” or even think, “Is this guy even a fan of the Detroit Lions?” Let me answer these self imposed questions for you. I love my city so much! To a point where it hurts. I’d give anything to see the city of Detroit succeed. I will never apologize for being from Detroit. I will never apologize for loving the Detroit Lions.

The city of Detroit has made me Chris. It’s taught me lessons, it’s showed me respect and it’s shaped me. So when asked to briefly give my opinion on the Lions 2020 outlook one thing was clear. It’s not about the 2020 season. It’s about a lifetime commitment to the city of Detroit and a decision to support the Lions at all times. Being passionate about sports and the Lions wasn’t a decision I made. It’s a birth right here in the city.

So to answer the question and give my opinions on the 2020 Detroit Lions, regardless of their record at seasons end I will be here. I will be here wearing my Lions hat and Lions hoodie supporting them every step of the way!

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