Dear Diary
Chris Robin

Dear Diary,

Day 7 of my personal quarantine. There have been highs and lows. I’ve hit a plateau, while the lows are low. I have hit a snag with my creative process. At what point do words and thoughts run out? I have to stop sometimes and realize everything good that is happening in my life I prayed for years ago. Over the years I have gotten good at “stopping to smell the roses.” Given the current state of affairs we need that now more than ever (with masks on unfortunately)!

I began writing early this morning and I had a great idea! Tell everyone I ran out of things to say then in a dramatic plot twist go on and on with funny witty nonsense. Real hit right? As quick as the thought came it left! I was literally left alone sitting in front of my computer. Now what?


Dear Chris, I wrote you but you still ain’t calling! I left my Twitter handle, Facebook page and email at the bottom! For some odd reason this was my first thought. I had a slick idea to use lyrics from Stan by Eminem then intertwine it in the article and look like a true wordsmith. My head is an odd place to be.

Dear Chris, you still ain’t called or wrote, I hope you get the chance! Then I thought, how long could I just write words and thoughts that mean nothing? That’s not normally my style but as long as I’m sitting here lets run with it. Keep reading! I promise it gets better!

Dear Mister, “I’m Too Good To Call Or Write My Fans” Now at this point I thought about deleting everything and going to bed. Is 1:30p Eastern too early for bed? I know we’re all thinking about it. Our local grocery stores are deserted, the roads are empty and most areas look like a ghost town.

Dear Stan, I meant to write you sooner but I’ve just been busy! This is where I’m finally able to put it all together. Wrap this thing up in a nice bow! Guess what? Not going to happen. Maybe next time.

On a lighter note I do have some words of encouragement. Over the years I have learned to share problems and opinions with people I trust. I trust all of you. I’ve also learned to be quiet and listen. In times of loss and despair we tend to rationalize and make deals with a higher power. To me, that’s what keeps us sane. Whatever we have to do to get by right?

Looking around at the current state of this virus and the impact, it’s easy to feel down. I don’t feel the need to list all the negatives. I’m just not built that way. I’m more of an eternal optimist. Glass half full kind of guy. It’s up to us carry the message of hope and happiness. Long gone are the days of me telling people what they want to hear. Or trying to please everyone. Character vs. reputation kind of thing. In the spirit of trust I don’t mind getting into my feelings with you.

It’s easy to hate and be negative. Or put on show to please others. When you’re able to put your ego aside that’s when your true character reveals itself. Some of the best people I’ve ever known are the ones who had a tough up-bringing. Or an alcohol and drug problem. It allows you to see both sides of the coin. Or live two lives in one. Be so down and out that when you’ve climbed out of the hopelessness and despair you can take joy in all the beauty and peace that surrounds us. Those are the people I want to surround myself with.

I just want to be clear with my intentions. I’m not here to tell anyone how to live. I’m not here to get rich. I’m just here to be a little beacon of hope while occasionally getting a few things off my chest. We’re at an odd time in history. We’re seeing a lot of first time issues across the map. Let your love and compassion be a few things people around you are talking about.

A simple act of kindness or a phone call goes along way. Wash your hands and stay staff!

Talk soon!

Chris Robin

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