February 11th, 2019
NBA Value Street
By: Tommy Harville

Iviac Zubac – Zubac has massive upside tonight with a low salary. Easily can get you 7-8-10X! Zubac put up 29FP in his debut with the Clippers.

Serge Ibalka – Serge has scored 32+ in the last 5 of 6 games. I say bigs against Brooklyn and Serge is in a great spot tonight.

Dennis Smith Jr – With his newly acquired team he has played solid minutes with solid production in the past 4 games. I like Dennis tonight against Cleveland at a very fair price tag.

Jabari Parker – Very very cheap! He is with the Wizards now and he has put up 40’s in both. At almost minimum price tag, he is crushing value. I’m hoping on the train for the time being.

Other players I like: R. Westbrook, D. Waiters, K. Knox