July 30th, 2020
By Brandon Silvers


For those of you who have read this article before, welcome back for another take of NBA CRUSH SPOT! For all those newbies, my name is Brandon Silvers and I hope you see that you like so that you many keep finding your way back! Let’s talk some hoops!

I will specify in this article whether or not the player I mention is cash or tournament, and the numbers will reflect my decision

Example: FPPM(Fantasy Points Per Minute ) x Projected Minutes = Projected Total

Keep in mind the NBA is constantly changing throughout the day and most likely all the way up to game time, and if I have time I will update my article with any changes. Check periodically through the day just to make sure.

This version of “Bubble Ball” is starting off much like a normal season, Anthony Davis controversy! It looks as if AD will be ready to go tonight. The other news I’m watching is what path the Pelicans choose to go down with the Zion injury. I just read that he is in the shootaround which means he is most likely available in some capacity.

PG- Reggie Jackson
       FD: $3,800
       DK: $4,600

With Lou Williams out and Patrick Beverly sidelined with an injury the Clippers are very shallow at the going guard position. Jackson is very familiar with handling the rock as he did most of his career in Detroit. He leads the second unit in scoring and I have him locking in at 23 minutes and .95 FPPM tonight. Lock him in on cash games and don’t look back.

Also Consider: Mike Conley, Alonzo Ball

SG- Jordan Clarkson
FD: $4,300
DK: $4,200

I believe JC is a must play in cash formats tonight. Firs and foremost, Utah will be moving forward without Bojan Bogdanovich for the remainder of the season. JC has averaged right around a 25% team usage rating (4th best on team) right behind Bojan respectively. He hovers around the 1 FPPM grid (FD-0.94, DK-0.98), and should benefit in the form of minutes due to the Bojan injury.

Obviously the past few scrimmage games will not be a reflection of everyone’s minutes moving forward, and we can almost guarantee to see 2 of these guys (Mitchell/Clarkson/ Coonley) on the floor at all times

Also Consider: Donovan Mitchell, Josh Hart, Paul George

SF- Brandon Ingram
FD: $7,300
DK: $8,300

Ingram is in a good position vs his former Lakers team. In his past 4 matchups vs LBJ and the Lakers, Ingram has averaged 35.7 FPTS per game. His pricetag on FanDuel is $7.3K, and if he hits the average thats over 5x Value with a ceiling right at 47. He should see his usual 33+ minutes at 1.17 FPPM. You do the math!

Also Consider: Dion Waiters(1.16 FPPM), Lebron James(1.51 FPPM)

PF- Anthony Davis
FD: $10,400
DK: $10,000

All signs are pointing towards the Brow being a for sure thing for tonight’s game, although nothing has been confirmed yet, I suggest monitoring this closely. He missed the most recent game vs the Pelicans, but other than that, he seems to steamroll his next opponent in every previous matchup. A whopping 65.6 FPPG vs his former team sets him into the elite category. Should he play, I predict he may be a bit below his normal playing time at right around 32+ minutes. When you add in his 1.52 FPPM, I can see AD around 50 FPTS easy.

Also Consider:
Marcus Morris(30Min X .88 FPPM)
Zion Williamson( 28 Min? X 1.22 FPPM)
Royce O’Neale(GPP)

C- Ivaca Zubac

FD: $4,500
DK: $,500

Surprisingly, Zubac has the highest usage ratong if all centers on the slate tonight (16.4%). He doesn’t always get the most minutes(18.1), but he does make the most of his time on the court (1.15 FPPM). He runs the floor well which meshes with the team pace. I predict Zubac lands somehere between 18-22 minutes and 20-22 FPTS which leads him to a 5x fantasy performance, which is fine for all formats.

Also Consider: Rudy Gobert, Javale McGee

I hope your just as happy as I am about this monumental day! Good luck on your contests!



Friday’s Results

Brad Wannamaker- 26.7 FPTS – 7.6 X VALUE
Kevin Huerter- 26.7 FPTS – 5.8 X VALUE
Marcus Morris- 36.2 FPTS – 6.4 X VALUE
Maxi Kleber- 41.7 FPTS – 10.7 X VALUE

We come back from the weekend not skipping a beat. We have a 10 game slot that looks like this.

Dallas Mavericks @ Atlanta
New York Knicks @ Indiana Pacers
Orlando Magic @ Charlotte Hornets
Golden State Warriors @ Washington Wizards
Boaton Celtics @ Atlanta Hawks
Philadelphia 76ers @ Miami Heat
Phoenix Suns @ Brooklyn Nets
Detroit Pistons @ Memphis Grizzlies
Minnesota Timberwolves @ San Antonio Spurs
Sacramento Kings @ Los Angeles Kingsqp+


Point Guard

Malcolm Brogdon

At a clip of 34 minutes per game in his last 2 games, Brogdon has been able to run the point without any hiccups with 31 and 44 FPTS respectively. His matchup with Dallas should be a little easier considering Doncic is out. He will have 30+ in both minutes and fantasy points.

Also Consider: De’Aron Fox, Shabazz Napier, Reggie Jackson, Ja Morant

Shooting Guard 

Lou Williams

I’m going back to the well with Lou because he has proven himself again and again as a bench player who consistently meets value. Over his last 10 he has seen 28.4 minutes with an average of 30.59 FPPG (1.07 FPPM)

Also Consider: Spencer Dinwiddie, Darian Lee, Bruce Brown

Small Forward


Kawhi Leonard

Power Forward

Kristaps Porzingis




JANUARY 31ST, 2020

Point Guard

Eric Bledsoe

In his last 2 games, and knce he hit the 30 minute mark, Bledsoe has been on a tear. He put up 5u.w, and 37.1 FPTS(47.15 FPPG) for a 1.54 FPPM output. Most people will shy away from Denver’s 7th ranked offense, but I look for him to continue the streak if Monte Morris is guarding him.

Also Consider: Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose

Value: Jalen Brunson, J. Morant

Shooting Guard

James Harden

Since 2017 James Harden has averaged 51 FPPG vs the Dallas Mavericks no matter the countless number of oppenents they put in front of him. The shooting guard position looks quite healthy tonight sp choose wisely

Also Consider: Devin Booker,  Zach LaVine

Also Consider: Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose

Small Forward

Eric Gordon

Gordon has averaged 36 FPPG since once again taking on a more prominent role in the starting lineup. He will get a 22nd ranked D and the Dallas Mavericks who will look to run and gun. A game stack here is not out of the question.

Also Consider: Jae Crowder, Daniel House, Maxi Kleber

Power Forward

Zion Williamson

As he begins his career, we see something of a mutation in Zion. He has been an instant impact to the league and I cant wait to see what becomes of this young mans career.  He has averaged 1.3FPPM (23min) in his 4 games as a pro and draws the 24th ranked Memphis Grizzlies. I like this to be the highest scoring event of the night.

Also Consider: Jarrett Allen, Serge Ibaka

Value: Myhailiuk,  K. Anderson


Jonas Valincuinas

I already stated my opinion in this game and im sticking by it with Jonas. In an earlier meeting he put up 32 FPTS in just 20 min. He has seen 30+ in B2B games and should be in line for 6X value.

Also Consider: Hasaan Whiteside, Steven Adams, Brook Lopez

Value: Christiano Felicio


JANUARY 23RD, 2020



WALKER- 29.6 (4.4 X VALUE)
MITCHELL- 34.3 (5.5 X VALUE)
BARTON- 27.6 (4.4 X VALUE
AYTON- 24.6 (3 X VALUE)

Today we have a small three game slate that should see enough action to equal six. Im leaning towards the stars and scrubs approach because of the defensive matchups being so lopsided.

Point Guard

Luka Doncic

Doncic is a force to be rekoned with on a normal day and even more so when facing the 29th ranked defense against the PG position. Over his last 5? Luka has seen 51 FPPG while clocking in at 32+ MPG.  Woth hos 38.5% Usage- Rate and 1.57 FPPM, Doncic is a solid play tonight.

Shooting Guard

Bradley Beal

Beal i11s still an Elite player even though he has only averaged 27 minutes in his past 5 outings. Over that same span he has put up 32.2 FPPG and has a usage rate of 33.6% at 1.19 FPPM.

Small Forward

Lebron James

Lebron and the Los Angeles Lakers travel to Brooklyn for a matchup vs the 22nd ranked defense against the Small Forward Position. Lebron has seen a steady 33.7% usage rate while maintaining numbers of 46 FPPG, 33.6 MPG , and a 1.36 FPPM.

Power Forward

Kevin Love

Love gets Home Court Advantage vs the 17th ranked Washington Wizards and should be esrablished in the paint against an inexperienced Washington backcourt who has given up 41.4 FPPG to opposing centers this season.


Javale McGee

I will start by saying that Dwight Howard is probably getting  most of the ownership but I am opting to go with McGee who in his pasy 5 games has averaged 26.7 FPPG in 19.4 Min at a 1.37 FPPM clip. He gets the 27th ranked D vs centers and should have no problem hitting value.


January 22nd, 2020
By Brandon Silvers


Yeaterday’s Results

Doncic- 62 FPTS
Kawhi- 55 FPTS
Porzingis- 28 FPTS
Harrell- 24 FPTS
Lou- 28 FPTS

Point Guard

Kemba Walker

Walker has been a force to be dealt with and doesn’t look like he is slowing down. In his past 5 games he has averaged 36.7 FPTS in 31 minutes a contest. This spark is exactly what Boston needs as they conpete to be number 1 in the Eastern Conference. His 1.18 FPPM should settle him between 5.5-6x Value.

Shooting Guard

Donovan Mitchell

Mitchell has seen this team 3 times this year and is averaging over 43 FPPG and 1.26 FPPM vs the Golden State Warriors. He shooulduld see around 33-35 minutes and get plenty of chances to soar past the value mark.

Small Forward

Will Barton

Barton has been in the rotation and seeing a legit 34.4 Minutes Per Game over his last 5 games. He has gone north of 30 FPTS in 7 of his last 10 and maintained an average of 1.01 FPPM in 2 meetings with the Houston Rockets at 31 MPG.+

Power Forward

Marvin Bagley

Bagley hasn’t faced the Detroit Pistons yet this season but is finding his groove and getting down to business. In his last 5, both his minutes and fantasy production has been 32+ respectively and clocks in at judt under a fantasy point per minute (.95)


D’andre Ayton

Ayton has taken the Phoenix Suns offensive tempo and found a home in the paint. Over his last 5 he has seen elite numbers including two 50+ FPT performances (45.8 FPPG, 1.22 FPPM, and 36-39 MPG)



JANUARY 21ST, 2020

UPDATE 2:37 PM CST 1/21/20


Lou Williams- 33
Porzingis- 30
JaMychal Green-23

Fantasy Points Per Minute
J. Green-.92
S. Curry-.76

Total Fantasy Points
Kawhi- 45.5
J. Green-21.1



Derek Rose- 32.8 FPTS (4.7 X Value)
Norman Powell-32.7 FPTS (6.4 X Value)
Tobias Harris- 28.2 FPTS (4.3 X Value)
David Bertrans-14.6 FPTS (3 X Value)
Andre Drummond-50.7 FPTS (5 X Value)

Highest Impact-
Alec Burks-62.4 FPTS (12 X Value)

Today we have only 1 NBA game scheduled at 8:30 ET. The Dallas Mavericks vs. Los Angeles Clippers.

Step 1

This boils down to a focus on two players who are already in the top tier as far as pricing is concerned. Do we pick Luka Doncic or Kawhi Leonard? Or do we take both?

Step 2

Finding the value may be 🔑 to cashing in any Cash game or 50/50 on FanDuel or Draftkings.

Let’s Dig in…..

Point Guard

Luka Doncic ($17.5K FD & $18.8K DK)

On the season, the MVP candidate is averaging 28.8 points, 9.7 rebounds, and 9 assists. (53.3  FPPG). He will be the focus for me tonight and the Mavericks only hope if Porzingis doesn’t play.

Power Forward 

Kawhi Leonard (16.5K FD & $17.1K DK) 

Without Paul George, Kawhi has shouldered the load and in my opinion has a little more help than Doncic. On the season he has averaged 26.9 points, 7.3 rebounds, and 5.1 assists (47.5 FPPG). A bonus is that Kawhi is good at playing the defensive sniper with 2 steals per game, and in the DFS world, steal equal points! Keep that in mind when choosing your roster tonight.


Power Forward

Kristaps Porzingis (12.5K FD & 11.1K DK)

Porzingis is listed as questionable to return to action for Dallas on Tuesday. He has missed the past 10 games with soreness in his knee. If active, i have him playing 29-32 minutes and clocking 35-38 FPTS with a good chance at a double-double.


Montrez Harrell (12K FD & 11.1K DK)

He has been a solid contributor off the bench for the Clippers again this year. Last year’s 6th Man of the Year and Most Improved Player is averaging 33.9 FPPG with 19.3 points, 7.1 rebounds, and 1.8 assists to go along with 1.1 blocks.

Shooting Guard

Lou Williams (11.5K FD & 12.6K DK)

The Clippers number 2 on offense has been the consistent and also former 6th Man 🏆, Williams has found a sixth gear with a 32.2 FPPG average. He is seeing numbers of 20 points, 3 rebounds, and 6.2 assists on the season and should definately be a factor tonight.

@Brandon B-Rad Silvers




NBA Crush Spot For 4/2/19


NBA Crush Spot
April 2nd, 2019
By Brandon Silvers – @B_Rad_Silvers


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Yesterday’s Result

Dragic- 50.7/8.5×Value
Lemon- 24.9/7.1×Value
Ingles- 26/3.7×Value
Holmes- 30/4.6×Value
Robinson- 40/5×Value

Today’s slate revolves around what the Atlanta Hawks are doing. Here is the Hawks injury report that they released yesterday.

Dewayne Dedmon: OUT
Miles Plumlee: OUT
Omari Spellman: OUT
Alex Poythress: OUT
John Collins: DOUBTFUL
Taurean Prince: DOUBTFUL

This means that big minutes will come somewhere off their bench. Bazemore and Len are my favorites.

PG: Russell Westbrook – My gut tells me today is his day. In the past 4 hes been right at 1.37fppm with around 36mpg. Today he see’s a Lakers team that has trouble on D. Their is a blowout potential so dont make him your only PG tonight.

SG: Kent Bazemore (Dk only) – For some reason unbeknownst to me, Bazemore hasn’t been getting a lot of nods from his coach lately. 17.75mpg & 17fppg in his last 4. This will turn around and that means 30+ potential.

SF: Vince Carter (FD Only) – It makes me sad to think one of my childhood stars is in his last season, and hats off to the Hawks orginization for letting the man see some extended minutes this year. On the season Vinsanity has seen right under 20 in both mpg & ppg. With most of the roster out his bump should send him over 20 in both categories. Great value.

SF: DeAndre’ Bembry – Bembry has increased production without getting a minutes boost (1.44fppm) at right around 18mpg. That should increase tonight and he is a cheap option to give you room for PG or Harden.

PF: Kyle Kuzma – The Thunder have trouble with bigs. Therefore i am targeting two big guys who will be relied on to spark the offense. His production has been a little below his season average in his last 5(-1.4fppg) but in DFS we must have a short memory. His ceiling and price match his opponent so i will have plenty of Kuzma

C: JaValle McGee – I like his matchup vs Adams and the Thunder. McGee has been on a tear in the month of March averaging. 30.3mpg and a massive 49.3fppg in his last 6. He’s on a groove and having fun out there.

Tourney Pivot- Alex Len

Play smart today!


NBA Crush Spot – 4/1/19

April 1st, 2019




Lillard- 51.1/4.68×Value

PG: Goran Dragic – The Heat will once again be without Josh Richardson and Justise Winslow and are still battling it out for playoff seeding in the Eastern Conference. If there was any questions about Dragic’s health, those were erased 2 games ago when he posted a triple double. This favorable matchup should put him on the good side of things.

SG: Walter Lemon Jr. – The injury laden Bulls have dug deep. Lemon came out of nowhere to put up 19 points, 4 rebounds, 6 assists, 1 block, and 4 steals n his debut. That put him at 1.5fppm(46.8fpts in 31min) iin his debut. If reports are correct, he is being handed a starting role. Hopefully not a lot is put in the media and hs remains a sneaky play.

SF: Joe Ingles – Ingles has been on fire recently. He has put up sone big numbers in his last 2 games averaging 43.55fpts in 33mpg(1.31fppg). The Hornets are ranked 29th vs the SF position. Ingles is never very highly owned and should remain a great play.

PF: Richaun Holmes – With Deandre Ayton sidelined, Holmes should see a plethora of extra minutes. He’s scored at least 20 fantasy points in each of his last four games, and he’s played over 19 minutes in back-to-back games. Pay down here and see some great value in other spots.

C: Mitchell Robinson – Mitchell has seen an expanded role recently in th Knicks offense. He faces a 28th ranked D vs the C position. In his past 2 games the big man has seen production of 46.4fppg in just under 35mpg. Including a 19 point/21 reb performance.

Hope you all find good fortune on this 9 game slate.


NBA Crush Spot- 3/29/19

NBA Crush Spot
March 27th, 2019
By Brandon Silvers – @B_Rad_Silvers

Yesterday’s Results

Payton- 33.1/4.4xValue
Hield- 33.5/4.7xValue
Greek- 57.25/5.11xValue
Embiid- 73.6/6.45xValue

Very nice return today. Hope you all played your chips in the right places. Today we gave a 6 game slate and things are getting a little wild the closer we get to the playoffs. Buckle up!

PG – Damian Lillard – This is a no brainer to me. McCollum & Nurkic are out, and when both of them are off the floor, Lillard shines. He is my top overall play.

+9.3 fpts per 36min on FD
+10.5 fpts per 36min on DK
+10% Usage

SG -Tyreke Evans – Tyreke has slowly been working his way back to form since his injury. Hes in an uptempo position today with a 107 pace and is back to atleast 20mpg. With a 25% usage rate i see Evans raching 5×Value again today.

SF- Paul George – This is solely based upon if he plays or not. Chances are 50/50 as of now so keep your eye on the news. PG has a usage rate of 30.55% and is on thr floor for 36mpg. The guy is NEEDED in OKC. The Thunder like to run and gun and it this style compliments his game. With one of the highest projections im looking for PG to be a slate breaker.

PF- Kyle Kuzma – With the nights highest projected pace (114), Kuzma is in a smash spot. He averages 33mpg and his opponent gives up 31ppg on average to their opponent. They are ranled 17th vs PF and i see Kuzma reaching 30+ fantasy points easily.

C – Karl-Anthony Towns – Towns is looking to continue his hot streak where he has gone for 26ppg & 18reb in his last 4, not to mention at least 1 steal in each of these contests. Thats equivalent to 59fppg in 34.25mpg. He faces a disheveled Warriors team who as of late have forgotten how to play D.

Good luck on all DFS fronts and be sure to check out our brand new MLB CRUSH SPOT brought to you by yours truly.


NBA Crush Spot- 3/28/19



NBA Crush Spot
March 27th, 2019
By Brandon Silvers – @B_Rad_Silvers


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Yesterdays Results

Shaq- 42.5/8.67xValue

PG- Elfrid Payton – I look for people to not be on Payton after he underperformed a few times recently. He faces a 30th ranked D. 30.8mpg & 37fppg is good for 1.20fppm. Sign me up!

SG- Buddy Hield – I’m happy to see Buddy Hield prospering in the NBA. I was worried about him going to SAC a few years back. That worry has faded as i see him averaging over 34mpg and 35.42fppg in his last 5. Hes going up against the 26th ranked D vs SG. Hield continues his hot streak.

SF-Giannis Antetokounmpo – This guy is a monster and i will most certainly not overlook this delicious matchup. Over the past few weeks, the Greek Freak has been very dominate. One game in particular he saw fantasy points north of 90. Now thats an accolade. Last 5 hes averaged 64.2fppg….need i say more?

PF-Pascal Siakam – I really like this guy. He quietly balls out when your not paying attention. Today he gets a matchup vs a layup. The 30th ranked team against the PF position will have their hands full. Siakam sneaks onto my radar having 33.2mpg and 40.5fppm in his last 5. At this pricetag he remains very dreamy!

C- Joel Embiid – He has seen a ton of minutes lately with atleast 35+ in 5 straight. On the season he stands at 1.56fppm(FD) 1.58fppm(DK). Simply put, Embiid is a beast and there is no reason to pay down at the C tonight.

See you guys at the finish line! Happy hooping .