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Chris Robin

If I Had a magic wand I’d bring us all back to that one Christmas where we were coziest. Surrounding by family and friends in front of a fire. With it being just about 2021 I know the holidays aren’t what they used to be. That’s ok, its what we make of it! We need to slow down and take it all in. Stay in bed longer. Turn off your phone. Read a book with a cup of coffee. Go play in the snow. Have an extra portion at dinner. Enjoy yourself!

Here’s to a fantastic holiday season!

Bottom of the Barrel was always my first love when it came to writing. It’s what makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. As I’ve said before sometimes real life gets in the way of our fantasy lives. Bottom of the Barrel is what stopping to smell the roses is to you. It is a time for me to sit down and relax, look around and take in everything around me! I’m glad you’re here!

I’m so thankful for all of you! We’ve been on this wild ride together! What I find exciting is the fact we’re not done yet! The fantasy football playoffs are here! While the real life NFL playoffs are taking shape!

If you’re still rocking with me then thank you! More to come! Lets go dig into week 14!


As we’re accustomed to now here’s the most expensive player at QB in week 13. Should help put B&B prices into perspective!

Aaron Rodgers GB @ DET (23rd)(FD-$9,100)(DK-$7,500)

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

Here are some cheaper options I’m considering at QB in week 14!

Matt Ryan ATL @ LAC (27th)(FD-$7,300)(DK-$5,700)

Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan

Did you see what the Patriots and Cam Newton did to the Chargers in week 13? I seriously don’t know what to make of Matt Ryan anymore. Has the window officially closed in Atlanta?

Matthew Stafford DET vs. GB (6th)(FD-$7,200)(DK-$5,700)

Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford

Matt went 27/42 for 402 yards and 3 touchdowns. THE LIONS ARE FREE! Free from the awful clown coach! I’m fully expecting Detroit to keep the pedal to the metal these last few games.

Philip Rivers IND @ LV (22nd)(FD-$7,000)(DK-$5,900)

Indianapolis Colts QB Phillip Rivers

What can I say about Phil that hasn’t already been said? I love the idea of this Colts team getting everyone involved! TY, JT and others! In week 13 Rivers averaged a seasonal best 8.1 yards an attempt along with a 77 percent completion rating. So far this season he’s also averaged 289.3 passing yards a game! Full speed ahead in week 14 for the Colts and Phil Rivers!

Sam Darnold NYJ @ SEA (31st)(FD-$7,000)(DK-$5,100)

New York Jets QB Sam Darnold

Did I get lucky last week mentioning Sam here? So you believe lightning can strike twice in the same spot? The match-up v SEA sure is giving me that vibe!

Daniel Jones NYG vs. ARZ (24th)(FD-$6,800)(DK-$5,500)

New York Giants QB Daniel Jones

All reports from New York are telling us Danny Dimes has a real shot to play Sunday at home vs. the Cardinals! A Cardinals team that is giving up the 11th most points fantasy points to opposing QB’s!

Mike Glennon JAX vs. TEN (28th)(FD-$6,600)(DK-$5,100)

Jacksonville Jaguars QB Mike Glennon

Jacksonville has now used three different QB’s this season. Who would you prefer? Who has been the best? Does it really matter? With Mike at QB it’s still the James Robinson show. Although a kid like Collin Johnson has been targeted heavily. The Titans DST is a favorable match-up for the Jags. Use with caution!

Jalen Hurts PHI vs. NO (8th)(FD-$6,600)(DK-$5,100)

Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts

As it stands now Eagles HC Doug Pederson has yet to choose a starting QB for week 14. It would be wise for him to choose Hurts rest of the way. Keep your eyes open! UPDATE: Jalen Hurts has been named the starting QB for week 14!


Dalvin Cook MIN @ TB (3rd)(FD-$10,200)(DK-$9,400)

Minnesota Vikings RB Dalvin Cook

Oh look! Cooks price has come down another $200 on Fanduel!

Here are some cheaper options I’m considering at RB in week 14!

Miles Sanders PHI vs. NO (1st)(FD-$6,200)(DK-$6,200)

Philadelphia Eagles RB Miles Sanders

What gives? What the heck is Dougie P doing with Miles? It’s been awful! Its been a travesty! It just might cost Doug his job! In the meantime, Sanders price has dipped big time. So low that it can’t be ignored! The talent doesn’t match the price. The talent doesn’t match the usage. He’s worth an open and honest look in week 14 give the price.

Melvin Gordon III DEN @ CAR (25th)(FD-$6,100)(DK-$5,200)

Denver Broncos RB Melvin Gordon III

Melvin or Phil? Phil or Melvin? Again, does it really matter? Gordon carried the ball 15 times for a season high 131yds. Phil is going to get carries. So is MGIII! I just don’t see a case where we can talk bad about Melvin and his workload. On Sunday the Broncos travel to Carolina. A Panthers team that’s allowing the 8th most fantasy points to RB’s. Expect a heavy dose of Melvin.

Wayne Gallman Jr. NYG vs. ARZ (18th)(FD-$6,000)(DK-$5,700)

New York Giants RB Wayne Gallman Jr.

What an absolute treat Wayne has been this season! He saw his five game touchdown streak come to an end. Yet he’s seen 12 or more carries in five straight games! I’d fully expect Gallman Jr. to find the end zone again on Sunday! Do I hear twice?

Myles Gaskin MIA vs. KC (19th)(FD-$6,000)(DK-$5,600)

Miami Dolphins RB Myles Gaskin

Welcome back there kid! Myles looked good in his first game back after a four game layoff. Gaskin is without a doubt the RB1 for Miami. Now look, I know what you’re thinking! A tilt against the Chiefs on Sunday is a tough task. The talent is there and I’m expecting him to see around 18 total carries.

Phillip Lindsay DEN @ CAR (25th)(FD-$5,800)(DK-$4,300)

Denver Broncos RB Phil Lindsay

I’ve had great success this season stacking same team RB’s! The Denver running backs are no exception! The match-up is perfect! You can count on Phil getting double digit carries. Roster BOTH Bronco RB’s and accumulate all the points!

TY Johnson NYJ @ SEA (24th)(FD-$5,500)(DK-$4,700)

New York Jets RB TY Johnson

This one is crazy I know but it is Bottom of the Barrel! If father time Frank Gore can’t clear the concussion protocol by game day then it’s the TY Johnson show! What if I could promise you 20 or more carries for TY on Sunday? Would that be enough to change your mind?

Latavius Murray NO @ PHI (11th)(FD-$5,500)(DK-$5,900)

New Orleans Saints RB Latavius Murray

We’ve seen the benefit of Taysom Hill at QB. We’ve also see the negative. Alvin Kamara has seen his receptions all but disappear. While we’ve seen Murray’s usage boosted big time! I want to take full advantage of this on Sunday.

Chase Edmonds ARZ @ NYG (21st)(FD-$5,300)(DK-$4,600)

Arizona Cardinals RB Chase Edmunds

Chase has seen his passing down work rise. In week 13 the production was awful. It was far below his seasonal average. That screams perfect timing even with Drake in the lineup!

J.D. McKissic WSH @ SF (7th)(FD-$5,300)(DK-$4,900)

Washington Football Team RB JD McKissic

Ten targets and ten receptions! JD continues to produce in PPR formats! There is just no way around anymore! If rookie RB Antonio Gibson cannot play due to a toe issue then I will seriously consider grabbing McKissic in 100% of my lines! It’s just too sweet not to! Peyton Barber will more then likely be the starting RB further hiding the talent of JD. Which we want for DFS purposes!

Jamaal Williams GB @ DET (32nd)(FD-$5,100)(DK-$6,000)

Green Bay Packers RB Jamal Williams

A receiving secondary back vs. the Detroit Lions. What more should I say? Detroit is awful against opposing RB’s. Yeah they’ve been better but Rodgers, Jones and Adams are going to absolutely wear this defense down. J-Will should see a healthy workload in this one!

Jeremy McNichols TEN @ JAX (29th)(FD-$4,900)(DK-$4,000)

Tennessee Titans RB Jeremy McNicols

Follow me here if you’d like but I think Tennessee wipes the floor with the Jags. So much so they try to preserve Henry in the second half. What do you think about Jeremy seeing 10-12 carries in the second half?

Tony Pollard DAL @ CIN (20th)(FD-$4,800)(DK-$5,300)

Dallas Cowboys RB Tony Pollard

What the heck is going on with Zeke? What’s even more shocking is the fact Dallas is still alive in the divisional race! As awful as it sounds I firmly believe the Cowboys have their way with Cincinnati on Sunday. Grind them down with Zeke and let Tony take them home!


Davante Adams GB @ DET (25th)(FD-$9,600)(DK-$9,300)

Green Bay Packers WR Davante Adams

Here are some cheaper options I’m considering at WR for week 14!

Allen Lazard GB @ DET (25th)(FD-$5,800)(DK-$5,000)

Green Bay Packers WR Alan Lazard

After some time away with an injury Lazard is now fully entrenched as GB’s WR2. Like it or not Aaron Rodgers is an MVP candidate and should absolutely shred the Lions defense. Look for Lazard to find the end zone Sunday in Detroit.

Michael Pittman Jr. IND @ LV (19th)(FD-$5,700)(DK-$5,000)

Indianapolis Colts rookie WR Michael Pittman Jr.

Pittman has seen fourteen total targets his last two games. Yet has only caught seven of those. The competition between him and TY as the teams WR1 is one that can benefit us all!

Keke Coutee HOU @ CHI (5th)(FD-$5,600)(DK-$5,000)

Houston Texan WR Keke Coutee

One of the fun times where we all called our Keke shot and we were all right! Coutee saw a seasonal high in receptions and a career high receiving yards in week 13. Why would that change now?

Denzel Mims NYJ @ SEA (32nd)(FD-$5,600)(DK-$4,100)

New York Jets rookie WR Denzel Mims

Dammit! Any time now Denzel! He hasn’t been off the charts good but he’s played a nice role for the tanking Jets. As his price stays around the same I’m going to keep taking shot after shot with him in my lines!

Jalen Reagor PHI vs. NO (22nd)(FD-$5,500)(DK-$4,400)

Philadelphia Eagles rookie WR Jalen Reagor

Wow! That punt return right? Is Jalen just another sub-par rookie on an awful team? Who knows! I now love the idea of Jalen Hurts starting at QB in week 14! Let’s stack both Jalen’s and call it Jalen 2 Jalen? What about 2XJalen? The Jalen Connection? Whatever you call it you heard it here first!

Russell Gage ATL @ LAC (6th)(FD-$5,500)(DK-$4,500)

Atlanta Falcons WR Russel Gage

Gage caught a TD in week 13! Which is impressive given his workload this season. He remains the Falcons WR3 but I can work with that. In some odd way I think it’s better if Julio is in the lineup for Gage.

Sterling Shepard NYG vs. ARZ (20th)(FD-$5,500)(DK-$5,200)

New York Giants WR Sterling Shepard

Shepard is a dang good complimentary WR. Colt McCoy is a sub-par QB. Let’s hope Daniel Jones is under center in week 14. It’s an exploitable match-up.

Laviksa Shenault Jr. JAX vs. TEN (28th)(FD-$5,400)(DK-$4,100)

Jacksonville Jaguars WR Laviska Shenault Jr.

Was nice to see Laviska find the end zone again last Sunday. This kid is quick and offers a unique set of skills. The Jags should and will find ways to get in more involved at home on Sunday.

Tim Patrick DEN @ CAR (13th)(FD-$5,400)(DK-$4,200)

Denver Broncos WR Time Patrick

Get it while you can with Tim! Patrick is in a rhythm right now with Denver QB Drew Lock. The Broncos have a fantastic group of young WR’s and things are going to change for Tim and Drew very soon. This is DFS though! Who cares about the long term! Keep spending very little for Tim!

Demarcus Robinson KC @ MIA (16th)(FD-$5,200)(DK-$3,800)

Kansas City Chiefs WR Demarcus Robinson

It’s hard to calculate who’s going to get the larger piece of pie in this offense. Well aside from Kelce and Tyreek that is. So in turn I like to play the calculated risk guessing game. It’s a fun game.

Collin Johnson JAX vs. TEN (28th)(FD-$5,100)(DK-$3,600)

Jacksonville Jaguars WR Collin Johnson

Mike Glennon has eyes for Collin! You should too!

Greg Ward PHI vs. NO (22nd)(FD-$5,000)(DK-$3,100)

Philadelphia Eagles WR Greg Ward

Jalen Hurts has eyes for Greg! You should too! See what I did there?

P.S. its true though!

Quintez Cephus DET vs. GB (7th)(FD-$5,000)(DK-$3,200)

Detroit Lions rookie WR Quintez Cephus

The Detroit Lions cut Marvin Hall. After some time they told us their reasoning! Whatever front office is left told us they would like to get some of the younger kids involved. Open it up if you will. Would you look at that! Cephus caught his first career TD in week 13! The Lions should be playing catch up all day in week 14. Meaning, Quintez should be heavily involved!

Jalen Guyton LAC vs. ATL (30th)(FD-$4,900)(DK-$3,200)

Los Angeles Chargers rookie WR Jalen Guyton

Did you know Guyton played more offensive snaps (64) in week 13 then Keenan Allen (62) and Mike Williams (59)? Not saying much seeing how the Chargers were skunked. I’ve loved this kid since day one! If you’re going to throw darts this week you’d be wise to start with him!


Travis Kelce KC @ MIA (6th)(FD-$8,200)(DK-$7,400)

Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce

Here are some cheaper options I’m considering at TE for week 14!

Dalton Schultz DAL @ CIN (29th)(FD-$5,100)(DK-$3,500)

Dallas Cowboys TE Dalton Schultz

Andy was harassed by the Washington football all day in week 13. This week, in Cincinnati, Dalton should have time! Dalton has caught four passes in four straight games too. As a habitual tight end punter let’s start here!

Anthony Firkser TEN @ JAX (27th)(FD-$5,100)(DK-$3,600)

Tennessee Titans TE Anthony Firkser

No idea what’s going on with Jonnu knee injury. What I can tell you is I love the price and potential output for Firkser if he’s the starting TE against a weak Jacksonville secondary.

Jordan Akins HOU @ CHI (28th)(FD-$5,000)(DK-$2,900)

Houston Texans TE Jordan Akins

Akins will continue seeing a majority of offensive snaps at the tight end position. Believe it or not the Bears are awful against opposing tight-ends.

Jacob Hollister SEA vs. NYJ (32nd)(FD-$4,900)(DK-$3,100)

Seattle Seahawks TE Jacob Hollister

Seattle at home playing the worse team in the NFL. What could go wrong? I’m fairly certain Russ and the Seahawks want to get right. Seattle wins big!

Tyler Eifert JAX vs. TEN (25th)(FD-$4,700)(DK-$3,100)

Jacksonville Jaguars TE Tyler Eifert

Classic case of the Jags trying to keep pace with the Titans.

Cole Kmet CHI vs. HOU (13th)(FD-$4,600)(DK-$2,900)

Chicago Bears rookie TE Cole Kmet

Cole is no stranger to B&B. In the meantime it looks as if he’s become the Bears TE1.

Donald Parham Jr. LAC vs. ATL (31st)(FD-$4,400)(DK-$2,500)

Los Angeles Chargers TE Donald Parham Jr.

I just have a hard time thinking the Chargers will struggle on offense again at home vs. the Falcons.

If you’re still reading then thank you. The support that you’ve show for me and Bottom of the Barrel this season has been incredible!

Here are two of my sample lines I’m going to use for week 14! Keep in mind these lines are for entertainment purposes! Please play responsible!

Fanduel 12/13 1p MAIN

Also look for updated lines closer to lock on Sunday morning 12/13!

Draftkings 12/13 1p MAIN

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