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Founded in 2017 by Jeremy Sarina, DFS CheatSheet has come a long way from its beginnings.  Once just a vision has now been brought to reality. When Jeremy first started out, Travis Spieth took Jeremy under his wing. Travis, Fanduel’s first million dollar daily winner, mentored Jeremy in the DFS game.  Jeremy had many GPP takedowns under the mentorship of Travis. “Travis taught me a very specific way to be successful playing Daily.” After a few years of playing DFS, Jeremy wanted to build a site that could help others. “I wanted to create a site that boiled all the research we do daily into a few different, organized, pieces, to give the average player the end result of the research, and the ability to make good and informed decisions.” DFS CheatSheet aims to give players an edge on the field. Jeremy will make a daily contribution to the site via his GPP Core Plays of the day, however his daily process is all over the site.

DFS CheatSheet was Co-Founded by Stephan Jimenez, a fantastic daily fantasy player in his own right. Stephan, known in the industry as “Rotobeast” has been providing content daily to his members for the last three years. Over the past three years Stephan has grown vastly grown the Rotobeast brand, offering daily content via his youtube channel, and his website. Stephan and Jeremy have a shared goal, to provide creative looks, at comprehensive research in a simple boiled down way to the average daily player. Stephan has been at the top of GPP’s as well however his real expertise is on building cash game lineups. “You can’t be successful long term in DFS if you can’t be a great cash game player.” said Jimenez. “Like the saying goes, cash is king, if you don’t want to have a negative experience or don’t want to keep redepositing, join our site and learn how to manage your bankroll and build a daily process.”  Stephan will contribute daily to the site in the form of his “Cash Game Core Plays” video.

DFS CheatSheet has partnered with a couple of very strategic partners, 290 Design and Fantasypicks.com.  “The guys at 290 design are brilliant, and have created something that is second to none, something we feel should be a staple in every DFS players process.” All premium members of DFS CheatSheet will receive access to 290 designs beautiful baby.  Fantasypicks.com is owned by fantasy pro, and site CEO, Travis Spieth. “Travis is known as being a great Daily Fantasy Football Pro” rightfully so, he’s Fanduel’s first million dollar winner, having won the 2013 FFFC. “Travis is not only a great Daily Fantasy Football mind, he’s a great overall Daily Fantasy mind and we look forward to continuing our partnership with him and his site.

We hope you enjoy the content here at DFS CheatSheet as much as we enjoying offering it to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.