NBA Value Street – 7/31/20

NBA Value Street
By Dylan Thompson



What’s up to all our members!!!! We are finally back in to the swing of things, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic! We have a very enticing 6 game slate to play, so let’s dig in!

PG Ja Morant – At a price of $6300 on fanduel, it’s an absolute lock and steal for me. Facing a Portland team that plays absolutely no defense behind the arc, Morant has the opportunity to go bonkers here. We know all to well what this kid is capable of and I think he puts up good numbers in this spot.

SG Buddy Hield – This young man is averaging 31 fantasy points on the season, and his price is only $5500. To simplify it, he is averaging almost 6x at his price. San Antonio’s defense is middle of the pack when it comes to efficiency, and Buddy threw up a 50 banger the last time these two teams met. Need I say more.

SF Evan Fournier – His price is at $5300, and Brooklyn doesn’t have a defense. We all know this young man has the potential for a 35+ fantasy point night any given night. He only put up 25 the last time these two teams played, which is right below 5X return, but I am banking on all of this extra rest playing in his favor. I’ll be looking tonight for at least a 6X return.

PF Nemanja Bjelica – With Bagley out for now, our guy should see an extended run in minutes. His price comes in at $4500, and is averaging over 5X at that price on the season. The last time the teams met Bjelica put up a nice 35 fantasy point game. San Antonio is ranked 20th in defensive efficiency, which means that our guy with extended minutes it’s in a position to hit a high ceiling. I’m locking him in.

C Jakob Poeltl – With the absence of Aldridge and Lyles still out due to injury, this guy is an absolute lock for me. His price tag comes in at $4200, and will be facing a depleted Sacramento team, that when healthy are still only middle of the pack when it comes to to defensive efficiency at the position. In his scrimmage games without Aldridge and Lyles, he has definitely put up some good numbers. He should see an extended run in minutes tonight, and I am shooting for him to put up at least 6X return.

My HURRICANE pick of the night – Luka Doncic

I know that I write the value Street article, but I am going to be throwing in my hurricane pick of the night, which is who I think will be the absolute smash spot on the slate. This is the first time in a really long time that we have seen Luca sub $11,000. I will be getting a ton of exposure to him for the simple fact that James Harden does not play defense.

Friday 7/31 Crush Spot (MLB DFS)

Friday 7/31 Crush Spot
Chris Robin

Yesterday was not fun. Quite frankly, it was miserable. My real life is fantastic! Nothing to complain about there. My DFS life yesterday was awful. That’s the DFS life though right? Really high highs and basement type lows. I’d like to think if we’re doing DFS right there will be limited lows.

Really quick before we get into Friday’s Crush Spot, humor me if you will? I absolutely love two game slates. Those are my bread and butter. Early only yesterday was a slam dunk, so I thought. TOR @ WSH and CHC @ CIN. I did my usual 100+ entries and was smashing the slate. TOR @ WSH happened exactly like I thought it would. In the 9th inning I was sitting pretty! Looking at major profit with Yu Darvish, Rizzo, Baez and Bryant still to play. Then it happened. Inclement weather in Cincinnati. The game was PPD and the entire slate was canceled and refunded. All my profits poof, up in smoke.

Why do you care? Seriously, why the hell is he telling me this? Queue the Joe Kelly crying memes. DFS isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s not all winning screenshots and, “I cashed big time last night!” comments on social media. In an odd sick way that’s the beauty to DFS. Days like yesterday are what keeps the fire burning. Personally, makes me want to research and crunch numbers more. Hit it even harder today! “Only one way to get over it, hop back on the horse baby!” Wise words from Jeremy Sarnia founder.

Well I’m back on the horse now as we speak! Hi ho silver!

Both Fanduel and Draftkings are in sync with their Main slates today. Both are twelve games that lock at 7:05p EST.

BOS (4.7) @ NYY (5.7)              CLE (4.6) @ MIN (4.4)

NYM (5.0) @ ATL (5.4)              PIT (3.9) @ CHC (4.9)

CIN (4.7) @ DET (3.6)               HOU (5.1) @ LAA (4.1)

TB (5.1) @ BAL (3.9)                 TEX (4.2) @ SFG (3.9)

CWS (5.2) @ KC (4.2)               LAD (4.8) @ ARZ (4.5)

SDP (5.7) @ COL (5.7)               OAK 5.3) @ SEA (3.9)

I’ve learned over the years that a first impression and/or your initial gut reaction is always spot on. Here are my initial thoughts.

Stack the Cincinnati Reds (4.7) @ Detroit tonight v Spencer Turnbull.

Stack the Chicago White Sox (5.2) @ Kansas City tonight v Kris Bubic

Stack the Oakland Athletics (5.3) @ Seattle tonight v Taijuan Walker.

Shouldn’t be a secret but stack the entire SDP (5.7) @ COL (5.7) tonight at Coors.

C/1B – Ji-Man Choi (FD-$2,600)(DK-$4,400)

2B – Ozzie Albies (FD-$3,600)(DK-$5,300)

3B – Austin Riley (FD-$2,500)(DK-$

SS – Fernando Tatis Jr. (FD-$4,100)(DK-$6,000)

OF – Aaron Hicks (FD-$2,900)(DK-$4,400)

OF – Charlie Blackmon (FD-$4,000)(DK-$5,800)

OF – Ronald Acuna Jr. (FD-$3,900)(DK-$5,500)

UTIL – Kyle Tucker (FD-$2,800)(DK-$3,300)

Here are some other big league bats I love tonight! By now you should know how much I love to mix-n-match!

C/1B – Anthony Rizzo (FD-$3,900)(DK-$4,600)

2B – Jurickson Profar (FD-$3,000)(DK-$4,700)

3B – Matt Chapman (FD-$3,700)(DK-$4,600)

SS – Trevor Story (FD-$4,300)(DK-$5,700)

OF – Tommy Pham (FD-$3,800)(DK-$4,800)

OF – Sam Hilliard (FD-$3,000)(DK-$4,300)

OF – Ramon Laureano (FD-$3,400)(DK-$4,700)

UTIL – Wil Myers (FD-3,500)(DK-$4,600)

Fanduel 7:05p Main #1

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Fanduel 7:05p Main #2

Here are a few sample lines I’m going to use tonight! Keep in mind these lines are for entertainment purposes! Please play responsible!

Any questions or comments?

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July 30th, 2020
By Brandon Silvers


For those of you who have read this article before, welcome back for another take of NBA CRUSH SPOT! For all those newbies, my name is Brandon Silvers and I hope you see that you like so that you many keep finding your way back! Let’s talk some hoops!

I will specify in this article whether or not the player I mention is cash or tournament, and the numbers will reflect my decision

Example: FPPM(Fantasy Points Per Minute ) x Projected Minutes = Projected Total

Keep in mind the NBA is constantly changing throughout the day and most likely all the way up to game time, and if I have time I will update my article with any changes. Check periodically through the day just to make sure.

This version of “Bubble Ball” is starting off much like a normal season, Anthony Davis controversy! It looks as if AD will be ready to go tonight. The other news I’m watching is what path the Pelicans choose to go down with the Zion injury. I just read that he is in the shootaround which means he is most likely available in some capacity.

PG- Reggie Jackson
       FD: $3,800
       DK: $4,600

With Lou Williams out and Patrick Beverly sidelined with an injury the Clippers are very shallow at the going guard position. Jackson is very familiar with handling the rock as he did most of his career in Detroit. He leads the second unit in scoring and I have him locking in at 23 minutes and .95 FPPM tonight. Lock him in on cash games and don’t look back.

Also Consider: Mike Conley, Alonzo Ball

SG- Jordan Clarkson
FD: $4,300
DK: $4,200

I believe JC is a must play in cash formats tonight. Firs and foremost, Utah will be moving forward without Bojan Bogdanovich for the remainder of the season. JC has averaged right around a 25% team usage rating (4th best on team) right behind Bojan respectively. He hovers around the 1 FPPM grid (FD-0.94, DK-0.98), and should benefit in the form of minutes due to the Bojan injury.

Obviously the past few scrimmage games will not be a reflection of everyone’s minutes moving forward, and we can almost guarantee to see 2 of these guys (Mitchell/Clarkson/ Coonley) on the floor at all times

Also Consider: Donovan Mitchell, Josh Hart, Paul George

SF- Brandon Ingram
FD: $7,300
DK: $8,300

Ingram is in a good position vs his former Lakers team. In his past 4 matchups vs LBJ and the Lakers, Ingram has averaged 35.7 FPTS per game. His pricetag on FanDuel is $7.3K, and if he hits the average thats over 5x Value with a ceiling right at 47. He should see his usual 33+ minutes at 1.17 FPPM. You do the math!

Also Consider: Dion Waiters(1.16 FPPM), Lebron James(1.51 FPPM)

PF- Anthony Davis
FD: $10,400
DK: $10,000

All signs are pointing towards the Brow being a for sure thing for tonight’s game, although nothing has been confirmed yet, I suggest monitoring this closely. He missed the most recent game vs the Pelicans, but other than that, he seems to steamroll his next opponent in every previous matchup. A whopping 65.6 FPPG vs his former team sets him into the elite category. Should he play, I predict he may be a bit below his normal playing time at right around 32+ minutes. When you add in his 1.52 FPPM, I can see AD around 50 FPTS easy.

Also Consider:
Marcus Morris(30Min X .88 FPPM)
Zion Williamson( 28 Min? X 1.22 FPPM)
Royce O’Neale(GPP)

C- Ivaca Zubac

FD: $4,500
DK: $,500

Surprisingly, Zubac has the highest usage ratong if all centers on the slate tonight (16.4%). He doesn’t always get the most minutes(18.1), but he does make the most of his time on the court (1.15 FPPM). He runs the floor well which meshes with the team pace. I predict Zubac lands somehere between 18-22 minutes and 20-22 FPTS which leads him to a 5x fantasy performance, which is fine for all formats.

Also Consider: Rudy Gobert, Javale McGee

I hope your just as happy as I am about this monumental day! Good luck on your contests!

Thursday 7/30 Crush Spot (MLB DFS)

Thursday 7/30 Crush Spot
Chris Robin

I feel like white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland today! “I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!” For a very important date! No time to say hello, goodbye, I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!”

Having no real appointments or any pressing matters today it’s quite strange!

Let’s talk DFS! That always helps to settle me down. Fanduel and Draftkings are in sync today with their 7:05p Main slates! Eight games that lock at 7:05p EST!

NYY(6.3) @ BAL(4.3)

CLE(4.1) @ MIN(8.5)

BOS(4.4) @ NYM(4.9)

TB(4.1) @ ATL(4.5)

KC(5.2) @ DET(4.7)

LAD(4.9) @ ARZ(4.2)

SEA(4.0) @ LAA(5.1)

SDP(4.5) @ SFG(3.5)

For the visual learner. Team match-ups with run implied totals.

From a number standpoint, leaving out all personal opinions the run implied totals tell us a story! What teams to target and what teams to fade! I have highlighted the teams to target today!

New York Yankees facing BAL LHP John Means. Who will be making his 2020 debut after missing Opening Day due to arm fatigue.

Kansas City Royals facing DET RHP Ivan Nova who loves to walk batters then give up HR’s!

New York Mets squaring off with BOS LHP Martin Perez who game up 4ER, 6H and 2BB in his 2020 debut.

Los Angeles Angles squaring off against LHP innings eater Marco Gonzales who is actually the best pitcher in this group of four! His home/road splits are almost identical as well.

Fair warning, the Crush Spot today is based off a NYY/LAA stack and I couldn’t be happier!

C/1B – Mike Ford (FD-$2,200)(DK-$4,800)

2B – Tommy La Stella (FD-$2,900)(DK-$2,900)

3B – Anthony Rendon (FD-$4,000)(DK-$5,400)

SS – Gleybor Torres (FD-$3,100)(DK-$5,100)

OF – Brett Gardner (FD-$2,500)(DK-$4,800)

OF- Giancarlo Stanton (FD-$3,800)(DK-$5,500)

OF – Justin Upton (FD-$2,700)(DK-$3,600)

UTIL – Mike Trout (FD-$4,500)(DK-$6,100)

Others I’m holding in high regard tonight! I love the idea of mixing & matching these guys tonight…

C/1B – Luke Voit (FD-$2,800)(DK-$4,200)

2B – Jeff McNeil (FD-$2,900)(DK-$4,800)

3B – Maikel Franco (FD-$2,600)(DK-$2,000)

SS – Alberto Mondesi (FD-$2,600)(DK-$3,300)

OF – Whit Merrifield (FD-$3,300)(DK-$4,100)

OF – Joc Pederson (FD-$3,000)(DK-$4,200)

OF – Austin Hays (FD-$2,500)(DK-$4,200)

UTIL – Jorge Soler (FD-$3,700)(DK-$3,600)

Fanduel 7/30 Main

Don’t forget to check back later and closer to lock! Or follow me on Twitter for updated lines before each contest locks!

Draftkings 7/30 Main

Here are a few sample lines I’m going to use tonight! Keep in mind these lines are for entertainment purposes! Please play responsible!

Any questions or comments?

Did I miss something? Let’s talk about it!

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Wednesday 7/29 Crush Spot (MLB DFS)

Wednesday 7/29 Crush Spot
Chris Robin

Are we having fun yet? I sure am! Well, kind of. Lets discuss the elephant in the room. How much longer is the MLB season going to continue? Here’s the thing, I don’t write and publish content to give my personal beliefs and opinions. Sure I give my process but that’s after years and years of experience. I’ve never want to be a Debbie downer or the guy who gives crappy and dark thoughts. Meaning, long as there are professional sports you can count on me covering it!

Daily fantasy sports is my happy place! I have a feeling it’s yours too. So lets always concentrate on the here and now. The positives if you will!

Lets look at game schedules real quick with run implied totals in the parenthesis!

COL (3.6) @ OAK (4.1)

ARZ (4.0) @ TEX (8)

WSH (4.8) @ TOR (3.7)

CWS (4.8) @ CLE (4.7)

CHC (4.6) @ CIN (4.6)

MIL (4.8) @ PIT (4.0)

TB (4.2) @ ATL (4.4)

KC (4.4) @ DET (4.8)

LAD (5.2) @ HOU (4.8)

BOS (3.4) @ NYM (4.2)

NYY (5.7) @ BAL (3.2)

STL (4.6) @ MIN (5.4)

SD (4.2) @ SFG (3.4)

SEA (4.1) @ LAA (5.1)

Today we have a very large schedule of games. Fourteen to be clear and they are broken down into seven, yes seven, different slates! Normally I would give you my Crush Spots for Main but that wouldn’t be fair today! Instead I’ll give you my Crush Spots for All Day! This way you’ll be able to mix and match players in whatever slate you wish to play!

C/1B – Miguel Sano (FD-$2,700)(DK-$4,700)

Justin Smoak (FD-$2,700)(DK-$3,800)

Mitch Garver (FD-$2,700)(DK-$4,700)

2B – Jonathon Schoop (FD-$2,500)(DK-$3,300)

Nicky Lopez (FD-$2,000)(DK-$2,100)

DJ LeMahieu (FD-$3,400)(DK-$5,300)

3B – Jeff McNeil (FD-$2,800)(DK-$4,800)

Jordy Mercer (FD-$2,100)(DK-$2,800)

Josh Donaldson (FD-$3,100)(DK-$4,200)

SS – Fernando Tatis Jr. (FD-$3,500)(DK-$4,900)

Amed Rosario (FD-$2,600)(DK-$4,600)

Niko Goodrum (FD-$2,500)(DK-$4,300)

OF – Max Kepler (FD-$3,000)(DK-$4,100)

Michael Conforto (FD-$3,000)(DK-$4,600)

Tommy Edman (FD-$2,500)(DK-$4,400)

Aaron Hicks (FD-$2,500)(DK-$5,000)

Joc Peterson (FD-$2,900)(DK-$4,300)

Whit Merrifield (FD-$3,200)(DK-$4,200)

Jorge Soler (FD-$3,700)(DK-$3,600)

UTIL – Gary Sanchez (FD-$2,900)(DK-$5,600)

Cameron Maybin (FD-$2,200)(DK-$3,900)

Brandon Nimmo (FD-$2,400)(DK-$3,500)

Fanduel Early 7/29

As I said above I’m attacking this slate a little different then the first few days we played. The slates are spread out and we have a ton of options!

Draftkings Early 7/29

Don’t forget to check back later and closer to lock! Or follow me on Twitter for updated lines before each contest locks!

Fanduel Main 7/29

Here are a few sample lines I’m going to use tonight! Keep in mind these lines are for entertainment purposes! Please play responsible!

Draftkings Main 7/29

Any questions or comments?

Did I miss something? Let’s talk about it!

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PGA Core Plays – WGC FedEx St. Jude Invitational

PGA Core Plays
St. Jude Invitational
By Derek Hill

PGA Core Plays


Finally, it feels like we are entering the heart of the PGA Tour season! This week’s WGC – FedEx St. Jude Invitational will be a stacked tune-up before starting the season of the majors. That’s right, we are just over a week away from the PGA Championship at Harding Park!

The event this week will be a smaller field of 78 golfers. That number, believe it or not, is larger than the 63 that played this event last year. This will be another event with an expanded field due to COVID-19. There will be no cut so all 78 players will have 4 rounds to come out on top come Sunday. This allows players who get off to a poor start to have a reasonable shot at a comeback, so don’t count out your guys if they have a poor showing in round 1.

Notable players skipping the event this week include: Shugo Imahira, Francesco Molinari, Thomas Pieters, Justin Rose, Adam Scott, Lee Westwood, and Tiger Woods. This will allow 15 players from outside the Top 50 the chance to play this week.

Most players are not skipping out this week. The field will include the top 9 in the FedEx Cup standing, the Top 8 in World Golf Ranking, and 45 of the top 50 ranked players in the world.

TPC Southwind will be hosting the event for just the second year. Brooks Koepka is the defending champion, having prevailed by 3 shots over runner-up Webb Simpson.

The scoring average last year was 69.504 which was just under par on this par 70 course. This course yields birdies but is known as a complete test of golf. Poor shots will be penalized and bogeys (or worse) will be made.

Distance is a plus on this course but is not required. The course measures 7,277 yards. A new sight will be the renovated bunkers which have been moved to more strategic locations. This means bunker play will likely be a bigger factor this week. Be sure to consider sand save % when making your picks. Bermuda grass greens are expected to roll at about 12 on the Stimpmeter. Putting is always important but I don’t expect it to be the most important stat to consider this week.

Let’s dive into the stats a little more. The last 3 winners of this event have been in the top 3 in both the FedEx cup standings and OWG ranking at the time the event was played. This might make you consider taking Justin Thomas this week since he is the only player that fits into both of those categories. Koepka is the only winner of the last 5 who finished in the top 10 in driving accuracy. Chez Reavie led the field last year and finished in the middle of the pack (T27.)

The areas of most importance this week IMO, are the following:
GIR (protected greens will cause a lot of misses)
Scrambling (a lot of misses into greens means scrambling will be very important)
Sand Save % – more strategic bunkers will require good bunker play
Bogey Avoidance (9/18 holes last year played over par which means that making par will gain you strokes on the field on half of the holes this week)
There is one player in the field this week that ranks in the Top 11 on tour in every one of these categories and that’s Bryson DeChambeau.

Weather is expected to present a challenge to players this week. This time of year in Memphis means hot/humid conditions. We are expecting to see rain and plenty of wind. This could be enough to move those guys to the top who are proven in tough conditions. Is there a possibility of a leaderboard that is top-heavy with foreign players?

Top-End Love:

Justin Thomas: 7 top 10s in last 10 WGC events. 3 top 10s and a T18 in 5 events since the restart. As was mentioned he is the only one that fits the mold of the past 3 winners here, ranking in the top 3 in the OWG ranking and FedEx Cup standings. If he can avoid his short spurts of poor play that occasionally plague him, he has a tendency to rise to the top over the course of 4 rounds. 6th in Bogey Avoidance and 3rd in sand save %

Bryson DeChambeau: Missed the cut at The Memorial, but that was exclusively due to the fact that he lost his mind for about 20 minutes on one hole that resulted in a 10. If you eliminate that one hole, he should be the clear favorite. Let me tell you why. He is the only player to rank inside the top 20 (he ranks inside the top 11 in all of them) in the following important categories this week: Bogey Avoidance, Scrambling, Sand Save %, and GIR. Add in the fact that he is 14th in SG:Putting. I won’t even get into his insane run of top 10s before his miss at the Memorial.

Top-End Like:

Webb Simpson: TPC Southwind fits his game really well and his runner-up finish last year proves it. Ranks inside the top 13 in Bogey Avoidance, Scrambling, and GIR.

Joh Rahm: His first event since claiming the title and number one golfer in the world. He shined in a very difficult test at the Memorial. 4 wins worldwide in the last year and placed 7th in this event last year.

Top-End Maybe: Rory McIlroy

Mid-Tier Love:

Daniel Berger: 5 top 10 finishes in his last 6 starts. Returning to TPC Southwind for the first time since 2018. He won back to back events on this course in 2016 and 2017 before it started hosting this WGC event. Ranks 11th in Bogey Avoidance, 2nd in scrambling, and 20th in Sand Save %. Won at colonial and 3rd place at Harbour Town.

Mid-Tier Like:

Matthew Fitzpatrick: T27 in difficult conditions at the Memorial. Rejoins forces with his regular caddie this week. That team finished T4 last year in this event. Will likely gain some strokes on the field if conditions are poor this week. He is one of those guys who loves it when conditions go south. He is a great “feel” golfer and that will likely be needed this week.

Tyrrell Hatton: In last 4 starts he has finished in the top 6 every time, including one win. Ranks first on tour in more than one category, including putting and bogey avoidance. Also ranks 3rd in scrambling.

Billy Horschel: Since 2013 he is 6-6 in cuts made with 5 top 10s on this course. Not only that, but he is playing well lately on other courses too, notching top 15s in his last 2 events.

Mid-Tier Maybe: Tony Finau, Jordan Spieth, Marc Leishman

Value Play Love:

Ian Poulter: Greens that are small play to his advantage with his good scrambling ability. He has putted very well lately. If that continues this week, he could find himself in the top 10 for a second consecutive year. T14 at Heritage and T5 at Workday.

Value Play Like:

Matt Wallace: T4 at Memorial 2 weeks ago. Placed T27 last year, but is playing better golf and is a good golfer when conditions get tough. The wind is expected to blow and there is likely rain in the forecast. This means he could gain some shots on the field.

Brenden Todd: Probably not a name you expect to see in a loaded field like this one. However, Todd’s game projects well this week. I think it is worth the shot to pick him. He ranks inside the top 20 in: Bogey Avoidance (14th), Scrambling (1st), and Sand Save % (5th).

Value Play Maybe: Rafa Cabrera-Bello, Li Haotong

2021 WR Prospect Watch

2021 WR Prospect Watch
David Reed

The 2020 draft class was loaded at the wide receiver position and like deja vu, 2021 is also loaded! 2021 also has a pair of Alabama WR’s that should be selected in the 1st round. Crazy! I can see around 15 WR’s that could be selected in top 100 players in 2021. With plenty of depth even past that. For now I will give you a little on the top 15 names you can be looking forward to for the 2021 draft.

If you missed David’s 2021 RB Prospect Watch here it is!

Davids 2021 QB Prospect Watch!

LSU WR Ja’Marr Chase

Ja’Marr Chase – LSU: Natural hands, attacks space and gets open. Runs great routes. Adjust to the ball and tracks it well. Chase shows to be a complete WR for the next level with minimum weakness. He isn’t the most dynamic player on the field but he is pretty athletic still. This is how minor his flaws look. How does he do in 2020 with out Joe Brady offense and Burrows amazing year.

Alabama WR DeVonta Smith

DeVonta Smith – Alabama: Smith would have been a first rounder if he came out last year but decided to return to Alabama. Smith has reliable hands all over the field and isn’t afraid to make catches in traffic. Has a great stutter step to get a free release. He has a thin frame which can make it hard to get off a strong jam at the line.

Purdue WR Rondale Moore

Rondale Moore – Purdue: This guy is a human Joystick of a player. Run after catch machine that has amazing speed, explosiveness and acceleration. Deadly in space with the ball. Goal is to get the ball in his hands quickly but has speed to work all levels of the field. Downside is he is small and has dealt with some injuries. Missed 8 games in 2019 with a hamstring.

Minnesota WR Rashod Bateman

Rashod Bateman – Minnesota: Alpha player on the field that fights for the ball and wins contested catches. Fluid and controlled in his routes. Great after the catch and good balance to keep picking up yards. He needs to improve his release at the line of scrimmage. He needs to continue to get stronger fighting for balls at the next level.

Alabama WR Jaylon Waddle

Jaylen Waddle – Alabama: Good catch radius with some amazing wheels. He gets to top speed fast and seems to always have another gear. Has a nice stutter step at the top of his routes to get free releases. He does a good job keeping his speed while avoiding defenders. Great return ability as well. Now the next man up post Jeudy and Ruggs, Waddle needs to show an expanded route tree and learn to slow down on his routes at times.

Ohio State WR Chris Olave

Chris Olave – Ohio State: Olave is a similar prospect as Devonta Smith. Smooth routes and amazing body control, especially at the sidelines. Good burst and decent speed for separation. Ran a complete route tree, showing good ability breaking on his routes. Olave has a smaller frame that seems maxed out to gain much more size.

USC WR Amon-Ra St. Brown

Amon-Ra St.Brown – USC: shows good burst agility and body control. Can beat man coverage and has a good ability to create space off his routes. Strong hands when catching the ball. Shows the ability to be a threat after the catch and tracks the ball well on vertical routes. He needs to improve on his run blocking angles. He needs to improve his decision making on re routes underneath coverage.

Auburn WR Seth Williams

Seth Williams – Auburn: ideal size and weight to be an X receiver. He possesses strong hands who rarely catches the ball with his frame. He is strong to beat man coverage. He is not afraid to go across the middle and can be a nightmare in the red zone with his size and strength. He won’t wow anyone with speed and can struggle with winning routes with his speed and quickness. Runs a limited route tree.

Wake Forest WR Sage Surratt

Sage Surratt – Wake Forrest: Natural athlete with great size. He has solid play strength and uses it in all aspects of the game. Runs a good vertical route as well he runs fluid routes overall. Plucks the ball out of the air with ease. Smart player (was accepted to Harvard). Surratt is a twitchy athlete and doesn’t explode out of his cuts. Missed last 4 games of 2019 with a shoulder injury.

LSU WR Terrance Marshall

Terrace Marshall Jr. – LSU: Marshall has the rare blend of size speed and strength teams will love. Runs routes with great timing and shows the ability to line up in the slot and outside. Many weapon techniques to beat coverage at the top of his routes. Tracks the ball well and adjust his body to the ball. Outstanding balls skills with only 2 drops in 2019. Not a dynamic route under but good. Missed time in 2019 with a foot injury. How does he step up with lesser QB and no Joe Brady as an offensive coordinator?

Clemson WR Justyn Ross

Justyn Ross – Clemson: great size and strength. He positions himself to the QB well to get the ball. Snags the ball out of the air well. Good ball skills to track and adjust to the ball. Decisive and physical after the catch. Off season neck/shoulder surgery has put his 2020 season on hold and unlikely. This could cause him to drop but be a steal. He lacks elite speed and separation at the top of his routes.

Oklahoma St. WR Tylan Wallace

Tylan Wallace – Oklahoma State: smooth and sudden route runner who sells his routes well. High catches the ball well and catches in traffic. Strong and competitive runner after the catch. Shows ability to block and be physical. He struggles to beat press coverage at the line and works out of a spread offense designed to get him the ball in spaces.

Auburn WR Anthony Schwartz

Anthony Schwartz – Auburn: shows the ability to play inside and outside with a good blend of speed and agility. Quick off the line and eats up space fast. Home run ability. Tracks the ball well and is tough and willing to go across the middle. He lacks mass and strength. He doesn’t have a lot of wiggle just straight speed.

Florida State WR Tamorrion Terry

Tamorrion Terry – Florida State: tall receiver with good size and big play ability. Shows speed on go routes and double moves to get open. Average 58 yards per catch on his go routes. Huge catch radius and has good foot work and vision. He has occasional drops to his name he will need to clean up. He needs to adjust to the ball better at times. He can be more aggressive attacking the ball out of the air.

Missouri WR Damon Hazelton

Damon Hazelton – Missouri: big catch radius and shown good ability to make over the shoulder catches via his tape at Virginia Tech. Shows good ball skills and strong hands. He can stop on a dime and go again with ease. Hes on his 3rd college (Ball State, VT and now Mizzu) whats the issue that he has had to move so many times? He needs to be more physical, attacking the ball for his size.

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