2020 NFL Draft Narratives
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Where do we start? It’s been a fantastic few days filled with real life NFL talk along with fantasy football talk. Where do we draw the line? Is it skewed? Does it even matter? One has to do with the other right?

I’m not here to bring bad news. I’m also not here to put others down. I do however, think we need to hold our horses. It’s been a rough and wild few months so I fully understand the excitement.

Kansas City RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire

After round one had finished social media was on fire! Rightfully so! The number one comment was Clyde Edwards-Helaire. When Kansas City drafted him 32nd overall it sent a fantasy shock wave across the land. Thursday night into Friday morning Clyde had surpassed Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa as the 1.01 choice in rookie drafts. Even in super-flex formats. Who am I to judge others? Put people down for their opinions. You won’t get far in life acting that way. My brain was processing so many thoughts and feelings. So I wanted to express it the best way I know, writing!

Detroit Lions RB D’Andre Swift

Now everyone turned their attention to the second round. The Detroit Lions selected GA running back D’Andre Swift. In turn, everyone is burying Kerryon Johnson. We’re seeing how fast the market and ADP can shift after a few outlandish opinions on social media. I’m well aware of Kerryon and his inability to stay on the field his first two season. Well they did draft Swift to sit on the bench! Of course not but how can any of us truly say he’s done? He’s washed up? We have absolutely no idea how it’s going to shake out.

With each draft selection the landscape changes. With each offensive player drafted everyone is scrambling to rank and update projections. That’s the good and the bad of social media. Everyone is able to express their opinion. There are hundreds actually thousands of fantasy football pages on Twitter. It’s filled pod-casters, rankers, projections and quite frankly, awful advice. It’s a rat race where everyone wants their content heard.

Indianapolis Colts RB Jonathon Taylor

Is Marlon Mack really dead? The Indianapolis Colts drafted Jonathon Taylor 41st overall. Marlon Mack’s outlook seems grim. That’s literally all we know. The Colts drafted a RB. We’re all rushing to judgment.

Lets check in on Devin Singletary and the Buffalo Bills. Devin is a 22 year old kid who started 8 games in 2019. He finished the season with 969 all purpose yards and 4 total touchdowns. Buffalo drafted Zack Moss 86th overall in the third round. So Devin is done right? He’s finished? If you believed all the opinions on social media then you’d think that.

Buffalo Bills RB Zack Moss

Green Bay is having an interesting draft to say the least. In the second round 62nd overall they selected Boston College RB A.J. Dillon. So instantly Aaron Jones is no longer viable as a professional running back? Jones had an absolutely phenomenal 2019 season. 1,558 all purpose yards and 19 total TD’s. Those are without a doubt RB1 numbers. So you mean to tell me that’s it? Once again, an awful opinion burying a stud RB. If anything it hurts Jamal Williams. Do we even know? I’ll tell you, we don’t. Again, we know nothing.

Green Bay Packers RB A.J. Dillon

It’s funny how we only fixate on what benefits us most in the short term. Dallas drafted CeeDee Lamb 17th overall and the only thing I’ve heard is, “oh my gosh this is great for Cooper and Gallup!” May I ask why? What makes drafting a wide receiver in the first round so fantastic to the teams other WR’s compared to burying a RB1after a second running back was selected? It’s for selfish purposes. “Dak has so many weapons now!” Or, “everyone in Dallas is going to eat!” We only mention and speak on situations that benefit us the most.

In Detroit no one is talking about Kerryon being done and over. No one in Buffalo has said Singletary is now trash. It’s all a personal perspective. Only issue is the fact it’s polluting social media and watering down the entire conversation. Everyone in Green Bay is excited with the addition of A.J. Dillon.

Dallas Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb

Most of these opinions are quite negligent. They hold little to no water. We know absolutely nothing. Kids from college were drafted to play professional football. That’s it! Nothing more nothing less. How many times in the past have we seen draft choices fizzle out? Not do a thing. We are a lifetime away from the actual start of the NFL season. Before you hit send double check, is this truly how I feel? Or is this a rash decision based on another comment? Do I firmly believe Kerryon and Singletary are done as RB’s in the NFL? Or is this just massively early speculative thought?

Let’s take it easy! Enjoy what’s going on around us. I love being a strategist and thinking what depth charts will look like come August. Those two thoughts are not the same. We need to cool down and let it play out. Fantasy sports fans all want to have the hottest take. Everyone wants to be the first who said it. This player is the biggest winner, he’s the biggest loser. Based on what? I’ve said it a few times here but we still truly have no idea how it’s going to shake out. Take a moment and think. What are you really saying?

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