What sets fantasy baseball aside for me is all the strategy that goes in. Some owners like crafty veterans while other want young prospects. There is no right way! It’s your team! You’re able to build it how you want!

I’m asking you all now to please get involved in a dynasty start up. I’m not trying to push my ideals on anyone but I promise you’ll thank me later! The excitement that builds inside of me this time of year can only be explained as Christmas 1989 and getting my first Nintendo. Only this time you get to relive that excitement over and over.

We all find our own way in terms of fantasy sports. There is no wrong way! Build how you want and build to maximize your enjoyment.

What I’m going to bring you this time around is a 14 team mixed league mock draft. 5×5 rotisserie scoring format. Which means, batting average, home runs, RBI’s, stolen bases and runs for hitters. Wins, saves, ERA, strikeouts and WHIP for pitchers.


113. Roberto Osuna RP-Houston Astros

Another safe option at an unstable position. Relief pitchers on good teams makes sense!

114. Brandon Woodruff RP-Milwaukee Brewers

Two relief pitchers in a row? Hader takes the cake in MIL but Woodruff is fantastic in his own right!

115. Carlos Corrasco SP-Cleveland Indians

On a personal level I’m pulling for this guy! Hard work and resiliency pays off! Atta boy Cookie!

116. Liam Hendriks RP-Oakland Athletics

Little bit of a relief pitching run here! Treinen has gone to LAD so Liam is the man in OAK now!

117. Rhys Hoskins 1B-Philadelpiha Phillies

Rhys has real power! For some odd reason people have been passing him by.

118. Will Smith RP-Atlanta Braves

Leaving SFG for ATL isn’t a bad move. Only a matter of time before he’s the guy in ATL. He’s a good arm on a good team. I’ll bet on that any day!

119. Yuli Gurriel 1B-Houston Astros

The home-runs will regress but Yuli is a professional hitter. No issue here.

120. Carlos Santana 1B-Cleveland Indians

Carlos is consistent, don’t pass that up! Had a career year in 2019 but well worth the pick at this spot.

121. Zach Wheeler SP-Philadelphia Phillies

The move to PHI may be massive and pay dividends. The peripherals are all there, could be a steal at this price.

122. Yasmani Grandal C-Chicago White Sox

Grandal signed with Chicago and holy smokes I love it! The White Sox lineup is going to be strong and Yasmani will play a huge role!

123. Trey Mancini OF-Baltimore Orioles

Look, Trey is one of those guys people habitually overlook. Why? My guess is the fact he plays in Baltimore. A 30-90 season awaits! Count it!

124. Willson Contreas C-Chicago Cubs

I debated drafting Wilson before Yasmani and I still believe the picks could be flip flopped. Contreas’ stats are always there. Can’t go wrong.

125. Cavan Biggio 2B-Toronto Blue Jays

Expect the counting stats to pile up! Kid will provide a healthy does of hits.

126. Kyle Hendricks SP-Chicago Cubs

His ratios are solid and is the definition of consistency. You know what you’re getting with Kyle. Makes for a super solid #3 SP.

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

Did I miss someone? Let’s talk about it!

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Hang here for Round 10 tomorrow! What would your round 9 look like?

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