What sets fantasy baseball aside for me is all the strategy that goes in. Some owners like crafty veterans while other want young prospects. There is no right way! It’s your team! You’re able to build it how you want!

I’m asking you all now to please get involved in a dynasty start up. I’m not trying to push my ideals on anyone but I promise you’ll thank me later! The excitement that builds inside of me this time of year can only be explained as Christmas 1989 and getting my first Nintendo. Only this time you get to relive that excitement over and over.

We all find our own way in terms of fantasy sports. There is no wrong way! Build how you want and build to maximize your enjoyment.

What I’m going to bring you this time around is a 14 team mixed league mock draft. 5×5 rotisserie scoring format. Which means, batting average, home runs, RBI’s, stolen bases and runs for hitters. Wins, saves, ERA, strikeouts and WHIP for pitchers.


29. Jack Flaherty SP-St. Louis Cardinals

The 23 year old Flaherty was the leagues best SP in the second half of last season. 0.91 ERA over his last 15 starts. He raised his strikeout and groundball rates while walking fewer hitters. Jack has elite skills on a good team which gives him a good chance to keep this momentum going.

30. Shane Bieber SP-Cleveland Indians

I love how he started last season at the bottoms of Cleveland’s rotation and by the end he was a legit ace! Shane struck out 6.48 hitters for every walk issued. (5th best in MLB) Bieber is stingy with the walks mixed with plenty of K’s. Absolutely no reason to expect regression. Look forward to 200+ innings pitched mixed with 200+ strikeouts. Are you a Beli-ber now?

31. Bryce Harper OF-Philadelphia Phillies

Everyone was down on him last season and still are now. He set a career best in hard contact percentage with a career low in soft contact percentage. If his HR/FB trend continues I think he could hit 40 HR’s for the second time in his career. His slugging percentage will stay around .500 and in the 3rd round he makes for a good selection.

32. Xander Bogaerts SS-Boston Red Sox

Xander stayed healthy last year allowing his counting stats to burst into career highs! Doubles, homers, RBI and walks were all personal bests. He pumped his BA up to the highest its been since 2015! He plays on a good team in a great ball park! Hit #3 by the end of the year and that’s his sweet spot! I did put Xander a few picks higher then I’ve seen him in other mocks but for good reason!

33. Gleybor Torres 2B-New York Yankees

Spent the season bouncing around between short and second, Torres was a stone cold stud for the Yanks last season. He’s only 23 and should be the leader of the Yankees offense this season. Torres flirted with 40 HR’s last season at such a young age! The upside here is phenomenal!

34. Mike Clevinger SP-Cleveland Indians

He missed two months with a strained back/sprained ankle and it makes him hard to figure out. After injury his fastball was around 96.5 MPH which dipped a few MPH’s by the end of the season. It’s hard for me to put a projection in stone with Clev. Will his back bug him again? Miss some time and disappoint us? His upside and all the strikeouts are just too juicy to pass up!

35. Anthony Rizzo 1B-Chicago Cubs

Hit for his best average yet. His steals did decline so I wouldn’t expect double digit swipes ever again. His floor is safe and he’s as consistent as it gets. 25 HR, 100 RBI and .285 is his baseline. Middle of the 3rd round is a perfect place for Rizzo!

36. Manny Machado 3B-San Diego Padres

Manny can hit for power, average and has speed. He needs to be better in 2020! He saw a career low in BA and his fewest home runs since 2014. I did read the Padres brought in a few Oriole coaches to help him regain his star status. Still young, I’m willing to draft him here and hope for the best.

37. Charlie Blackmon OF-Colorado Rockies

Charlie is still a good source of home runs. His speed is all but gone and a calf strain held him out to his fewest games since 2013. He posted the 2nd best OPS of his career despite his walk rate continuing to slip. Blackmon is still a good four-category player and when he’s hot he can carry your team. Sad to say but I believe this is the highest Charlie will ever be drafted again.

38. Stephen Strasburg SP-Washington Nationals

Finally free from shoulder and elbow issues Strasburg showed us how good and dominate he can be. He pitched 200 innings for just the second time in his career. The speed on his fastball has dipped a little since he started but his curve and change-up are still striking batters out. I don’t think the durability issues will ever leave him but he is still a top tier pitcher.

39. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 3B-Toronto Blue Jays

Was impossible for him to live up to all the hype surrounding him at the start of the season. He’s an elite talent and I have a lot of faith in the kid! He ripped though the minors and that kind of skill doesn’t just disappear. He’s only 21 and the breakout is coming! A 25 HR season with a healthy average wouldn’t surprise anybody.

40. Eugenio Suarez 3B-Cincinnati Reds

WOW! 49 home runs last season! The homer totals keep increasing with this guy! His walk rate remained lower then normal but he also didn’t strike out as much. He’s a no doubt stud at 3B and his .970 OPS in Cincinnati is dreamy! 35 HR and 90+ RBI at the end of round 3 is too sweet!

41. Austin Meadows OF-Tampa Bay Rays

I’ve been following Austin for quite some time. I’ve owned him in a dynasty league way back in his Pirate days. There is a massive power explosion due to break at any moment. Last season was his first full season and it was fantastic! He has been streaky but this coming season he puts it all together.

42. George Springer OF-Houston Astro’s

George reached a career high in BA, home runs, RBI and OBP. The doubles became homers and his average rose and his slash line was on fire! He’s a great last pick at the end of the third round. Here’s hoping he can play 140+ games in 2020!

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