What sets fantasy baseball aside for me is all the strategy that goes in. Some owners like crafty veterans while other want young prospects. There is no right way! It’s your team! You’re able to build it how you want!

I’m asking you all now to please get involved in a dynasty start up. I’m not trying to push my ideals on anyone but I promise you’ll thank me later! The excitement that builds inside of me this time of year can only be explained as Christmas 1989 and getting my first Nintendo. Only this time you get to relive that excitement over and over.

We all find our own way in terms of fantasy sports. There is no wrong way! Build how you want and build to maximize your enjoyment.

What I’m going to bring you this time around is a 14 team mixed league mock draft. 5×5 rotisserie scoring format. Which means, batting average, home runs, RBI’s, stolen bases and runs for hitters. Wins, saves, ERA, strikeouts and WHIP for pitchers.


169. German Marquez SP-Colorado Rockies

Great combo of age and skill. I’d prefer more of a discount but to each is own.

170. Lorenzo Cain OF-Milwaukee Brewers

Always dealing with nagging injuries but he’s still running.

171. Scott Kingery OF-Philadelphia Phillies

Has multi-position eligibility and is still young. Remember the name!

172. Edwin Encarnacion 1B-New York Yankees

Aging yes but still packs a punch.

173. Marcus Stroman SP-New York Mets

His ERA is better than his WHIP and the strikeouts could pile up if he’s able to toss 200+ innings this year.

174. Matt Carpenter 3B-St. Louis Cardinals

Boy oh boy was he a disappointment last season. Matt has a solid track record so I’m expecting a bounce bag.

175. Kevin Newman SS-Pittsburgh Pirates

Kevin hit .308 with 12 HR’s and 16 SB’s his rookie season. Transitioned to batting lead off late in the season. I love the upside here for cheap.

176. Paul DeJong SS-St. Louis Cardinals

Has great power at SS and hit for average. Super steal at this spot!

177. Brendan McKay SP-Tampa Bay Rays

Kid can miss bats but needs to induce more ground balls.

178. Tommy Edman 3B-St. Louis Cardinals

Another Cardinal with multi-positional eligibility with an all around stand up offensive profile.

179. Griffin Canning SP-Los Angeles Angels

Was productive when healthy. Was his rookie season so let’s see what he can do this season.

180. Didi Gregorius SS-Philadelphia Phillies

Why have so many people forgot about him and how good he was in 2018? Power upside galore.

181. Hunter Dozier 3B-Kansas City Royals

Hunter is a late bloomer and that’s ok. He should maintain these numbers.

182. Mitch Haniger OF-Seattle Mariners

Another guy who is often injured. Doesn’t bother me one bit, take the discount.

Cardinal heavy 13th round! Shout out to Ed Ehlers!

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

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Hang here for Round 14 tomorrow! What would your round 13 look like?

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