2020 Fantasy Football Breakouts
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The NFL season is still far away but what else are we supposed to do? I love reading rankings and projections but I need more! Mock drafts are cool. So are rookie mock drafts. I need more! What about fantasy football mock drafts? How many of those do you normally do? What’s an outrageous number before people say your obsessed?

I still need more. Breakouts and sleepers? Does that move the needle? Now we’re talking right? I’ll be honest breakouts are my favorite! So are bold predictions! For the sake of what I’m trying to do now lets focus on breakouts!

As we move closer the NFL draft you will start to see more content popping up. Mock drafts galore, tiered rankings and rookie projections. At a certain point it’ll make your head spin. If you’re like me you have your favorites. Favorite website, favorite writer and favorite articles.

I’m of the old adage, “No such thing as too much content!” Until now! Listen, hear me out! This time of the year there is just so much content. It’s hard to wade through all of it. The excitement in spring is so high that anyone and everyone picks up a pen and goes to town. Once the season starts and we get into the thick of the NFL season there will be a ton of drop off.

We all have our favorites! Keep following and show love to your favorite writer or comment on your favorite article! I can’t speak for anyone else but I love it! I’m very appreciative and quite grateful to all of you.

Enough with the games! I’m ready to get into some breakout and sleeper candidates for the 2020 NFL season! I brought along some friends too! Same crew as well! David Reed, KJ Baker, Ethan Cowlbeck and Ben Anderson!

First up is David Reed! Same guy who beat me in our 2019 fantasy championship game. I harbor no ill will. Plus he just adopted a hairless cat. Follow him here! https://twitter.com/Nfldraft_dwr

Daniel Jones New York Giants
Drew Lock Denver Broncos
Dwayne Haskins Washington Redskins
New York Giants QB Daniel Jones
After an impressive rookie year Daniel Jones should continue to grow in the system. If the Giants continue to beef up the O-Line it should give Jones more time to pass and fumble less.Lock had a few impressive starts last season.. He has one of the best young WRs in Sutton and a new RB in Melvin Gordon to pair with Lindsay. He has a chance to be a good late round QB that has could maybe have top 15 or better upside!

Most think Washington could move on from Haskins after 1 year but I’m coming from the opposite side. Last game or two they change the offense some and Dwayne was excelling. They need to help him out and give him a chance. He could be a good FA pick if he starts off hot.


David Montgomery Chicago Bears

Chicago RB David Montgomery

Damien Williams Kansas City Chiefs
Kerryon Johnson Detroit Lions
Justin Jackson Los Angeles Chargers

Montgomery was one of my favorite rookie backs last year!  His seasons didn’t go as planned. He is talented and the coach used him wrong. Hopefully they have learned from there mistakes and feeds the kid.

I am one in the scouting community that believe The Chiefs do not address the RB position in the draft. Leaving William’s with the chance to shine in his final contract year. If he can put together a full season of what he did in the playoffs last 2 years. He could be a top 10 Fantasy RB!

It hurts that I love Kerryon so much and want him to succeed so bad. Lions need to run the ball more and refuse to, but this is the year Kerryon has to step up and shine or the team will move on from him. Here’s praying the situation works out best. I have faith!

Jackson is talented in the flashes he has shown. Averaging around 5 ypc. Most believe Eckler is the man there and that he has his role. If they don’t draft another RB, Jackson could shine in a split carry role with Eckler and been a solid flex option.

Diontae Johnson Pittsburgh Steelers
Darius Slayton New York Giants
Hollywood Brown Baltimore Ravens
Breshad Perriman New York Jets

Giants WR Darius Slayton

Diontae Johnson shows the ability to be a big piece in the Steelers offense which they lacked a lot last year. With Big Ben back and hopefully a healthy Juju, Johnson could see a lot of passes as a WR 2.

Slayton had a big year in the TD department year 1. If Daniel Jones continues to improve that helps Slayton who seemed to make a connection with the new franchise QB.

Hollywood showed big play flashes with MVP QB Lamar Jackson. His speed is undeniable. If he continue to grow and stays healthy. Sky’s the limit with in this BAL offense!

Perriman balled out last few weeks of the season with the Buccaneers. Now getting the chance to being the WR1 for the wide out desperate Jets. He has a chance to eat up targets. Which should result in some cheap fantasy points where you will be drafting him.

Mike Gescki Miami Dolphins
Noah Fant Denver Broncos
Hayden Hurst Atlanta Falcons

Denver TE Noah Fant

Gescki is a talented TE who hasn’t shined much in the Dolphins offense. Now they might be getting a legit QB that can utilize his skills

Hurst moves to Atlanta from Baltimore where he got buried on the depth chart. He is a great blocker with good hands. Hoping to fill in as a similar role to Hooper last year.

Fant showed flashes with Denver. He needs to take the next step and be that threat for his young QB.

I’m starting to get the feeling this is like a stand up comedy show and I’m the host. Next up, coming to the stage is Ethan Cowlbeck! The young teenage phenom! Ethan burst on the scene recently with his late round 2020 NFL mock draft articles! Show him some love and tip your bartenders! Follow him here! https://twitter.com/DJ_Beck_


Detroit QB Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford Detroit Lions

When going through the final few rounds of a draft, there’s one player who almost always manages to show up: Stafford. His season last year was full of fireworks early on until a lingering injury sidelined him for the remainder of the year. The injury is a serious risk, but the performance of Stafford could easily result in a top 10 season.


San Francisco RB Raheem Mostert

Raheem Mostert San Francisco 49ers
Last year he only had flashes during the regular season. Something clicked during the playoffs though, and while I still expect a committee backfield, Mostert should be the go-to for this year.

Buffalo RB Devin Singletary

Devin Singletary Buffalo Bills

Regardless of whether Frank Gore comes back to the Bills from free agency, Singletary showed last season that he can be a very consistent player when healthy.

LA RB Darrell Henderson

Darrell Henderson Los Angeles Rams

Gurley is now out of the picture, and if the Rams learned anything last year, forcing the ball through the air is not a viable strategy. Malcolm Brown is unlikely to be able play a workhorse role, so the door is open for Henderson.


Denver WR Courtland Sutton

Courtland Sutton Denver Broncos

Sutton is about to be the direct beneficiary of a greatly improved offense where he is still the clear number one receiving option. Drew Lock is the real deal and there’s no reason Sutton won’t perform as a result.

Atlanta WR Calvin Ridley

Calvin Ridley Atlanta Falcons

We’ve seen that the tandem of Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley makes for a great fantasy offense, but I expect an uptick in touchdowns this year from the offense and from Ridley.

Indianapolis Colts WR T.Y. Hilton

T.Y. Hilton Indianapolis Colts

Hilton saw regression last year in his overall performance for fantasy. Regardless whether Brissett or Rivers wins the starting job, more consistency should result in great numbers for Hilton.

Houston WR Will Fuller V

Will Fuller V Houston Texans

The absence of Hopkins won’t stop Deshaun Watson from being a high caliber quarterback, and Fuller will be the source of that production. He is capable of being a proficient WR1 on a quality team.

Giants WR Darius Slayton

Darius Slayton New York Giants

After Daniel Jones came along and instantly changed the Giants offense, Slayton was not far behind. If Slayton really is going to be Jones’ favorite target, he could be in line for a huge year.


Indianapolis TE Jack Doyle

Jack Doyle Indianapolis Colts

Finally the Colts have just one tight end. As long as it remains like this, Doyle should receive most of the work formerly given to Ebron. He’s proved he’s a good player, so this change in the team should be for his benefit in fantasy.

Moving on to Mr. Ben Anderson! You should all Ben by now and what he brings to the fantasy sports discussion! Not to mention his love for peanut butter and cake! Follow him here! https://twitter.com/bennieboy26


Denver QB Drew Lock

Drew Lock Denver Broncos

Denver has been looking for a QB for years. If Lock’s second-half numbers last year translates to the NFL like his college numbers were the wild west is going to be fun to watch!

Buffalo QB Josh Allen

Josh Allen Buffalo Bills

Allen made big Strides forward last year without a number one receiver to throw to, imagine what his numbers will be this year throwing to someone like Stefon Diggs.
Cleveland QB Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield Cleveland Browns

Cleveland overall last year was a disappointment but Baker Mayfield with a real head coach still having Jarvis Landry Odell Beckham Jr. Newly signed Austin Hooper, Along with one of the best running games in football with Nick Chubb and Kareem hunt Baker Mayfield Will be the guy we all want him to be.

Miami RB Jordan Howard
Jordan Howard Miami Dolphins
Howard has never really gotten any love was a good running back in Chicago who rushed for over a thousand yards has never really been able to be the number one running back for a team until this year. With him being the game Miami I fully expect Jordan Howard to emerge as a top 10 running back this year.
Buffalo RB Devin Singletary
Devin Singletary Buffalo Bills
Last year as a rookie you saw the potential Singleterry has in spurts. Coming in the year two with a better Josh Allen with a guy like Stefon Diggs on the outside force them to fenders to play further out than stacking eight or nine in the box watch out for Devin Singletary this year.
Los Angeles RB Austin Ekeler
Austin Eckler Los Angeles Chargers
With Melvin Gordon out of town, Austin Eckler should be able to take over the Number one running back spot finally for the course of a whole year and in PPR league easily a top-five running back.
New England RB Sony Michel
Sony Michel New England Patriots
With Brady, not New England any more patriots are going to need to find a definitely a football to go to this year I can see them going to more of a running game heavy offense using Sony Michel way more than they have over the last couple years
Las Vegas WR Hunter Renfrow
Hunter Renfrow Las Vegas Raiders
Renfrow last year had an overall good season until he got hurt. Playing mostly in the slot, Hunter Renfrow could easily be the next Wes Welker or Julian Edelman type for years to come.
Indianapolis WR Zach Pascal
Zach Pascal Indianapolis Colts
Indianapolis doesn’t have a number two wide receiver and last year Zach played fairly well this year with hopefully a fully healthy T.Y Hilton and a better quarterback and Philip Rivers. Pascal should be able to take the next step.
New Orleans WR Emmanuel Sanders
Emanuel Sanders New Orleans Saints
Two words here, Drew Brees!
Arizona WR Christian Kirk
Christian Kirk Arizona Cardinals
Arizona now, probably has the best wide receiving corps in football. Old man Larry Fitzgerald, Mr. consistency DeAndre Hopkins, and third-year wide receiver Christian Kirk. Fitzgerald plays mostly in the slot and that allows Kirk to play on the outside more, and you can only double-team so many people with Hopkins taking on all the double teams. Christian Kirk is a lock to get 70-80 catches this season with 1000 yards receiving.
Atlanta TE Hayden Hurst
Hayden Hurst Atlanta Falcons
With Austin Hooper no longer in Atlanta, it leaves a huge hole it Atlanta offense. His back to back all-star seasons show you that a TE in Atlanta’s high flying and throw heavy offense can be very successful as long as you can stay healthy.
Tampa Bay TE OJ Howard
OJ Howard Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Is this the year OJ Howard finally breaks out and becomes that top-five tight end? He’s in a new offense and with a new quarterback! Everybody knows Tom Brady loves throwing his tight ends! Meaning Howard is in for a monster season.
KJ Baker joins the conversation next with some quick hit breakouts for 2020! Follow him here https://twitter.com/bIessed_mma
New York Giants QB Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones New York Giants
Washington RB Derrius Guice
Derrius Guice Washington Redskins
James Washington Pittsburgh Steelers
Philadelphia WR JJ Arcega-Whiteside
JJ Arcega Whiteside Philadelphia Eagles
Christian Kirk Arizona Cardinals
Sterling Shepard New York Giants
Detroit TE TJ Hockenson
TJ Hockenson Detroit Lions
OJ Howard Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Last but certainly not list its my turn! Who can I mention that hasn’t been talked about already? I planned on getting bold to begin with a little bit of common sense. Here’s who I’ve come up with!


Arizona QB Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray Arizona Cardinals

I’ve caught some heat for this on Twitter but why? I get it. Murray was the 8th best QB in fantasy last season. So how can I mention him as a breakout? That was his rookie season and I think he pushes for MVP in 2020. What happens if ARZ drafts a stud WR like Lamb or Ruggs? Arizona has already traded for Hopkins! Kenyan Drake is their RB. Along with Murray’s rushing abilities he’s no doubt a kid to watch in 2020!

New Orleans QB Taysom Hill

Taysom Hill New Orleans Saints

Hill was used as a Swiss Army knife last season for the Saints. New Orleans also placed a first round tender on Hill all but assuring he stays in New Orleans for the 2020 season. Last season Taysom scored 9 touchdowns. With Teddy gone Hill is in line for a ton of work. With Sean Payton as their coach look for lots of plays to come Hill’s way!


Arizona RB Kenyan Drake

Kenyan Drake Arizona Cardinals

Word is out on Drake. The move to Arizona was too sweet. Believe it or not he was underutilized last season. I’d just chalk that up to growing pains on a new team. All the advanced stats suggest a massive jump in productions for Drake. Like top 5 RB jump! Get a piece of him and thank me later.

Philadelphia RB Miles Sanders

Miles Sanders Philadelphia Eagles

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet. Philly had no idea how to use Miles last season. I drafted both Sanders and Montgomery and by seasons end I was tearing my hair out! I don’t have any to begin with so it was all bad. Nothing fancy here, no cool stats. The Eagles know what they have and I fully expect Miles to get a ton of work in 2020!


Cincinnati WR Tyler Boyd

Tyler Boyd Cincinnati Bengal’s

In 2019 Boyd was in the top 10 of targets (148). The QB play in Cincy was awful so can you imagine how Boyd will do if Joe Burrow is his QB? Yes please!

Carolina WR Curtis Samuel

Curtis Samuel Carolina Panthers

Carolina needs a new QB. Cam is gone. Olsen is gone. People have been writing about a Samuel breakout since 2017. Someone has to get it right one of these years! Samuel has 4.3 speed and still his QB’s couldn’t get him the ball. Only 62% of his targets were catch able and there were a lot of them. If Carolina can land a stud or even a decent QB expect Curtis to break out in a major way! FINALLY!


Seattle TE Will Dissly

Will Dissly Seattle Seahawks

His 2018 and 2019 seasons were both ended due to injury. When Will is on the field the targets and catches are there. His average yards a game rank 4th behind Kelce, Kittle and Mark Andrews. I’d say that’s pretty good company! He has an excellent QB on team that lines up with a TE quite often. If Will can stay on the field he’s going to breakout big time!

New York TE Evan Engram

Evan Engram New York Giants

Evans yards per game have increased every season. Only problem is he cant stay on the field much like Dissly. The Giants are slowing putting it togther with Jones, Saquon and Shepard. If Engram can get it dialed in, stay healthy and get some legit snaps in this season he will easily become a TE1!

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