2020 Fantasy Football Rankings (K)
Chris Robin https://twitter.com/DetroitBeastie

It’s always fun to talk fantasy football! Ranking players is even better! Every new season is clean slate filled with hope. Do you get that warm and fuzzy feeling this time of year?

Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butkler

Me and the boys sat down and wanted to personally rank the top 10 players at each position! We all get along pretty well so it was a piece of cake! All these thoughts and rankings are coming from a group of regular men who just enjoy fantasy football!

Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker

Are positional rankings are based on a 1 point per reception (PPR) scoring format. Sit back, relax and dig into our rankings!

PlayerTeamPositionKJ Baker
Harrison ButkerKansas CityK1
Will LutzNew OrleansK2
Josh LamboJacksonvilleK3
Justin TuckerBaltimoreK4
Matt GayTampa BayK5
Matt PraterDetroitK6
Zane GonzalezArizonaK7
Chris BoswellPittsburghK8
Dan BaileyMinnesotaK9
Ka’imi FairbairnHoustonK10
PlayerTeamPositionDavid Reed
Harrison ButlerKansas CityK1
Will LutzNew OrleansK2
Justin TuckerBaltimoreK3
Greg ZuerleinDallasK4
Josh LamboJacksonvilleK5
Zane GonzalezArizonaK6
Chris BoswellPittsburghK7
Matt PraterDetroitK8
Matt GayTampa BayK9
Dan BaileyMinnesotaK10
PlayerTeamPositionSam Huff
Harrison ButkerKansas CityK1
Justin TuckerBaltimoreK2
Will LutzNew OrleansK3
Greg ZuerleinDallasK4
Robbie GouldSan FranciscoK5
Dan BaileyMinnesotaK6
Matt PraterDetroitK7
Mason CrosbyGreen BayK8
Matt GayTampa BayK9
Zane GonzalezArizonaK10
PlayerTeamPositionChris Robin
Justin TuckerBaltimoreK1
Harrison ButkerKansas CityK2
Will LutzNew OrleansK3
Greg ZuerleinDallasK4
Matt PraterDetroitK5
Josh LamboJacksonvilleK6
Mason CrosbyGreen BayK7
Dan BaileyMinnesotaK8
Robbie GouldSan FranciscoK9
Zane GonzalezArizonaK10

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Sam Huff https://twitter.com/_samhuff

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Chris Robin https://twitter.com/DetroitBeastie

That’s it! We’re done! Keep an out for more rankings after the draft! Thank you for reading!

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