2020 Fantasy Football Mock Draft (Round 2)
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Football is upon us! In terms of drafting the content is a little early. The big names have already built projections and published books and magazines. Being early is not a bad thing. If you’re like me too much content isn’t a thing. Given the current situation across the county mock drafting and fantasy football discussions are needed!

Normally the fun leading up to the fantasy football draft season is talk of the top 10. Or who is the consensus number one. This season it’s quiet clear. Right?

What sets fantasy football aside for me is all the strategy that goes in. Some owners like crafty veterans while others want all rookies. There is no right way! It’s your team! You’re able to build it how you want!

I’m asking you all now to please get involved in a dynasty start up. I’m not trying to push my ideals on anyone but I promise you’ll thank me later! Fantasy football is a 365 24/7 kind of commitment!

We all find our own way in terms of fantasy sports. There is no wrong way! Build how you want and build to maximize your enjoyment.

I’m going to get into a mock draft series and publish the results! 12 team, full PPR scoring. Also six points per passing touchdown. I’m in a unique position to set the rules as I see fit. Lets get right into it!


Green Bay Packers RB Aaron Jones

13. Aaron Jones RB-Green Bay Packers

First round talent right here. The running back has always been the focal point in Green Bay. Plus Wisconsin in November/December is conducive for running. Ha!

Jacksonville Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette

14. Leonard Fournette RB-Jacksonville Jaguars

We finally saw what Leo can do while staying injury free! Really surprised me with his receiving skills!

Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce

15. Travis Kelce TE-Kansas City

If you draft Kelce here you gain a clear advantage. You are selecting the best player at a premium position. Travis puts up yards and points that some WR dream of accomplishing.

Cleveland Browns RB Nick Chubb

16. Nick Chubb RB-Cleveland Browns

Is anyone worried about Kareem Hunt? Chubb rushed for 100 yards in four of seven games when Hunt was active. I’ve never looked twice at Chubb, maybe that isn’t fair but at a certain point him and Hunt will just cancel each other out.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Chris Godwin

17. Chris Godwin WR-Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady is now the QB in Tampa! Do we give Godwin a slight boost? Heck yeah we do! Godwin finished as WR2 last season. Expect more of the same in 2020.

Las Vegas Raiders RB Josh Jacobs

18. Josh Jacobs RB-Las Vegas Raiders

Kid had one heck of a rookie season! Now we know what we have in Josh. I’m expecting a monster season!

Cincinnati Bengal’s RB Joe Mixon

19. Joe Mixon RB-Cincinnati Bengal’s

Joe scratched and clawed last season on a horrible Bengal team. Do they draft Joe Burrow next month? I’d bet the farm on it. AJ Green has also been franchised so things are looking up in Cincy. Expect Mixon to have a fantastic season.

Denver Broncos RB Melvin Gordon            photo courtesy USAtoday.com

20. Melvin Gordon RB-Denver Broncos

MG3 is in Denver now. So is Philip Lindsay, what does that mean? In today’s NFL the one two RB combo is the new normal. Personally, I see MG3 being fine while Lindsay’s number drop just a tad. Gordon is the back to own in Denver. Calling it now.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Mike Evans

21. Mike Evans WR-Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I love Mike and I love these Tampa Bay WR’s in 2020. Evans can be a monster and expect him to dominate. High floor kind of guy.

Arizona Cardinals RB Kenyan Drake

22. Kenyan Drake RB-Arizona Cardinals

Cardinals new starting RB with Hopkins out wide should pay dividends! Expect Arizona to target offensive lineman in the draft and watch them trickle in during free agency. Drake is excites me this season!

Detroit Lions WR Kenny Golladay

23. Kenny Golladay WR-Detroit Lions

Did you know Kenny lead the league in WR touchdowns last season. Also, Matthew Stafford missed major time! Kenny still did his thing with multiple QB’s so what can we expect with a healthy Stafford?

Dallas Cowboys WR Amari Cooper

24. Amari Cooper WR-Dallas Cowboys

I will be honest with you, I’ve never owned Cooper. Don’t think I’ve ever wanted to. Not the best endorsement right? He finalized a deal to stay in Dallas with Zeke and Dak. I can’t deny the talent and the numbers he puts up. He belongs in the second round.

That’s it for round 2!

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

Did I miss someone? Let’s talk about it!

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Hang here for Round 3 tomorrow! What would your round 2 look like?

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