2020 Fantasy Football Mock Draft (Round 1)
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Football is upon us! In terms of drafting the content is a little early. The big names have already built projections and published books and magazines. Being early is not a bad thing. If you’re like me too much content isn’t a thing. Given the current situation across the county mock drafting and fantasy football discussions are needed!

Normally the fun leading up to the fantasy football draft season is talk of the top 10. Or who is the consensus number one. This season it’s quiet clear. Right?

What sets fantasy football aside for me is all the strategy that goes in. Some owners like crafty veterans while others want all rookies. There is no right way! It’s your team! You’re able to build it how you want!

I’m asking you all now to please get involved in a dynasty start up. I’m not trying to push my ideals on anyone but I promise you’ll thank me later! Fantasy football is a 365 24/7 kind of commitment!

We all find our own way in terms of fantasy sports. There is no wrong way! Build how you want and build to maximize your enjoyment.

I’m going to get into a mock draft series and publish the results! 12 team, full PPR scoring. Also six points per passing touchdown. I’m in a unique position to set the rules as I see fit. Lets get right into it!


Carolina Panthers RB Christian McCaffery

1. Christian McCaffrey RB-Carolina Panthers

CMC is the clear cut #1 choice this season. He is durable and the best dual threat RB we’ve seen in a long time. He rarely missed time and Carolina gives this kid as much as he can handle! Is it crazy to think he has a better 2020 then 2019? CMC finished 150 points ahead of all other RB’s. That why I feel stupid asking, can he produce more? McCaffrey is lights out!

New Orleans Saints WR Michael Thomas

2. Michael Thomas WR-New Orleans Saints

Given the scoring rules, MT is a monster in PPR formats. Any format really! Drew Brees is back for another season in NO so why would the production drop? Thomas set an NFL record with 149 receptions for 1,725 yards and 9 touchdowns. Sometimes these quick bios write themselves!

New York Giants RB Saquon Barkley

3. Saquon Barkley RB-New York Giants

One of the only guys who can give CMC a run for his money. The Giants are improving and I’d expect Saquon to improve as well. I firmly believe we haven’t seen what Barkley can truly do.

Arizona Cardinals WR DeAndre Hopkins

4. DeAndre Hopkins WR-Arizona Cardinals

In a shocking wave of events Hopkins was traded to Arizona. Did any of you think that was going to hurt his value? No way. Not a chance. Hopkins is safe pick and will ALWAYS produce. Personally moving from Watson to Murray may look like a little downgrade. As Murray gains more experience and the Cardinals find their groove this combo can and will explode.

Tennessee Titans RB Derrick Henry

5. Derrick Henry RB-Tennessee Titans

King Henry! The 2019 rushing champion. Derrick had a phenomenal playoff run last season. This kid is a monster and will continue racking up yards and touchdowns. Doesn’t catch many passes but what does that matter when you’re running for 100+ yards each week?

Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliot

6. Ezekiel Elliot RB-Dallas Cowboys

You either love Dallas or you hate them. For fantasy purposes you have to put that nonsense aside! Zeke had a great 2019 and why would that change in 2020? 1,200+ yards with 10+ touchdowns is his 2020 outlook. That’s top 10 talent to me!

Green Bay Packers WR Davante Adams

7. Davante Adams WR-Green Bay Packers

Adams is a top 3 wide receiver. Injuries have held him back and hampered his climb to a top 5 draft day selection. I firmly believe he’s in the mix as a top 5 selection. I’ve also heard rumblings from fantasy players doubting his skill set and production. Don’t let Adams slide too far in your draft. He’s a stud!

Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson

8. Lamar Jackson QB-Baltimore Ravens

I hate that a QB has found their way into the top 10 of my mock. I’m a, “NO QB in the first round” kind of guy! In this case I think we can all make an exception! Lamar gives you QB and RB in one deal! I will tell you now and we can move on, I didn’t think he was going to be this special coming out of college.

New Orleans Saints RB Alvin Kamara

9. Alvin Kamara RB-New Orleans Saints

This time last season how many of you were debating Alvin, CMC or Saquon as the number one pick? How many of you chose Kamara? Was a costly mistake. He didn’t look good much of the 2019 season. Come to find out he was dealing with a leg injury. Now 2020 draft Alvin in the top 10 and watch him rebound!

Kansas City Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill

10. Tyreek Hill WR-Kansas City Chiefs

Tyreek is a bad man and a dangerous wide receiver. His QB is this kid named Patrick Mahomes. This combo can and will yield amazing results. I don’t have to sell you on Hill just wanted to add my two cents.

Minnesota Vikings RB Dalvin Cook

11. Dalvin Cook RB-Minnesota Vikings

Look, I’m a big fan of Cook and what can do. To me, you have to hit a home run with your first round selection. My only concern is injuries. In a perfect world if we could be assured of an injury free season, Cook would be a top 7 guy.

Atlanta Falcons WR Julio Jones

12. Julio Jones WR-Atlanta Falcons

I had this weird thought of a decline in production for Julio in 2020. What’s been the biggest knock on Jones? He doesn’t score enough touchdowns! Jones can still help your team in other ways. Catches and yards! Julio plays have his games indoors on turf in ATL, don’t be fooled, Julio Jones is still a top notch draft selection!

That’s it for round 1!

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

Did I miss someone? Let’s talk about it!

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Hang here for Round 2 this evening! What would your round 1 look like?

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