2020 Fantasy Busts
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What is considered a fantasy football bust? Is it an owners personal opinion? Is it the opinion of a big shot football analysts?

The longer you play and the more you learn the decision is yours. How often have you been told, “trust your gut”? As I’ve grown and gotten older I use this method in all areas of my life! You know when something doesn’t feel right. We get that nervous sinking feeling in the pit of our stomach.

When it comes to a fantasy football bust take a few things into account.

1. Where was the player drafted? ADP too high?
2. Was said players yearly projection off to begin with?
3. Will our player regress due to last seasons stats and numbers?

For the record, I want to see everyone play well and prosper. We just have to be prepared heading into our 2020 drafts that we take everything into account. Leave no stone un-turned! Cross every T and dot every I.

I brought my friends along again! Lets check out some potential 2020 fantasy busts! If you missed out 2020 breakouts here it is! https://www.dfscheatsheet.com/2020-massive-fantasy-football-breakouts/nfl/04/

Ethan Cowlbeck https://twitter.com/DJ_Beck_

Deshaun Watson – Houston Texans

HOU QB Deshaun Watson

As I mentioned in my breakouts, Fuller is one of my picks to have a really solid year. However, the absence of Hopkins hurts for Watson and I expect a big step back from him.

Tom Brady – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

TB QB Tom Brady

Brady absolutely brings a sense of reliability to the Buccaneers. More wins and fewer interceptions are almost a guarantee. Brady hasn’t been a top 10 fantasy QB since 2017. That trend will likely continue even though he can support big production for his receivers.

Joe Mixon – Cincinnati Bengals

CIN RB Joe Mixon

A rookie like Burrow might not have an immediate impact on the team, and even if he does, Mixon is running behind a suspect offensive line. I struggle drafting players from bad teams in the second round, and there’s too many moving parts for Mixon to be reliable.

Todd Gurley RB Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons RB Todd Gurley

Again, no fault of the player himself. We knew Freeman was a great talent, but the absence of Shanahan meant the absence of a running game. Gurley is a great player, but the victim of a bad rushing team.

Melvin Gordon – RB Denver Broncos

DEN RB Melvin Gordon III

When Gordon came back from holdout last year, Ekeler was still the go-to running back. Denver should be no different with a talent like Phillip Lindsay on the roster, meaning Gordon’s ceiling is low.

Terry McLaurin – WR Washington Redskins

WSH WR Terry McLaurin

The only way McLaurin doesn’t bust is if Kyle Allen is the starter and goes off. I still don’t see it happening. Allen had a dummy-proof offense last year, and I don’t think he can make the Redskins viable yet.

Mike Evans – WR Tampa Bay Buccaneers

TB WR Mike Evans

As a skilled receiver, he will still get his share of work. The chemistry between Brady and Godwin though makes too much sense. Evans may have a decent season, but will disappoint those who drafted him in the early second round.

Adam Thielen – WR Minnesota Vikings

MIN WR Adam Thielen

I remember in 2018 what happened to Thielen in fantasy when Stefon Diggs was injured. Thielen is extremely dependent on a second good receiver to divert defenses, and now the Vikings don’t have that.

Zach Ertz – TE Philadelphia Eagles

PHI TE Zack Ertz

Dallas Goedert’s role has only grown over time in this offense, and the idea of sustaining two tight ends for fantasy leads me to believe that something has to give. Ertz will disappoint those who pay the overall TE3 price for him.

Mike Gesicki – TE Miami Dolphins

MIA TE Mike Gesicki

Drafted between OJ Howard and Noah Fant, Gesicki seems out of place. We saw last year that this team has solid wide receivers, and they seem to be the focal point of the offense moving forward. I see Gesicki fading out of a relevant workload.

Ben Anderson https://twitter.com/bennieboy26


ARZ QB Kyler Murray

Tom Brady – QB Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Teddy Bridgewater – QB Carolina Panthers
Kyler Murray *BOLD* – QB Arizona Cardinals


JAX RB Leonard Fournette

Leonard Fornette – RB Jacksonville Jaguars
Raheem Mostert RB San Francisco 49ers
Nick Chubb *BOLD* – RB Cleveland Browns


CAR WR Robby Anderson

Robbie Anderson – WR Carolina Panthers
Adam Thielen – WR Minnesota Vikings
Deandre Hopkins *BOLD* – WR Arizona Cardinals


LVR TE Darren Waller

Darren Waller – TE Las Vegas Raider
Tyler Higbee – TE Las Angeles Rams
Zach Ertz *BOLD* – Philadelphia Eagles

Chris Robin https://twitter.com/DetroitBeastie

Ryan Tannehill QB – Tennessee Titans

TEN QB Ryan Tannehill

I made a trade FOR Tanny before the deadline and it paid off big time! The second half of his 2019 season and playoff run was fantastic. Ryan averaged 25.5 fantasy points a game in 10 starts. Will he bust? If we keep looking at him as a QB1 then he will.

Lamar Jackson – QB Baltimore Ravens

BAL QB Lamar Jackson

This has everything to do with where I’ve seen him drafted in the mocks I’ve been a part of. Rightfully so, just don’t shoot your shot too quick with Lamar. He is a stud QB1 with out a doubt, will he regress at all?

Mark Ingram – RB Baltimore Ravens

BAL RB Mark Ingram

An aging RB with young blood all around him. He was scoring TD’s at an unsustainable rate. I see Mark getting fewer carries in 2020. Temper expectations.

Kerryon Johnson – RB Detroit Lions

DET RB Kerryon Johnson

As a lifelong Detroiter and Lions fan this one stings. Kerryon has missed 14 games his first two professional years. That stud workhorse back mantra isn’t happening here. Not yet at least. His durability is no doubt a question. I’d rather he blow up on my bench as my RB3 then eat crap if he’s hurt again as my drafted RB1-2.

Stefon Diggs – WR Buffalo Bills

BUF WR Stefon Diggs

I’ve always looked at Diggs as a WR3 or 4. That’s my issue not yours. Now he goes to Buffalo in what looks like a dream scenario. Stefon had seven games with 9 or less points last season. Adam Thielen missed time and Diggs still didn’t flourish. I’m not saying he’s un-draftable! That would be crazy! I’m just saying he isn’t a WR1.

Julian Edelman – WR New England Patriots

NE WR Julian Edelman

This one is easy. Tom Brady isn’t his QB anymore. The Patriots don’t even have a QB as I write this. Jarrett Stidham? Not to be rude but no thank you.

Jared Cook – TE New Orleans Saints

NO TE Jared Cook

Cook had a crazy good season in 2019! He will have a good season in 2020! I just cant logically say he will repeat or surpass what he did last year. If you draft Cook thinking he repeats or surpasses 2019’s numbers then he’s already a bust!

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