2020 Dynasty Assets! (All 32 Teams)
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It’s been an odd off-season. I’m sure we can all agree on that. What hasn’t changed is the love and excitement for mock drafting and dynasty startups! Constant rankings, projections and polls have lit up social media.

My idea here isn’t new but I do plan on making it fresh! With the official start of summer dead ahead how about we talk about a few things that will last well into the summer and fall! Dynasty assets!

Mentioning a player from each NFL franchise that I consider the best fantasy asset is the plan!

Full disclosure, I got in bed last night and could not stop thinking about this article and the direction I wanted to take it. I thought two things. Do I want this to be about long term dynasty value or a player from each team that is the biggest long term fantasy asset? Might not sound too different to you but my idea is to touch on both points with each NFL team discussed.

For example, when you scroll down and get to the Baltimore Ravens the obvious choice is Lamar Jackson right? Yes and no. He is far and away the best fantasy asset to own in BAL but there is absolutely no value there due to his ADP and trade value. Does that make sense? Hopefully! Let’s have some fun!


Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray

As far as immediate dividends it’s Kenyan Drake here right? When you look further its all about Kyler Murray as the Cardinals QB1. Kyler holds the biggest piece of dynasty importance in Arizona. Be careful here though due to his ADP. Murray not be the best value here in 2020 due to his high price tag but it will pay off long term!


Atlanta Falcons TE Hayden Hurst

We all know who the big dogs are in Atlanta, Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. In terms of high dynasty value that ship has sailed. Make no mistake! Ryan and Jones still hold a fantastic amount of fantasy value, dynasty value, not so much. I’m looking at Calvin Ridley and Hayden Hurst here. If you’re on social media or paying attention to all fantasy chatter then you’d know about the Ridley buzz. In turn, Hayden Hurst is the dynasty asset to own in ATL. He was stuck behind BAL TE Mark Andrews and the Falcons made a play for him. Look for Hurst to have a top-10 season at tight end in 2020!


Baltimore Ravens rookie RB J.K. Dobbins

Where do I begin? You may be shocked at this one but there isn’t a cheap option any where on this team! Lamar Jackson’s price is on the moon. Ingram is on the wrong side of 30. While the Hollywood Brown hype train is chugging too fast for my liking. So where does that leave us? Rookie RB J.K. Dobbins! Yes! I’m not going to repeat or go over all the Dobbins love, we all know what he’s about and who he should become in Baltimore.


Buffalo Bills WR Stefon Diggs photo courtesy of the Buffalo Bills

The Bills are trending up but that’s a topic for another article. In terms of fantasy football they have several juicy pieces! After going through the Bills roster with a fine toothed comb I’m stuck between two guys! Rookie RB Zach Moss and rookie WR Gabriel Davis. I’ve been shocked since the draft how quick people are dismissing Devin Singletary. Regardless of what side of the fence you’re on pay attention to Gabriel Davis. I’ve never been into Cole Beasley and John Brown. Stefon Diggs is the WR1 in Buffalo now without question. Diggs is the biggest fantasy asset in Buffalo.


Carolina Panthers RB Christian McCaffery

This portion of the article writes itself. Christian McCaffery. Christian McCaffery. Christian McCaffery. The best fantasy running back on earth at the moment. His value is absolutely astronomical right now but so what? If you own him thank your lucky stars. If you’re trying to acquire him better re-mortgage your house. He is the best fantasy asset to own in Carolina and maybe the entire NFL.


Chicago Bears WR Anthony Miller

Not many people are talking about the direction of the Bears offense this off-season. As a fellow NFC fan I play close attention to the Chicago Bears. In terms of a fantasy asset I was pulled in a few different directions. First being David Montgomery. He has picked up some fantasy value so far this off season but it didn’t feel right. Then I looked at the WR’s. Anthony Miller or Allen Robinson? After dissecting the situation I felt great saying Anthony Miller is the asset to own in Chicago. With an ADP in the 130s and a WR ranking around 60 Miller carries a ton of good value that could return great value in 2020!


Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow

It’s an exciting time to be a Cincinnati Bengals fan! Joe Burrow, Joe Mixon, AJ Green, Tee Higgins, John Ross and Tyler Boyd are all looking to make their mark in 2020! That’s all fine and dandy but which guy is the biggest asset? Everyone of these guys has a claim to that throne. It’s pretty obvious here, Joe Burrow. The #1 overall pick was drafted for reason and will no doubt serve a purpose. In terms of value, much like CMC and/or Lamar Jackson there is little to no value. These men command such high price tags that we need to look at them as long term investments. Much like a stock or our 401K’s. Joe Burrow is currently at the top of the rookie asset class and should drafted more of an investment rather than for value.


Cleveland Browns WR Jarvis Landry

What I find most exciting about this team is all the moving parts of the offensive talent. Bakers value isn’t very high at the moment, not like it was this time last season, so the value isn’t there. When it comes to their RB’s, Chubb is being drafted as a top-10 back leaving little wiggle room for value. Hunt is the back-up in CLE and we currently don’t know how he will used. So what are we left with? The Browns wide receivers! Odell Beckham Jr. is still a polarizing player. You either love him or hate him, there is no in-between. So I find myself with Jarvis Landry. Jarvis is both the biggest asset and value on this team. His ADP is currently way off in left field given his talent and production.


Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliot

America’s Team! “We Dem Boyz!” Which boy is the biggest fantasy asset though? After the 2020 NFL Draft the Cowboys find themselves just overflowing with offensive talent yet a QB, Dak Prescott, seemingly asking for the world in a new contract. This one is simple, Ezekiel Elliott is the biggest and best fantasy asset in Dallas. Little to no value being a top-5 RB but again with such stud talent and production who needs value?


Denver Broncos WR Jerry Jeudy

Another young up-and-coming team! If you’re reading this then I’m quite sure you know about all the Drew Lock hype thus leaving him off my list in both categories. I’m skipping past the RB’s, Gordon/Lindsay, and going right to the young newly drafted wide receiver! Jerry Juedy is the run-away consensus for biggest fantasy asset in DEN but he’s on the short list of players who holds great value too! By the skin of his teeth too! His ADP is around 40ish and being drafted as a WR20ish. So in turn he’s still on value side of fantasy drafts. Keep a watch on his ADP cause it could shift on dime. His value could plummet but take solace in the fact his fantasy importance will remain strong!


Detroit Lions RB D’Andre Swift

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’ve been thinking out loud and just writing it all out for the sake of this article. When it comes to dynasty the age of a player is important just don’t let it be a problem! Don’t turn into Age Obsessed Dynasty Guy! I’m going to keep it simple here and stick with the offensive rookies the Lions drafted in April. I’ve heard next to nothing about rookie WR Quintez Cephus! While on the other hand D’Andre Swift has received all the love and praise for his most recent recorded workout video. It’s nothing ground breaking or a hot take but Swift is the biggest dynasty asset in Detroit.


Green Bay Packers WR Alan Lazard

If you haven’t heard the Packers didn’t draft a single wide receiver in the 2020 draft. So giving you a WR as their biggest fantasy asset is ripe for the picking! Which one though? It’s not Davante Adams although he is hands down their best WR. Really quick while I have you here do me a favor and look into acquiring him at a discount. I’ve seen a ton of fantasy slander for Adams on social media lately. Doesn’t hurt to check. In terms of a dynasty asset and/or value I firmly believe Allen Lazard. When others zig I like to zag. Marquez Valdes-Scantling has been picking up some recent buzz so that puts Lazard in a sweet spot as the Packers best fantasy value/asset!


Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson

With the departure of DeAndre Hopkins and addition of Brandin Cooks it threw a wrench into what I was trying to do with fantasy value in Houston. I did my best to explain the difference between value and being an asset in the opening so I have no issue telling you Deshaun Watson is the biggest fantasy asset in Houston. Everyone knows how talented Watson is and what he can do on the field so the value isn’t there but your investment in Watson as your QB1 will be well worth it!


Indianapolis Colts WR Parris Campbell

Is anybody else sick of hearing all about Parris Campbell? Me too but where there’s smoke there’s fire. Meaning, all this hype surrounding Parris is well founded. Given the fact Phil Rivers is now the Colts QB expect all WR’s in IND to see a rise in targets! Campbell’s value is holding firm and he’s teetering on the edge of biggest asset along with Jonathon Taylor. Only issue with JT is his high rookie price tag. Maybe this time next season Taylor will be the biggest asset given his 2020 season but lets cross that bridge when we come to it!


Jacksonville Jaguars WR Dede Westbrook

Let’s be honest, Jacksonville doesn’t have much going for them at the moment. They do however, have a collection of talented wide receivers! DJ Chark, Dede Westrook and rookie WR Laviska Shenault. In terms of a dynasty asset I want all the Westbrook shares. 2020 will be the last year of his rookie deal and that matters! Trust me!


Kansas City Chiefs Rookie RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Where do we start? The defending Super Bowl Champions boast one of the best overall teams in the NFL. Where does that leave us in terms of value and assets? This team is loaded with assets! Mahomes, Hill and Kelce. These three are tops at each position so the value is not there. All three are fantastic assets and will once again return value in 2020. The biggest asset in KC in 2020 is Clyde Edwards-Helaire. Not to be lazy but we all know about CEH. His ADP, his trade value and projections. I’m not looking to hammer home all the CEH details just know he’s one of the best assets and better long term fantasy investments you can make.


Las Vegas Raiders rookie WR Henry Ruggs III

This shouldn’t come as a shock but the biggest fantasy asset in Las Vegas is Henry Ruggs. Again, this choice was as simple as it gets and was done for me. You don’t draft a kid 12th overall if you’re not going to make him a star! That’s it! As simple as is gets!


Los Angeles Chargers WR Keenan Allen

I’ve made no secret about my love for Keenan Allen. Hate it or love it Allen is stud PPR receiver. With the addition of Justin Herbert I’ve fallen deeper in love with Keenan Allen. Agree or disagree Allen is the both the biggest fantasy asset and holds the most value of any Charger. Fantasy owners are still skipping over Allen and not respecting his skill set. Is there a chance he falls out of the top-50 ADP? Absolutely! That’s not a knock on Keenan it’s a knock on your league and the people drafting in it! Don’t make this mistake. Make the investment! If it tanks I’ll refund your money and publicly apologize.


Los Angeles Rams WR Cooper Kupp

Cam Akers is the run-away choice here right Chris? Ha! Wrong! Not when Cam is being drafted as RB16! That ADP completely kills any value you hope to have with him. Again, I’ve mentioned the toxicity of social media and hyping rookies up too much blah blah blah so I’m not in the business of repeating myself. I am however in the business of giving you a dynasty asset from the LA Rams. It’s Cooper Kupp. Still shocking how Cooper gets no love. Goff should bounce back big time in 2020 and mark my words, Kupp will be a WR1 in 2020. He’s the biggest asset and has the most value in LA! As I told you earlier, a player that has both is a rarity!


Miami Dolphins WR Davante Parker

I don’t know about you but I’m excited about the long term outlook in Miami. Aside from that lets take a quick look inside the fantasy outlook of the Dolphins. Right off the bat we have to look at Tua. He may be the biggest asset this time next year but lets cool our jets. I’m not big into Jordan Howard or Matt Bredia at the moment so that leaves us at WR. Preston Williams or DeVante Parker? Drum roll please, the biggest fantasy asset in MIA at the moment is Parker. He came on so strong last season yet no one is paying his any attention so far in 2020. The return on his investment should hit an all time high once Tua is their starting QB. In the meantime draft him or trade for him and set it and forget it!


Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins

The Vikings seemingly never hit a bottom. They keep in the real life division race all will producing fantastic fantasy players! Dalvin Cook is a top-10 RB and some say top-5. Which ever ranking you agree with he’s a fantasy stud RB meaning little to no value. The fantasy community knows what Adam Thielen is all about leaving little to no value. What a starting NFL QB with complete job security? Does that interest you? Good! As it should! Kirk Cousins is the biggest fantasy asset in Minnesota and it’s not close!


New England Patriots RB Damien Harris

What does life after Tom Brady look like in New England? I picture it as a war torn type nuclear bomb Will Smith movie. Completely barren and full of panic. Regardless, it’s time to move on. So when looking into the Patriots fantasy prospects where do we look? I’m going to back Damien Harris here! Sony Michel had a sub-par season. Julian Edleman is 34 so hard pass. The only other option here to me is K’Neal Harry. I just don’t see it! Harry is another kid who you’re either all in on or not touching with a 10 foot pole. I’m the later. Expect Harris to get some major run in 2020. He’s absolutely dirt cheap and the payout for you and your team could be fantastic!


New Orleans Saints RB Latavius Murray

Alvin Kamara is their starting RB and is a top-10 pick. By now you know what I’m going say, there is little to no value here. Michael Thomas is a top-5 pick. Same exact thing, no value. My first thought is Latavius Murray! Do any of you remember what he did in two games last season when Alvin was out? Murray is a legit RB1 as a starting running back. You can never project injuries nor would you want to. Murray is a stud handcuff and is without a doubt the biggest fantast asset on the Saints. His ADP is outside the top-200 which is nuts! Buy! Buy! Buy!


New York Giants QB Daniel Jones

This was more difficult than I thought! Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley, Sterling Shepard, Evan Engram and Darius Slayton. It’s like a carnival game, pick one any one! To be clear I’m not making a joke of the Giants just the situation I find myself in. At this point in the article I shouldn’t have to say it but I will anyway, Saquon is a stud RB so he’s off the table. Although he is the teams best asset he doesn’t hold the best value. Sterling Shepard does. Sterling is always tossed aside in fantasy circles. Why is that? The up and down of his injuries resulting in the loss of playing time? I get it just be mindful of this Giants team in 2020. We’re all excited about Danny Dimes and praying he takes a huge bump this coming season.


New York Jets QB Sam Darnold

I’m a big Sam Darnold guy. Unpopular opinion, he’s the biggest fantasy asset in the Jets organization. I’ve seen some chatter about Jamison Crowder and it’s well founded! He was my fall back option although I never once doubted Sam. Darnold is entering his second season in the NFL and he has some major pieces around him. What makes this so good is the fact no one really cares about drafting Sam. He’s a fall back option, a guy you draft late when you wait on a QB. Sam Darnold will skyrocket to fantasy stardom in 2020. I truly believe the New York Jets have found their future star QB!


Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts

There is a lot to go through here. Just not sure I want to. The Miles Sanders hype has reached The Beatles type mania. My gosh! What sneaky value we were looking to find in 2020 is long gone and it’s not coming back. What about their thin WR core? DeSean Jackson, Zach Ertz and Isaiah Coulter are the guys. In terms of value DeSean Jackson has a ton of it. Zach Ertz is a top-tier tight end so he’s out. Everybody is going wild for Jalen Reagor so at the moment his value is too high to provide anything but hype. This may come from left field but I love the value Jalen Hurts can bring your team. Lets be honest, how many of us are lying in wait for Carson Wentz to go down? In the meantime PHI has said they plan to work in Hurts to their offense. Good fantasy football players are thinking ahead. Sometimes 2-3 moves ahead. Imagine the massive explosion of value Hurts would command if he was thrust into the Eagles starting QB spot???


Pittsburgh Steelers RB James Connor

I’ve never been one to push my thoughts and ideals on others. I find we all get along better when we’re able to make our own decisions. Win or lose we can live with our decisions since they were our own! In saying that, James Connor is the biggest asset on the Steelers. I’ve made no secret for my love and passion about James Connor as a football player and a human being. His drive and work ethic will always help him succeed. As cliché as it sounds when Ben Roethlisberger is the starting QB the starting RB in PIT has done well. Connor is both the biggest asset and holds the most fantasy value of any Steeler. He’s another guy being tossed aside for a younger and hungrier rookie RB. It’s a mistake.


San Francisco 49ers RB Raheem Mostert

How do you feel about Raheem Mostert? Hopefully great cause he’s San Francisco’s best fantasy asset. I juggled Raheem and Jalen Hurts here and came up with two conclusions. Hurts is the best value in San Francisco while Mostert is best asset. Simple right? Not being smart here. That’s it!


Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson

As a fantasy sports writer and fantasy football player I’m full blown in love with D.K. Metcalf. As we should all be but this is still Russell Wilson’s team. Russ is the biggest fantasy asset on the Seahawks. I don’t care about value here. Wilson is a stone cold stud and a top-10 fantasy QB. Don’t over think it.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB Ronald Jones II

I hate to be repetitive in my writing! It’s not fair to you as the reader and it’s just not smart to do. Unless it’s something you’re extremely passionate about. In this case, it’s just not smart to pass up Ronald Jones for Ke’Shawn Vaughn. After that Tampa Bay is loaded with offensive talent. So where do we go? Tom Brady, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and O.J. Howard headline this TB offense. Yet Ronald Jones is still the biggest fantasy asset! That alone is major feat on roster with this much talent.


Tennessee Titans QB Ryan Tannehill

Much like Kirk Cousins in Minnesota Ryan Tannehill in Tennessee has no competition as the starting QB. He also boasts the 2019 rushing champion in Derrick Henry at RB. The importance and pressure a stud running back takes off the QB is immeasurable. There are a lot of question marks all over the board heading into the 2020 season. Ryan Tannehill repeating what he did in 2019 is one of them. It doesn’t bother me, not when Taylor Lewan is the starting offensive tackle, Henry is the starting RB and Corey Davis is your starting WR. Ryan Tannehill is both the biggest asset in Tennessee and it’s biggest value piece.


Washington Redskins QB Dwayne Haskins Jr.

I have a secret to tell all of you. As a little boy in Detroit the Redskins were my second favorite team. I only say that as a diversion due to the fact I have no idea where to start with this team and it’s fantasy prospects. I’m not a fan of Dwanye Haskins. Derrius Guice can’t stay healthy to save his soul. So right off the bat two guys I think we need to see prove something before we’re all in on them right? So as of right now I’ve taken you through 31 professional football teams and I’ve given you an asset and a lot of value. Yet here we are with Washington and I have nothing to give you. Is that my fault for not doing my job or the Redskins organization for not doing theirs?

Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments?

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