2020 Deep Dive Rookie TE’s
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2020 TE class is not the most talked about position this year but it has some good prospect that we should see being selected starting on Day 2!

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Notre Dame TE Cole Kmet

Cole Kmet – Notre Dame 6-4 235

– Smooth release off the line
– Looks good coming out of a 3 point stance
– Can take a hit over the middle and keep the ball secured
– Can line up on the line or go out as a receiver
– Beats zone coverage
– Adjust to ball well
– Above average blocker

– Doesn’t have dynamic speed to make huge separation
– Not a big YAC
– Isnt immune to drops or double catches

Kmet seems to be the #1 TE on everyone’s boards. He is not the most athletic TE but runs good routes and smooth in his cuts finding a way to get open. He is big and strong enough to play on the line or out wide to help a scheme and team.

Dayton TE Adam Trautman

Adam Trautman – Dayton 6-5 250

– Strong effort as a blocker
– Fluid route runner
– Smooth acceleration
– Size and catch radius
– Wins contested catches
– Competitive after the catch

– Still new to the position (only started at TE in college)
– Allows a lot of contact on routes
– Technique development
– Weird timing when gearing down to on horizontal routes

Trautman is a high potential prospect. He is still raw but you see the upside he brings. He needs to continue to grow and develop his technique to become an elite TE.

Washington TE Hunter Bryant

Hunter Bryant – Washington 6-2 239

– Moves all over the line to be a mismatch
– Good route runner
– Excellent adjustments in zone
– Sets up routes well
– Enough speed to beat most LB and some Safeties
– Productive after the catch
– Tracks ball well over shoulder
– Adjusts to the ball
– Willing blocker

– Not an in-line style TE
– Smaller side for a TE
– A lot of free releases in Washington’s offense
– Can be more physical at the top of routes

Bryant is a great flex option TE that can move around and be a weapon. He is a solid route runner with good athleticism that teams will love to have as tool to use and develop game plans to put him in places to succeed.

Florida Atlantic TE Harrison Bryant

Harrison Bryant – Florida Atlantic 6-5 242

– Versatile receiving skills
– Can play in lines or flexed out
– Shows production after the catch
– Blocks in space/great effort as a blocker in general
– Natural ball skills
– Shows ability to make catches in traffic
– Strong hands

– Was he a product of scheme
– Not a special athlete
– Has some occasional focus drops
– Power is kind of lacking as an extra linemen blocking on the line(effort is there)
– Route running
– Developing his frame and body control to catch the ball at the best point of attack

Bryant shows the skills to be a versatile TE option at the next level. He projects more as a receiving threat and blocker in space on screens than a traditional in line blocker for power run plays. Right system and this kid could be a solid TE for years to come!

Purdue TE Bryce Hopkins

Bryce Hopkins – Purdue 6-4 241

– Smooth and fluid route runner
– Runs a strong route tree
– Shows good cuts on in and Out routes
– Adjust and finds holes in zone
– Tracks ball well
– Great effort and technic as an in-line blocker
– Shows ability to make some tough yards after catch

– Drop rate is concerning
– Overall strength as a blocker
– Struggles to go low for low ball
– Struggled to get open against man

Hopkins needs to show he can catch the ball more consistently at the next level and continue to build strength to handle edge rushers better from a strength side. His route running already is good and what teams will love. Against zone coverage he will find a way to hurt a defense.

LSU TE Thaddeus Moss

Thaddeus Moss – LSU 6-3 225

– Hands and ball skills are amazing
– Natural feel to track the ball
– Catches everything
– Physical at the top of his routes
– Shows power as a blocker to move bodies

– Average overall athlete
– Improve breaking on his cuts
– Lacks separation quickness
– Can be a non factor is knocked off route early

Son of legend Randy Moss. Thaddeus was given the gift of amazing hands like his father. However he did not get the athletic ability and speed like his Dad. This is what will limit Moss at the next level, his athletic ability to get open. He will go up and get balls in the redzone like a center in football and has the ability to catch anything thrown his way, but don’t expect to be getting a Kittle or Kelce with this kid.

Missouri TE Albert Okwuegbunam

Albert Okwuegbunam – Missouri 6-5 255

– Great straight line speed for his size
– 23 of his 98 career catches were TDs
– Physical in the passing game
– Shows good body control
– Should have no issues bullying a nickel corner covering him

– Improve as a blocker and be consistent
– Needs to win more contested catches
– Straight line speed but lacks quickness in cuts
– Struggle to get separation on cut routes

For his size and speed you think wow this kid is something else. Last year he was considered a potential 1st round pick and first TE off the board this year but how things can change. He turned head with an impressive 40 at the combine showing his straight line speed but we see his struggle in his cuts though. He needs to improve as a blocker for his size and strength to be on the field at all times. He can be a threat down the field if a LB sleeps on his speed though.

Stanford TE Colby Parkinson

Colby Parkinson – Stanford 6-7 251

– Huge catch radius
– Tracks ball well
– Good hands
– Seam busting ability
– Lines up everywhere
– Strong perimeter blocker

– Did not work much in-line and does project the best as a run blocker
– Release out of stand is gradual and needs to gear up to speed
– Needs to be more physical against man coverage
– Not dangerous post catch
– Still room to grow as a route runner

Parkinson will line up anywhere for a team and has the catch radius and hands a QB can trust throwing the ball too. He is athletic enough to get open in his routes but more development will aid him to be a true threat. He needs to work in his blocking technique to be a threat there as well on the line.

Arkansas TE Cheyenne O’Grady

Cheyenne O’Grady – Arkansas 6-4 248

– Natural receiving skills
– Good hands
– Adjust well
– Alpha dog at the point of attack to catch ball
– Strong after the catch
– Strong and tough

– Off the field issues (3 suspensions)
– Dismissed from team
– Develop more as a route runner
– Good but still needs to develop and as blocker

Grady might be one of the most talented pass catching TE in this class and could be a steal. A team must feel good about his off the field issues and that he will not be a problem in the future.

Oregon TE Jake Breeland

Jacob Breeland – Oregon 6-5 250

– Shows ability to flex all over
– Good instincts and foot all IQ
– Finds holes in zone
– Good catch radius and good hands
– Can be a redzone threat

– Average athlete
– Average route runner
– Blocking can improve
– Has dealt with some injuries

Breeland is an average athlete that some defense could sleep on as a threat and that’s when he can hurt a team the most. He has good hands and a big catch radius allowing him to be a safe check down option.

Cincinnati TE Josiah Deguara

Josiah Deguara – Cincinnati 6-3 257

– Can line up inside or outside
– Early acceleration
– Good route timing
– Good hands and ball skills
– Can be a true treat as a receiver
– Effective blocker in space

– One season of meaningful production
– Improve as a blocker on the line
– More consistent in contested catches
– Attack the ball more in the air

Asiasi is a good flex option who has strong hands and athletic ability to be a good weapon for a team. He needs to improve on blocking technique to be a full time starter but can be a good weapon on a pass heavy team.

LSU TE Stephen Sullivan

Stephen Sullivan – LSU 6-5 248

– Huge catch radius
– Adjust to ball and good hands
– Shows good Juice
– Selfless player
– Played slot of games

– Improve on cuts to gain more separation
– Blocking
– Play strength is not there

Sullivan is not the LSU TE everyone is talking about but is not one to be slept on. His is a good athlete for the position with a big catch radius and good hands. He is still developing but could be a real threat developed correctly.

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